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Topic: Heart-Mindedness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father we come together as dedicated light workers, truth seekers, to provide the environment for Monjoronson to collaborate with us, bringing in the higher circuits of planetary transformation. We thank you for weaving us together in unity and harmony, connecting us heart to heart, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster, that our minds may be upstepped that we may be able to focus and be guided where he directs us today. Thank you for this time to come together to learn how to collaborate more effectively with one another. We thank you for all the help you give us during this time of transition to the era of Light and Life. May your will be done.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. Today’s gathering is quite impressive and we, on our side of the veil as you might say, are ready to conjoin with your efforts, intentions and focus to direct the desires of your human hearts toward those areas on your world that require upstepping.


As we have labored for many months to build the mindset of MERCY awareness, we see this as beginning to have an impact in many peoples’ thoughts and considerations. As you know, as more TRUTH unfolds on Urantia, there will be more chaos and upheaval in peoples’ emotions and thinking. So today we will focus on the desire for more of the energies of HEART, for LOVE, PEACE, FORGIVENESS and TRANSFORMATION to emerge in the planetary mindset. Your heart energies are vital as this is your contribution to the growing Planetary Supreme: the desire for the mind of HEART to hold sway over the old guard--the old way of thinking, which was designed to separate and destroy human relationships. What we will be building today will be a connective tissue of emotion, of unity, of peace--a structure that will help your brothers and sisters open their hearts, becoming more curious about this inner journey coming into their own understanding of who they are as children of the Father.

So as you focus in your hearts now, feel your desire for this MINDEDNESS OF HEART to embrace the planet. There are many ways to focus in your heart. One is to simply envision the word HEARTMINDEDNESS over your heart center and see a line of energy from your heart center into this word. You may also wish to envision yourself in a loving embrace with all of humanity. Or you could recall a time in your life when you felt very kindly disposed toward your brothers and sisters. Or you may wish to envision the planet before you and envision the word HEARTMINDEDNESS over it. While it is not so important that you all share the same focus, we encourage you to generate a high degree of emotional energy--the desire for the ways of the HEART to envelop the world--to give it a, you might say, jump start in the ways of LOVE for Michael’s peace and presence to have more of a foothold here on Urantia.

So settle in your hearts now for the next few moments while we add our energies and direct them to the areas most needed. (Pause)

During these times of transition, as the old way begins to dissipate and the new way emerges more in the hearts and understanding awareness of your human brethren, it will be very helpful for you to focus on your desire for this HEART-MIND to continue to grow. When you see people before you in confusion, focus on your heart and send that signal of LOVE and desire for them to open their hearts into their own heart centers. You are learning how to use the spiritual circuitry that you are growing in in a more effective manner. You do not necessarily need to speak words into their ears, the verbal communication becomes less effective than the mental projection of heart with affection: the desire for them to find peace, understanding, insight, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. This is a form of communication that will one day truly bring about the era of Light and Life. You are learning now to communicate in this manner. So you are practicing on building this HEART-MIND in these calls, but you can certainly continue to practice and master this form of communication in your daily interactions with one another.

Continue to focus and feel your desire, truly command this in your own heart for these ways of Michael to reign supreme on Urantia. (Pause)

Within this MIND of the HEART are the energies of COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING. Both of these spiritual attributes have been in short supply in many areas of your world. As you continue to focus in your hearts, we ask you to add the desire for more COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING to become a part of the way that humans interact with one another. We will add this to the places where there is tension and strife, chaos and war. As you focus on these words now, feel your heart swell with desire for these energy-languages and attributes to become more enmeshed into planetary consciousness. (Pause)

The long planetary epoch of rebellion is receding, my brethren, and many of your efforts are contributing to this. There are many other groups and individuals all around the globe who are adding into this planetary matrix of HEART-MIND and we now ask you to enjoin with their efforts that this grid of UNITY, COMPASSION, MERCY, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL be firmly established here. Simply focus on the words PLANETARY UNITY as we proceed to weave more circuits together into a more cohesive whole. (Pause)

What will this mean to you in your daily interactions with your brothers and sisters? You will find them becoming more open and aware for the energies of PEACE and LOVE and KINDNESS and TOLERANCE become more apparent and operative in their lives. People will feel that they are tired of strife, warfare, and tensions and will want to lay down these weapons of mass destruction. It is as if the human race will begin to change the course of action. More and more, people will turn within even though they may not know what is happening at first, and your ability to communicate to them the ideas of spiritual energy and information they have access to will become easier.

So we ask you to keep this in mind even as you see some parts of your culture seem to unravel. The institutions that have been held in check by the rebellion mindsets are unraveling. You see this now. Continue to hold the light, stay focused in the spirit and to share that bond of silent communication heart to heart with your brothers and sisters. They will feel your heart energy. They will respond, even though they may not understand intellectually what is occurring. There is now a call for PEACE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION and LOVE that is starting to surge, and it will overtake the world in a wave that will truly change the way Urantians live forevermore.

As you consider these words, consider the role you wish to play. Learn how to control your thoughts, especially when you find some of your own unspiritized thinking emerging. Recognize this and turn to the Father within you and ask for the higher mind to prevail. The circuitry is in place. A change of heart and mind is occurring.

One final visualization/focalization for this day, my brethren. In your mind’s eye, see Michael hold the world in his hands, holding it to his heart center. As you do this, simply thank him for his plan of REDEMPTION and MERCY. Let your gratitude swell.


We thank you today, dear stalwart truth seekers and light workers of Urantia. Your efforts are indeed helping to bring in the era of Light and Life you so truly desire. Even though many of you will not be physically present to see this unfold in your universe careers, you will witness this upon your dear world and you will take great joy and pride in knowing that you were among the ones who helped bring about.

I leave you in our Father’s love. May you rejoice in it every day. Learn how to direct the energies of LOVE further into the planetary consciousness. Remember to spend some time each day asking for the HEART-MIND to grow in Father’s MERCY, Michael’s PEACE and in the JOY of creation. Good day.