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Topic: Message For The Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for weaving us together in this circuit of Monjoronson, to do your will, connecting us mind to mind, heart to heart, Adjuster to Adjuster, soul to soul. We thank you for all the helpers who are here to assist our efforts today. We’re so happy to be of service to you and to our brothers and sisters in our world. We are ready to receive the word of our Magisterial Son to direct our energies where he guides us today in devoted service. Thank you.



MONJORONSON: Greetings to all of you, my dear brethren. This is Monjoronson, and I welcome you to our forum of transformational energies directed to the world and its inhabitants. You are part of this growing matrix of light that is pressing heavily now upon the hearts of all Urantians. Soon, there will seem to be a bursting forth of the heart energies. That which has been suppressed within the human mind will seem to suddenly emerge in consciousness: the desire for peace, the tendency toward goodness, the affinity for truth, and the desire for love. Long has your Father Michael planned for this time of the awakening of the hearts upon Urantia. Today we are here to infuse more energy and impetus into this growing planetary heart energy.

We have been laboring to build the MERCY circuitry around the planet. and it is being held steadfast in the hand of Michael—in the womb of Nebadonia. Today, I invite you to focus on this heart energy that is imprinting upon the world. This is a time of great joy as we watch the myriad individuals in all cultures, all races, all life pursuits lay down those weapons of mass destruction that have corrupted your planetary mind, to turn within to the way of the heart.


Today, simply focus on your heart. Focus into your heart center. Allow the word LOVE to radiate within. As you focus on your heart center and the word LOVE, let it resonate deeply within your being. We will do this for a few moments before we project this outwardly into a greater energy form of the heart energies of Urantia. Focus now, and we will add what we can share with you into you. (Pause)

The HEART-MIND is growing on Urantia. It is an internal pressure to be more aligned in the will of the Father. Some people will feel a gentle pressure being applied within and will begin to open the door and explore the realm of curiosity and spiritual hunger. Others may feel an intense pressure, and when their hearts open it will seem almost to be explosive, turning their internal world upside down for a time while they reorient themselves into the greater reality of Michael’s love for the universe that we all share together.

I ask you now to focus your heart energies outwardly. In your mind’s eye, envision the globe in front of you. Allow the words HEART-MIND to encircle the globe. As you visualize this, project your love from the heart into this image in your mind’s eye, feeling your desire for the HEART-MIND of Urantia to receive the love it needs to fully blossom. Take your time as you do this. Reorient your focus, if your mind wanders, onto this image and we will move in you and expand these circuits.

The quality of HEART-MINDEDNESS is the transformational energy required for each individual to awaken and to turn within to the presence of their indwelling Father fragment. Feel your desire for this quality of HEART-MINDEDNESS and be grateful. (Pause)

The codes of fear that have been on the planet, holding the planetary heart system in check are being dismantled. From this dismantling, human heart energies in the collective world will be freer to express themselves, coming together in a powerful energy that is in alignment with the will of the Father, creating that dynamic period that you were told about in your Urantia text: the Spiritual Renaissance. What a glorious time to be alive, my brethren!


When I walk with you in the flesh, it will not be as a Paradise son, it will be as a brother. Yes, I will have my Paradise personality with me and I will bring it to this world, but my relationship with you is that of a brother-an equal partnership. We are collaborating together in unity and oneness to transform this world. I say this to you because the human tendency to be in awe of divine personalities tends to put up somewhat of a hierarchical barrier. We are here to share in love, devotion to the Father’s will and the joy of being family. Allow me to share with you—this brotherly energy—so you will know and feel me when I am with you. (Pause)

With the MIND OF THE HEART, there is no jockeying for position, that hierarchical ladder of social structure that is so rampant on your planet. It does not exist in the MIND OF THE HEART. Everyone is loved equally. Everyone has many gifts of personality to share with one another. In coming to you today, I share this with you in that you may let go of any of those threads that may still operating in you in that part of your conscious being that prevents you from being more fully heart-centered. It is time for Urantia to know that ONENESS, that EVENNESS, that EQUALITY, that FAIRNESS; this is the way of the HEART. Continue to project, feel the love from your heart into the world. Allow the MIND OF THE HEART to become more fully impressed on all the inhabitants—all creation—on this beautiful world. (Pause)

HEART-MINDEDNESS--feel your desire for this to embrace the world. We impress these energies more deeply here. Keep in mind that one of the responsibilities of being a cosmic citizen is to respond to this energy of HEART-MINDEDNESS. The more you desire this to embrace the world, the greater will you receive this quality of mindedness, liberating your heart, bringing you closer to Michael’s peace, opening new pathways within your being, receiving love from your Paradise Father entrusted within your betrothed Adjuster.

In the coming weeks, we will be directing your thoughts and energies toward building this HEART-MIND on the planet. We have encouraged you in the past, and we ask you to focus on this during your stillness time, each and every day. This serves to also expand your own heart energies as well as to increasingly expand the planet’s capacity for this to become a dominant way of living and experience.


I will leave you now. On behalf of the vast array of the heavenly hosts here serving you today, we are most grateful for your faith, for your dedication, for your love, all the ways that you serve. Your brothers and sisters of this world may not see the good that you do, but we do. We appreciate your efforts and we are glad to minister to you whenever you call on us.

Live each day joyfully and gratefully for what is now being brought to Urantia, being built by your efforts and those of other like-hearted individuals. I leave you in our Father’s love, and I bid you a most joyful, spiritually-fragrant good day.