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Topic: Dream as You Never Have

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion, Machiventa

TR: Tiahuan



Tiahuan - Heavenly Father and Mother, thank you for this moment, for knitting our lives together as you do, for bringing us together with others, especially Dave and I here as we share our life and love of you. Help us both to open our minds and hearts to whatever gifts that you might see best to pour upon us in this moment.

Tomas - Good evening! This is a familiar friend, and yes as is expected, nearly, I am Tomas, I am a friend of this one who is reluctant to serve in this manner. He holds this precious space like a treasure that he would guard against any injury, and yet it’s all he wants to do is to share this treasure. And so, my friend, Tiahuan, you show us the dilemma of isolation, the isolation born from a deep injury that has found healing and wholeness, but is guarded and vigilant against what you know to be a sometimes hostile world. I and we, increasingly many more personalities coming on board to support what you know to be a burgeoning mission of reclamation, including the Magisterial Mission of which you have been apprised, both of you, in various ways and of which you are a part. The plans for this age include things you would find difficult to imagine at this time, but since there are others here, and I have simply acted in this moment as an icebreaker trying to break open this rather strong hold upon this willingness and want to share this desire to be of service. I will step aside for a moment to allow others to speak.


Magisterial Mission

Monmacion - Greetings, this is Monmacion. My friend here has hesitation, but his willingness overrules this reluctance so we will proceed. My friend, Dave, I greet you and welcome you into this dialogue which we know will rebound to a deeper level of divinity attainment enriching your own work in your chosen career but not limited to this alone by any means. For as you know, when we seek to embolden the Source within you, the illumination touches every dimension of your life, but how wonderful that your profession is so focused upon the work of healing and wholeness. And so, naturally we would engage you and any others whether cognizant of the various components of our planetary government, system, constellation, and universe administration or perhaps oblivious to all of these, but focused nonetheless upon the task of healing a world one person at a time in the context of a world being healed in its entirety by virtue of the provisions for direction guided by an Avonal Son who has assumed his place in this planet’s experience.

The larger scale of coordination between the one(s) you know as Monjoronson and Machiventa, both of whom are focused upon the planetary dimension of this work; these nonetheless depend upon you, the mortals with whom we would work, and I, being one of many Melchizedeks who will be joining you in a more direct manner, and eventually we look forward in ways you can’t imagine, but your own excitement about this reunion of relations, this reconnection of a physical nature materializing this union of humanity and divinity, the Melchizedeks have looked for a long time upon Urantia. We are active throughout Nebadon working as you know in a teaching capacity, but we will be augmenting, supplementing, and supporting Monjoronson in his planetary work engaging each person, working from the ground level as you might say, the grassroots as he has already articulated his role will be focused more closely upon individuals nonetheless, but individuals in positions such as to enable him to gain a greater degree of influence in the existing infrastructure of your planetary civilization that is itself undergoing rather dramatic trauma at this moment, but as you have been apprised previously, this trauma is one that is very exciting form our standpoint for it’s the trauma of birth, and you who have participated in human birth, the birth of human life, know well the concerns, the anxieties, and the heightened degree of attention upon the details, very personal details, attending the one who is actually delivering this child which in this case for Urantia, is a child of planetary destiny awaking in the world at large this consciousness of being a co-creator of destiny with the Creator himself.

The personalities that are gathered extend beyond the range of what is revealed in your Urantia text. You will grow to learn more of the nature of this extensive family of which you are a part. While you have digested a great deal already, even more awaits you. So I would encourage you to gird yourselves because as you know in reflection upon the experience you have had by encounters with a variety of initiatives put forward in the context of this Correcting Time, the Urantia text being one of the most prominent, the experience you have had in assimilating this has been what we would characterize, well, as a rather stormy course.

Do you not recall just a decade or two previous to this moment how difficult you found yourselves wrestling with one another knowing how best to proceed with this expanded knowledge? I dare say, you are going to be receiving a correspondingly larger assimilation of truth that will make you realize and help you know that all you have been given, and it is a great measure of experience, (but it) will pale in comparison to what is planned to give you, for while you quiver with excitement upon the prospects that are near at hand for a materialization, this, as profound as it will be for you, and challenging, this will be but a point of departure for beginning to assimilate the truth of who you are in the light of a universe that has been waiting to welcome you home.

The wealth of resources that are at hand, on hand, shall boggle your minds, but I and my counterparts, my colleagues as well as those siblings who are our seniors in the realm of teaching in the universe at large, all are waiting to join you as you expand your arena of experience, and much like this one who is so reluctantly coming forward and yet having been trained for many years, many of these years unbeknownst to him at least in a conscious manner, so likewise you Dave, and many of your friends, and in fact the entire population of this planet has been prepared. The question now is are you ready, do you wish to proceed now building upon all that you have been given to inquire more deeply, to search more vigorously, perhaps even to consider yourselves once again altogether new and fresh to this process though you have journeyed a fair distance relative to many planetary programs of advancement.

I stand ready as do others with whom I am joined to greet you, to guide you, and to befriend you. I look forward to your participation, and if you are so inclined at this moment, if the cats are not howling, and if your mind is not finding itself drifting toward your restful state, I would engage you now. Do you have any questions?


Dave - Are there other Melchizedeks present that are working with me perhaps in a similar manner as you have been working with Rob?


Well, you know of other Melchizedeks who are present. We are fairly well blanketed over this planet. We are well represented here. You are also aware to some degree of contact with others in my order. You have an identification of being of service to Machiventa who has the distinctive role of serving as our Planetary Prince, but those with whom I am joined more directly in the context of this Magisterial Mission are just now beginning to make contact with those who would be part of a teaching team if you will. You have personalities assigned to you as an individual in your own right. These you may have encountered at various times, but you can be assured that they are guided and coordinated by your Thought Adjuster who is the captain of your show as it were, who is the guide for your destiny.

I would engage those to work directly with me to the extent that your role in our planetary government would engage your professional expertise and personal interest. If you will, seek in your own stillness others who might join you in this work, but what I would encourage you to recognize is that our human partners will be playing a much more prominent role than perhaps you are willing to accept at this time for while you have been accustomed and acclimated to various celestial personalities serving in support of individual initiatives, there has been a reluctance to accept the roles that you are now playing, the roles in which you are now serving as a participant and a part of a planetary government that is uniquely configured with an overlay of Paradise gifts, the additional infusions associated with this Magisterial Mission.

So what I would say to you Dave is that yes, there are others who are interested in working with you but what we will be seeking is a configuration of teams whose shared interest will increasingly make it clear what other personalities will be appropriated for an emerging team to receive, and as you know, we cannot contact you without your willingness to be part of this, and so I would say simply, let us explore this together, let us build upon this relationship that you have, you and your friend. There are others who will join us, and more personalities will become manifest. This is what we would call a preliminary outing if you will, and I would simply encourage you to persist. You will need to encourage this one your friend in his own endeavor for already in his mind, he has a resistance to serving without any qualification upon those who would utilize his voice and his mind to speak to you and others. As you know he has been reluctant to receive me for reasons that you as a counselor understand well, but yes, there are many others and of orders that you have not considered nor do you know. There is great potential, but it is up to you to explore it and to realize it.

I will let go for now. I have given you something to think about, and if you are willing we might experiment going forward.

Dave - I am willing.

Let me say this before we sign off. Your work, what you are writing at present, while we are interested, you, as you may know, we do not seek to enhance your material career except by way of enhancing your soul. And as we seek first the soul’s riches all other things will flow from this and how wonderful it is to witness (you) so directly engaged in a material effort to heal and to facilitate the process of healing. So yes, we will explore this, but we will begin within at the heart of all things. And it will be up to you to take the treasure we find and apply them to your respective roles in your human civilization. I would step aside now. It has been good to speak with you, and others will in time join us. Good night my friends.

Dave - Thank you and good night.

Tiahuan - Dave there is somebody else who is here.

Dave - Ok, good.


Machiventa - Dear friend, there are many others here, but I would like to close your session for the night. I am Machiventa, and I am glad to see you engaged with one another engaging us in your respective endeavors.

Dave, you may not know, the one through whom I speak at this moment first explored this opportunity of contact with me and service as a member of my staff some years ago, it was the morning after his first encounter with Tomas in the context of a teacher session facilitated by one whom you may know and certainly this one does well, a dear sister named Gerdean. She and Angus were willing to provide a space of hospitality to welcome any who would come to inquire, and this one, Tiahuan, he came calling not altogether assured or confident he would like what he found, and in his first morning after being rather pleasantly surprised, on his way home I addressed him, and it surprised him how easy and natural this connection could be, and I reassured him that what he sought most deeply was to be found not upon some distant world in a further stretch of his soul’s evolution but here upon Urantia, and, for all practical purposes, right now. I mention this Dave only because I would like for you to discover likewise, your own connection to those with whom you would work because I would welcome your role as a counselor. As you can imagine, there is a great need for counseling, and I just encourage you to be receptive and to be prepared to be surprised as this one has been.

Nevertheless this does not preclude at all your continued work together, for you two have built a friendship, and it is after all friendship that is the foundation upon which we will build a new world together, for as you know well, it is love that embraces all things, knows all things, and can and will heal all things. In every dimension of a planet, a system, a constellation, a universe, in every crevice of a human heart, and we do know together the Source of love, and I assure you that we need one another to work together respecting our individual limitations and opportunities. For the largest team we would build is composed of personalities that exceed your imagination.

You have been apprised, and you have greeted our Magisterial Son who joins me as a joint administrator, and we, the two of us, respect each other’s limitations and our respective areas of expertise, so we work together as a team, and as we join together so we would encourage you to join as you have. Invite others to enjoin you as you see fit. There are many teams to be built, but the one that we aspire to see birthed fully alive and well and thriving is a culture upon this world that would throw off the injurious thought forms and practices and habits that have beleaguered its history and stand upright, a fully liberated culture representing the larger creation of which we are a part.

Let us close with gratitude for the Source of love, love divine, love eternal, and let us encourage one another in love and build this new world we have envisioned together with love - in every moment, in every exchange, in every opportunity.


My friends I say good night and encourage you to open your mind to dream as you have never dreamt before for we will awaken together a world crying for liberation.

Good night friends.

Dave - Good night and thank you.