2011-10-09-Building the Light Grid

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Topic: Building the Light Grid

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are so grateful for all of the spiritual feelings and transformational energies that you have brought into our world with the help of so many celestial brothers and sisters. We are immensely grateful. We ask that you receive our appreciation now as we prepare our minds and hearts to receive the presence of our Magisterial Son. We look forward to having him and his entourage here with us in physical form very soon. We are prepared to serve in whatever capacity we may to the best of our abilities. In preparation for this, we thank you for using our minds, using our heart energies to continue to build the necessary structure of consciousness to pave the way for his coming to inaugurate the new era we so earnestly and dearly seek. May your will be done.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. It is indeed a time of rejoicing as many hearts conjoin in this effort to remove the vestiges of rebellion consciousness on Urantia. There are many spiritual personalities who are valiantly conjoining with your efforts to reconstruct the planetary grid of light that will enable more Urantian minds and hearts to feel the impression of Michael’s Spirit of Truth within them. The circuits are being cleared and opened for a stupendous display of TRUTH to be infused into human consciousness. This is a very pivotal time upon Urantia and we ask for your patience and perseverance as you, in your own thinking processes, continually awaken and deepen into these currents of LIGHT and TRUTH now streaming in from the portals of Paradise, embracing this world in a LOVE that this world has never seen before.

Today we will continue to build this grid of light upon Urantia through your heart-felt efforts. We will engage your mind, we will use the energies you generate from your heart to target those places where the light anchors have been constructed to allow more TRUTH and LIGHT to penetrate more deeply into this planetary consciousness. But first, allow me to more fully imprint myself into your hearts and minds that you may know me more fully, that you may gain great strength from my MERCY endowments that I so enjoy sharing with each one of you. Take a moment to center in that sacred place of your hearts. As you do this, let your motivations of being aligned in the Father’s will to echo deeply into your emotions and receive the primal motivation at this particular moment. Receive and be mercy-full. Embody mercy. I will move in you and those who are here to assist you in those circuitry assessments will facilitate the reception of my energy signature into your being. Receive me now. (Pause)

There is much, very much, that must still be outworked on your world of this rebellion consciousness. We indulge your patience while this continues to dissipate over time. You are now beginning to glimpse some of the energies of transformation that are stirring in the hearts of many. These movements of many individuals conjoined for fairness, justice, and liberty is not being accomplished by various groups of individuals alone; they are receiving a tremendous outpouring of spiritual energy that you have participated to create. Let us now focus on these groups of individuals who are holding that focus of change. Send your heart energies to them in those places that people are occupying in great amount of space in the cities around the globe. Some of these demonstrations you know of; some you do not. Irrespective of this, intend to join with their hearts, strengthen their resolve.

Let us now move together as one to weave your hearts and minds to embody qualities of JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, EQUALITY, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL. Feel your desire for these spiritual values to penetrate deeply into the planetary fabric to strengthen the hearts of those individuals who are holding vigil so these qualities of spirit will quicken in their hearts and minds. We will add our presence and energies and send them where they will do the most good. Be as one in this united heart effort and we will direct them out into the world. (Pause)

Feel your love for these individuals who have taken this bold, courageous action to come against the energies of corruption and greed. These individuals have taken time from their everyday lives to follow that vigil for a better way of life to unfold upon Urantia. Help them stay the course, to attract more heart-aligned individuals to join in this vigil. You can join this vigil from your very home or workplace by sending your heart energy and your thought energy to them. Ask your Mother and Father to seed them with strength, courage, perseverance, help them create a vision of unity where all are served and none are lost.

Now along with what is now coming into various places on your globe, continue to build this grid of the DEFECTOR energies that will help many of your brothers and sisters so deeply entrenched in this rebellion mindset. This is an energy form, you might say, that has a particular resonance or frequency that many individuals involved in the rebellion mindset that can resonate within them. As this energy goes into them, it will help them discern in various levels of their hearts and minds they are in error. We are able to add more LOVE, MERCY, COMPASSION to draw them out. We must use a form, you might say, of energy that resonates with certain individuals at various levels of understanding.

You, who have awakened and are participating in this correcting time do not necessarily need to be infused with this particular type of energy coding or language. But those who are so firmly entrenched in the rebellion mind need some way of being released from it. This word-energy of DEFECTOR provides that opening. It gives them something to think about; provides what you might say an escape clause, especially when these light energies become so strong that they will be swimming in their own darkness and feel that they are indeed about to expire. So let us focus on this word. Feel your desire for your brothers and sisters who have been so sorely and severely victimized in this grid find their way out, receive my MERCY, know their Father’s PEACE, and become a part of the planetary fabric of LOVE. All we ask you to do is to envision this word in your mind, send love into it, that we may use it where it will be of the most beneficial help. (Pause)

You provide for them a platform, a place for them to find a way out. It is as if they are drowning in a sea of their own misaligned thoughts. This platform is a buoy they can step upon to begin to receive the light energies that will free them. These are your brothers and sisters and they need your help. Forgive them. Have mercy and compassion toward them. They have been mired in an energy form that has truly made them ill in a very real spiritual sense. By you showing them mercy and compassion, you are participating in raising this consciousness vibratory rate for these rebellion grids to be diminished and dissolved. Continue to send your energies into this word DEFECTOR. We are building something new into it to greatly serve these erring children. We are building this to help the erring children. (Pause)

And now, my dear brethren, please conjoin our hearts and lift Urantia up to our Father in Paradise, to the Eternal Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit. Join with our heart energies and see your world in your mind’s eye, feel your desire in your heart for this world to be embraced by the Paradise Trinity. Let the language of Paradise encode and seed this transformation, to fall like the gentle rain upon the hardened soil. Let the light of the Father’s love warm the earth with sunlight to expand the Paradise patterns now growing upon Urantia. Hold this focus for the next few moments and let your world receive the loving embrace and an upliftment in grace and joy.

Take a few moments in your heart to thank the Father and the Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit for the plan of evolution for bringing a world so far removed from all reality to the era of Light and Life. You have yet to truly comprehend and receive what a monumental undertaking this is, especially for a world that is so chaotic and confused for many generations of your time. Allow this awareness to be understood for this is the way. All that was once was evil, sin and iniquitous is now being cleansed and purified. Rejoice in the Father’s plan of redemption and correction and the love that brings every lost soul home for those who will be about the Father’s business, co-creating the paradisiacal plan upon Urantia. One day you will truly marvel at the enormity of this plan, how you played your role in the drama of co-creation. We ask you to celebrate each day, as a day to be in this co-creative design and look not to the fear that you witness or the darkness in your brothers’ and sisters’ hearts. Stand firmly in your own light, allow the Spirit of Truth within you to resound loudly and broadly throughout your being, know that in you seeds of greatness already express themselves in your world.

It is time, children, to fully demonstrate that personality potential that is the Father in what you say, how you think, how you act. Receive the blessings now from your Paradise Creators. Let your bodies be lifted up to the temple of the Father who lives in you and accompanies you on this wonderful adventure of ascension. (Pause)

As you do this, more circuits of light are added, more ideals of Paradise are being imprinted into this planetary fabric of consciousness. Build the days of glory upon Urantia our efforts, but mostly yours. Allow the energies of creation and joy to be infused into you that you may walk on your path with ever greater vigor and celebration. May your faith attributes swell to magnificent proportions to demonstrate to others the Father’s love.


In closing, one more visualization, children. Envision your world in front of your hearts and ask for my MERCY to hold it in a blanket of light and life and creation as I prepare to be among you, as one of you (too faint to hear). Prepare my way and be in your Father’s peace.

On behalf of all those who minister to you, we thank you for your faith and dedication and your loyalty to the Father’s will. Feel our appreciation for you as we take our leave from you. We wish you a most joyous, blessed good day.