2011-04-18-The Trust of a Child

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Topic: The Trust of a Child

Group: At Large


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Paul Conklin



My dear child this is your mother Nebadonia. I am the divine feminine. I know that you feel it when you take messages from me. You can recognize the difference between your Father and I. We have differing energy signatures, if you will. We have distinct personalities. These distinct personalities complement one another. We work so well together. We blend so perfectly. We trust one another implicitly.



That is the subject of tonight’s lesson. Being on a planet such as yours calls for a great deal of trust. You are unable to see the spirit realm. You are unable to hear my voice in a way that makes sense to you. But you are sensing my vibrations. These vibrations you translate into the words of the English language. You see my child, you must of necessity see in a different way. You must see with the eyes of the spirit.

Imagine that you get a pair of glasses from your local optometrist. Your vision needs an upgrading. So the optometrist tweaks your eyeglass prescription so that your vision will grow sharper. As you age the muscles of your eyes weaken thus also necessitating reading glasses. Those of you that have been wearing glasses or contacts all of your lives now have to contend with the vagaries of aging as it concerns your eyes.

If your physical vision needs periodic upgrading, so does your spiritual vision need periodic upgrading. You may well have studied exhaustively for decades concerning all things spiritual, but you occasionally run low. You must of necessity refill your empty tank. There are so many things that cause your spiritual tank to run low. Not the least of which is the fact that you are unable to see all the things that are being related to you. Yes, you believe that when you die you shall go on to the mansion worlds. Yes, you believe that you will receive a new body, a morontia soul. Yes, you believe that you are being guided by a fragment of the Eternal One.

But there is often times so much drama and upset in your lives. These upsets, these dramas can cause you to lose your spiritual vision. These upsets and dramas can cause you to lose your spiritual eyesight. It is certainly one thing to believe and to trust that these things are true. It is quite another thing to continue in this belief and in this trust when you are all beset by so many troubles. How can you stay focused on all things spiritual?


Have you ever seen a little boy or girl walking in a park with its father? That little boy or girl happily holds the hand of the father. That child is excited to be holding the hand of its father. That child looks forward to the place where the father is taking that one. There is no panic from this child. This child trusts its father implicitly. That child knows that its father will lead and protect him or her.

So my children when it seems that the world is falling down around you what do you do? You may have lived with a problem that seems unsolvable for many years. Perhaps you are a shut in due to physical or mental disability. You may be facing financial difficulties or job woes. Perhaps you are going through a divorce and your family is being broken up. You may be addicted to alcohol and drugs. There are a litany of woes that the human family is facing at this time. What do you do? What do you do?

My children I don’t want to minimize the problems that you are going through. I know that these problems can be overwhelming at times. But when all seems lost remember that there is nothing in this world that can permanently harm you. There is nothing that can permanently harm you because the Father within holds your hand as you walk the paths of this life. Perhaps you won’t find an immediate solution for all of your problems. But that fragment of the Father that is holding your hand can help you to cope. That fragment of the Father can give you the wisdom to deal with any situation successfully.


So what do you do my children? You will find it imperative to go into the stillness each day. This is where you augment and refill your spiritual tank. This is where you upgrade your spiritual vision. Will you say this day that you will not eat because, after all, you have been eating for decades and I don’t need to eat today? Of course not. Every day you take in nourishment for your bodies. Will you say today I will not drink a glass of water to soothe my thirst. Why, I have been drinking water for decades and I will just skip it for today. Everyone knows that just skipping one meal will cause the hunger pangs to start. Everyone knows that going a day without water will cause you to become dehydrated.

The problem is in the perception my children. You know that you need food to eat and water to drink. These are necessities. Without these necessities the physical organism will die. I tell you my children that your spiritual intake is just as important. You can’t very well say I have been studying all things spiritual for decades so I will skip it this day and the next and so on. The intake of spiritual food and drink is even more important my children because these things are preparing you for eternity. If you neglect these things it will be difficult to deal with the vicissitudes of this life. When you are faced with insurmountable problems you will feel like giving up. But if you partake of spiritual food and drink the famines of this world will not affect you. If you partake of spiritual drink the parched ground will not leave you dehydrated.


I know that it is hard to be agondonters my children. You must believe without seeing. You must trust that your Eternal Father is guiding you. It is hard when you feel like you are blind. It is hard when you feel like you are groping blindly in the dark. You want to see these things so badly but you are not able. I am quite real my children. I live in you and you live in me as I have told you many times. But I understand that children become forgetful at times. I understand that children fall down and bruise their knees. Well, when these things happen you can run to me just as you used to run to your own mothers when you were children. When you fall down and scrape your knees I am always there for you.

When you were children did you fear the direction of your father? You felt safe and warm. You felt secure and loved. You knew that your father would protect and guide you. My children please keep your hands firmly in the palm of your Father. Trust Him implicitly. He is guiding you. He is protecting you. He loves you. Every day eat from His table. Every day drink the water of the spirit. For the things that He offers you will nourish you everlastingly. The things that He offers you will never perish. And you too children need not perish. The two of you blend so perfectly. The two of you work so well together. When the uncertainties and the problems of this life torment you show the implicit trust of a child. Your Father will not fail you. Your Father will not abandon you. Walk side by side with the Eternal One as He holds your hand. Look up at Him and He will smile back lovingly. Always have the faith and the trust of a little child. Then you will no longer be groping blindly in this uncertain world, but you will be guided by the light of the Eternal One.


My children when you feel like giving up, know that you are always in my love.