2011-01-16-Message for the Heart

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Your minds are tethered to me and my being pervades you through and through. I am subtly moving you closer to Christ consciousness even though you may not notice this as you go about your life. How you progress in this journey to Christ consciousness is up to you. The more you understand the ways of the universe and what it takes to be an upstanding cosmic citizen, the easier you will progress and attain this state of being.

What I provide you with on this journey is the environment for you to grow, explore, labor and play in an arena of loving support and nurturing. I provide you with helpers who are placed in your path to help you formulate your abilities to make the choices that will maximize your spiritual potential. You must make decisions and use your own inner resolve and willingness to make this journey to discover the meanings and importance of your lessons. However, know this: you have everything you need to make this most adventurous inner journey and will be given more resources to develop the skills you need to develop and prosper. Your lessons are there to teach you the ways of universe life and the powers of love that are its driving force.

How much more progress your world would make in developing a loving and peaceful culture if each person were to be aware of what is available to help you go within and call forth the best in you. Ask me to help you continue to cast aside all feelings of unworthiness, doubt, and insecurity. Amplify the good in what you believe about yourself and know that this is the inner environment that truly brings you into Christ consciousness.