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Topic: Connectedness

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Inner Voice, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Let us get into the same circle, get on the same page, form this energy unit between and among us by virtue of our intention to do so. Our very desire to do so makes it so, plugs us in, makes us into a greater connection. I'd like each one of us to move into that space that allows room, a place for us to interact with spirit and bring that aspect to this circuit that we are forming together and put our common intention, to put our antennae out to the universe and hear what we might hear as regards our concerns, our issues, our lives. Exercise our trust in this process, bring our faith to bear and then with expectation of this universe principle we move forward to activate it. Thank you all for joining in this co-creative process at this time. Let us now invite the universe to weave our intentions with theirs and to bring to us words to uplift, words to inspire. Thank you, let it be so.



Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings this evening, I will pick up the offer and address this group, I am Monjoronson. It is not routinely my custom to access this forum but I have been made aware of the concern of something impending and therefore am drawn near to make myself part of this circuit, to bring my contribution to this energy field in an attempt to enlighten. It is very true that you all may begin to feel a real sense of something impending and why do you suppose that is? That is because something is impending and you are connected to it. You are a part of the whole. You are a fragment of all that is, a direct chip off the Divine block and so of course you have a certain sense of being part of this gigantic whole and as such, you will feel as the energy shifts in the circuit and you will notice this change.


Now, when energy shifts and changes, it can cause one to recoil and retract from the change because of the fear of the difference that you experience in this frequency and that of course is the choice you have by virtue of your free will as a mortal of the realm. There is also an alternate choice to be made when one discerns a pattern of shift, an energy fluctuation in the grid of your consciousness and awareness. It is also possible for you to utilize that and to move with that energy shift and to allow change to permeate your reality without bringing the element of fear and uncertainty into the equation.

If you can master this ability to access this higher choice of working with the energy that is coming your way, that is flowing through this circuit, then you are in a unique position to channel this energy, to direct it, to use your own being as a fulcrum and in so doing, to manifest these energy changes into your world in a manner which promotes a process which eases the strain, which actually provides lubrication to the action of change. So I applaud those of you who are feeling change in the wind and registering within your own being that there comes a great opportunity before you. A great chance will arrive, and if you are secure in your spiritual position, then you become able to function from that place of security and not be thrown off balance and away from your higher self.

Magisterial Mission

I come before you with this message today because simply, I will come to be known as the symbol of such great change because of my proximity to it. As such, it is my mission to coach you and all of mankind through this period of transition. That is all it is, transition, change, difference that will be felt and noticed by all. Some people will see any difference as bad or somehow harming and they will choose to resist and recoil and not go along. Others will have had this sense of early warning and be able to ride the wave and take advantage of the energies to facilitate great change.


You here today are among those who have felt within yourselves this stirring and are the ones who will be prepared when the wave of change happens. The best thing that you can do for your brethren is to inform them that all will be well. Changes are for the good, they are happening by divine decree. We should maintain our assurance in our divine watch care and allow that all that transpires before us and around us is but a manifestation of divine will in process as we are in process. So among the many things that I have to attend to in assuming certain responsibilities regarding these changes, my primary concern is to alleviate fear wherever possible and provide peace and comfort wherever possible.

Remember, any change that you can imagine, the worst possible thing you could fear, all these things exist only out there on the outside of you. They are not in your inner citadel, your inner self. Your inner self is quite safe and secure. It will survive continuously, repeatedly, numerous transitions. So your very essence and all that you are is quite safe. Any change that happens out there will be a change external in your environment, so make every attempt to keep your perspective about this and represent this truth to your brethren. Let them see that you know you are safe and secure as an eternal soul nurtured by your Divine Parents. Let them see that you have this awareness that these changes are a manifestation toward the good, an evolution toward the perfect and embrace these as they come. Use the energy to leverage transformation around you and you will not only survive, but you will thrive during these times of great possibility.

So be it, it is so. I thank you for the opportunity to address you at this time. I understand this forum is open for others as well.

Human Condition

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening my friends, this is an Inner Voice here today to speak today about the common spiritual denominator. In reference to this, we need to look at what a common human denominator is, what denominates commonness between men and we find that all men have to nourish their bodies. Humans have to engage in interaction in relationships, in work, in finding peace and security in which to live and raise their families. These things are common to all humans no matter your gender, your nationality, or your genetic predisposition.

Inner Life

Of course men minds tend to differentiate uncommonness in humans, some humans thinking that they are more important or more needed than other humans. This may or may not be the case. What is common in the human spiritual dimension is mans relationship with his Indwelt Adjuster. This is for the most part, a purely internal and personal affair. Whether a human is actively pursuing a relationship with the higher self or not, all men on some level are in touch with a greater nature within themselves, a nature which seeks to bring peace, love, connectedness, unity, and value to the forefront of human endeavor. In this sense, it makes no difference what is transpiring externally. When the human relationship with the Indwelt Adjuster is defined and secure, all external ramifications can be dealt with and negotiated.

It matters not whether Michael comes back to the planet next week, if the Paradise Trinity Son materializes on the planet, whether Adam and Eve reappear, whether something not as positive happens; these things will be dealt with by humans of course but the internal spiritual nature, the balance in the relationship between the human and the Adjuster is a constant. It is something which is ongoing no matter what is going on externally. External conditions do bear upon the human spirit. They bear upon fear associations within the mind, they bear upon the nerves energy system within the human body, the stress levels. They may bear upon certain human conditions, they may bear upon your financial well being, your peace of mind, your external [peace].

But no matter what conditions come to bear upon the human spirit, it is important to stand in solidarity with the Indwelt Spirit. In this way humans are better able to make wise decisions, better able to approach the tasks at hand, and better able to navigate a safe passage for all humans. Obviously I am speaking of an ideal here. This is not something that can strictly be negotiated in the spiritual human sense because this personal and inner relationship must be negotiated in an external manner, in a manner in which you can work with your brothers and sisters helping them see what is important and find a way to move forward in which everyone benefits.


In this sense, no one person is special to God. People have different tasks, they have varying abilities and spirit takes this into account and uses everything that an individual possesses to better help that individual understand who they are and to move forward peacefully in a greater sense. The social movement on your planet is still in a not-yet mature stage where most humans are operating on the same page from the same perspective. In time it is necessary for this to shift. You know as humans, that great tragedy plays an important part in consolidating human endeavor, in bringing people together in the same moment to a decisive action.

It is unfortunate that it takes tragedy to bring this about and I am not saying that there will be tragedy to bring this about. When more humans become aware of their inner spiritual nature, that inner balance which defines purpose, value, meaning, connectedness, will men, all men begin to enjoy a greater quality of life no matter what happens. Even if the Master of the Universe, Christ Michael, appeared on the planet next week, his presence would not shift or eradicate anything. It may cause more confusion than not but men would still have to come to terms of peace and they would have to come to terms with the inner guidance and inner work necessary to bring all men to a greater understanding of life's meaning and purpose.


Do to take an expectation, a feeling of something greater impending, about to happen, use this feeling, this sense as a motivational device to align your inner life on a more intricate level with reality, with becoming more real. It has been said that the more real man is, the closer he is to God. In a certain sense this is true. The greater the recognition of divinity within the human mind, the more real man becomes because man is following God's lead in making decisions, in taking advantage of the correct choices to improve the quality of a personal life and a greater life on the planet.

I don't have to tell you that you are entering upon times of great change. You can look around you and see that this is so. You can see this on a personal level, on a community level, a national and global level. You can feel that something is impending. Man always wants to have something greater than himself materialize and make things better for everyone. A lot of religions have this concept of a 'messiah', it guarantees a non responsibility on the part of the participant. On a practical level, it is those conscious of a greater spiritual responsibility who have contributed to the advance of culture and society on this planet and at some point you may have to accept that this is how mankind moves forward. It is not from an external wind or shift that creates the inner change. It is from a personal consciousness of relationship with the divinity within man which helps bring about this change and this awareness. In this sense, all goodness is impending.

I thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you today. I will step aside and continue to open this forum to any who may chance to speak to you. Again, thank you.


Charles: [Mark] Hello folks, I am Charles and I am keenly interested in providing interested individuals with some useful direction as to how to apply their intention in this ongoing process before us. You have a phrase among you, quite common, that it is good to 'go with the flow.' I will utilize this phrase for this exercise that I am going to suggest for those interested in furthering their spiritual skills. It would be useful for each one of you to internally ponder the question and truly consider how you see yourselves in relationship to this idea of 'going with the flow'.

Consider whether you would be willing to let go and forsake things which you come to understand which no longer work or are no longer necessary. Will you be willing to divest yourself of energies that you have invested in areas which may no longer be useful and serviceable? Likewise, what is your degree of willingness to look for another way, a different way, a better way and to go in that direction with confidence and with peace? Truly that is going with the flow, to notice around you that some things will crash and will come apart by virtue of the energy to sustain them withering and being withdrawn in favor of a new and different direction, a new and different energy.

The ability to be aware that this is the ongoing process before you enables you to step in and offer your contribution to augment the energies that are in flux and to direct and pursue certain avenues that you would see. If you come upon a circumstance or situation immediately before you in this great time of change, you will be required to make an assessment. Is this a good thing, it this a true thing, is this a sustainable thing? If you determine that it is not, then it will be incumbent upon you to look for an alternate way, a better way, a way more in the direction that you perceive to be right or perfect.


If each time you avail yourself of this opportunity to forsake what does not work and is not compatible with the new sense of self and the new energies present and move in a direction that you perceive to be more in line with how you envision it in a more perfect state, then these times of change can be miraculous opportunities before you because the energy will be there. What is going to be required is the energy from your end, the energy to take this divine energy and pattern which is available to you and choose it, manifest it, bring it into your experiences immediately before you.

If you do this regularly each and every time, then you will preside over such magnificent change that you will register on a profoundly deep level that you have been in no small part, the facilitator of this change. You were in place, you were ready, you were aware of this flux and this change. So will you go with the flow? Will you have that sense of purpose, that spiritual compass to allow you to move from one state of being to another by virtue of many many choices that come before you every day. I am certain you will, I am certain you can but I offer you this exercise to carefully consider where you stand when you see some aspect of your culture or your world decline. You may notice that there is a resistance, a fear of loss, but I encourage you to allow your higher self rather than to focus on this change and loss and disturbance, to rather be inspired to look for and even create what is better, what is good, what is true, and what is beautiful. You can do this, you will do this, you do do this even now. It will be a great opportunity before you to practice these skills and to master the use of this principle in action.

I t is my pleasure to bring you an exercise, something you can actually do in advance to prepare. To those who have ears, let them hear. To those who have intention, let them apply it. Thank you for this opportunity to make a contribution to this forum. It has been my pleasure and privilege. I withdraw, farewell.


LIght: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, this is Light. I am glad to have the opportunity to be amongst you this evening to add a few more words to what has just been said. What I am referring to is your ability to differentiate between what you need and what you want, to examine how both these aspects of will and choice are manifesting in a spiritual sense. Are you able to differentiate between need and want? Sometimes it is necessary to define what you need to determine who you really are. A lot of people prefer to see what they want as who they are and quite frankly, a lot of times what you want is not necessary to enhance your spiritual nature.

Your ability to sit quiet and contemplate the inner relationship with spirit has very little to do with what you want. Many times it is a tremendous struggle just getting needs met, food, shelter, security, safety, for the personal or family or community unit. So begin to focus a little more clearly what it is you need to sustain your life spiritually and be careful about what you want because you may actually get what you want and a lot of times if what you want is in synch with who you are spiritually, then this is an order in the spiritual universe. If what you want is not something that will improve your spiritual nature, this may be something which works against you and it is important in a spiritual sense to know who you are and where you stand.


Again, it is good to be here to share a few words with you today, to feel and sense the comfort of this circle of light, this circle of love and energy which is here today. I thank you.