2010-04-20-Monjoronson Q and A Session 97

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 97

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.


Moderator: Philip


Prayer: Father we thank you for your light; we thank you for it's wisdom; we thank you for it's clarity, it's crispness, it's ability to reveal all things. Father we thank you to be in-circuited in this light this evening, to the light and energy of Nebadon and into the space of Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Greetings, thank you this evening. Again we are here to shed a little light on the questions and concerns which people on Urantia have requested. Again, we thank you for the network which is able to make this happen and to all of the people that participate in the functioning of these question and answer sessions and the postings on the website as well as the audio files and all of the staff associated with Monjoronson.com. Again we thank you and we are here tonight ready to begin.


  • Spiritual Death

Preamble: [From the Urantia Book]: "This kind of death is final in its significance irrespective of the temporary continuation of the living energies of the physical and mind mechanisms. From the cosmic standpoint the mortal is already dead; the continuing life merely indicates the persistence of the material momentum of cosmic energies."

Question #1: I always wonder if a person that would die a spiritual death would have survived if they had lived on a normal evolutionary planet not stained by rebellion?

Question #2: Can you explain what the mortal would have to embrace to be deemed worthy of eternal death?

Question #3: If a mortal embraces iniquity does that mean that this mortal has full knowledge of his/her actions and yet still pursues a course of cosmic insanity?

Monjoronson: Referring to question #1: Thank you. This sounds more like a statement rather than a question. Let's go to question #2.

Monjoronson: There is nothing worthy about eternal death. Spiritual death is a complete waste of resource, a vine that has produced no fruit once it withers and dies. All humans in the Universe of Nebadon as well as humans here on Urantia have a choice. Humans of the Adjuster series, even on a rebellion planet, have access to greater awareness of truth. The human is allowed to make a choice; the human is even allowed to make erroneous choices; humans are even allowed to make erroneous devastating and disastrous choices. No personality in the spiritual universe is allowed in any way to manipulate a humans will choice. Even on a planet such as this with it's Agondonter-like status, humans can exercise choices which benefit spiritually and therefore eternity. One of the greatest constituents found in spiritual death are extremely strong and selfish egos. Again, thank you for this question.

Monjoronson: Referring to question #3: Again, refer to the previous answer. Humans are allowed to make their own free will decisions. Iniquity implies consciousness even though that consciousness may be perverted to a selfish and personal agenda having nothing to do with either the overall benefit to the person or the people that the person comes to contact, or spiritual agents. On your world there are iniquitous people. Again, thank you for this question.


  • Path to Truth

Question #4: There are those who, if I may use your expressions, "hang their shingle" and teach a way to truth and we accept these personalities so inspired to do so. However, I'm still confused. Is there absolute reality truth? Can error in my own thought prevent me accessing the truth I seek?

Monjoronson: This is a very good question. Thank you for this question. One must think of truth as a spherical phenomenon. In other words, think of truth as an orange. Inside the orange is truth. It matters not at what point on the surface of the orange it is penetrated, you will get the truth. This is why there are many paths. In a certain sense your own soul is spiritual. Inside of your soul is the Adjuster, the Father element of truth. You are on the outside of this gigantic sphere and wherever you penetrate and go within, there you will find truth. It is nothing to be confused about. If you really want to know something, ask, ask the Father. You must first believe in the reality of the Father and you must trust that what you ask will get a response and then you must become conscious for the answer to appear because the answer may not appear like you would want it to appear. The answer may appear however it appears. Your perception to it will become alerted and you will go aha; this is my answer.

[Henry] Note: In essence there is absolute truth. On an evolutionary world, there is the slightest reference to absolute truth. Until you live in absolute reality, you cannot really experience absolute truth. Here on Urantia you experience truth according to your capacity to understand and reference truth. Truth cannot surpass man's consciousness on this reality level.


  • Personality

Preamble: The word origin for personality is personae, the Greek word for mask.

Personality is described in the Urantia Book as being gifted to mortals...the Thought Adjuster is described as "pre-personality". This individual has taken personality evaluations that describe types such as extrovert/introvert, sensing/intuitive, thinking/feeling, judging/perceiving etc. We are all mixtures of these basic traits.

Question #5: How much of our personality is actually gifted from First Father pre-birth and how much could be described as acquired during our experiential journey here and do personality trait types survive such as introvert/extrovert etc?

Monjoronson: Very good question. A person that would ask this type of question is a person that reads and studies a lot. You should search a little deeper for the answer and while you are searching, I will say that the . . . Father provides 100% of the personality. The personality [provided] . . . is not the emotional personality, it is not he emotional human traits of a human being. What the Father provides are the unchangeable elements within a human's consciousness, the way he thinks, the way he operates, who he or she is becoming. It is possible to become complete in this lifetime though very few humans completely attain full personality development before Adjuster fusion. Even after Adjuster fusion there are aspects to the personality which become glorified but that is another time and another place, another life.

Here on Urantia it is important to understand that personality provides strength of character, strength of wisdom and discernment, strength and ability to make decisions, the strength and ability to take responsibility for who you are, how you think, what you think about, how you act, how you co-ordinate your thinking and your act. These are the things that the personality provides [you]. [Your personality] is not "Its" personality for [the Adjuster] has no personality. The Thought Adjuster is a pre-personal aspect of the Father. You are given an Adjuster which has a personality program, especially for you. The human/Adjuster series type is provided, volunteered actually, and time is spent in the Divinington schools in personality training. At the time the personality is received [by the human] the Adjuster then indwells the human around the age of reason, five to six years old on Urantia time. This is not to say that in the development of human character there are not emotional conditions and situations which must be brought under control but these have nothing to do with personality. Emotional conditions and situations become refined as the personality begins to define itself. Not all personalities are the same. Each personality is custom designed for an individual. Again we thank you for these questions.

[Henry] NOTE: The Adjuster brings a personality program, which is being revealed to the indwelt individual, This program has greater effect with an Adjuster who has experience with the personality program. This is all. The personality of the human subject is gradually acquired through the coordinated effort of both the Thought Adjuster and the human subject.

Question #6: Do experienced Adjusters acquire personality traits from the beings they indwell that carry over to the next mortal to contribute to that partnership?

Monjoronson: Thanks for this question. No, the Adjusters do not provide left-over personality from the human that did not use them. What an experienced Adjuster provides, is the ability to work with the personality and the human mind, to have experience of working within the human species; Adjusters gather experience. It is much like a human learning co-ordination skills. The more you do it the better you get at it. The same is true for these Adjusters; they learn a persistence, a persistence that is stronger than the persistence exhibited by the human subject. Experienced Adjusters have a way it seems, to present information to a human mind that is more exact and precise, less obscure. So these are the things that the Adjuster brings. A lost personality is a disappointment to everyone but that is what it is, a lost personality; it doesn't exist anymore. As I previously said, personalities are custom designed for the particular human, a genetic and mental makeup is taken into consideration. All aspects of the human are taken into consideration, the sex, before the personality is refined. Again, thank you for this question.

Celestial Contact

  • Corporate Guests

Preamble: You said, Monjoronson, that "there are many designers." There are cosmic corporate beings that compete for your business, but they are operating in a different value system so they seek to share rather than sell you something. There are vendors, cosmic vendors, who want to make contact with you...."

Question #7: Should we just be ourselves when it comes to the universe designers and group observers who may seek to influence us?

Monjoronson: Yes

Question #8: To what extent is it to our benefit to accept such influences?

Monjoronson: There is no limit as to what a human can achieve.

Transmitting, Language

  • Anthropomorphism

I would like to invite you to discuss the dangers of the anthropomorphization of spiritual concepts. Is there a certain benefit to "humanizing" spiritual concepts to be able to grasp their import to us?

Monjoronson: Precisely. The Urantia text is a precise spirit designed text. Especially in the T/R’ing process, it is important to bring truth down to a more human level to be able to attract more people, to be able to speak to the less willing to understand but having the same needs to believe and understand even as those who do understand. What becomes grotesque in the human anthropomorphizations in describing God with human characteristics, should not at all be confused with spirits putting truths in simple human terms using human metaphors. It is necessary for spirit to do this, it is necessary because spirit has multiple ability and tasks to communicate in various and multiple ways and means. Therefore it is necessary to be specific to the species to which you are talking and communicating.

Again, it is more grotesque, the human anthropomorphizations of Deity, and these should not be confused with spirit's bringing truths and awareness down to a human level using human metaphors to do so. In actuality, spirit necessarily has to bring information to the species it is communicating with. Spirit has multiple ability to communicate with many species. Again, thank you for this question.


Philip: Thank you for your responses Monjoronson. That concludes our question and answers for the evening. If there are any comments additionally that you would care to make please be our guest.

Monjoronson: No comments at this time. Thank you.

Philip: Thank you and good evening.