2011-03-28-The Enduring Way

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Topic: The Enduring Way

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Paul Conklin



My dear child this is your Father Michael. Today I would like to speak with you about the enduring way.


On the earth there are many ways, many paths, that people walk upon. All of your brethren muddle through in one way or another. They choose that path that seems the most reasonable. They choose a path that seems the easiest. But I tell you my child that the enduring way is fraught with the pitfalls and the ravines which are thrown into your path.


“Why,” you ask? It all started many, many eons ago. The Father of us all purposed that all of His children would become perfect. There were already trillions of creatures created in perfection, now there would be trillions of creatures created in imperfection, in immaturity. But to move children forward, children of mortality, what would you need? Well, to move the children of mortality forward you need some sort of opposing force that will work on it. If one’s life were to be a life of leisure and recreation there would be no opposing force that would engender a change. But if there was a life that was reasonably difficult and challenging there would be growth. You see my children growth will come about when these opposing forces are working upon you. But if there are no opposing forces there will be stagnation, no growth.

Look at my life as it was lived on Urantia. I did not live a life of luxury or a life of ease. I had to experience the difficulties and the pitfalls of an existence as a mortal human. For if I were not to experience those things, how would I have grown? One episode in particular comes back to me. When I found out that my father Joseph was killed in a construction accident. That event was so unexpected and so brutal. I did not know beforehand that this would occur. My mother was heartbroken and inconsolable. Here I was just about fourteen years of age and I was pressed to take on the role of father and provider for my household. This experience really did prepare me for the episodes of anguish and sorrow that were to come.

All of you have had to experience certain tragic episodes that have knocked the wind out of you. Something happened that was totally unexpected. Something that you were not prepared for. When this event happened to you your whole world changed. You may have chosen a different way. You may have chosen a different path. But this is the path that life handed you. Now that life handed to you this way, this path, what would you do? Would you stay forever stuck in grief and anguish? Would you withdraw from life? Would you stop living?

Consider this my children, the most tragic episodes of your life can result in the greatest amount of growth. These tragic episodes takes you out of your comfort zones. You start to look at the world in an entirely different way. You see things that you had never seen before. You begin to see that what you had suffered was by no means unique. All around you your brethren are suffering. Every day about one hundred fifty thousand people die. Death is such a common event on Urantia. But when it happens to you personally, when you lose a loved one in death, it is like it is the first time that it ever happened.


But what if these opposing forces never occurred? What if you never experienced anything like this at all? It would be doubtful that you would grow. These life experiences, these heartaches, these tragedies are building in you indestructible materials. These materials are not earthly materials, they are materials of the spirit, so to speak. Because there is something about these experiences that can result in growth. When you have to watch a loved one die you become sympathetic to the sufferings of your brethren. Then you look outside of yourself and you see the world in a completely different way. You see the world through the eyes of mercy, love and compassion. When you see the world in front of you, you weep for her. You want to dry the eyes of the suffering world because you know how it feels. You have suffered a crushing loss and now you feel something growing. That something is a feeling that is a little subtle at first until it becomes in you a blazing fire. In your heart of hearts you begin to feel a love for mankind that you have never felt before. Now when you look at the world you weep for it because they are a part of you, and you are a part of them.

The enduring way is not easy. The enduring way is hard. The enduring way is leading you to the Eternal Father. Each step, each footfall, each stumble along the way is tucked safely within the memory of the Infinite One. Because in those memories are the recordings of a precious child that has walked the path. In those memories are the recordings of a precious child that has walked the enduring way. What has that enduring way produced?

Eons ago before you were even a thought our Eternal Father wanted to produce trillions of beings that would start out in immaturity and imperfection. Somewhere along the way these mortal children would find the enduring path, the enduring way. You my children have begun to walk on this path on the enduring way. You will not find this path outside in a beautiful park or even on the most Paradisaical surroundings. Because the path that you seek, the enduring way, the enduring path is to be found on the inside of your hearts. It is there on the inside of your hearts where the very originator of this path, this enduring way awaits. He awaits your response.


He tells you, “I am the enduring way, follow me and I shall carry you home.” That enduring way, that enduring path is not a well worn path that you follow to get you home. The enduring way is a living being, a piece of the Eternal Father that guides you home. Whatever life has to offer you the enduring way is there for you. For love has come to guide you through the pitfalls and through the ravines that block your path. Let love guide you on the enduring way and He shall carry you home. A mighty and perfected spirit being was crafted on a finite world of doubts and insecurities, grief and anguish. These opposing forces caused you to grow. These opposing forces got you on your way. You found yourselves on the enduring way and now there is no turning back. My children stay on the enduring way and you will grow mighty and strong. Be in my peace.