2011-03-13-Focusing the Circuit of Mercy

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Topic: The Energy Circuit of MERCY

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father we thank you for this time together with my brothers and sisters so that we may receive the presence of our Magisterial Son. We ask to be knit together as one focusing unit connecting our hearts and our minds together. We open ourselves to receive his presence and that of his staff and his ministers through your grace and through your will.

MONJORONSON: Greetings my brethren. This is Monjoronson addressing you now.


There are many events transpiring on Urantia that are part and parcel of the changes that are now well underway. Today as we continue to focus MERCY on your world, I invite you keep your hearts focused on the changes you wish to see occur upon this planet.

Within your hearts are many desires; these desires represent the seed potential that your Adjusters have carried within themselves and brought into your consciousness. And as we have shared with you before, this is the time of the heart opening on Urantia. We encourage you to truly tap into these seed desires, these desires for peace, for harmony, for equality, for cooperation amongst the genders and races. These are the seeds planted within you, and it is through your truly desiring these to unfold upon the planet that your Adjusters will use to help you embody these actual attributes of the Father in Paradise. Doubt not that you have the potential for this. Trust in the goodness of God and his laws and ways of manifestation on the earth plane for this to ensue.

Today we will focus on the areas of Japan, China and the Middle East, in conjunction with the halls of governance in your own country. So as you focus in your hearts now, as you settle into them, allow the energies of your hearts to move these desires up to the forefront and we will augment them and direct them as we focus on these areas. So take a few moments to tap into this place within you and we will move in you and prepare you for focusing of the MERCY circuits. *(Pause)


We are ready to begin. In your mind’s eye envision the isles of Japan. Send your heart energies to the entire region. It matters not if you focus directly on where the earthquake occurred, for this affects the entire country. Focus here for the next few moments. Feel your compassion for your eastern brethren and allow the MERCY to flow from your hearts into the energy circuits we are creating through your efforts. (Pause)

There are many celestial helpers in attendance in this region helping many individuals to climb out of the rubble of devastation. This quaking of the earth represents the opening of the heart foundation to help people interrelate with one another through the Spirit of cooperation, compassion, altruism. These are life-altering times for thousands of individuals and even though they have destruction in their lives, the altering can be for the good as more MERCY is inserted in this arena. (Pause)

I thank you for your attention here and now we will move over to the region of China and send the loving energies of MERCY to this country as well. The hearts of the individuals in this large geographic domain are being opened and there is much greatness that can come from this region provided it is aligned in the Will of the Father. Open your hearts to this region and allow the energies of your love to gain more headway into this MERCY circuit as we see where this can do the most good. They too have had many natural disasters and need your love to help their hearts feel the undergirding of spiritual stability. (Pause)

Thank you. Let us now shift focus to the region of the Middle East. As you are well aware this region is undergoing a massive and somewhat radical change. It will affect you in the coming weeks and months. As you focus your MERCY in this region, feel your compassion for your brothers and sisters who have lived under many rigid and harsh laws of oppression. Join with them in their heart energy for the ways of freedom and equality and fairness to overturn what have been very ingrained tribal and cultural traditions. (Pause)

Thank you. And we will now shift focus over to the United States. Let the MERCY circuits enfold the entire country. Feel your desire for this language to infiltrate all halls of governance. Feel your desire for this focused MERCY over the entire country and we will seed it in the areas where it will be most effective.

  • (Pause)

Many of your fellow compatriots are in for big shocks in their lives, therefore it is imperative that you use your time wisely during the day and focus within to make contact with your Adjusters. For whether you receive conscious communication from your Adjuster or not, the mere turning inward to seek Spirit is what will keep you firmly established and grounded in a certain degree of peace and confidence as many things crumble around you. Fear not these times of change and seeming instability, for what will replace this will be of a higher degree of awareness of the ways and laws of Spirit. Instead, rejoice and give thanks to the Father in Paradise for his ways beginning to truly reform your planetary culture. Thank Michael and Nebadonia for their support of you during this time.

Some of you may feel certain shifts of energy in your physical being as these changes occur. This is normal and to be expected. Ensure that you spend quality time in stillness each day to equip you adequately to be the bearers of peace and comfort to your brothers and sisters. We help you to learn to shift your awareness to your hearts so that you may be better conduits of these stabilizing energies towards your brothers and sisters who still are tentative about seeking the Spirit and being able to open their hearts.

Now extend the MERCY circuits to engulf the planet as a whole, and envision the hands of Michael and Mother embracing this world. Spend a few moments here and we will continue to add our efforts to yours. (Pause)

Citizens of Urantia, be proud of the focusing efforts you make as they are creating certain waves of change in your planet. Embolden yourselves to go deeper into your hearts. You may feel more support and sustenance from your indwelling Father Fragment and your Divine Parents. There is such a contingency of celestial support aimed at you now. We would encourage you to make as full use of this as you can during your days.


I will leave you now and again ask you to focus on these various regions throughout the week and into next before our next time together in this manner. Your may call upon me at any time for more personal guidance and direction and on any of my staff. We thank you for your love and care for your world and for your brothers and sisters. Know that many wonderful changes are occurring on this beautiful world so near and dear to Michael’s heart. I leave you in the Father’s peace and love. Good afternoon.