2011-03-27-Before the Dawn

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Topic: Before the Dawn

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Paul Conklin



My dear brother and friend this is Monjoronson. I am so happy that you have made this connection. It is through your efforts and through your intent that this has become possible. You should also be aware that your Beloved Thought Adjuster has also been instrumental in helping this transmission to take place.


Today I would like to speak with you about the light that stands at the ready. Just before dawn that light stands at the ready. When you walk outside at the hour before dawn you are not aware that the light is shortly to arise. Suppose that you had no clock to alert you of the coming dawn. You would have no instrument that would alert you to its coming arrival. You stand outside in the pitch black wondering if the sun shall ever arise again. You stand there and you shiver in the cold, the cold that seems to increase in that hour right before dawn.

Will the sun ever arise? Will you be there to witness that dawn for yourself? Will your suffering ever end? Will the suffering of your brethren ever end? Then you see it. You see the first rays of dawn. At first these rays are almost undetectable. You strain to see. Is that really the first light of the day? “This can’t be,” you say. My eyes must be playing tricks on me. You have been immersed in the darkness so long that when you detect the first light of the day you are unable to believe it.

Then you look around you. You couldn’t see the details that surrounded you previously. You did not know that you were in a park surrounded by tall trees. You did not know that there were flowers of differing sizes and shapes encircling these tall trees. You did not know that there were pines and poplars and sycamores and oak trees as far as the eye could see.

My brethren you are receiving the light that arises just before the dawn. This light illuminates your paths as you walk in the pitch dark. You no longer stumble because you see clearly now. You see all the beauty that surrounds you. You thought that the universe was a frightening place. You thought that the universe was an unfriendly place. But when the sun arises, when the first rays of dawn meets your eyes you realize, for the first time, that you can see. You see that the light has revealed something that you were unaware of. You were unaware that this universe is a friendly universe filled with unconditional love.

The light that comes to you just before the dawn has opened your eyes. Everywhere you look you see beauty. You are no longer filled with fear. You are no longer filled with dread. You are no longer filled with anguish. You are no longer filled with hatred. You are now filled with the unconditional love of a friendly universe.

Have you ever considered this my friends? Now that the sun has arisen for you and you have received the light that comes before the dawn, what will you do with that light? Your brethren continue to stumble in the darkness. There is no one to light the way for them. They still live in fear and anguish, dread and hatred. Will you be the light that arises before the dawn? Will you be the sun that arises so that they will be able to see all of their surroundings?

My dear brethren you are the sun that arises right before the dawn. You are the light that shows the way for your suffering brethren. They do not have to wait before the sun arises, because you are the light that arises before the dawn. You are the Edenic park filled with trees of all sorts. You are the flowers to be found everywhere. You are the beauty that they search for in the approaching dawn.

For this I tell you my brethren do not underestimate your power or your beauty. Do not underestimate your abilities. Because flowing from you is a light brighter than the brightest sun. You have attained this brightness because you looked for that light. You have attained that brightness because you have wept for your suffering brethren. How often you have been down on your knees weeping for your brethren. Your brethren, alone and isolated, stumbling in the dark.


You are all the lights that arise before the dawn. And when the sun arises your brethren will not notice it. They will not notice the sun that arises because your light has blinded even the sun. Light the way. Illuminate their paths. There is a dawning awareness in your hearts and in your hearts the sun arises. When your brethren stand outside in the cold and dark expanses be the light that arises before dawn. Show them the way. Show them the way of love. Show them the way of peace. Show them the way of mercy. My dear brethren I bid you my peace and my mercy on this day.