2011-08-21-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Michael's Birthday Celebration

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, there is so much joy in this circle, in this life we share together, in these relationships that we enjoy and primal among relationships in our experience are the ones we seek to develop with you, our Divine Parents. We reach up to you like the little child reaches up to the grandparent and we eagerly anticipate that you reach down for us and make contact, make us feel your presence in response to our reaching. We unfailingly feel this when you reach in our direction as we reach in yours and so we are blessed to come to have this relationship with you, this feeling of belonging, this sense of family. Today we choose to come together in honor of Michael, our Father, our brother, who so eloquently demonstrated a human path that is guided by divine inspiration. We all yearn to be closer to MIchael as we learn how to follow divine pattern as He did. Help us to make it so in our lives, more than a desire, more than a dream, more than a longing in our hearts but a manifestation of these in our choices and in our action as Michael so demonstrated in His manifestation. His service to our world has brought us eternal hope as well as bolstered our faith as we have developed our own individual relationships to Him. What a gift of grace that we come together in gratitude for on this day, that we may have this relationship with our Father/brother, that we may enjoy developing this sense of purpose and togetherness. Help us as we go through this process ever to expand our capacities so that we may embrace more and more of who we are in relationship to who Michael is. Help us to uncover these truths as we search. We trust that you are always with us and that this is a truth we will all discover. It is only experience between us. Enjoy the experience with us Divine Parents, marvel at it with us. Let it be so, thank you.


Michael: [Henry] Greetings my children, greetings to you this wonderful morning. I embrace you all in the spirit of peace and love. This is your Father/brother Michael. I appreciate the human sentiment of the birthday, of remembering me and my life, my human life on this world. Important to me in my own evolution was my birth on this world and my life of human and divine example. In a sense, my life is meant to reflect what each human life should be like on this world. You are born into a world of struggle, you are born into a human life, a life equipped with enough hardware that at some point you begin to detect something that is not quite obvious but something that is felt within yourself and I am referring to the Adjuster consciousness within the human.


Because of the uncertainties which beset one in life, it is important to rely upon what is certain in ones life; the guidance and the presence of the Adjuster is such a certainty. In my own human earth life, it was tremendously important for me to stay focused on the Father's will for my service, my particular service, because I am a Paradise Son, I know the Father, I remember the Father, I remember the Father in glory. As I walked with human feet upon the earth I carried a Divine message and I delivered it in a Divine style to show all of you and everyone that as a human it is possible to act and direct ones life in a Divine, God conscious, God knowing, and God loving way.

All of you are beset with the same challenges as I was when I walked upon this earth. Not all the time is there a tremendous respect for the sensitive and divine quality which results in a peaceful nature. The world is quick to confront you, to confront one in their dedication, in their awareness. Life is designed to challenge, to challenge you energetically as well, to bring you to a position to define within yourself the consciousness of God as each of you feel it and understand it in your own being, in your own way.

I did not live my life to develop qualities. I lived my life on this planet to indicate how individuals can bring within themselves, a consciousness of Divine Presence which results in a peaceful endeavor. In this respect, not much has changed in the time which has elapsed between my presence here and your presence here now. You are still challenged to define and present spiritual reality to a hungry constituency as you have on the planet now. My children, remember to be sensitive to the human shortcomings, the misunderstanding and be sensitive to those who are not able to feel what you are feeling in this moment for to hold the gift of consciousness, one must learn to become responsible to its evidence, to its reality within you.


I do not feel personally that in my life I suffered indignity, even though there were those around me that were bent on confronting and challenging me at many turns because I was motivated by something greater, something that was not even comprehensible to these people, but something that I prayed would at some point, one day, enlighten their darkened and hardened minds. I held fast, I stayed connected with the Father, I stayed connected in the true spirit form. Even though I was in a human reference, I was playing the Divine character in the human/divine play of life just as you are.

The only difference between my life and your life was that I have an actual consciousness of divinity and Paradise as an experience. You will have to live a tremendous amount of life before you attain this consciousness of divinity on Paradise, nonetheless, your consciousness here and now is more than sufficient to make peace, to attempt to live your lives in a spiritual posturing, to gradually bring a greater consciousness of reality to bear upon the present situation at hand.


What I have found is that it is not important to try to argue with someone about what is right and what is wrong. It is better just to show them in your every action, that you can hold a space of peace and love, non-resentment, non-reaction to the taunting cry of disbelief of those that would rather believe that some people are more important to God than others and this is just not the case. All are important, no matter their humanness, no matter their sin, no matter their intention. All, as children of God are important. This is a tremendously challenging concept today as it was 2,000 years ago, to understand that a God of love can sit in peace with all His children and not necessarily enjoy all of their behavior. But at some point, Divine Love will override all behavior and all behavior will stand at attention to the perfection of Divine Love as it unfolds within the lives that you live here today. I am with you, I am in the empty seat at the table, I am part of you, not above you but as one of you.

My children, it is time to leave the camp and go into the village and win souls for the kingdom. You are all my apostles and as my apostles, go forth merrily, two by two and do what you must do. On this day of love and peace I am with you all, I will always be with you. I will never leave. I am also here as my message, in love, for the long haul. My special peace and love to all of you here today. I am your brother Michael, I love each and every one of you. Enjoy this day, thank you.


Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I am Monjoronson here with you on this occasion to celebrate my brothers birthday or incarnation, just as you are. And just as you, I have known about this time and date to gather and it has been my intention to drop in and be a part of the celebration just like you, for this time of celebration is no surprise. We are well accustomed to the cycle that brings us to this point and to this significant time that we choose, all of us, to get together and honor the service of Michael.

Likewise do we all know that there comes before us a great opportunity of change, a dynamic time where patterns may be torn down and recreated, the changing of one mode operation into another. In particular, I reference the upcoming turning of the page, the end of the age of agondonters, and it is with no small amount of nostalgia and kind regards for this age that we view its termination as monumental because this age of agondonters has been responsible for producing some magnificent feats of faith that could have only been attained in the absence of the presence of divine pattern among you.


You had to come to this presence on your own. You had to build your faith and rely on your faith to get to this place that you are where you have trust, where you have developed this personal relationship with Michael and the other teachers, emmisaries of light who have brought their service to you. You have had to forge these paths in the darkness and without overmuch direction but you have found your way by shining your individual lights, you have sought out and found the paths, you have created the relationships and now, as a magnificent tribute to the First Source and Center, you demonstrate your faith in action when you exhibit your awareness of these truths and these principles, when you stand as if you know because in fact, you do know.

It is the same as when Michael stood before the Pharisees with ultimate conviction and certainty because He knew the Father, therefore was He not swept away or taken in by all that transpired around Him, for He knew a greater truth and He found His strength in this truth. Like you my dear ones, you stand in greater truth than exists typically around you. You are pillars for this truth, you hold fast to a vision that is beyond what exists in your temporal environment. You have formed a relationship with your Divine Parent who is not present with you. In this way, you have extended in faith as Michael extended in faith when He demonstrated His faith in action.

Now, while I join the party, the celebration, I come as one who brings you these words and assurance that you too will recognize the distinction as we move from one era into the next but as of this moment, all this is just concepts, these are just words. Even the foretelling of these events is merely a story to you at this point for it has not transpired, it is not part of your personal experience and only when it is such, will you be able to look back and distinguish the contrast, the difference. Right now, all you know is your life as an agondonter and your struggling with interpreting this life through your concepts and through your faith.

One day, you will stand in a new paradigm where the questions and doubts and uncertainties are replaced by conviction. You will look back at this time in your formative years and recall how different it was when you had to reach out in the darkness in faith. But even so, there will be recalling in fondness that when you did seek, when you did search, when you did exercise your faith, it worked. You were rewarded for extending yourselves and going beyond your mortal parameters through the avenue of spirit and you will one day see how your acting in these times has so prepared you to be ready for all that is before you, has indeed brought you strong faith that you may exercise and use to support you as you move through the rest of your eternal career.

Those that follow on this world and who are born into this next epoch, the pre-stages of Light and Life, will not be able to appreciate what you went through in your time of having to muster your faith to move forward. To them, it will be taken for granted that certain truths are self evident as they exist in real form right in their environment. For you, you will remember the days where all of this that we have learned, all of this that we have assimilated in spirit was at one time, conjecture, theory, words that were shared, and that we reached out and accepted these things in faith and brought them into our experience as real through an act of sheer will and desire.

Just like those born today cannot imagine having only the radio to listen to or black and white television, one day those born on this world will not be able to appreciate the darkness that you overcame, the faith that was required to do so, and the experience that having done so has provided for you. When a patient is told that their condition is terminal, they have an immediate enhanced appreciation for their existence that they have perhaps taken for granted because they realize that there is and end in sight, there is a point at which all that they experienced will be over. For those of you who have had the benefit of your spiritual training, you know that this transition merely moves you from one point of growth to another point of growth and that nothing of value is lost.

Magisterial Mission

And so even for the terminal patient who has this awareness, the defining event referred to is but a step and so it is with your age of agondonters. It will be over one day and sooner than you may imagine. And after that transition point, nothing will be the same and everything will be the same. Your experience of having faith and finding faith for you will not change for you have found it and you have it. So in that sense, that continuum remains but as a paradigm under which the family of man will exist, everything will change in terms of how individuals come to their faith and the direction they use to go there.

I cannot tell you the joy I have in having been invited to this celebration by my brother Michael. This cause for great joy as His adopted planet is brought into the light, is ushered into the long awaited stages of enlightenment. What a great act of grace it is you shall all behold in these times before us and as has been referred to, it is you as individuals who will create the space for these new enhanced patterns to exist, a place for these new seed patterns to thrive. All it takes is a few seeds and then generations and generations of fruit will populate all available spaces.

So it is with the turning of this epoch, that which can no longer thrive in the new environment of light will give way to those seeds which are better suited for the new environment and it is required that the gardeners carefully nurture these seeds so that there are the beginnings of the next generation of enlightened beings, enlightened patterns, enlightened ways in which life is conducted and lived. It is as easy as a change in thought and attitude and yet as dramatic as the turning of an epoch.


It brings me great honor and privilege to be invited to participate in such an event alongside with you. And so, even having been foretold of such a thing, I understand you have no conception of what that will be like, or look like, or feel like and that is of course, as it should be for you have no experience to draw on. However, this places you and us as we proceed forward in a unique position to co-create what this new paradigm will look like, will feel like, and will be perceived as. As each one of you manifests this new reality you will be setting patterns, you will be manifesting the next generation of faith.

So I stand with you today in celebration of the service of our brother Michael and I will stand with you as we go forward as will our brother Michael as we set about to define the new reality, to expand on the current truths and to make life on this beautiful world even more beautiful. What a divine undertaking that we all show up to participate in and like you, I am humbled at the opportunity and the grace that will be demonstrated as we move through this process.


Thank you for the opportunity to join you at your celebration and in your experiences as we move forward. I assure you in this undertaking, we shall not fall short, we cannot fail. It is forecast in time, that which Michael desires and the Father approves, simply is. It is one thing to know that, to speak those words, now it will be our challenge to act as if we believe. Let us do this together and in so doing, let us manifest Michael's wishes for His world, for your world. Thank you, go in peace.