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Topic: MIndfulness, Rightmindedness, Sending Energy to Congress

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother and Father, we gather here together to serve you and our brothers and sisters and our beloved world Urantia during these times of planetary transformation. We ask that you to encircuit us in your minds and your Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth that we may be unified as one mind, one heart and one intention as we participate with our Magisterial Son as he directs our thoughts and our intentions today. We are grateful to participate with you and our celestial helpers in this great transformation. We are ready to follow your will now. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: Greetings my brethren. This is Monjoronson and I welcome you to this conference gathering today. Even though you are all physically separated from one another, when you gather thus in a place of service, desiring to be about the Father’s business, we are truly in and among one another. The energies of thought that you generate during this call provides us with a current of will that is directed to places that we designate that will benefit from this. When you are thus engage with full hearts and minds, you are in a state of MINDFULNESS, which was the subject of our last call. I am interested to hear your comments if you wish to share with me today about how you functioned from the previous call in becoming more mindfully aware of your outer environment: how you perceive in your internal environment what you are experiencing.

The state of mindfulness is something that we wish for you to cultivate as you become masters of this vehicle that you operate. Your physical body functions through the mind circuits, and it is imperative for you to become more engaged mindfully with how you use this stream of thought. We do not expect you to perfect this to the degree that Michael did when he was on Urantia. While that would certainly be inspiring to witness, we do not expect it at your particular stage of development. We do encourage you to try and increasingly become more mindful of what it is you are thinking.

So with this being said, let us again engage our thoughts and intention toward this energy of MINDFULNESS that you may receive what it is we wish to share with you; then direct your thought to where we would like you to focus your thought currents in service to the planet. Take a few moments to breathe and focus on your heart. (Pause)

There are many circuits around your beings, energy circuits that convey impulses of information to you. You are continually being impressed with information, and it is in the higher realms of your consciousness where this information is captured and used by your Adjusters to open you to new and expansive ways of perceiving.

Focus on your hearts now and your desires to be more MINDFULLY aware—to be more available to what is streaming in your direction. There is so much light and love and life force now coming your way that it tends to be at times a virtual bombardment of higher energies. Your physical bodies need substance for these energies to intersect and be grounded, to modify your expression upon this world. Take a few moments to breathe, allow this word MINDFULNESS to gently rest upon you. Envision this word falling like gentle rain on your body. MINDFULNESS. MIND FULLNESS: the fullness of your mind engaged in the higher realms for you to receive more morontia information to grow in spirit. (Pause)

Mindfulness is a quality of mind--of being more aligned in spirit. Mindfulness helps you stay focused on the present moment. It helps your thought channels slow down and live more in that moment of present. It is a valuable component of the energy of eternity. You are retraining your mind. It is the practice of quieting your mind through stillness that develops helps develop this state of mindfulness. When more individuals are thus using their minds in this way can be a powerful vehicle for transformation.

You who are gathered today as a group of individuals in service to your world, we now ask you to focus your mind and heart, and generate the attitude of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and the energies of MINDFULNESS, directing this over the area of your capital in Washington, D.C. There is a tremendous amount of energy needed for transformation to occur within the halls of your Congress. We invite you to use this time to focus over the Capitol building and ask for the energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and MINDFULNESS to settle over this building. You are building these energies here so that the individuals who are coming to this arena will be more engaged in helping to build the Father’s will on this planet.

Take a moment to envision the Capitol before you and feel your desire for RIGHTMINDNESS and MINDFULNESS to become fully engaged here. Allow your hearts to open to love and the principles upon which this country was founded: freedom, equality, fairness, peace. Open your hearts, feel the energy building the circuits building this power circuit in this area. (Pause)

The time is coming when you will see many changes occur. The polarization that you are witnessing is something that will continue to unfold. It is a part of the sorting of the ideas that have long held your planet in the vice-like grip of poverty and isolation. And as this grip loses it grasp there are many things you will witness that may frighten people. We are here to help you stay more mindful of what it is that is occurring--Michael’s truth, peace and love shining down upon this world, and the ways of your Mother and the Holy Spirit pouring itself over this world.

As you continue to stay focused on the building of Congress, where your laws are enacted, thank Michael for showering his love down upon this place. Be grateful that his will, his way, his peace is streaming through the years of corruption and a new way is being formed.

We would ask you to focus in this manner in the coming days and pray for those people who are elected to be open to Spirit. The elected officials have many celestial helpers to flock to their sides to whisper in their ears information that will help them sustain themselves with energies of rightmindedness and mindfulness as they enter the halls of Congress. Use your spiritual power here, my brethren, which have at your disposal to work with. Engage your mind at some point throughout the day on this election. (Pause)

Now take a few moments to think of Michael and ask for his mindedness to enter into the energy configuration that you are generating. As you center on this building, envision in your in your mind’s eye him walking through the halls of Congress, House of Representatives, and Senate, helping their hearts to be seeded with tolerance, patience, cooperation. Ask for his energies to be encircuited mightily in this place. (Pause)

On behalf of those who have participated with you in the higher realms, we thank you. Know that when you focus in the coming days on what you participated in today, more spiritual energy will be directed to the Capitol building and the individuals there. (Pause)

Take a few moments to reorient your thoughts. I am interested to hear if anyone is going to share what they experienced during the week of being more mindful. This is an opportunity to interact with one another, coming to a deeper understanding of mindfulness--a new state of being. If you have any questions about this, I would be delighted to address them for you. You may speak whenever you feel thus prompted.


STUDENT: Monjoronson, I wanted to thank you for being here and I wanted to share with you what I am experiencing. In the past week or two sometimes I feel so connected and other times I don’t, and I’m wondering if I’m spaced out or connected and don’t know what’s going on. Also, I’m getting messages as to what to do and how to do it. I know I’m being vague, but I’m feeling very guided. It’s thrilling, because I feel one with our Father. I’m just so happy to be here, and open to doing our Father’s will.

MONJORONSON: You are becoming more attuned to the presence of Spirit within. This is what we call the state of mindfulness. You have opened yourself to the presence of Spirit where you enter into a creative partnership with what your Spirit wishes to share or provide to you. This will help your day-to-day activities become more fluid and filled with grace. You will still have challenges and circumstances that will be puzzling to you, but when you thus engage your mind you are now saying to your Adjuster, “What do you want me to do? What is it that is within your will?” So continue to practice, continue to develop these good habits of which we have spoken, and you will continue to see more of the beauty that forms in your life.

STUDENT: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: It is our delight to be with you, and thank you for your participation.

STUDENT: Hi, Monjoronson. I would like to comment I didn’t even know of the existence of the Thought Adjuster until a couple of years ago and since that time my relationship with my Father Fragment has grown deeply. One of the ways I express myself with that relationship is with writing and many times I feel that we’re like partners. In the past, I would have viewed that as blasphemy, but now I realize that’s silly. Now I see the Father wants to be partners with us, he wants to have that relationship of father-son or father-daughter and he wants us to take that love into the world. My contribution is through my writing and then to let his love live through me as I walk the mortal life. Could you comment on the Thought Adjuster and how he works with us?

MONJORONSON: The partnership you are in the midst of developing is one that you will increasingly come to enjoy and understand as you become more attuned and desirous of fusing with your Adjuster. There is a particular rhythm of life that comes from your Universe Mother. Your Spirit tries to help you outgrow the evolutionary nature of self-centeredness into a state of self-fullness that eventually is a part of the greater SELFHOOD—Father centered but your own being contained within that. What is contained within the First Source and Center is the growing Supreme Being, that evolutionary godhead of all of our experiences and thoughts.

So you are making the shift from the awareness of yourself as an individual through how the Adjuster perceives your environment to the greater selfhood. Herein lies the Adjuster’s ability to maneuver you into experiences where you get to explore what it is to be in relationship with other people. The more you wish to follow the Father’s will and share love then will your relationships have a more productive and godlike quality to them. It will be more nurturing, more loving, more peaceful, more satisfying. This is one of the domains where your Father Fragment can assist you. I will leave it at that, as that will give you enough to absorb your into your conceptual awareness. Does this help?

STUDENT: Thank you very much.

STUDENT: That ties right into my learning about guilt. Lately I’ve seen how people project their own guilt into a relationship. Guilt is very complicated and has many layers and needs to be healed for a relationship to be more loving. I’m grateful to be here.

MONJORONSON: Guilt is a means of control for fostering feelings of ill will and negative self-images. It is a form of disempowerment. We encourage you to become mindful of this force field, as it were, that fosters feelings of discouragement and self condemnation. It is not the Father’s way and it is not an attitude that you need to retain. Overcoming guilt is as easy as forgiving yourself and forgiving others for their imperfections, for their littleness of their own sense of self and emotional woundedness. You must forgive, forgive and forgive. Think about forgiveness of seventy times seven; this is what Jesus was referring to. The forgiveness component of any negative emotion will restore your sense of connection to the Source--to the Father. Does this help?

STUDENT: Thank you so much.

MONJORONSON: Seek to forgive and you will find yourself less aggravated by these feelings and free yourself from them.

STUDENT: Thank you, I am beginning to free myself. I don’t have to condemn if I am not aggravated.

STUDENT: I have experienced an amazing transformation in my own attitudes as I’ve been engaging with you in these sessions. I’m just beginning to understand the important connection between the physical and the spiritual. I have a question that is maybe a little bit off topic: I’ve heard you say several times that during these Correcting Times, the Master Power Controllers are easing their grip on the planet. I don’t understand why they’ve had the planet in a grip or what the reason is that they would be releasing the energy at this time. I’m well aware of the planetary upheavals we’ve been through with the Lucifer rebellion and the betrayals. I’m wondering if the planetary isolation has affected us physically as well as spiritually. Could you speak to this, please?

MNJORONSON: Planetary quarantine has had many affects upon your physical being. There is a limitation in the amount of spiritual energy to which you have access, and now that the circuits are fully in place, there is an easing of the way in which the Power Directors were encircuiting the planet. The energies of LOVE that springs forth from Paradise are used in many different dimensions--in the spiritual dimension, the physical dimension, and the morontia dimension. There is an assortment of energies that are now on Urantia to foster spiritual development.

Your bodies are being upstepped to receive these higher emanations of spirit. Since most of the planet suffers from a lack of the Adamic life force it is deemed being necessary to increase the various frequencies to help your bodies absorb these new energies. In many ways, your bodies have suffered, and for those people who are ready to awaken and join in the plan of correction there are many new endowments being made available to you to facilitate your spiritual development and your physical ability to stay here on this planet. Does this answer your question?

STUDENT: I’d not thought of the increasing spiritual energies coming through the circuits which must of course affect the planet as it affects our bodies. Thank you for spending your time with us today

MONJORONSON: Again, it is we, who thank you for participating with us. It is a mutual delight.

STUDENT: I’m so grateful for your presence with us. I have been spending more time in silence and desiring greater guidance. It seems that the guidance from my Adjuster is not as clear as it once was. I’m not sure what that’s about.

MONJORONSON: There are times when you will seem to have a stronger connection to your Adjuster than at other times. Your physical bodies are undergoing changes that sometimes interfere with the receptivity of the mind circuits and your Adjuster’s voice. There are phases that you will go through as this unfolds. Sometimes it will seem more challenging and then there will be times when you will feel you are flowing in your Adjuster’s grace and beauty. The best attitude that you can adopt here is one of patience.

Trust that your Adjuster is in charge and that your indwelling Father Fragment knows your concerns and how to best help lead you through them. If you become frustrated or impatient, this can delay the process as your Adjuster is endeavoring to help you hear through the interference. So if you can appreciate that this is part of the process, it will help you go through those times that feel more challenging than others. When you come upon those times where it does feel more challenging, try to spend a little more time in stillness. Recognize that you feel stuck or frustrated, and ask for help. Does this answer satisfy you?

STUDENT: Thank you very much. I’m very grateful.

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your participation.


My brethren, there are so many plans under way upon Urantia that would thrill and delight you if you were to see all the activities in our realm that are working on your behalf. We encourage you focus on this awareness--this idea. You are not in this alone, but I do ask you to focus your thoughts and your heart energy toward your Congress building as the week unfolds, and to pray for the newly elected representatives who have a very large task ahead of them. It is time to come together in unity, fraternity, tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding. They have an almost insurmountable task ahead of them. Ensure that you are doing your part as not only a citizen of this country, but as a cosmic citizen. Pray for these individuals and ask for Michael’s heart to beat close to theirs, ask for their minds to be receptive to his Spirit of Truth. As you read this transcript, keep these thoughts in the forefront of your minds, and practice being more mindful as you go about Father’s business. I leave you in Michael’s peace and Nebadonia’s love. I bid you a beautiful good day.