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Topic: Ascension & Clarification

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Well, well, good evening friends! This is Monmacion.

Yes, I am inclined to encourage you to let go of your concerns with whether you will sleep, or awaken in time, or do your work in an acceptable manner. We have these precious moments together, shared in the communion with our Father. It us just such moments that equip all his children to conduct themselves more effectively as we go about in our respective service.


Each of you is growing at ease in this connection, and it is my interest in fostering your personal connections to your Thought Adjusters growing increasingly indivisible. The common notion upon this world amongst those who have availed themselves of the Urantia revelation is that after fusion, it’s all down hill. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

The rigor of your ascent while stationed upon this world will equip you well for the rigors that await you on high. You will not have to suffer with such extremes of contingency that exist in this world as if all levels of evolution are bound up into this one planetary orb, all co-evolving simultaneously which gives rise to the reference made earlier by the Teacher Son Margul that you would have available to you upon this sphere a semblance of what is available to all ascendant souls throughout their Grand Universe career.

I would like, for the record, to underscore the clarification of what is meant by this that has been received by those would attend to this lesson.

Certainly we do not suggest that all that you will experience and acquire in your Grand Universe ascension and service is available here in your mortal life upon Urantia, far from it; but what is meant to be conveyed is that there is an analogous experience in this world in your mortal lives that does relate to the totality of your ascension career. It has to do with the very nature of the culture evolving on Urantia so profoundly fragmented, so very much, as you well know and witness, moving in disparate manners, at varying velocities of progression or regression, all alike encompassed within this process of evolution; ranges of mortal cultures coupled with the approaching levels of morontia ascension interfacing increasingly with personalities such as myself representing the cultures of a spirit existence that you will find in the course of your ascension career. Hopefully this will assist your understanding and appreciation for this unique opportunity that you have available to you in this world of your mortal experience.

My friends, all of you are taxing yourselves quite a bit with your growing realizations of the service opportunities given to you. Remember, in the course of your actions to give yourselves plentiful moments of quietude and stillness. You will be more effective in your tasks, and I, and others will be able to adjoin you effectively in support of your labor. It is after all your work that we endeavor to support, for as we have reflected in our previous sessions, it is through you that this process of materialization is occurring. You are making it possible, your progress, your growth, and as you know, your service endeavors are inseparable from your stillness sessions.


So go in peace my friends. I will be with you if you wish at anytime. Of course you have plentiful members of our celestial team accompanying you at all times. Be confident your life is growing strong, reflecting the dimensions of your faith.

Good night.