2010-10-21-Circuits, Practice

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Topic: Circuits, Practice

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Charles, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for the connection, thank you for the circuitry, the many ways in which we can be connected; we can be hooked up ultimately to you our Divine Parents. We know these circuitries, these lifelines, are a gift of grace and we acknowlege with deep gratitude the gifts which seem to surround us, touch us, connect us. We honor coming together at this time to approach you, to access some of these circuits, to fire the grid between us. And so, with faith and conviction, we come to you at this time to receive what you would bring us in this hour by way of your circuitries. We are humbled in gratitude, thank you.



Inner Voice: I greet you all again. I am this ones Inner Voice, here to accept the invitation that you offer in willingly creating and building aspects of this circuitry. It is indeed by your act of grace as well that you come to these circuits, that you plug into them and it is a thrill and an honor to be associated with you while you activate from your end, your portion of the grid and connect to the greater circuitry around. You all are becoming personally aware of the increase in connection between you and spirit, you and other personalities, you and your Inner Voice, you and your Divine Parents. These are very personal relationships, personal circuits that you build and nurture and utilize to traverse any distance between you.

You are also becoming aware that you may grow these grids, that you may increase these circuitries by activating them and using them as you increase your neural networks by practicing thought patterns and exercises of the mind. As you practice accessing these circuits, as you practice the stillness and the steps necessary to approach the spiritual circuitry, it becomes easier and easier for you to simply be there without having to access such circuitry. With enough practice it is possible to simply [project] at the point of your desire and not have to undergo the practice of the pathway any more, you merely project yourself to the destination and you are there.


But before this is possible you must travel the route many times, you must know the way and this is where practice is so important; the act of repeated exposure makes the network strong and fire securely and you are able to go immediately down the strengthened network. This is, once again, where stillness enables you the faith to practice these connections, to build these networks. It offers you the opportunity, the time necessary, the conducive environment, to simply traverse whatever method and means to get yourself to the state of spirit.

Similarly, with your individual internal experience of building your access to spirit, your network to spirit, your circuitry, there is also circuitry that you are creating among you in a group such as this. You build a web between yourselves and you act together as a great force, each one of you adding your individual contribution to the overall circuit. And there is of course the circuitry of mankind; there is a universal circuit; there is the circuitry of your Indwelling Voices. There are numerous circuits that you are a part of, that touch you directly, that interface with you, that has you as part of their loop.

And so it is that you are positioned so that all these different circuits come in contact, they touch you, they can be affected by you just as you can be nourished by them. Your contribution to the circuitry alters it, it impacts it, it colors it, it changes its characteristics by having yours added to it. This is what the benefit is of joining together in circuitry as in a group such as this. Each one of you brings some color, some energy, some light, some distinction to add to the grid and it is woven together into a more thorough tapestry.

So it is that you can feed the grid with your contribution and likewise you can use the energy from the grid, you can gain from exposure to it. It is quite definitely a two way street, your making your contribution and your tapping into the energy of the field. Consider your position as all these different circuits approach you, come directly to you, pass through you in a very real sense, and as I say, are impacted by your presence.

Thank you for the opportunity to utilize this voice to express my voice. I perceive that this opportunity is cherished by others as well and so I would withdraw in respect for this sacred platform. Thank you, good day.


Charles: Hello this evening folks, I am Charles here to respond to your request to interface with me. It is with great pleasure that I respond to these requests because they affirm for me that you have heard of my service and desire to work with me. And so I proceed in faith that this is so and we can move forward in good fashion. It is a great privilege to be among you in this way. This is an enormous experiment and we are pushing the boundaries of this experiment as we move forward. Never before on this world has there been such a circuitry as is being utilized to bring even this message through today. This process is new and exciting to be utilized at this time, another resource to be employed in the arrival of the Magisterial Mission.

So it is that I arrive with the same enthusiasm that you arrive to meet and work together in this new paradigm. It will be required of you that you bring to the relationship an open mind, an open heart to be led by spirit and to follow where that leading may go. You have shown your dedication to your spiritual pursuit and that is why you are here enjoying this privilege with me. It is not without your efforts that you have arrived here and so we both are privileged to find ourself and each other here now to work with the very nuts and bolts of the spiritual up-stepping of such a material plane.

As the tone and vibration levels increase due to this increased circuitry you have referred to, the paradigm of the material complements will shift as a reflection of the shift towards spiritual truths and reality. In fact, the material complement is only the shadow of the substance that is the spiritual experience but we are engaged throughly in the material plane as we are endeavoring to grow our spiritual awareness and access our spiritual dimension. So it is required of us that we not only manifest our desires to approach spirit by taking the steps required to follow that path, but as well we must deal with our environment here on the terrestrial plane.

Magisterial Mission

It is not complete to simply talk about spiritual pursuits and how lofty intentions may be considered but there is as well in this equation the bringing it down to earth and implementing it out among the family of man. So while we at once considering such grand notions as helping the Magisterial Son implement his mission, we need to as well think on the grass roots level of what can be done individually, personally, locally, and directly. So I am tasked with this privileged to be here for you as a cheer leader, a guide, one who may offer suggestions as to how to be more practical with your spirituality as the two are most entwined at this point.

What we will be changing about our equation will be where we come from in looking at the equation rather than seeing it from such a grass roots level; we will look at our equation through the eyes of spiritual ascension and we will make our decisions with the highest, best, most noble of awareness and understanding. You will see each time, every time, when you look at the equation through the eyes of spirit, with the eyes of love, the answer always apparent and the equation is always improved when acted on from a spiritual perspective. Acting in this manner changes everything and the material simply conforms to fit, it must resonate to the new frequency.

I appreciate the opportunity that you provide to come together and share energy signatures, the rubbing of our spiritual elbows so that we may become more familiar with each other, more intimate in our relationship so that we work well together. This represents my desire and I perceive that it represents yours as well. So I accept this opportunity as you do to come together and work together for Michael's plan, for Monjoronson's plan, for our Divine Parents, for their plan. It is an honor to be with you. I would step back and allow an open space for comments, questions, perhaps other contributions at this time. Thank you.

Out of Body Experience

LIght: I am Light and I enjoy joining a connection such as this whenever there is an opportunity. It has been my habit lately, when I have been granted a privilege such as this, to have some thoughts and discussion around the truth of the spiritual aspect of your being and its link to your earth vehicle. Certainly you know that is where you reside at this time, at least while you are awake and conscious, but this spiritual component of yourself is not bound strictly to the material plane. It has access to the circuitry you have discussed, the circuitry of spirit because it is spirit. You are spirit, and as such there is a part of you which is timeless and spaceless which can traverse distance and can be projected to any point.

So this has been my suggestion as of late, to consider the fact that you are able to project your spiritual self to any location of your choosing. You do this fairly routinely in your dream state; you allow yourself to travel and be in other locations. This freedom is granted because you consider it could be just a dream. My suggestion is that you grant yourself the freedom in your awake state, in your stillness state, with intention and purpose and free yourself from the confines of your current residence even for a brief time. Project yourself out to a favorite location and attempt to experience yourself being in that location. You will find that with some practice you can indeed project your seat of awareness to a location of your choice and observe from that location.


Just an exercise that I bring for your amusement and for your edification, another tool that can be utilized in your process because it is a part of you, you are part of it, this other circuit that touches you that you are a part of. Have fun with your experience with this. May it be a fruitful encounter for you. Thank you for listening, bye now.