2011-02-20-When You Stand Before Father

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Topic: When You Stand Before Our Father of All On High

Group: At Large


Teacher: Siraya

TR: Paul Conklin



My dear child I would like to speak to you about the Father on high. There is nothing, no language, no approximation that I can make which will adequately describe the Father of us all. He dwells in unapproachable light towards those that have not attuned themselves to His frequency.



But I would like you to visualize this. Suppose you are standing on a high mountain top at the end of a day. You see your blazing sun setting with a splash of colors indescribable. These rainbow colors dance atop all of the treetops and off all of the leaves. You look down, and at your feet you see that love has been there. Love has been there because these kaleidoscopic colors have entered your heart. You stop and stare. You stop your breath. You inhale deeply. It is like the entire universe has entered your frame. There in the stark stillness, in the silence, you have discovered the Eternal One.

What can I tell you my child? To really see the Father as He is you must one day be in His presence. I can visualize that day. That day when you finally recognize the Eternal One. After countless ages you will have arrived. The journey has been arduous. The trek treacherous. But nothing can stop you from your quest. There is a fire burning in your heart that cannot be quenched. No one can turn you back from your quest and from your vision.

You are like an ancient explorer. You have no map, no compass. But you have the desire to discover. You know that around the bend something amazing awaits you. You have decided, that whatever the cost, you will seek and you will find. My dear child, you may not have a map nor possess a compass, but you do have a homing pigeon of sorts.


Let us continue. You know that homing pigeons are guided by the magnetic compass, so to speak. Their brains are able to detect the magnetic polarities that exist in the earth and this guides them. If they were to be thrown into the air with a hood over their eyes, they would still find their way back home. Don’t you know my child that, in a way, there is a magnetic compass guiding you home? This magnetic compass is able to direct you home even when your eyes are hooded and blinded.

You have a strong desire to be about your Father’s business. He is your Father and you are His son. This desire is unquenchable. When you go about your Father’s business it is like you are in His presence. Imagine what you would do if you were in His presence. You would dance and sing, laugh and cry out loud. You would perform a ballet of movement in appreciation for all that He had done for you. All of your Paradise brethren would become silent as they watched your dance of life. In the silence you would express yourself as all others also looked on in silence.


This would be the dance of the ages. A dance precipitated by countless ages of hardship and struggle. Now here you are before the very person that started it all. What do I have to give you, you may say? I have come here to give you the all of who I am. Will you please accept my gift? You then bow down bending at your knees. You enfold your arms over your body. You then arise and shoot straight up. You spin and hoot and holler. The greatest discovery of the ages has been accomplished. Nothing has stopped you from your goal. For you now stand before the greatest discovery of all. You have discovered the Paradise Father and you see Him as He really is.

My dear child, do you think that you have to wait for countless millennia to discover that One? No. That One can be discovered by going within. You do not have to travel over hill and dale. You do not have to climb treacherous mountain peaks. You do not have to cross arid and waterless deserts. You do not have to cross the oceans. For inside of you my child, inside of you is a very fragment of that Paradise Father. He has come to you. He has come to find you. You are His greatest discovery. Did you not know that my child? You reach forwards and inwards towards the Father of us all and that is so. But the Paradise Father reaches down to you.

He has crossed treacherous mountain peaks. He has swam across many oceans. He has traveled across barren and arid deserts. He has traversed enormous distances across the cosmos. He has jumped across stars and galaxies. Ages ago the Paradise Father went on a quest. He went on a voyage of discovery. Nothing would stop Him from his quest. There was a fire burning in His heart. This fire was unquenchable. It could not be put out. That fire would burn everlastingly. He went on a search for precious things. He went on a search for the light of life and the fires of love that burn within human hearts.

Inner Life

The Father on High reaches you where you are. He does not expect you to be in a different place. When He finds you He rejoices. He performs balletic moves that He wishes all to see. All Paradise residents become silent as the Father performs His dance of love. All watch silently as the love of the ages spins and moves and dances aloft. For He has made the greatest discovery of all. He has discovered a precious child reaching up to Him.

My dear child, do you yet understand? Can you feel the love that the Father has for you? I know that you have doubts. Please awaken to the Father’s love. When you feel it move within you then you feel moved to be about the Father’s business. The Father’s unconditional love is complete and eternal. You are just beginning to experience that love for yourself. You can hardly believe it. But I assure you my son that this is so.

Don’t you see my child, the Father on high is already with you? You need not cross the oceans or climb the mountains or traverse rugged desert terrain. Inside of your own mind He awaits. The Father on high awaits for you to discover Him. His journey began ages ago and now He is rewarded with a most precious gift. You are that most precious gift my child. And all those of this humble rock in space are precious gifts to Him.

The Father on High calls out to you. He cries out to you. Will you come running and find yourselves enveloped in His arms? Let there be a union of the finite and the infinite. For the Father on high has gone on a journey and He has found you, He has found you.

When you become One with the Father on high nothing will be impossible for you. The long ages that it will require for you to become like Him will feel like an instant of time. Before you know it you will be there, in His actual presence dancing and singing a song for the ages. As you dance and sing and spin aloft all Paradise will become silent for you, for you have discovered the Father on high.


I am Siraya, the voice of the Father crying out. Go in peace my child, until another time.