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Topic: Circuits

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan




My friends, greetings again, welcome to this moment deep within us that you explore together, this space defined by the presence of our Father. You little realize what a marvelous luminosity exists where the children of God join together for the purpose of magnifying his presence. I say magnify because though God is limitless in and of himself, you are well aware of how delimited his presence is in your world at large, and this is simply a function of the cumulative light that is generated by the capacity of the populations upon this planet to host his limitless light.



Naturally, you all require time and the exercise of your journeys, your labor, your service, your questions, your rugged experience in a world such as this to expand your capacity to receive his light, but I assure you, when you gather to focus upon him, his light grows as bright as is possible. Indeed, for us looking on, it is as if you were looking at a light show of sorts, and while you cannot see these energetic repercussions of this focused intent, I am simply telling you, trust me. Your intention to commune with God releases energetic impulses-forces into the mainstream of humanity upon this world as upon any world, that liberates not only those who are enjoined in this communion but all others as well to the extent that they would allow themselves.

Change, Consciousness

Your world is witnessing, in general, the reverberations of this expanded light signature, and while I know that you have discussed the various intrigue and ploys of maintaining control over the regimes of this world that are disappearing, actually simply becoming transformed, you can be assured that the prime cause is your expanded consciousness. And indeed, the world is, as you have heard so many times, "quivering on this brink". You could say you have already jumped over the cliff. You are diving in to the arms of God. This flight, you might say, some see it as a fall, some are frightened to death at the loss of all that they prize and hold so dear, and you can appreciate this being material beings as you are; you understand, and so extend mercy to your fellows who rightly andPProxy-CProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0

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nderstandably experience equivocation at this prospect of letting go, but I assure you there are forces gathered, representatives of the Seraphic Planetary Government, who have labored long and hard with so many others here to bring your focus of attention to the Source of all liberty.


The liberation of the human soul upon this world having suffered so long in isolation is ongoing and it is dramatic. And while you might witness cataclysms of time reorganizing, redirecting the affairs of the ‘kingdoms of men’ so to speak, it is this potent presence of God, oftentimes referred to in your text as the ‘kingdom of God’, but it is this presence that you are making more vivid in these simple acts of joining together, sharing, inviting others such as myself to enjoin ourselves to your cause, because it is you that is doing this work.

We are supporting you, and there is a veritable host of intelligences that are here for this purpose, but the fascination you may have from time to time with the prospects of various spirit personalities coming online and making themselves known; it is wonderful of course to welcome another sibling into the realm of your relations, but I remind you, spirit functions as one. We are all engaged in the same cause, the cause of extending our Father’s love, and there is but one leader, and that is the First Source who directs all things, guides all things, governs all things, who commands by the simple gravity of his love.


Now, you know of course, there is an administration recently reconfigured in this world to accommodate the potency of an Avonal Son in our midst, and there are other personalities that he brings with him, many of whom you have yet to meet. So gird yourselves, be focused upon the Source of spirit that dwells within you and enjoy the opportunities to discover and welcome additional beings into this arena of drama unfolding upon Urantia.


My friends, regardless of personalities high and low, you are the ones that are doing this work. It is not possible for us to overrule your decisions. We can encourage, and we do as best we can, and of course, you know that there are many of your seraphic guardians working to encourage you even further by the manipulation of your environment and the circumstances in which you choose, but this is not in a controlling manner, no! It is simply in response to your free will that you have expressed in the course of your many decisions, affirming over and over the value of truth, beauty, and goodness, the holiness of our Father’s love.


So, be assured this world may be rocking and rolling but it is your probe of this deep well of stillness that yields the most profound repercussions that are seen in the world as sometimes rather violent change. It can be seen as harmful, it can be seen as detrimental to existing infrastructure, but I would remind you, it is simply the passing of the old, and the arriving, clearing a way of a new civilization growing upon this world that is born in this well of stillness.

I would encourage you to become more adept at plumbing these depths, probing more deeply, because the depth is infinite. Your capacity is finite, but it is progressively expanding, and as you dive more deeply, you re-emerge from these sessions with an entirely new draught of treasures to be distributed immediately. It is by its very nature something that is shared in the most profound circuit you could imagine. For as you experience the blessedness of the presence of God, you give it immediately to others, and the work before us really is that simple. In and through your very diverse lives, each of you in different realms of influence are drawing this treasure forth in each time you sit still, each time you probe the depth of God, you allow this light to shine more brightly.


My friends, do you have any questions this evening?

If not, if you do not have anything to say, be assured I am close to you watching your questions emerge, and we are all seeking to expedite your passage into the realms of Light and Life for this world will enter Light and Life, but only because many such as you are already probing its depths within you.

Good night my friends.

Students: Good night.