2010-09-26-Religious Living

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Topic: Religious Living

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Thank you, Mother and Father for encircuiting us in your will today that we may be one in mind and body to receive the words of Monjoronson, to receive his energy signature in our being. We are grateful for his ministry in our lives, and we are all eager to be upstepped and uplifted that we may more fully participate with him in the Magisterial Mission that is unfolding on our planet. We thank you for preparing us now that we may receive and focus our love and energies in the ways that he may direct us. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: My dear brethren. My greetings upon you. This is Monjoronson and I am very glad to be among you in this manner today. During our last time together I introduced the idea of RELIGIOUS LIVING as a means of experiencing what this dynamic type of living entails. Let us go deeper into this journey of religious living. As I indicated in our last time together, this is a quality of living that so few Urantians aspire to achieve. There is quite a beauty and artistry, you might describe it, in seeing a person who is dedicated to this highest ideal of living totally in the Father’s will and grace. Of course you have the best example of this as your brother Jesus demonstrated in his human life on Urantia, but that was two thousand years ago. But now, in this day and age, who among you is ready and dedicated to achieving those heightened ideals like Jesus of Nazareth so nobly portrayed? We are here to help you. We are here to encourage you and to foster those concepts within your awareness, to whet your appetite for future growth.

As you ponder these words, think about all the ways in which you live your lives where you place your focus and attention on material routines and matters. It is as if you will be living in two dimensions, walking in the material world with your ideals firmly placed on the will of the Father in Paradise. If you allow us to focus these ideas within your mind and to help you absorb these energies of this language of RELIGIOUS LIVING, know that your indwelling Adjusters are actively paying attention, they are using this opportunity to become more operative within your consciousness.

You participate by opening yourself to desiring this above all, for in this attempt, you are taking your raw human material and you are presenting it to the loving hands of the master craftsmen within and saying, “I am here. Use me. Mold me into a vessel of beauty, this instrument for your use.” Herein the ideals conserved within the patient domain of your Adjusters are able to bring forth these new understandings within your being and to help the circuitry within your bodies become more attuned to that natural flow of life and love so that you can be living religiously more successfully each day.

Let us now move in you, my brethren, to prepare you for the service work that is to come. Receive us now and relax as we move in you. Allow the words RELIGIOUS LIVING fall upon you and envelope you like a gentle summer rain. (Pause)

Embodying these ideals are yours for the striving: peace, tolerance, patience, compassion. When your brothers and sisters witness your lives, they will be drawn to you. You will be a vibrant power force and a compelling agent of change upon and for this world. The energies of the heart are the new driving force of this planet and by your attempt to live religiously in accordance with the will of the Father, you are becoming more heart-centered, more heart-motivated and dominated. The world has long anticipated this time when there are courageous men and women who dare to live this way and who have been upstepped and enlivened with the power of spirit, who have cleared the paths within their beings for the spirit to resonate resoundingly, echoing from your being out into the world.

We know your desires are focused on this, and yet the human heart has faltered many times. We are here to prepare you for a more thrilling service and adventure, but it is your desires, your choices, your motivations that will catalyze this for your lives. Amplify this desire in your hearts that we may continue to add more spiritual energy into what is being created here. In a few moments, we will be sending this out into the world, this idea and language of RELIGIOUS LIVING to penetrate more deeply into the planetary consciousness. So receive us again as you commit your lives more fully, dedicated to RELIGIOUS LIVING in the Father’s will. (pause)

The spiritual power grid of Urantia is gaining strength: the kind of wiring, you might call it, for human consciousness to be elevated to more morontial levels. While we are in the early stages of building this matrix upon the planet, your efforts are adding to the growing spiritual pressure and energy for your brothers and sisters to think more in the way of RIGHTMINDEDNESS. So here today, as you receive this language of RELIGIOUS LIVING, let the word pour from your heart to pour over the globe and we will take this energy and seed it where it is able to bear good fruit. There are many of your brethren who will benefit greatly from what you are generating from your hearts now. Open your hearts ever wider to the love you have for this world and your desires for planetary transformation, for the lives of your brothers and sisters to open to the love of the Father. Let your hearts rejoice with gladness, for you have the ability to be an agent of change, the voice of love and the powerful conduit for Michael’s peace. We will take what you are generating and add it to the fabric of planetary consciousness. (pause)

In your mind’s eye see the words “Washington, D.C.” and send this love and intention for RELIGIOUS LIVING to penetrate into the consciousness of the Capitol, Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court. Focus your heart energies on Washington, and we will continue to weave these energies into the consciousness therein. (pause)

Now focus on the word “Beijing,” and send it across the seas to your brothers and sisters in China, to this powerful country who is emerging onto the global stage as a power. Send this energy to your brothers and sisters who are in need of this as well. See this government be attuned and aligned with the will of the Father. (pause)

And now shift focus to this area of the Middle East. (pause)

Now lift your hearts up to Michael that he may send down his peace to this world. His peace is the mode of RELIGIOUS LIVING. There is much contained within these languages that you allow to bring into the planetary consciousness: the vibrations of change, of upliftment, circuits that can be connected not only to the human energy system but to the physical body. As you desire Michael’s peace to embrace these particular regions and the planet as a whole, know that your body is feeding on this as well, that you are demonstrating this level of RELIGIOUS LIVING by embodying his peace.

RELIGIOUS LIVING is not for the faint hearted, it is for men and women who are courageous enough to look at the pain in the world and to recognize that it is through the power of spirit that sorrow and grief will be transcended and transformed. It is by your opening up yourself to receive the fabric of consciousness changes.

When my mission begins here in the physical dimension, I need men and women who are strong enough, who have been prepared to join my ranks to be the workers in the field where your brothers and sisters are languishing. Many of you have pledged your support. This is good and I commend your efforts, while I encourage you to prepare yourselves more each day. Truly ready yourselves in a more profound way. This will only serve you and give your indwelling Adjusters more opportunity to shine the Father’s love through you.

The world is being transported back into the family of light. For some, it will be a very rough and challenging ride, so you preparing yourself in this way will be able to help them calm their fears and encourage them that something quite splendid and glorious is occurring, and that they have the good fortune to be living at this time, to participate in the great unfolding of the Father’s freedom, to release them from spiritual bondage and 200,000 years of planetary rebellion. What greater joy can there be upon Urantia? What greater opportunity can you have in all the universe? One day when you look back upon this earthly career, you will marvel at what you experienced during these times of great testing and faith development.

Continue to focus on this desire for RELIGIOUS LIVING to embrace the planet and we will continue to weave these energies into the fabric of your planet’s consciousness. (pause)


My mercy is upon you, my beautiful brothers and sisters. Drink deeply of the love of the Father, the peace of Michael, the life force of Nebadonia, and my mercy. Drink deeply of this every day that you are of more usefulness to your brothers and sisters. On behalf of all of those who are joining with me in the universe and to all the celestials ministering to the humans on this world, we thank you. Be of good cheer, and always keep the faith. I wish you a most beautiful good afternoon.