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Topic: Coming Together

Group: IC 11


Teacher: Michael, Machiventa, Monjoronson, Mantoube

TR: Daniel Raphael, Donna D'Ingillo, Leoma, Jim Cleveland




CHRIST MICHAEL (TR, Daniel Raphael): You called and I am here. This is Christ Michael. I would give you a challenge, one more, my friends, my children, that you have already so many challenges, and one of the missions of Machiventa, working with Monjoronson, is that they work with you to become sustainable. You, here in this group, must begin to bend yourselves so that you as a group are sustainable. And you are right, it is important that you become identifiable as a group, and that you commit yourselves to this group and to its values. It is important that you become whole, so that you can project yourselves to your world, that you have a group consciousness that you can use and apply to the world. You, as individuals, are powerful; that you together join in prayer, or in thought or in projection of consciousness, using a merkabah, for example, is extremely powerful. It is the difference between going from a five thousand watt amplifier to a one million watt amplifier.

We need you to project this wholeness. If your group is fractured and divided, separated and isolated, then you cannot be effective for myself or Machiventa or for Monjoronson. We are united in our attempts to assist you. We ask that you assist yourselves to follow this example. There are means to assist you in your work; look around and find them, you will see that they are here. You are beginning to be the example that will lead others in your larger movement forward. Though you are despised in the activities that you have, you will be admired later on because of your stalwart courage and authenticity.

I speak to you personally today because this is personal. Each one of you is the Father manifest, as you are able to manifest the Father between yourself and your Thought Adjuster. This is the presence that must become whole within yourself; this is the primary work of The Urantia Book; this is the primary work of the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission, that you come to know the Father as One with you, One with us, One with everyone. I bid you a good day today. Know that my love is with you; I surround you and enfold you. You are filled with the similar energy as your Father—embrace this, come into wholeness, see the oneness among you and work towards those ends. I love you; know that I always will. Good day.


MACHIVENTA (TR, Donna): Greetings, my associates in the flesh. This is Machiventa. You have great ambitions, and great ambitions require great courage, great patience, great presence of mind and heart. We are here to support your efforts, but it is extremely vital for you to come together in a heartfelt unity that will disclose new creative potentials of diversity, that your personalities were designed to express. So as you deliberate, one with the other, in small or large groups, remember to take time to set your intention, to connect heart to heart, to connect from that place of service.

Now, most of you are doing this to some form or fashion, but we would ask that you be more mindfully aware that you are creating working relationships with one another, that we may be able to infuse you, through the circuits of your mind with higher information. You have many, many laudable goals to achieve and some you will achieve through your own efforts, but when you become mired in the human intellect that seems to stall your efforts, take time to renew and refresh yourself by speaking to your Adjusters, speaking to Michael, speaking to Mother or to me—or any of your helpers—to help you refocus and reorient in your heart.

There is great joy at our witnessing what you are here to accomplish, and you are all being impressed in many ways. Take a few moments now, if you will, to receive the deeper impressioning of not only your Father Michael, the presence of your Mother Spirit, [but] expand into those circuits of light, that we may grow closer to you in form and information.

As you deliberate on your organizational issues, keep in mind that it is the personal relationship that is most important that you consider in developing your structures and your outreach programs. How you do this will largely be left up to you, because after all, this is part of the experiential growth that is so vital to your soul development. As you interact, one with the other, as new individuals are guided to the Network, again I stress the importance of keeping your hearts open. Sometimes you will feel that there is too much to do, and that the task is too large, but again, you know wherein to turn, and to rely on your brothers and sisters more, to trust one another more and to come together from time to time in such gatherings as these, where you personally interact with one another. So, as you deliberate this afternoon, keep these things in mind and heart, and enjoy your time with one another, as we enjoy our time with you. Good afternoon.


MONJORONSON (TR, Leoma): Good evening, this is Monjoronson. May I have the floor to complete the triad? As again, I welcome and applaud your efforts at coming together. Whether you realize or not, at this moment in time, one day many of you will walk with me in the flesh. You will serve the Correcting Time with me, beside me. It is important for you now, not to focus on that time, but to remain in this moment now, this is where you operate and are effective. You are becoming the models for going forward in the atmosphere of unity, rather than fractions that divide and dilute the intentions of Michael’s Correcting Time efforts. It is our desire that you would continue in your hearts to focus on the idea, the high ideal of unity and reacting to any obstacles you encounter with love, humility, patience, perseverance, rather than any of those ugly negative reactions which are so human and yet if you reach for the higher ideals, they will pull you forward in reaching your goals that you have set for yourselves. So now, we allow you time among yourselves to plan and discuss. Thank you.


MANTOUBE (TR, Jim Cleveland): I am a Melchizedek, of course, working here in this Correcting Time. I want to note to you today a special connection that is being forged in order to bring to you the considerable help that you need, creating something from this wondrous idea, wondrous but incredibly simple. Michael asked that you help his sheep make connection in the stillness. Just please, believe this and let that essentially be your by-laws. From here there is an amount of legal accreditation which you must have; if you do not have the name, someone [might] take it from you. This can be done expediently, but the real work is within your heart and in your willingness to take this basic, elementary mission to task and fulfill it where the rubber meets the road.

In recent weeks, you have heard of grand plans to adjudicate this Planet, and to bring it forward with a comprehensive plan, into the era of light and life, even into a full resurrection of this planet, as an example. This makes your work all the more important to find individuals who will step forward, fortified by this connection to spirit. [You] can go further inward to find a lasting ecstatic relationship with your Thought Controllers, and that is what I ask of you in these pivotal times. How would you make sense of all that happens in such a flurry before you? I believe the true answer is to align with your Thought Controller. Are you willing to say to your spirit that whatever spirit wills, whatever is the Father’s business, I will be there?

This is the fruit of the Teaching Mission from basic learning to worship and forgiveness and love and service. These burgeoning interplanetary fields of service may be just exactly what you want to do. I urge you to bring these everlasting truths to a new wave of people, who will understand the power of the stillness. And I want to announce today that having been assigned to work within this sphere of influence, and knowing of your plans and many questions, you are being assigned myself and a large class of Morontian Teachers, who will each day, come to find within you, common aptitudes and reasonings in which you are personally attuned to that Morontia Teacher who addresses your needs. In like manner, each person that comes before you becomes a person of great interest, an individual, a soul which you must take seriously. They will come to you in various states of mental disarray, which will only grow in the coming problematic months and years, just ahead of you, as this planet struggles to right itself and find again the path to light. These individuals will come with cynicism and all-knowing prejudice; they will come to you in tears of despair, finding no true light in this helpless world, and will even hope to drag you into their dark hole with them for solace and comfort.

But you, you will be armed with this mission, which I implore you to take seriously, please. I urge you to consider if you will be that light of goodness, to which this network can refer as you send your light all across this land and others, bringing new workers into the field to harvest new fruits and growing. As you look before you, you will see other avenues of growth at this conference: Young people seeking the truth; older people finding legacies to pass on. Service is in the foremost and service in these breaking times of quickening realizations and clarifications all stand before you. You must truly be excited. Please be attuned to these teachers as they speak to you gently. Please be attuned to the energy of Michael, who himself brought Morontia Teachers, following his resurrection. He brings them now in great waves.

Do not turn your back upon these worthy servants who would bring you light. Your book is replete with proof that the world is full of education. The local universe is education—all is a matter of growth in the “be perfect plan.” I applaud you for taking these first steps. I urge you to make your presence known throughout the world and each of you, in your sphere of influence, once your organization is firmly established, the Internet is a marvelous tool and can be used to great advantage within your marketing plan, lists of people readymade for your use, and each of you is unique and is a pearl of wisdom and spiritual grace that must be shared. In the weeks ahead, find your center, and if you choose to work with this burgeoning—I should say “budding”—network, then please do so. Fully democratic, fully your views and your expressions are appreciated as we build this together and seek to do so in Michael’s light. I urge you to find your place in the Correcting Time. There is much work ahead; you are all gifted, you are all empowered with the spirit. Go forth.


Thank you for hearing my words; please be attentive to the sometimes subtle messages and inspirations in your head, for that could be a teacher or an artisan, looking to contact you, to work with you as a practice teacher in this great and marvelous time for your planet. Congratulations for being here and thank you very much.