2011-02-25-Take Heart My Child

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Topic: Take Heart My Child

Group: At Large


Teacher: Siraya

TR: Paul Conklin



[Preface from the T/R: Dear Friends, Siraya came to me tonight with a lot of encouragement. He told me to take heart and by extension that includes all of you. He discussed universe values and I think that you will be encouraged by his discussion.]


My dear child this is Siraya, the voice of the Father crying out. Tonight we will discuss the vicissitudes of the earthly existence.



You may wonder why there is so much anguish and consternation during your short mortal life. It is that very thing that gets you on to the road of Paradise much faster than your celestial brethren whom you cannot see. You and all of your mortal brethren go through a very brief and intense existence. You can say that you are being compensated for all of your troubles and all of your woes. The universe is imminently fair and just. Whatever it is that you were lacking on your home sphere will be more than made up for in the morontial life and in the succeeding lives that follow after that.

Why is your existence, so brief, so intense, so troubled? For all of you Urantians the brief and simple answer is due to rebellion. Due to the Lucifer rebellion you are far behind your other mortal brethren on other more “normal” spheres. However, you are all fast catching up. You are being surrounded by a host of spiritual personalities that have volunteered to come where the need is very great. They are chomping at the bit, so to speak, to hightail it to your world to assist all of you and to earn universe credits, I say, tongue in cheek. In reality you are all loved so much and your celestial brethren saw a great need and wanted to fill that need. They wanted to give back what they have received. That is as much as you all do now on behalf of those mortals that are less fortunate than you.


If you so choose you can all become a universe value. Universe values are very real. When you become a universe value you become real and you enter on the road to eternity. That is what your Father fragments are teaching you to become. As you respond to the leadings of your Thought Adjusters you are becoming ever more and more a universe value. A universe value is not something temporary, it is something permanent. It is something that will always and forever be viewed as pertinent and necessary.

You see my children you sometimes think that a truth is something that is backed by certain facts. If you go to a volume of material and explore the facts of that particular thing you read up on it and you feel that you are acquiring at least some truth. But what you are reading may very well only present a mere portion of the truth or a mere portion of the facts. But real truth is what you are becoming each day. Each day that you respond to the spirit leadings of your Thought Adjusters you are becoming real, becoming factual. But much more than that you are becoming a universe value for which there is no turning back.

If you could read the story concerning the book of your life, what would it read? What would you find hidden within its pages? Would the words imprinted on the page be a true representation of what you were becoming? Would it be possible to capture your life as mere facts written in a studious volume? Well, my children your lives are dynamic, not static. You would be unable to capture what you are and what you are becoming moment by moment since you are changing moment by moment. How can you capture something that is in flux? You may be able to capture something that is static. Something that has expressed itself in finality. But you my children will never express yourselves in finality. You will add to the pages of your book for an eternity. You are the authors my children and you write down whatever it is that pleases you at the moment.

That is how you can become a true universe value. Each life is unique. Each life has its own uniqueness, its own expressiveness. Your lives are like a tapestry that is added to as another life is born into the world. When you examine the tapestry you see patchwork quilts that have been sewed into the collective for millennia. When you are born, when you live and when you die you add your patch to that tapestry. But if you have not responded to the leadings of your Thought Adjuster it is like that patchwork is not sewn in permanently. The stitching is basted in a very loose fashion until someone comes along and removes your patch.

It is like you are sewing your patch, the patch of life into the universal tapestry. This universal tapestry is available to all, but it is up to each one of you to contribute your patchwork if you so desire. Your Thought Adjusters are working together with you to stitch your patch in permanently. They are working to make you a true universe value that will become a part of the collective. You will become a part of the whole. You will become a drop in an endless sea. An endless sea.

My children I know that at times you feel besides yourselves. You have so many problems to contend with. You are struggling to respond to the leadings of your Thought Adjusters. While so doing you have to deal with the struggles that others are going through. Sometimes the struggles of your brethren results in them responding to you in a way that is not reflective of the Eternal One. How should you respond? Well, you know that you yourselves have not been always up to the task. You yourselves have at times treated your fellow man with contempt and scorn. So, what does this have to do with becoming a universe value? Everything my children.


You see down here on the crucible of time and space you are being tested. You are being tried. You are being molded. You are being fired in a furnace to slough off the impurities so that a bar of pure gold is produced. To fire off the dross and reveal that pure gold requires a very high temperature. You are experiencing the high temperatures of your more immature brethren. They are children you know. They are erring children. Please view them as such my children. But these same erring children are helping you to grow. If you see the reason for their contrariness and their contempt of you, you will not give in to their nastiness. Don’t you think that as you are transforming into a universal value that these erring children are firing the furnace? They are firing the furnace and raising the temperature enormously. They are doing you a favor my children. Because you are being forged upon the crucible of time and space by those erring children. Those erring children are helping you to become a universe value. They are helping you to become a bar of pure gold.

So, take heart my children. These things that you are experiencing are temporary. Don’t give into the vagaries of your erring brethren. Do not respond in kind. View them as the Eternal Father views them. Love them. Love them as the Eternal Father loves them. For didn’t you know that you are all forging your own bars of pure gold? How do you not know that your mild temperament and calm demeanor is not resulting in a change? Why this may result in a change where your brethren will also become a universe value.


This is the voice of the Father crying out. Continue becoming a true value, a universe value. I take my leave until another time.