2010-06-20-Long View Project-Dialogue 20

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Topic: Co-creating with a Creator Son

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Michael



  • Part II


LVP: Since Esu and I were on the theme of Father’s Day I wanted to touch in with you here at the end of the day, to give you a big hello and I love you! On Father’s Day You deserve the supreme “pat on the back” from all of us, so I’m checking in to see what You might like for Father’s Day?

CM: Thank you. You’re making this a very happy day for Me! My biggest joy right now is in Gaia and Her uplifting. This is the most poetically poignant experience you can imagine and a gift eternal to this Creator Son!

She has accepted every suffering imaginable over these many millennia in the cause of spiritual evolution, of the potential transformation of each and all, of every sort from angelic to diabolical, from saint to sinner and every shade between, all for the Cause if you will. To see Her rise in this moment of greatest pressure and allow Herself to be transformed, to actually Will Her Self forward and lift in such a beautiful movement, Her dance of love and light, is the greatest gift a Father can ask!

She is dancing the big NO as well, as you encouraged Her, so I thank you for that inspiration. She is dancing in Her warrior as you saw Her when She broke free, and this is a most beautiful movement as well!

LVP: This is a pretty happy Father’s Day then Boss, even with the many difficulties to come?

CM: A wonderful Father’s Day to which I will add one more present. I’m adding this gift for you but I want it understood that there are many more whom I am gifting through this message. However, I also don’t want you to water My gift down with too much humility. So here it comes, are you ready?

LVP: Okay, YES, I’m ready already!

CM: My gift for you is the message you’ve not heard and few have understood on Earth and that is this: YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS!

LVP: Whoa!

CM: One more time beloved, and please let this My most gentle rain soak into your heart and soul: YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS!

You have voiced many prayers to me over your lifetime dear one, to bless your daughters, to assist you in caring for those whose hearts and souls are most precious to you, to guide you in your love for your beautiful wife, to help you in care for your grandson who you love almost more than life itself. You’ve raised these many prayers and occasionally a most poignant one for your own self, that he might find relief , walk more lightly with the burden of humanness, be the man he has intended to be before he even travelled through his mother into this Earth. All those prayers I have heard and lent my strength and support to. This you know.

LVP: Yes dear Lord, this I know.

CM: Well, would you not think that I have My own prayers to My Heavenly Father, the one Who is in Havonna and guides the Whole of Creation. In My times of sorrow on Earth, in times when I have been tested, even in these last few weeks and months and years, do you not think I have raised My prayers to My Heavenly Father?

I have dear one, I have, and the answer to My prayers is you! When you came into this place of conscious communion with Me your mission on Earth was fulfilled. Yes, there is much more to do and you have signed on with Esu for another stint on Earth following Stasis, but the opening of your heart to Me, the communion of the incarnate one on Earth with Me and the work that is then done to lift others, to lift dear Gaia in Her dance of uniqueness and joy, these are My prayers answered. This indeed is My great joy as Father to you, yes, and Co-Creator with you now as well.

LVP: These are big shoes you are trying on me Boss!

CM: The shoe fits dear one! Does not the Big Cheese know the size of every foot in His Kingdom?!! It is time for you to walk fully in these shoes dear and time for all those who have signed on for the Big Job on Earth. The Celestials are watching this event with the greatest interest and as each one awakens it is like a giant light bulb goes on and the chorus of Heaven lifts a great cheer! All who awaken are the answer to My deepest prayers and the fulfillment of the longing in this Creator’s Heart!


So this is the Father’s Day gift you did not expect and one that I want you to savor for all the days ahead. Whenever you are in doubt, difficulty, travail of any sort, remember I am there with you, praying right along and acting on My prayers by the way, and together We answer each other’s prayers by living this life with the strongest love of Our hearts.

Now, please add the piece about commitments that you offered your friend and through him to the Gratitude Network. It is your teaching and most important for all those who read these Dialogues to understand. You are outlining what is required in the support and grounded love for Gaia that She so ardently and deeply deserves. Salu!

LVP: Thank you Michael, thanks so much. You really made my day! Here are the two commitments toward Gaia: One: I will today and every day for the rest of my life consider ways to find a more harmonious less demanding relationship with Gaia. Two: I will find ways to support in a larger regional and/or planetary sense cooperation and initiatives with my fellows to improve our collective relationship with Gaia, finding ways to evolve beyond use and abuse into true co-creation with Gaia and with our Creator.

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