2010-07-02-New Depth of Magisterial Mission

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Topic: Special Session 16

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Daniel Raphael



This is an abridged version of this session, containing parts of general interest to the public. Dialog of a strictly personal nature is not included.]


CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles. (Good morning and welcome.) You have had many topics to discuss this morning, and I have been privy to them all. As you are working with the sustainability of your organizations, so too are we working with the sustainability of our operations, though we have a different perception of sustainability. Our sustainability is not about longevity, but about operational continuity.


Magisterial Mission, Materialization

  • Monjoronson’s limitations in physical form

You have missed the presence of Monjoronson since the early part of this year. He has come to you on occasion very directly to give you the Special Sessions which you have worked with, but more and more as the year and months have passed, he has become less available to you. You have had a need to be in contact with him as several of you at a time, and he has not been there for you. We have had a need to be in touch with you as well, and so he has provided my presence to you, not in lieu of him, but as a fill-in, on a temporary basis. He will continue to be in and out through the months ahead, and when he is not present, I will be. My role will continue even after he is here in the material realm as a physical being.

There will be a continuing need for you to be in touch with his staff and organization, after he is present. This will provide you and others with a very broad and in-depth means of communicating with the Magisterial Mission, program and staff, where he is limited physically to a location, and to the context of his social environment. Yes, he will be drastically limited in his capacity to engage multiple groups of people and thousands of individuals, simultaneously; he simply will not have that capacity when he is in the physical realm. He will be limited to those present and can hold dual conversations simultaneously, but it is not with the same capacity that he has now. So therefore, I am here and available for him and for you. This is a multiple role that I play, but it is primarily to maintain continuity between you and Monjoronson’s Staff and program. I will pause now for any questions you have regarding that, before proceeding.


Vicki: Have you got a question, Roxie?

Roxie: Since Charles has been privy to our conversation, I think I would just like him to continue with his remarks and fill us in on what we need to know.

  • New status of the Magisterial Mission

CHARLES: Most definitely, I would be glad to proceed. You have correctly perceived that the depth of the Magisterial Mission has deepened and broadened, that we have sufficient base of individuals around the world in multiple organizations, to now begin to improve the quality of your organizations, and the united collateral relationships you will have with each other, as well as the internal quality of your organizations. We do not want to begin working with organizations that are here only temporarily, whether that is one year or fifty years. It is our desire to begin building organizations in the human civilizations, which will have continuity for us, well into the future. This provides stability for us, stability of contact and predictability and stability to human participants, and those who look to those organizations. Therefore, you will see us “meddling” a bit, internally with your organizations, as we strive to assist you to make them sustainable, so there is longevity past the brevity of your own lives. That is the wonderful facet of what you call “corporations,” that they are seen as an individual, and so they have continuity past the death of the Chairman of the Board, and the Presidents and the CEO’s and all the other executive managers, and so the stock holders change from year to year, and so on, but it continues on, and this is what we are striving to assist you to do.

You are most welcome—and I invite you, in fact—to glean through our past conversations in the last month or so, those portions that you desire to share with your organization. It is important that these individuals understand who I am, what I am about and how we must proceed together. I am much more grounded in my effectiveness and how I can relate to you and work with you. Monjoronson was more of the global philosophizer and powerful in his persuasion and charisma to lead you into the future. That is not my role. My role is much more as the executive officer, representing him, Machiventa and Christ Michael in this endeavor “actually to get things done.”

And this is where you humans have excelled in your behaviors that you like to get things done, rather than “chewing the fat” or talking around issues and topics. I am here to help you do that.


  • The role of TMarchives as related to this mission

We wish to have this reference base, TMarchives, to continue. It is fundamental to the longevity of the Teaching Mission, to the Magisterial Mission and as the living document as it relates to the Urantia Book. This is essential. We do not wish to have competing organizations for this function, though it is oftentimes very essential to have backup organizations who can take over if one of the organizations collapses. As we said, we do not see efficiency or enhanced effectiveness by competitive interests, simply longevity and survival is essential, and we will not offer to enhance this confusion or competition at all.

It is essential that there be a supportive global organization, such as TMarchives, as small as it is, to support our outreach program. We wish to have an umbrella organization working with the Melchizedek Schools and Universities. This alleviates this being a personal business extension of the principal, who is Daniel Raphael. He too will pass on, and the functions of the School and the University must continue.

Melchizedek Schools

  • The Melchizedek Schools and Melchizedek Universities

These are global enterprises and they have finally come to this substance and content, which is sufficient to educate others adequately, to participate in an enhanced personal relationship with the Father presence within them, and to act socially in the larger context to become more effective in the education of humankind in the planetary organization of Machiventa and Monjoronson and Christ Michael. It is not about personalities; we use what we have to. Many of you are insufficient to carry these missions forward in the totality of your roles, but you have the skills necessary and we need them desperately to fulfill our needs for movement ahead.

We are at the point now where this program must not be stymied because of personalities, or personal bickerings between you. You must rise above this to take on the persona of the Christ in you, and do this effectively. When you do this, you will find that your personal interests are petty and superficial and do not contribute to Christ Michael’s work. We are not tough minded; we are not saying, “get over it;” we are not saying that at all, but we are asking you, inviting you to move through these as a challenge of personal growth, for the longevity of your organizations; this is essential. Please attend to this sincerely, authentically and diligently.

You are part of a much larger team that works smoothly. There is a flow in our organization, though there are many differences. We offer constructive criticism; we offer opportunities for improvement. One thing I wish you to note is that yes, there is a plan for all the planets that were in rebellion; yes there is a plan for planet Urantia, and that there are regional plans, governed by regional Melchizedeks.

  • Everybody is involved, to the extent that they wish to be

There is, however, a need for local imagination and concept development by local celestial teachers and others. They offer their own constructive ideas for development, under the umbrella of the Correcting Time on Urantia, and within the regional programs that are being developed. Therefore, your input to your celestials is very important, for them to develop these additional developments within this program. You need not be confused about this, simply state what your needs are and these needs will be integrated into these local planning developments. Everybody is involved, to the extent that they wish to be, and it is our wish that our human/mortal partners be invested to the degree that we are. We realize that you have personal lives that you must attend to, you have families and children, you have career obligations, and so on. If you were even to be committed 51%, you would receive a big hurrah from us for that.

It is our hope that other mortals will accept my presence as they have Monjoronson. We realize that not everyone has accepted Monjoronson, and now it is very possible that those who have accepted Monjoronson, will not accept me, yet we will proceed ahead, knowing in time that just as gravity draws water to its own level, so time draws the interest of others into the flow of our work. Only those who fully resist our work will be left on the shores or sidelines of this mighty stream of thought and commitment. Again, this is Charles; I am a Mighty Messenger. I once was a mortal on a planet in Orvonton. My connections to my mortal life are immediate, they are intimate and I recall them with personal contact and personal awareness, just as you are now, thinking about your personal life as you plan to travel, or as you plan to return to your other activities today. This is why and how I am able to be so fresh and present with you in these matters, which require very definite groundedness, but with the goal of accomplishing the higher ideals that we all hold together. I hope this helps you. I am open for questions now, if you have any.


  • Charging fees for performing spiritual services

Vicki: I have quite a few questions here, but in reference to this question, Charles, it seems that part of the struggle we’ve had in our movement is this whole concept of money, and paying for services that are done in the name of Christ Michael, and getting paid for services, and [soliciting] money from an organization that is representing Christ Michael. Could you speak to that whole piece, because there is a lot of conflict and many humans take quite a bit of flack or static for having to create some kind of income, in order to survive and do this work.

CHARLES: Certainly. There is always a quid pro quo that goes on between receiving services and paying for that. There is no free lunch, even in the universe, even on a universe where we do not need lunch; there is something for something. You move along your path of ascension, by providing service. You receive service in the form of training, and therefore you become a trainer. There is definitely no free lunch on Urantia, and if you are to go to a workshop, then someone has had to rent that space, has had to travel there, has had to buy materials, has had to provide for themselves to be there at that location to teach.

It is an honorable thing to do, to extend yourself to be of service in training others, and there is not necessarily reward for that, other than of personal accomplishment, as the money from tuition pays for those materials, for the travel, for lodging, for reserving the space and for the facilities. Your organization would not move forward, as there are very few millionaires in your group, who could afford to put on a workshop for 100 people, at no expense to the participants. This is as unreal as it is to expect that the host who puts on this would make an extravagant amount of money.

It is not unusual for there to be a profit of this activity, and that it be retained for future workshops or other related activities; this is a reasonable thing to do. When individuals teach, they oftentimes do so on a voluntary basis, and are not paid for their time. This is how we principally work through organizations on your planet, where individuals provide their time, and we help them make arrangements for location and for materials and for coordinating of events, and to draw individuals to the workshop, who would like to be there, and who need to be there, because they will be future leaders of your civilization. There must be some compensation for expenses, and this is real and we support the payment of those expenses.

We do not charge fees for our time, either. Our time is free; our time is available to all. Christ Michael does not charge you admission to talk to him, and neither do we. We do not pay rent; we do not have to go to grocery stores; our clothing is radiant, but it is provided to us. We have no material needs. On the other hand, you have almost 100% material needs to support your lives, and there must be compensation for this. Very few individuals in this realm of mortal activity actually do draw salaries and actually do make money, so to speak, or make their livelihood through this work.

If there were one million people involved in this kind of activity, there would probably be less than ten thousand, less than 1%, who would be actually receiving a salary. Therefore, in the beginnings of developing an organization as this, it requires individuals to provide their time, gratis, and make their living through part-time work or through full-time work and doing this in their odd hours. Yes, it is a definite compromise; we do not move ahead forward, but we do move ahead with sincere and genuine, authentic valuable individuals who are contributing their time because they believe in the work. I hope this helps answer your question; I hope I have answered it directly enough to satisfy you. If there is further clarity you need, please ask.

  • Separating the public from the private messages

Vicki: Yes, there is more. I first want to ask, about this whole transmission, Charles, it sounds like some of what you conveyed to us was a public message. This particular transmission seems to be filled with areas that are private and areas that are quite public. Are you saying to us now that we are free to disclose your presence to others? Or are we still somewhat restricted as to sharing that.

CHARLES: I appreciate your question. We had told you originally to reserve my identity and awareness to others as confidential for the time being. Developments have progressed sufficiently for me to become more public. I would advise you to sort the material that we have discussed, public from private, to make this effective to others who hear this. There is yes, a great deal of what you would call “background discussion,” on your world. Be apprised that we do it too! (Charles laughing.) It does not affect our loyalty to our programs or to the ones who lead us, the principles of our organization, for we love them dearly. We do have conjecture; we do surmise; we do speculate tremendously, and we have our own opinions, and yes we have opinions that differ from our leaders, but we are always totally loyal to the directions that are given to us. To do otherwise would be seen as disloyalty, and you know how disloyalty is disdained on our realm! (Team is laughing now.) We will not place you in quarantine, dear ones, for your disloyalty, as you have suffered enough, and there is enough variety of difficulties on your world, to keep you occupied, without us harassing you. Therefore, you are most welcome to reveal me to others—as I say, sort and sift what needs to be said, and what not said, what works for us for our longevity. Be discrete in how you do this, and you are most welcome to share even these statements that I authorize you to make these decisions about discretion, about what is said and what is not said.

It is important that I become a personal, household name, though I do not want to be regarded or to even be semi-deified, as Monjoronson, Christ Michael or Machiventa could be. I am a worker of the universe; I am a workhorse; I am here to do definite work; I am an equal of you, each individually, the potential within you, though I have accomplished my goals for the infinity of time, though I hold more goals ahead. I am on an equal plane with you in many regards; I am the ‘stuff’ of the universe; I come from mortality. I have ascended and now I have returned to be of service to my mortal brothers and sisters, of whom you are, and I will be here for the duration of Monjoronson’s stay, as I am his immediate liaison to you from him, Machiventa and Christ Michael, though you always have the freedom and my personal encouragement to address them personally and directly. There will never be any interference between myself and you and them—none whatsoever. I am not a go-between at all. I am here to serve you, and to serve them, and in that capacity I will do the utmost to the capacity that I have learned to do, and have ascended to.

Roxie: Charles, you’ve been very helpful to me today; I appreciate it more than you know.

  • The direct approach

CHARLES: You are most welcome. I have come to realize as I have worked with others, Daniel knows that I work very closely with ‘AAA’ (Daniel’s Angelic Administrative Assistant,) and that she has been able to become far more direct with Daniel, as that is far more useful. I am striving to teach other celestials this same process. Your celestial teachers, while coming from mortal realms, do not have the authority or the latitude to be quite as direct as we are. They wish to, but they still have not been invested with the authority to be quite so direct. This facet for facility that has been given to me, authorized to me, is necessary now to engage your program as a viable, legitimate and on-going concern in your world, globally. We cannot move ahead unless you are direct and therefore you must perceive us as being reliable and not wishy-washy, or ‘airy fairy,’ though we can do that with the best of them.

Roxie: (Laughing.) Well, I appreciate your directness.


CHARLES: You are most welcome. I want to be useful to you, and I want to be useful to my superiors.

I am ready to close if you are. I will say good day to you, and know that I am truly immediately available to each of you, whether you hear me or not. If you have a need for words to come through your mouth, I can assist you in doing that. Know that my presence is immediate to both of you, and I have a similar capacity, though much diminished, to be with you as Monjoronson has been with you. Good day, and know that I am here with you. I will bid you adieu, good-bye.