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Topic: Light

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Hello my friends! I greet you this evening with joy. This is Monmacion, a Melchizedek assigned to the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

Your questions this evening pertaining to presence and purpose, and liaisons with other personalities are very appropriate for us to consider together as it entails your life purposes unfolding in this material realm in your native world of Urantia.


We are gathered, a large corps of my brothers as you can well imagine, each of us have our own life courses. Each of us is assigned to various projects, and my project is the Magisterial Mission. This entails the integration of the personal and the social realms of this world addressing these questions as they arise in the course of unfolding this sweeping change that is now reconfiguring the face of your planet, and deeper still, the very core¹ is shifting that results in a profound repercussion upon the ground that you rely upon for stability. My intent and my objective is to assist in stabilizing those personalities who would advance this Magisterial Mission, and who identify with its work, to assist in understanding your position and place in the family of our Father gathered here, organized for the purpose of transformation.

Yes, my brother you have named Melchior, and there are still others you would do well to explore, developing your personal connection with these, working in your mind with you in your thought as you write in this case, your proposals for counseling in the theme and the context of love. Obviously, we would be interested in supporting such endeavors, and this has a place clearly in changing your world as you have witnessed in your workplace, as you have seen this practice of using love for its higher purpose to heal the hearts of those engaged in the labor of love that you share in your work.

I will not presume to discourse on the theme of your writing, but there are many personalities you would do well to connect with, who are assistants to those trying, aspiring to give expression to the greater wisdom and knowledge of our cosmic family in any avenue of expression. Whether it be writing, music, visual art, entertainment - you could very well look at the entire spectrum of human expression, and there are those who work specifically with each of these bandwidths. I would encourage you to attune yourself to the assistance of Celestial Artisans in addition to Melchizedek siblings who would be more than happy to assist.

The greater objective of all human labor is the generation of light. It has been said that your world will some day witness its source of light, your local source, your solar source; witness it vanishing. Of course, this is a distant event anticipated, but it is one recognized that within the framework of your evolving purpose, you will have become a source of a higher form of light by such a time, and it is the generation of this light that is the power of the universe we would unleash upon Urantia in this time. And, as I have mentioned in previous sessions, your circuitries of mind, soul, and spirit, enjoined in the context of your friendship is this principle source of generating additional light. The more you gather, the greater the density and brilliance of this light.

Each of you alone are lights even unto yourselves for you are indwelt by the Source of all light, but it is the purpose of this unfolding phase of evolution upon this world, in a critical moment of transition, to lay hold upon the liberating influence of this light as you gather in common cause to extend this light, and it may take many forms. It could take the form of writing, yes, it can, however, the critical need upon Urantia is for the human beings who have so long been isolated by the reliance upon purely personal expression, to begin to realize the opportunities in the collaborative co-creative work together as humans enjoined in the cause of doing the will of our Father, sharing this light of your own human discovery with the illuminating influence of your Thought Adjusters magnified even more by the many personalities associated with you in your journeys. This leads to the type of action upon your realm as a catalyst for change inspiring still further change.

Behold your siblings throughout the world who are perhaps pressed upon and concerned, and a bit frightened, but are beginning to discover through this rather rigorous passage of change the importance of relying on each other, learning that human beings are all children of God each and every one, cherished as a unique irreplaceable treasure. This in and of itself is what needs to be learned throughout your world, awakening now as one in the face of a great challenge, a material challenge for you to surmount, the challenge of adjusting to this historic turn from darkness to light. It is one that requires the support and assistance of as many as can be assembled here, and you know well Michael has made an abundant provision reaching throughout the cosmos for support, for counsel, for insight. You are the recipients of precisely the kind of interdependent working relations that you are manifesting gradually upon your realm, and in recent time this manifestation has quickened, and it will quicken further still, and your world will truly be changed.

You may not recognize yourselves even, from one phase of your life to another. Looking in the mirror, you see a resemblance to your former self, but you have changed, and so will this planet. It will not be recognizable to a large extent, but those who see its heart will know this world for what it truly is, this jewel in the crown of Michael, this world of his terminal bestowal that appealed to him because of its need, as a dramatic opportunity to manifest the collective wisdom and intelligence of the family of God, beings high and low joined in this common cause.

My friends, your cause is simple, it is to do the will of the Father, with each breath drawing in the light, and with every exchange extending it further. Do not be distracted by the material requirements that you necessarily bear to make a living. These are understood, but it is the liberation of your minds from these material burdens to take up the task of walking with the Master in your life, in this moment, as you are.

His call has gone out to as many as would hear it, and many are replying. Allow yourself to enter that closeness with the Master, such closeness as was enjoyed by his Apostles and even those further still who demonstrated this unspeakable desire of the heart to simply be with him in this challenging moment upon your world.


I will bid you farewell this evening and look forward to joining you in ways that you can’t imagine in this moment.

Goodnight my friends.


1. 2011-03-16-Monmacion