2011-05-11-Cosmic Mind

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Topic: Cosmic Mind

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Paul Conklin



[Preface from the Transmitter: Dear Friends, I just received this powerful message from Monjoronson. The excitement builds as his appearance here grows ever more closer. We are the ones paving the way for his appearance. We are the ones collaborating with our celestial brethren. With fire in our hearts we will reclaim this sphere for our Eternal Father. Amen!]



My dear brother this is your friend Monjoronson. Many things have happened since we last connected. As you are well aware the Urantian mind has the influence and the direction of the seven adjutant mind spirits. These mind spirits are the spirits of intuition, knowledge, courage, counsel, understanding, wisdom and worship. As you Urantians ascend the psychic circles these adjutant mind spirits are used less and less as you avail yourselves of the cosmic mind that is available to all morontian citizens.


Of necessity, those of you that will be part of my mortal staff will need an upgrading to the morontia mind. This cosmic mind will enable you all to interact with those of us that are part of this mission. My Chief of Staff Serena has been quite vocal in wanting this reality to take place for all of you that are interested. We have been grooming some of you for many years. We know that many of you are now ready for this upgrading. I know that many of you already feel this change in your hearts and in your souls. There is a feeling of separateness. A feeling of aloneness. These feelings are quite common my brethren. There is nothing to worry about. Right now you all feel so different than the rest of your brethren. You are beginning to feel apart from your loved ones. This does not mean that you are better than they are. It just means that you are beginning the transformation from one form of mind to another form of mind. When that change occurs you will feel strange at times. This is to be expected.

All of you are about to embark on a mission that will keep you enthralled for many years. This mission has as its end point, the reclamation of Urantia. The reclamation of Urantia for our beloved Heavenly Father. As this reclamation continues moving forward you will all begin to see more of the Father’s love being poured out onto this sphere. You will all know what the will of the Paradise Father truly is. The reason that you will understand this more deeply is because of the cosmic mind that you are already beginning to receive. This cosmic mind will enable all of you mighty Urantians to be a bulwark for your fellows. You will be looked to for answers and for wisdom. You will be guided by your beloved Thought Adjusters. They are the ones that are coordinating these efforts. We are your external ministers cooperating with the internal ministry taking place inside of you.

Magisterial Mission

The time fast approaches for my arrival. When I do arrive it will be a time of great rejoicing. I know that so many of you here have stuck by me through thick and thin. You have seen this thing through and you are still here. We here on this Magisterial mission appreciate your hard work and your loyalty. We here in the Magisterial mission appreciate your undying love. It is you my beloved brethren. You are the ones that have made this happen. Through your loving intent and desires you have brought this mission forward. Your exploits will never be forgotten. Your exploits will be sung through the mouths of the angels. It is a heartening thing to see. Humble Urantians thirsty and desirous for the love of the Father to be experienced throughout your sphere. This great desire, this great fire in your hearts, does not go unnoticed. It is that fire in your hearts that is moving this mission forward. Always remember my brethren that in this universe it is all about collaboration. We of the celestial realm do not come in with trumpets blazing and sirens sounding to alert the masses. We come here with the quiet and patient dignity of the Eternal Father. He will reclaim this sphere with your efforts my brethren. With your efforts! The Father cannot do this alone. He needs your help. Of what benefit would it be to all of you if you just sat back and watched everything unfold for you? How would you grow? How would you progress? You only progress as each of you participates in your own advancement and in your own soul growth.


My dear, dear brethren there are exciting times ahead. One era is about to pass into history and another era is to be born. The era of the agondonter is about to die. That era where you humble Urantians had to believe in the Eternal Father with the faith in your hearts. Now my dear brethren, you will soon see us with your own eyes. What a blessing for you! What a blessing for us! That we will soon be working hand-in-hand with that fire in our hearts to reclaim this sphere for the Father. Do you feel the excitement growing my dear friends? I know that you do. There is something in the offing and you feel it very deeply in your hearts. I assure you my brethren that this is so.

With the acquisition of the cosmic mind there will be adjustments that will take place. You will feel less connected to this life and more connected to the next life. It does not mean that this life that you live in the flesh is any less real or less important. It is just another step forward in the ascension journey to the beloved One at the center of all things. All of these things have been created for you my brethren. All of this endless help and love has been created for you. It has been created for you to help you advance along the way. There is such a path of love awaiting all of you that you will be positively rendered speechless when you finally move on to the mansion worlds. You have not been told the half. You have not been told the quarter nor even a slight percentage of all the good things in the offing for all of you.

My dear brethren, rejoice in all of this. Now is not the time for sorrow or for grief, now is the time for unparalleled celebration and tireless joy. Now is the time to dance and sing for true freedom comes on apace. We are here my beloved brethren and I love you with a love that you cannot discern. My dear staff that accompanies me loves you beyond what you can understand. They love you all so much. You are all so dear to them. You are all like precious little brothers and sisters to them. Do you feel it my brethren? We celebrate our love for one another.


I can see it now in my mind’s eye when we eventually meet. I know that you will weep and cry out with great joy. I too will weep tears of joy when I meet my brethren in the flesh. This feeling is mutual. The long and enduring darkness is ending my brethren. It is time to hitch up our bootstraps and to be about the Father’s business. Can you feel that desire burning brightly within you? Can you envision a world where everyone on the face of this earth knows the One at the center of all things? Let us make it so my brethren. With joy in our hearts let us go forth together and make Urantia the garden spot of this lonely outpost on the fringes of Orvonton. It is time my brethren, it is time.


I bid you all a good evening.