2011-09-15-Mercy Sweep Announcement Field Report 2

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Topic: Mercy Sweep Announcement

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monjoronson, Majeston

TR: Ron Besser



There have been several attempts to cleanse Urantia of its rebel personalities before this date. All of these attempts have yielded what we expected - millions have rejoiced at the thought of being free to pursue God on high. Only a few still resent the Michael plan to be utilized on Urantia and the removal of the grid system which sustained their activities. On September 23rd of this year, Monjoronson gave the final orders to cleanse Urantia of those personalities which continue to operate as though Lucifer was still present. They were contacted by the Ancients of Days beforehand and warned that they would be brought to justice on Uversa if apprehended by the agents of the Ancients of Days in the last sweep to be afforded their kind before Monjoronson incarnates for the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

  • The LAST MERCY SWEEP On URANTIA Completed on September 23, 2011

These "Mercy Sweeps" are intended to clear Urantia of all remaining rebel personalities which have, to this point, resisted the offers of mercy from Michael and have refused to come forward.

The Mercy Sweeps are conducted by Monjoronson as part of his ability to move individuals out of their lethargy and actually make a commitment as to whether they will be present at their own destiny. Decisions are required to determine which individuals willingly go to the ╲light╡ and which of those who will stubbornly remain earth bound on Urantia.

Monjoronson: I would like to document and state that there were one hundred and sixty-eight celestial rebels which shall not be named at this time. These rebel personalities were apprehended after completing an investigation of the remaining celestials personalities on Urantia who have used human personality channels for unauthorized information in regards to the adjudication transpiring on Urantia in the universe of Nebadon. These individuals will be brought forth for judgment at a later date which will not concern your records on Urantia. Details of this investigation will not be provided at this time due to the fact that the implications therein would serve only to confuse mortal mind. You will have further clarification at a later date as to what has occurred.

This will conclude the final pass of Mercy for the celestials. Henceforth, any celestial that is acting out of line with the approved methods and knowingly perpetuates the grid system that was set in place by Lucifer, these individuals will be subject to immediate annihilation.

The time has come where my orders to bring a fair and merciful dispensation to your sphere can be extended no more and the final grant of mercy is extended.

Please do not allow this to seem harsh. Finalizing adjudicatory sweeps must be dealt with from the spiritual realms to the physical reality in stages of cleansing and adjudication. There must be a limit to the time frame in this dispensation as was announced previously through reflectivity.

Thank you for your documenting this and as always, may we all serve in love and light alongside one another as my mission comes to greater levels of awareness on Urantia.╡ Monjoronson

  • Activities Commencing 09 September through 15 September, 2011

Introduction: The report being published below is consistent with the work of Monjoronson and the Melchizedeks for the past six months. It is found to be a work in progress and the individuals who participated in the work in France numbered eight, sometimes all together, and at other times as frequently individualized efforts to get at the evil still present in many location in France and just as true on every continent of the world.

The actual report is many pages longer than what we present here. The reason for shortening the original report is that it contains names, date, and places which should not be brought to the attention of the evil forces still able to determine where to put up a fight to be cleansed of their errors and malcontentment. Detailed records have been kept, but for the general audience what is important has been retained and the rest left alone for another time.

The report is from an individual who works with one we have named Kathy. She is present in each of these episodes of cleansing. However, the report is more from the emotional and intellectual experience of one who works closely with her and who also resides in France itself. He will remain available to continue what was started this week for France.

  • Report By Date:
  • Sunday, September 11
Sunday, Sept 11th
Meditation around the Light Anchor that had been created in my home.
Present: W., J., J-M., G.

After a time of meditation, it was, for me, the first real contact with Celestial Beings. They were all present: Christ Michael, Machiventa and Malvantra Melchizedek, Monjoronson, and many others. All were smiling at us, and I could only say ╲Thank You, thank You, all the time. The most impressive of all was Majeston: He appeared in the column of Light of the Anchor, draped in a bright luminous, electric violet blue light, and striking out a tremendously powerful and extraordinary authority. It is very hard to describe this, but for sure, this sight will never leave me. The cloud of Light that surrounded Him was striking short and delineated by sharp arrows of magnificent Light, with some kind of powerful sputtering [the crackling and popping of extremely high energy]. It was a vision of Paradise. In comparison, Monjoronson is very gentle, almost of human shape, not really far from incarnating.

Coming out of meditation, I compared my impressions with those of my companion, and both of us experienced it as identical: there was the satisfaction of all the Celestial Beings and their smiling at us. Our two other friends present, did not see anything. My companion saw personalities that I did not notice, and I saw Majeston, which she did not receive.

After this meditation, everything opened for me, everything started. Previously I have had some kind of equivalent notions, but from this moment, things changed, awareness changed. I just needed confirmation. But at that time I did not know it yet.

  • Tuesday, Sept 13th

We had to create two Permanent Anchors of Light, to allow the lost souls who have been kept imprisoned by the dark grid set up by Lucifer and Caligastia.

The first Anchor shall be placed in the church where the women and the children had been burned alive by the Nazis, and the second in the former central square of the village, where all men had been gathered and executed.

Interesting detail: since we had left, drizzle and later heavy rain was pouring down on us, all along the 550 km we had to travel to reach our first destination. When we stopped for a coffee near Cholet, my companion told me that our Melchizedeks would take care of that. A few km before Oradour, the clouds broke up, the rain stopped, and the weather cleared. This phenomenon was observed a few times during the next days. I will come back on it.

A soon as I reached the place, I felt as if ants were tickling my legs, and my arms got heavy with the feeling of pins and needles. As I told that to my friend, she explained to me that it was human souls who were gathering around us, and were touching and pressing at the extremities of our members seeking our notice and for our help.

The Celestials then began applying pressures on the upper parts of our body, and around our heads. I immediately was able to know why we were feeling these different pressures.

In a sudden moment later I beheld another thing to feel! I had the impression that I was carrying two bee hives around on my forearms and my hands. And it was getting terribly heavy! Was it the weight of the souls?Â

Intuitively I knew what to do. I did not shake my arms or my hands. I did not want to frighten them and make them flee. I wanted to keep them with me, hanging on my arms, sticking tightly at me. Another companion had the same sensations. During all that tour, we very often felt the same sensations, and we often discussed what we were feeling.

We entered the burned down church, and got into place to start creating the Permanent Anchor of Light, the first in Oradour, and my third creation. I almost felt like an old campaigner!

After having declared our intention, the Anchor was successfully installed, and we again swept the Light of this Anchor all over the village of the martyrs, and over the surrounding area. We swiftly left the place, as our group leaderâ•˙s habit. One never knows who is in proximity. As we came out of the church, I told our leader that a Celestial was pressing my back, between my shoulders. She told me that this is not the case, but that it is a loving and grateful soul, who is a relative of one of these lost souls, and who came to thank me. That was very moving!

At that moment I no longer had souls stuck to my forearms and my hands, nor around my legs. Most of them had gone following the Light, passing through the Anchor we just had created. We were all filled with emotion, and very happy!

From there, we left for the next city, where we were supposed to find a small square with a fountain, close to the town hall. We eventually found it, behind the town hall, and we entered into meditation, to receive a data transfer of information kept in that place by the Melchizedeks for over 50 000 years.

After some time ˆ I could not say after how long ˆ it started. It t was heavy. Very heavy. And powerful. A dense purple light came down on me, like a river of light, in a continuous flow. A great tension on my head and on the left side of my neck. I nearly was crushed down by the power of it. I several times tried to sit up straight, and the power bent me down again. We were seated, because it would have been impossible to resist the strength of it while standing. That down coming stream of energy came strongly upon us three times and with the same intensity. I was stuck to the bench, and it was impossible for me to move a finger. Than it stopped, and my companion transmitted a few explanatory words by Malvantra. Nobody had thought of recording the session, so I cannot remember at all what had been said.

From there we then went to the Bridge of the Martyrs (The bridge upon which many were hanged), and where a commemorative stele had been set up, in honour of the 99 men hanged on the street lights and on the balconies by the Nazis. We installed another Anchor of Light there, following the procedures , and we swept over the area and the town with the Light.

A few souls were grabbing at me again, but with much less intensity than in Oradour. They left following the Light Anchor. From there we drove to Brive la Gaillarde, where we stayed in a hotel for the night.

  • Thursday, Sept 15th

[The party of anchor creators and grid cleansers reached the Grottes de Gargas about 10:45 am of this day. They had been instructed to enter the caves in the area to search for lost souls and to attempt to build a light Anchor dedicated to the Father. The group was forced to follow a tourist group in order to get access to the caves in question. We pick up the narrative where they have already establish an anchor dedicated to the Father, another to the Eternal Son, and about to create an anchor dedicated to the Infinite Spirit.]

A little way further, we went into position to create the third Permanent Anchor of Light, dedicated to the Infinite Spirit. Once more, an incredible feeling of drowsiness took us. But around us, the imprisoned souls were getting more alert. The dark forces were losing strength, but were still surrounding us. The state of losing our balance was still present. Our installation work was ended. My personal sweeping was limited to the caves. I wanted every little corner to receive the Light. We finally joined the group of tourists, but each of us wanted to get out of the place.


At that moment, a Melchizedek began to speak to me, and asked me to help the children out. He told me: ╲Get the children out !╡ I went to the dark end of the cave, at the place where childrenâ•˙s hands with missing fingers were drawn on the walls, on my own, and I saw these souls, as I had seen them in Oradour, hundreds of thousands of them, crouched in fear, watching me, and asking themselves what I would do with them. God what a sight ! Masses of them!

They looked like small ones with a dim light on each of them. Silent, not moving, not daring to move. In the same place for thousands of years, confined within a few cubic meters of space, fearful, almost without life, without energy, unable to move in this dark place, and without hope!

And I could see this ! You can imagine my feelings ! But, sleeves up ! My job was not finished ! I very slowly moved towards them, and I told them ╲Follow me, get out, follow the Light!╡ And the more undertaking ones started to move. It ended up like a swarm, with a ╲tchui tchui╡ [an agitated motion and stirring] making a faint noise everywhere. They were all talking at the same time. I could see some of the dark Celestials also take the road towards the Light, change sides and help these trapped children souls.

What an experience, what a vision, what happiness, what love! I turned round, and with my hands I showed them the Light of the Anchor. I directed them, and the ╲converted╡ Celestials were helping me. I knew they were not lost to the Father. Within five minutes, all the souls had left. At the beginning, some of them wanted to reach the day light that from their place they could see every time the door in the lower cave opened for the tourists, but they quickly understood that they had to go towards the other Light.

And they have done so !

When the guide let us go out of the cave, we noticed that the second exit was situated right at the outside meeting place for the tourists, and only a few meters away from groups of imprisoned souls inside the caves. In fact, geographically, the caves are included in a hill. The entrance being near the top of the hill, and the exit at the bottom.

The day light was welcome to all of us. How dark that place was, and without life, sinister, glaucous [of a greenish or pale light] , and without any vibrations. Dead ! Whatever was expected from our group of seven had been accomplished. The Melchizedeks could continue the job. Because of the outline of the caves, and the rules imposed on the tourists by the local administration to preserve the caves, the pyramidal disposition dedicated to the Paradise trinity could not be achieved, but it could be installed. Our group leader received confirmation later on.


[This concludes the Field Report (No.2) from France. The remainder of the time of this group was spent in returning to their homes, establishing anchors in some of them, and expressing happiness for being allowed to participate in the serious and serene expectations of the Father to rescue all who could be accommodated in the arms of the Magisterial Mission. They had accomplished great work and lasting work on Urantia.]