2011-05-04-Field of Higher Light

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Topic: Field of Higher Light

Group: At Large


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Paul Conklin



My dear and precious child of the mortal realm, how much I do love you. Will you promise me something child? Will you promise me that you will believe something? Do you promise to believe that I love you with a love inexpressible and that there is no way for you to remove yourself from that love? Please dear child doubt no longer. For my love for you is legendary. My love for you is unique. You have so much to offer child. You continue to be a reflection of my love on my precious Urantia.

There is indeed a field of higher light that is available to those of mankind that want to be of service to humanity. This field of higher light searches out all those that are deserving. This field of higher light searches out all those that are ready. Are you ready my child? Are you ready to love all of your brothers no matter what? I know that this is your desire. I know that this is your intent. You feel that your weaknesses get in the way of you accomplishing your goal. But I tell you child that it is your weaknesses that make you more loving and more kind because you know how it feels. You know how it feels to lose everything in your heart and soul. Despite those losses you continue to love. You continue to move forward.

Will you be the catalyst for change my child? Will you take the field of higher light into your heart and into your soul? Will you share those things with your beloved brethren? For these are the days that the prophets of old looked forward to for so long. They saw it coming child, but they had to die and move forward on the ascension journey. There is a heaven coming, a heaven on earth. And you my children are the ones that will bring this heaven to earth. The problem is that you do not believe in yourselves. I believe in you children. You have the power to do this. You have the strength to do this. You have the love in your hearts to do this.

This field of higher light will help you to up your game, so to speak. For so long you Urantians have been without this kind of help. So many of you cried out to the Father for aid. Your prayers have been heard, I can assure you children. Nothing escapes my notice. For the plaintive cries of my children always lodge themselves into my heart and they stay there eternally. Oh how I long to scoop all of you up and enfold you in my arms. For my infinite love is available to any that seek it out. For those of you that avail yourselves of it you will notice profound changes within your very being. It is like you will glow with the love of the spirit. It is like you will glow with the love of the Father.

So many eons ago the mandate went out from me to all of my children. “Be perfect as I am perfect.” That mandate has love as its underpinnings. For perfection cannot be reached save for that very foundation being laid. Without that foundation being laid the building will crumble and fall into the sea. I am teaching you all to love children. At times you may think that to love is an impossible task, but I tell you my children that anything worth aspiring for is worth the effort. Love is worth aspiring for.

You may be dealing with some of your brethren that have not reached the level of spirituality that you have reached. What should you do my children? Love them. What if they are nasty, abusive, mean and ill-tempered? Love them. What if they have done horrible things? Love them. What if they deny your existence and behave in a manner that proves their belief? Love them and then love them some more. For what good is the lesson children if you love only when things are going right? Where is the lesson in that? What are you learning if you only love when things are going well? Love has its truest expressions when it would seem that such expressions should not be shown. For when the darkness surrounds you and hate begins to encircle you, love all the more. For love is the most powerful force in the universe. Don’t you understand that my children? Please believe it. I assure you that it is so.

A beautiful love story begins when two persons meet for the first time. Their eyes meet and it happens. Love at first sight. Love that will never die. Even though you are unable to see me children when you first “see” me it is often a love at first “sight.” There are not any like either of us in this, my far flung universe. If you searched my universe high and low you would not find any two just like us. For we are unique. Our love expressions are unique. Never in all of eternity will there ever be a person like you or a person like me. We dance to the tune of the cosmos. That tune enters our hearts and our souls and we dance to the rhythms of our love. A universe watches as we dance our unique version of love. This unique version of love shall ever be imprinted on the cosmos. A permanent record of our love. A permanent etching on the cosmos.

The waves of my love are available to those that are reaching out to help humanity. I want what you want. You want what I want. We are a team. We are on the love team and we share that love freely. Do you feel my love in your heart and soul? I have found you, another unique soul with your own unique way and unique expressions of love. My advice to you my children is to love. Love a little more. Love a little more than that. Love until you cannot love any more. Then love some more. Because the more love that you give out, the more love that you will receive. My love is inexhaustible. Come to me and I will share that love with all of you. Be a conduit for all of your needy brethren for I love them too.

Float in the waves of the higher light. Find yourselves drifting upon the cosmos atop those waves of higher light. Let those waves lift you up. And by so doing incite your brethren to ride the wave with you. Let them drift upon the cosmos of infinite love. Let them ride upon the endless waves of my infinite love. I love all of you children. Will you promise me that you will believe that? Doubt no more. For my love ever lives within your hearts. Let us start our own love stories. Let those love stories be written upon the darkening skies of the cosmos. Write upon the field of higher light and ride the wave. Upon that field of higher light write your own love story. The Father of the universe and a child of the dust hand-in-hand spreading their love to a needy cosmos. Let us make it so children. So be it.


I am this one’s love story. A unique love story that shall never be repeated by another. Write your own love stories and watch as your love unfolds. Watch as your brethren catch the wave. The wave of the Father’s infinite love. I am Beloved, the dynamic and living piece of the Father that lives in this one’s heart.