2011-02-21-Have You Ever Suffered

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Topic: What You Are Being Offered

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Paul Conklin



My dear child, let us begin. Tonight I would like to talk about creatorship.



That is what I have been sent out to the physical universes to perform. I have been sent to this particular part of the cosmos to plan, initiate and create. Of course, for this to happen there needs to be a platform of sorts for these things to take place.

So, the power centers and the physical controllers were sent out to this part of space to initiate my and our space adventure. This space adventure was initiated with the aim to look at Paradise as the perfect pattern. Of course, there is always leeway involved. Each one of the Creator Sons is unique. Just as each one of you are unique, my children.

A grand purpose was and has been unfolding for many trillions of years. This grand purpose involves the unification of the perfect creature with the perfected creature. There is a blend that will work well for you all as you go out and create your own space adventures. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I was given the opportunity by the Paradise Father to build my own little utopia. To build my own little Paradise. I would have Paradise as the perfect pattern surely, but this would be the making of my own decisions while keeping within the framework of the Father’s business. I was given so much. I felt so privileged. So humbled. This was a task for the ages. A task that I felt I was up to. There was so much excitement and so much joy as I embarked upon my own personal space mission. Many of my brethren had already begun their space adventures. Each one of their space adventures was colored by their own unique personality just as my space adventure is colored by my own personality.

That being said my children, what do you think that I am offering you? I am offering you an opportunity for the ages. If you take my hand and let me lead you to the Father, one day you shall have your own space adventure. A space adventure that will reflect your own unique personality. There is a reason for the intense and chaotic sufferings that you all have to endure at times. You think that these things will never end. You think that there is no purpose to all of your sufferings and to all of your sorrows. There is a purpose to all of these things my children.


Have you ever suffered something that you thought no one else had suffered? You felt alone, isolated, unloved and forgotten. There was no one on heaven or upon earth that could possibly understand what you were going through. Somehow you muddled through that experience. You made it through. Then one day you encounter another person that is going through what you had gone through. You offer your sympathy and your love. You offer words of advice and comfort. You tell them, “I have been there, done that.” You may think that you will never make it out of this, you tell them, but I can assure you that you can, because I did.

That experience that was filled with darkness, woe and sorrow built into you qualities that you otherwise would not have had. At the time of your sojourn in a bottomless pit, you could not see it. But when you worked your way out of it and saw the light of day once more, you were awakened. How can you become like the Father if you do not feel as the Father feels? Would you not have to have a similar experience? The qualities that exist in the heart of the Father He is trying to build within you. How else can He build those qualities in you if you do not experience those things for yourself? Of course, you cannot possibly experience everything that there is to experience on this small world, but you will be able to experience at least a little part of it.


What is in the heart of an administrator? Is it nothing more than cold hard facts? Are people and beings of all sorts viewed as mere chattel? A true administrator of the mansion worlds of the local system of Satania would have to have a heart that truly reflects the love of the Father in all of his dealings. Otherwise all of his acquired wisdom and knowledge would be meaningless. Remember my son that the backbone for knowledge and wisdom is love. Love is always the backbone of these wonderful gifts. For it is because of this backbone of love that the qualities of knowledge and wisdom can be applied effectively and lovingly.

You may wonder why it is that I am speaking to you about administrators. That is because, for some of you, this will be part of your eternal destiny. All of these hard scrabble experiences are building within you the qualities necessary for a very wise, knowledgeable and loving administrator. I know that these things are a far way off for all of you, at least from the linear perspective. But the Father of us all sees all of you acquiring this goal. He sees you all standing upon the shores of your own world, of your own universe. He sees you all taking all of the training and all of the love that you have acquired to become a very compassionate, merciful and loving administrator.

My dear children this is indeed a far way off. But when the seven superuniverses are settled in light and life God the Supreme will be revealed. All of you sixth stage spirits will then embark on the mission of becoming seventh stage spirits. There will be a grand unification of these seven superuniverses. What a grand jubilee that will be. What a celebration that will be. Over countless millennia and countless ages the goal of the ages has been achieved. Every one of the local systems, constellations, local universes, minor sectors, major sectors, super universe capitals will have achieved light and life.

Oh, my children, do you see the grand future in front of you? The Father purposes to bring life to this grand universe of His. It may take an eternity to achieve, but it will be achieved. The Father would have nothing less. He will have so many beings populating the grand universe and the central universe it will be as if there were an infinite amount of beings alive and experiencing.

Can you see it my children? Can you see, in your minds eyes, a universe populated with beings unimaginable? Can you see that you will be there to make this a reality? Can you see that the Eternal Father wants to work with you personally to make this happen?


I know that this existence that you are now living can be fraught with so much grief, so much pain. It seems that these experiences are never ending at times. Take heart my children, these experiences are but a blip on the scope of time. These experiences will not forever be with you. These too shall pass. But if you recognize the reason for these experiences you will not give up. You will not give up because an adventure for the ages is before you. Will you take my hand children?

I too suffered much grief and much sorrow while I was living as Jesus of Nazareth on this humble sphere. Many of my family did not ascribe to what I was teaching them. Some of them thought that I had gone crazy. There was much infighting that I had to contend with amongst my followers. The religious leaders of my day were bent on my destruction. As a human I experienced what it felt like to feel alone. Of course, I always had so much help. But as you recall I wanted to truly live the life of a human. I wanted to live as you all live. How could I do that and not experience everything that you experience?

Imagine yourself all alone and nailed to a cross. You feel the excruciating pain from your body weight pulling down on you. You hear the taunts from those assembled as you writhe in pain and struggle in your agony. Most of your followers have fled. You are all alone.

I get it my children, I truly get it. I lived the life of a human with all of its pitfalls and all of its vagaries. But this I must tell you, that forever and ever what happened to me as a human being shall stay with me. That experience, that life, is forever stamped upon my very being. I shall never forget it. And I shall never forget the lessons that it taught me. For how could I ever really know how you felt if I did not become one of you? Now I understand my children. Now I understand.

That is why the wisdom of the Eternal Father is brought on high. Because our Eternal Father knew what I needed to truly become one with Him. I needed to become as one of my children to truly get it. That is what the seven bestowal experiences accomplishes. I went through a very intense, sorrow filled experience. Of course, it was not all filled with sorrow. There were times of great joy as I unfolded the truths of reality to a race of humans long ensconced in the Lucifer rebellion.

As I breathed my last and cried out to the Father, “It is finished,” it truly was finished. All that I had set out to do with the seven bestowal experiences had come to pass. But more than that this example would forever serve to inspire billions upon billions of personalities crying out for meaning and for understanding.

Do you think that I remember the sorrows that I suffered while on Urantia? I long ago gave that up to the Father. I know that these experiences have made me into what I am now. So, my children, while you are in the flesh you will suffer. You will experience loneliness and despair. You will experience pain and regret. You will experience fear and dread. Let these experiences prove to be the framework for your continuing existence. For when you die and awaken upon the shores of Mansonia you will cry out with joy. For that brief and sometimes sorrowful existence on your little rock in outer space shall forever identify you. You shall forever carry Urantia in your heart. You shall forever look back with fondness on that most auspicious time.

Then you will know my children. You will know. You will know that far away on the Paradise sphere there is One that has loved you unconditionally. He has taken your hand and has meticulously and indefatigably guided you. There was nothing more important to Him than you, my children. Don’t you get it? You are the most blessed children in the universe. Your Havona and Paradise brethren would give anything to have the experience that you are having. You do not start out in perfection, but you work at it and work at it and work at it. Your determination is admirable. Your stick-to-itiveness is supernal. Your love sublime.

Don’t you think that you have so much to give? You think that you are the most disadvantaged. You think that you are the most despised, the most hated. You think that you have suffered the most sorrow, the most woes. You think that you are nothing more than animal on a dog eat dog world. But my dear children the Father is crafting within you supernal and sublime spiritual qualities that shall never die.

Now do you understand my children, now do you understand? Do you now see the reason for your brief and harried existence as mortal finite children? There is a grand purpose involved. The children of the Supreme are being set aside for a day like no other day. When all of your sufferings are over on this world and you graduate from world to world you will get it.

My dear children learn to love as the Father loves. He is teaching you patiently. He has eternity on His side. Go forth with great joy and happiness. What you now suffer is but a brief episode on the blip of eternity. Wherever you go in this life, wherever you are in this life, there I am also. There I am experiencing your life with you as you attempt to express your unique personality to the world and to the cosmos at large.

A great space adventure will ensue. A great space adventure that will never end. You will all be able and true, tried and tested administrators. But most of all throughout eternity you will reflect the love of the Father in your heart and in your soul. You will forever look back with fondness when you were such a little child living your life on Urantia. For what you have become was crafted, was crafted on the crucible of time and space.


My dear children I love you all so dearly. Let me take you by your hand and let me guide you. Be uplifted and be in my peace. Even when these words end I am always with you.