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Topic: Rightmindedness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings, my brethren, this is Monjoronson. I welcome you here today to another round of experience as you increasingly become attuned to my energy presence and collaborate with me and your celestial brethren to uphold the positive changes upon Urantia. I send my greetings to G and W today to welcome you as members of this group. I appreciate your willingness to step out today for something new and to consider further participation.


We have been focusing on the word RIGHTMINDEDNESS as an energy presence into the collective consciousness of the Urantian mindset to help your brothers and sisters come into a quality of rightful thinking that is more aligned in the Father's will, and to provide them with a more fertile environment for them to change their awareness and to open their hearts to a bigger reality. I wish to continue in this vein today, going a little more deeply and broadly into this network of consciousness as it exists on Urantia at the present time. There is much that this word can provide into the fabric of consciousness.

Today I would ask you to focus your heart energy on the collective consciousness of Urantian thought: that it becomes more firmly attached to the energy and idea contained in RIGHTMINDEDNESS. As your minds have been more finely tuned to this word now, it is appropriate and timely that you focus to revive your heart energy, your desires for this word to become more firmly embedded in the mindset of your fellow Urantians.

There are many here who will use the energy that you generate from your heart centers to seed this right-mindedness energy into the areas of change: change of heart, change of mind. Many people are confused and are wondering about all these unsettled energies. Their minds are most appropriately ready for these changes to become more embedded within their systems of consciousness. It is an opportune moment for this right-mindedness word and energy to strike within the hearts of many people, and to stimulate their hearts to open to Spirit and to Michael's presence and to be fed with the awareness that a higher planetary culture is ready to emerge within the hearts and minds of more people.

As we begin now I would ask you to feel your desire for the energy and word RIGHTMINDEDNESS to become more fully woven into the fabric of collective thought upon Urantia. Feel your desire for this word that opens the door for Michael's truth to resonate more resoundingly within the hearts of your brothers and sisters. Generate this energy from your heart centers. Imagine the word RIGHTMINDEDNESS covering over your globe like a blanket. Envision your planet before you in your mind's eye. Draw a line of energy from your heart center to connect you to the planet and draw the word RIGHTMINDEDNESS over the planet to hover over it like a mantle wrapping your world in this exquisite energy. (Pause)

As you generate this energy from your hearts, know that there are many on our side that use this energy and plant it in areas where people are ready to experience a deeper infusion of truth, peace, love, rightful action of Spirit-mindedness. The hour is now striking for this awareness to loom in the hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters. Feel your love for your brethren that you want their lives to transform into this word. The more you desire this with sincerity, with pureness of intention, the greater energy you produce where we can feed this in areas where the receptivity is ripe. (Pause)

There is a level of shifting occurring as you focalize this energy to embrace the planet. It is not necessary for you nor is it important for you to fully understand what this word energy is producing as you generate this from your heart. Rather, it is providing a force, a power, a presence of desire that is in alignment with the Father's will and Michael's plan of correction that can be used to infuse within people's minds to help them open to something new, to open to change, to sense that change is necessary, it is good, and it is in their best interest to change. So many people resist change, and we well understand how the human mind can become so mired in habits that are stubborn. They resist change. Therefore it is helpful for you to assist your fellow brothers and sisters to feed upon the energy, to help them open up to something in a more gradual and easy fashion. They do this by sensing—intuiting—that something is better for them. It produces a better quality of awareness by using this right-mindedness energy to provide for a more fertile environment for their minds to change, for their current beliefs to yield to new ideas, new considerations that are in their own best interest. This is what you are doing today and this is what you can continue to do.

Again, return to this visualization. Focus your heart energies here to participate: appreciate that this is something you are contributing to that fosters change and transformation on Urantia. At any moment in time and space you can place your thought, more of your desire—your heart energy—into this energy equation, this energy construct, that is now active, alive. You participate in building this living energy presence upon Urantia. So, it is important for you to always keep your thoughts positive. Recognize that things are changing through your help. Trust that we use your thought energy and amplify it with our efforts as the energy of RIGHT MINDEDNESS goes deep into the fabric of beliefs of thoughts and into the minds of Urantians. Offer your Parents those beliefs that are so immersed in error and distortion and we will continue to act upon your energy for this planet. (Pause)

Many changes are upon Urantia. Many new opportunities for service are being provided to you throughout your days. You are all learning to become more attuned to your inner leadings and prompting to share who you are, your love, your peace, your creativity with your brothers and sisters. I encourage you in the coming days to continue to seek change; to continue to spend time focusing your energy towards this word RIGHTMINDEDNESS that your mind may continue to grow within this culture that is now beginning to take root upon Urantia and be aligned more fully within the Father's will. The indwelling Father Fragment that is so perfectly poised to augment your own thoughts and to stimulate you to further understanding to help you appreciate when you have opportunities to be of service to your brothers and sisters. (Pause)

Today I will provide a venue for you to ask questions, since it has been some time since we have discussed this. Take a few moments to reorient yourselves and if you have any questions of me today I will be happy to address them.


Student: Monjoronson, I have no questions but I want to thank you for me to be a part of this. I feel a strong sense of right-mindedness and I feel the energy in myself, and I feel it is good for this to be provided for everyone, for all our brothers and sisters on this planet. Thank you.

Monjoronson: And I thank you for participating, H, for this is something that we would ask many others to participate; that the fabric of consciousness can change then in the Father's will and bring more peace and joy to the lives of all the children of Urantia. Continue your efforts and share this information with those that are ready to respond favorably.

Student: Monjoronson, I just have a message of thanks for the change in my own life since I have been participating with Urantia Book readers. I have seen changes in me and the only way we teach is through what we believe. My beliefs have been torn down and rebuilt and I am very grateful to be much more connected to my heart. I hope to share that with the people that I meet. I just want to thank you so much.

Monjoronson: You are very welcome, my dear, and know that it is we who appreciate you. It is delightful to witness the children of this world awakening to what is available to them as their lives open to Spirit. It is a time of joy and celebration as we witness each one of you awakening and growing. Truly what you experience in your own sense of joy and wonderment is but a fraction of the joy and celebration that we experience when we watch you awaken from your slumber and grow in grace and beauty. Continue to grow in grace and beauty, and be blessed in the love of Michael and Nebadonia.

Student: Monjoronson, I have no question either but just want to say thank you so much for you and your staff. The hope that you bring me with everything I know that is happening for this planet, at least what I can conceive of for this planet, is beyond what I can see because I don't have a lot of real hope for what is transpiring on the planet on its surface other than what I know is going to be coming through the agency of the open circuits and through what Michael and Nebadonia, yourself and many, many others are are doing for us. I thank you for giving me that hope even though I yet struggle through some things.

Monjoronson: We understand this. This is one of the reasons we are helping you to move from fear and confusion to hope and optimism: to the power of faith. More and more as you become more comfortable living in faith, you will receive more hope and optimism, for you will be inspired that the vision that Michael holds for this planet is coming into fruition. But it is an evolving process; it is slow by your standards even though the pace of evolution is accelerated upon Urantia.

You are the heralds of this spiritual renaissance and your efforts will lead to the transformation into Light and Life. So you must also consider that you are a builder, you are one of the people participating in this mission. When you see yourself as a more active participant, your hope an your optimism will also build in you and buoy you, even though people around you struggle and there will be more planetary changes of your cultural institutions. Stay close to your Father Fragment and trust that all things are leading to the glory of God upon Urantia.

My brethren, change is always a time of unsettling emotional energy. The changes that are now coming into Urantia are unsettling for people. But these are changes for the highest good and you will help your brothers and sisters by spending time in meditation and in continuing to feel your love for them, to feel your desire for the energy of RIGHTMINDEDNESS to fully engulf this planet. Trust in your Father Michael, trust in his plan of correction and redemption for Urantia. Trust in the love of your Mother Nebadonia and the universe that is watching you and praying for you. Spend time in the quiet of your mind making contact with your Spirit each day and we will meet you there and amplify your efforts so you have more strength, courage, hope, faith and sustenance of spirit to lead you through these changes.


I leave you in your Father's peace and I thank you for participating with us today in this adventure of building Light and Life upon Urantia. Good afternoon.