2011-07-11-Machiventa (insists!:-)

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Topic: Assurance

Group: At Large


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Steffani Murray



This is Machiventa,


You may rest assured that I will in good faith complete all that Christ Michael has entrusted to my care in due time.

Mortals may have minor or greater misunderstandings regarding the nature and purpose of the Missions of the Divine Sons to Urantia, and throughout the universes, but you may confidently trust that our Father's Will is always for your highest good!

The circumstances, I have reassured this one, are currently being seen to and well covered by loyal helpers of the Paradise Father, Who is always aware of each of your inner and outer conditions. He loves each of you with a love that far exceeds your present ability to comprehend. He knows what is truly in your best interests.

The perfect harmony which extends out into the universes from the Paradise Father through His Creator Sons is seamlessly co-ordinated. The missions of all of His Sons are part of His Plan. We all defer to the Father's Will as to the best method of proceeding with any endeavor. The role of the Divine Beings assigned to see to your planetary and personal well-being will eventually become clear to you. There is a time and season for all things, and yes, a planetary adjudication is "at hand"!

For now I encourage you to trust and have confidence that the future of Urantia is safely in the watchcare of Father's loyal Sons, who are and will continue to endeavor correcting every mistake made by the previous defaulting administrations, those who erred from the path of righteousness, and every effort has been, and is being made to ensure that the path of ascension to the Father remains an opportunity that every mortal may choose. The sincere decision to be godlike, Spirit taught and Spirit, led is ever the path to your future morontia and spirit destinies. This will be a far happier destiny than the experiences too many of you have had thus far upon Urantia. And yes, your pasts do color how you see present realities.

The way to life eternal has been put in place by your Creator Son, my and your Father/Brother, who has enjoined you as mortals, where you are and as you are, to "follow him". This is as true now as always. The Father's desire is that none of His children perish and all be saved, but it is up to you to make the Supreme decision in order to seal that choice in the annals of Nebadon history.