2010-07-25-Loyalty to the Father's Will

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Topic: Loyalty to the Father's Will

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Thank you Mother and Father for joining us as one mind and one heart so that our intentions, our thoughts and our feelings may be used by our Magisterial Son for planetary transformation. Thank you for the number of celestial helpers who will help in this call to bring us closer to one another and weave the energies of love into the planet. Thank you to the universe who is participating with us in this exercise and experience today. We are ready to receive the words of our Magisterial Son in gratitude and humility and devotion to doing the will of the Father here on earth. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings to you my brethren, this is Monjoronson and I am glad to be again here with you today. Today our numbers are small but in no way does that impact the delivery of the energies of love that are being conducted through you as we join with you to send the fabric of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL into the planetary collective.


Recall that in our last time together that these languages are now being woven into the mindal consciousness of your sphere to assist your brethren to awaken: to recognize the power of Spirit within and to allow the energies of Spirit to flow, emanating from the heart to conduct a wave of love throughout their bodies and minds and to help the planet healing transpire in alignment with Michael’s plans of correction.

Last time as you were guided to focus on the word loyalty and to feel your desire to this word and to following the Father’s will, we used your efforts and attention to create a linkage with the language of RIGHTMINDEDNESS. Today it is time to upstep this energy and language of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL to bring you into that state of awareness that you are contributing to something that fosters the introduction of light and life on your world. You are building this thought construct on the planet for others to feed upon and we will spread this energy to the places on your globe that are receptive to it.

Focus on your hearts, envision the globe in your mind’s eye before you. Feel your love for your world. Feel your love for your Mother and Father. Feel your love for your indwelling Adjusters. Feel your love for your brothers and sisters and your compassion for those who still slumber in darkness. As you feel this love—your love and the desires of your heart—focus the words LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL over the planet. You may in your mind’s eye wish to envision this as a large field of golden energy, in a beam of bright white light coming down from Michael’s heart and encircling the globe. The words LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL are larger than the planet so the planet is actually suspended in this energy matrix of light and language. (Pause)

In your mind’s eye hold this focus, as you connect your heart center to the planet, sending your love into the earth as you envision this in your mind’s eye of the planet being suspended in the words LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL. Focus now and breath, feel your desire and we will add our constructs into this along with yours. (Pause)

LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL repairs the detrimental language of the coding within the human thought structures. While you all have free will to choose the way you wish to live, your minds have faced a large deprivation of spiritual energy and it made it more difficult to be in a natural alignment of loyalty to the Father’s will. The effects of the Lucifer rebellion were such that they interfered with this natural propensity to be loyal to the Father’s will within your being. Now as we reestablish this language into the planet it will help your brothers and sisters to tune in or tap into this circuit and be fed in a very healing manner that will help their bodies and minds turn to the Father within and be able to follow that inner rhythmic flow of life more naturally and gracefully. This will occur over time, yet the fabric of loyalty is important for this awakening to continue to unfold in the hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters.

Continue to feel your desire for this as we continue to develop the construction of light and language that will foster this awakening in your brothers and sisters.

As you participate in this exercise know that the word LOYALTY and the language of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL is also moving through your being, rendering you more amenable to this language as it corrects certain patterns of operation within your physical body. In some ways you are aiding in your own transformation in your own being by participating in this experience. (Pause)

You all have certain qualities and gifts to share with your brothers and sisters and with the world that are needed for the construction of the fabric of Light and Life on Urantia. Your transformation is part of the planetary transformation. The two work hand in hand. As these words of transmission are appreciated in your minds and bodies today continue to feel your desire for this loyalty to encircle the globe and know that you are indeed in your own way feeding upon this and letting it grow in you. (Pause)

The time is upon Urantia for the awakening of the human heart. Things are in place for more individuals to open and to perceive what they have always truly desired within. In these experiences and exercises that we lead you know that you are assisting in orchestrating that environment for your brothers and sisters to awaken, and this is all good. Know it is by your own construction of these words and language that you will continue to transform. (Pause)

Let’s take a few moments to feel your desire for your own LOYALTY TO the FATHER’S WILL to grow within you. Let’s spend a few moments asking your indwelling Father Fragments to solidify this language within your body—within your physical mechanism’s cellular memory—and allow it to flow and to filter into all those places in your body where your body needs this language. This is part of your birthright being restored to you, so drink this in deeply. Allow this language of LOYALTY to soak into your selves. Let it heal you in many, many ways. (Pause)

Add one more visualization to focus upon now. In your mind’s eye see yourself standing on your world in a beautiful area. The word LOYALTY and the language of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL are underneath you and you are standing in them. Let your feet go deep, sink into this language and then from your heart send this desire for the whole world, for all of the men and women and children of this world to stand firmly in this language. Feel your desire for this as this carpet unfolds before you. Envision the whole planet standing on this word and carpet of the language of LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, and we will move in it. (Pause)

Lastly, one more visualization to focus upon and as you envision yourself standing on this fabric and the inhabitants of this world join you on the carpet, allow the word RIGHTMINDEDNESS to embrace the entire world. We will add something of ourselves into this visualization construct. (Pause)

My brothers and sisters, soon I will walk with you. The time is coming closer for the world to receive me. Know that you are setting into motion a pattern of receptivity for the world to receive me. Continue to focus on these words and these exercises, to read the transcripts and listen to the recording. In your stillness, as you go about your day, be ever mindful of being loyal to the Father within you and the will and the flow of love where it wishes to guide you in every moment.

The transformational time upon Urantia should be a time of celebration and joy for you. And while your world undergoes a major shift in thinking, do not look at or participate in the fear that people will be experiencing when things shift and change about them, but know that all things are becoming new. It is through your efforts, your willingness to step out in faith and to grow in spirit, that is making this all possible. Your efforts and intentions today are being added to the fabric of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYAL TO THE FATHER’S WILL that is growing all over this world, attaching itself to other groups and areas where these exercises and experiences are also being practiced.

It is time for a change of heart upon Urantia. By changing your own hearts and opening them and allowing what you need to be experienced in a visceral manner in your body, you will be the light and the emissaries to your brothers and sisters. Continue to catalyze and help them open and awaken. Fear not these times of change, my brethren, but walk boldly in the light of Michael’s love, Mother’s will and know there is so much help available to you. When I am with you in the flesh we will walk hand in hand and go about the Father’s business with joy and love and playfulness.


Stay strong and focused and above all receive what the Father within wishes to guide you into each day. Good day.