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Topic: McC's Questions

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator: Michael McCray


Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you with our hearts, minds and souls for your abundance of gifts that make it possible for our spirits to grow and to seek perfection, to become like you. We gather today with the intention of learning more wisdom and truth from Monjoronson, our Avonal Son. We ask that Christ Michael and Nebadonia be with us, to enfold us in their love and light. Amen.

MONJORONSON: Good morning.

MMc: Good morning and welcome!

MONJORONSON: Thank you, it is good to be with you once again.

MMc: It’s good to be here with you. I want to thank you for [meeting with us].

Is there anything that you would like to say to those of us here, or to the audience at large this morning?

Magisterial Mission

  • Monjoronson’s intentions and purposes for coming to Urantia

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would. One of the main intentions and purposes of my coming to Urantia this early in its evolution, and your social evolution is to help prepare you for this time, and in preparing you for this time that you would be prepared yourself for what is to follow. As we have said before, this world has had many difficulties. It is now time to move forward intelligently, competently and capably to engage the future, which is fraught and filled with change. This world now has an educational level of enough of its population and a global communication system to now engage the conscious evolution of its social, spiritual and emotional existence. My purpose in being here is to assist that process, not to hinder it or to cause it to wither or to become crooked from being immature, or anticipating or expecting me to heal the problems of your world. This work that we are doing in this conference call is an important asset, an important part of the process to assist your world population to come into its maturity, consciously, and to engage its responsibilities consciously. Thank you.

MMc: I understand that you have asked that we conduct this session off the record.

  • Purpose of this private session

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is correct. You are going to be free to ask any questions and I will provide them to the fullest extent of my ability, and they may be more candid than you would even ask for, and particularly for a broad audience. So let us keep this among ourselves, though you are welcome to record it and even transcribe it, but do not fully publish it.

MMc: I have some friends, Ron and Judy who have contributed questions. Would you like me to ask their questions also?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to [answer them]. You are welcome to excise those and share the answers with them, if they are of a nature that should be, or could be shared with them alone.

  • A session of dialog between Christ Michael and Monjoronson

MMc: Very good. Last time you spoke of TRing Christ Michael and having a dialog between Christ Michael and Monjoronson, and recording that. You said that this would be something that would be unique and very useful to him and to us. How do we proceed with this?

MONJORONSON: It is something that would require another TR of like capability, to participate in this forum. It could be done with this one, but that would make it more difficult for everyone.


  • Funding the archives

MMc: Ron asked, “Do we still need to raise funds for Starbridge, or can the backup of the archives be achieved a simpler way?”

MONJORONSON: There will always be a need for financial supports for the archives. It would be helpful if the archives were designed in a manner that was more conducive and easier to use. Many have commented that its design, its architecture is archaic and will make it more difficult for it to be used in the future.

  • Announcement dates

MMc: Thank you. The message you gave Judy in August of 2010, regarding the future date for your appearance, or your announcement of the Magisterial Mission for all who have ears to hear. Do you still have the potentials in place for this to be realized?

MONJORONSON: Which is that? What would that be? Make it clear for the record, please.

MMc: I believe that you had told her that you would be announcing the Magisterial Mission on 11-11-11.

MONJORONSON: This is incorrect. I have announced the Magisterial Mission many years ago. My presence is here now; I am not physically present, however. Further, I do not plan to be physically present for a number of years yet.


  • Notification of the incarnation

MMc: Thank you. On your incarnation on our world, will all the mortals who are in contact with their Father Fragments be notified?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it will be an awakening. People may identify with me, or may not identify me, but they will be aware, they will be awakened to the presence of another, someone who is benevolent, meaning that they will receive one of peace and benevolence, the presence of something wonderfully good.

MMc: Very good! Very good indeed. Who is Metatron?


  • Who is Metatron?

MONJORONSON: Metatron is an old name for a spiritual being. Metatron is not myself; I am Monjoronson. I will go by many other names in time. Others call me Metatron; there is confusion with this name, Metatron, from other literary sources that predate the Magisterial Mission. I would suggest that you reference these, discover these, your historical reference work to this word and person, Metatron. Historically, Metatron has been identified with an Energy Director, and has been identified as another spiritual being of another order. So, there is a great deal of confusion among your people and in your literature about who Metatron is. For the record, I will present myself to you in this venue as Monjoronson, to avoid confusion.

Ritual, Rebellion

  • The practice of Satanic rituals on Urantia

MMc: Very good. Thank you. Are the mortals on this sphere that practice Satanic Rituals in danger of losing their eternal survival, or are they considered misguided and given mercy?

MONJORONSON: They are misguided. They will be given a chance to recant, or to adjust their points of view when they crossover. They will be given this chance unless they consciously and intentionally reject the potential possibility of God’s existence and Christ Michael’s existence of a saving grace that exists in the universe.

MMc: Thank you. Is the interest by some in the practice of Satanic rituals a direct result of Lucifer and Caligastia’s influence?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is a carryover of those practices and those presences, just as there continues to be those who still hail and respect and adore those miscreants such as Hitler and Stalin. There are individuals on your world who still hold Satan and Lucifer and his kind in high regard. This is total mischief and is no longer supported or encouraged or allowed to occur, except where individuals resist our influences.

Reflectivity, Fallibility

  • Reflectivity

MMc: How is it that Urantia mortals are now able to utilize the phenomenon of reflectivity?

MONJORONSON: Reflectivity is another TR process, [of] transmitting/receiving. There is a great deal of ideation that goes on in the mind of the mortal who acts as the receiver/transmitter. This has been called ‘reflectivity’; it is not truly reflectivity as we use it, or those in the morontial realm use it. We do not speak or work against the use of “reflectivity” as it assists individuals in having a much more palpable contact with the spiritual realm of light in the universe. If they want to call it ‘reflectivity’, they are most welcome to, though it does not exist for mortals as it exists for us, even those of the low morontial levels. We do not dispute this, and so we let it be. It does not connote any advantage or a special status for those who say they are ‘reflectivators.’ It is simply something that someone has called themselves. You can stand in the garden and call yourself a ‘rose,’ if you wanted to, and we would not dispute it.

MMc: I understand. I have some follow-up questions I think that… is reflectivity something that can only be used by those who are specially trained? In essence, is what you are telling me is reflectivity and TRing are the same thing?

MONJORONSON: Yes, as far as mortals are concerned, they are the same thing. The closest I can give you of an analogy of reflectivity is a holographic image, or a holographic dimensional space, that has all the elements of your reality in it, represented. In many ways it would remind you of being in the Star Trek Holodeck, where you are able to experience things that are not there physically, but there energetically, and are represented by images in your mind. For the reflectivator process, it is as though you were standing in front of a doorway to a large auditorium and you see that space in front of you. That auditorium can be as large as the largest auditorium you can think of, or it simply could be a small closet of space, wherever you need it to ‘see.’ You would be ‘not there’ in real time, but you would be observing in real time the actions that were occurring. In the reflectivator process, you can also dial back historically to events in the past, and events in the future. Events in the future are not so useful, as they are only probabilities of what will occur, and depend upon the decisions of those who affect the future outcomes.

MMc: Thank you very much. We were told that the reflectivators and reflectivity was a ‘perfect process,’ but it hasn’t proved to be that. Is this process as we know it, as failsafe as was originally expected?

MONJORONSON: No, the reflectivator process, as the mortals who say they engage it, is an ideal situation that they had hoped to achieve. It is in many ways wishing that you were a ‘rock star,’ who was very famous and popular and millions of people were in adulation for you and what you had achieved. Desired for outcomes have not been forthcoming; that is proof in itself that this is not a true reflectivator process that they are using.

MMc: Are there any circumstances under which the privilege or ability can be revoked?

MONJORONSON: The reflectivator process is one in which is granted to individuals—and when I say ‘individuals,’ this does not necessarily mean mortals. It could be the whole spectrum of beings who have access to that. The reflectivator process is very evolved; it is granted on a need to know basis, and is a privileged access, which is granted only to a few. The reflectivator process can cause tremendous confusion and difficulty, even when it is used appropriately by those individuals who are above the level of mortals. There is still much confusion in the minds of individuals, even to the point of their fusion, and having gone through all of the mansion educational worlds in Nebadon. You would be amazed at how people’s desires, their thoughts, their yearnings, can express themselves in these ways. All that exists, that you observe in the world, is affected by mind, and your mind is guided and upheld in what it sees, by your values, your desires, your fears, and your ego. Therefore, this reflectivator process is one which is usually reserved only for those who are created beings and who are near perfect.

  • The Master Spirits

MMc: Very good. Thank you. Are the Master Spirits speaking to humans on Urantia?

MONJORONSON: Yes, of course, to those who are prepared to receive this guidance.

MMc: Can you tell me which Master Spirits are speaking, please?

MONJORONSON: No. I will refrain from answering this question.

MMc: Is there another question that I might ask, so that I might get more information?

MONJORONSON: Perhaps so. You are ingenious; you just need to be benevolently devious.

Collective Intelligence

  • What is the ‘grid?

MMc: What is this thing or phenomenon that we are referring to as ‘the grid?’

MONJORONSON: The ‘grid’ is nothing more than human consciousness, the collective consciousness of humankind on your world. Even living people can be trapped in it, if they accept what is around them and hear, and accept what they hear. When people believe what is ‘out there,’ it is much like marketing: If you do not have a questioning mind, you can begin to believe that which is unreal, just as children believe that they can be Zorro, or Superman, or Batman, simply by putting on a cape and a helmet and a mask. These physical devisements are nothing more than expressions of their beliefs, and so the collective human consciousness on your world is in need of being changed, and yes, there are individuals who are captured in that, who remain in “the grid,” (I put that in quotes), because their beliefs hold them here. We have been teaching this one and others that beliefs are truly the ‘map’ that you take with you, after you die. Your ‘maps’ will lead you automatically to the light—or not. There are many who have been confused in their beliefs at the point of death, and so are still here. There are those who believe, but are unsure, and so they are the sleeping survivors. Does this help?


  • What is the relationship between the merkabah and the grid?

MMc: Yes, it does, thank you. Can you explain the relationship between merkabahs and this matrix of consciousness?

MONJORONSON: They are not related.

MMc: They are not related at all?

MONJORONSON: That is correct. The merkabah is energetic; it is an energetic construct that is devised and held in place by the intentions and dedication and consciousness of the participants who built it, and participated in its erection. The ‘grid,’ on the other hand is the collective consciousness of humanity, mostly the unconscious consciousness of humanity. The consciousness of individuals is usually expressed for individual purposes in their lives, whereas the collective consciousness—that is conscious individuals, such as those who are striving to clean the grid—are well-intentioned and purposeful and effective and needed. I hope consciousness, unconsciousness and conscious action is not confusing, though they are clear to us.

MMc: Yes, from my medical background, I have some conception of what you mean by the unconscious mind, as well as the conscious mind, so I am not completely confused. Was Lucifer able to corrupt this consciousness grid.


  • Lucifer’s corruption of the grid

MONJORONSON: Yes, of course, by his persuasiveness in changing the beliefs of those he spoke with. I am simply leading you into other questions, if you wish.

MMc: And was Lucifer able to encode the grid with fear, anger, jealousy, suspicion and aggression?

MONJORONSON: Everyone can encode the grid, simply by their beliefs and the dedication of their sincere energy in those beliefs. He would not have been effective had no one believed him.


  • Who or what are these captive souls?

MMc: Exactly. Who or what are these captive souls?

MONJORONSON: That is another word for saying ‘individuals who are in the borderland,’ those people who do not have an adequate map to either be sleeping survivors, or to crossover into the mansion world and the hereafter. Continue with your questions, please, you are doing well.

MMc: Thank you. Recent reports of mortals forbidden to move on, compelled by the dark grid, contradict the Urantia Papers: The third circle attainers on Urantia, go straight to mansonia, while others fall unconscious while waiting for the dispensation?

MONJORONSON: Please divide your long series of questions into individual questions.

MMc: Okay. Is it true that third circle attainers on Urantia go straight to mansonia?

MONJORONSON: This is correct.

MMc: Is it true that those that have not attained the third circle, fall unconscious, awaiting for the end of the dispensation?

MONJORONSON: They become sleeping survivors.

MMc: There seems to be a third group that is conscious and does not go on to mansonia. Can you explain more about that third group?

MONJORONSON: Yes, I have explained this in great detail in our previous Special Sessions. Roxanne can relate those Special Sessions to you.

[See: “Earthbound incarnate spirits,” Special Session #21, September 3, 2010.

MMc: Very good. Can you tell me the term that you used for those people, who are conscious and walking around, after they have died?

MONJORONSON: Let us simply use the phrase, ‘those in the borderland.’ It is a very neutral term and is not judgmental.

MMc: Okay, very good. Are any of those caught in the grid believers in God and Jesus?


MMc: So their faith protected them from the machinations of Lucifer?

MONJORONSON: Yes, their faith gave them a set of beliefs. Their faith was based on their beliefs, and this is the ‘map’ that helped them crossover or become sleeping survivors. The ones in the borderland are those without a map, they are wandering around. Your media have almost accurately described them as ‘zombies,’ in that they are only marginally awake enough to exist in that realm. They do truly need the assistance of conscious minds outside of the borderland, who are aware of their presence, to guide them to the light and encourage them to embrace the light and move towards it. You have been taught that human minds/brains only use approximately ten percent; those in the borderland use only two-tenths of one percent. They are barely conscious of their existence. That is why many of them remain in one location for centuries and are not aware of the passage of time. This is because there is no evidence in the borderland of growth, or development, or change. The only realm of change that occurs is in the mind of the individual in that state.

MMc: Did the grid hide rebel personalities, as well as captive souls until this year?

MONJORONSON: No, they were not hidden; we were aware of all the rebels.

MMc: I understand that all the rebels have been rounded up on Urantia, one way or another.

MONJORONSON: That is correct. That is a part, an aspect of the adjudication, and us confronting them—each one individually—with their state and status, and to move them through the adjudicatory process as well.

MMc: All the rebel personalities have been cleared from Urantia at this point in time?

MONJORONSON: That is correct.

MMc: Have all the captured souls been cleared from Urantia at this time?

MONJORONSON: No. By ‘captured souls,’ do you mean those in the borderland? (MMc: Yes.) No, they have not.

MMc: Since God is omniscient and Christ Michael is aware of every one of his children, I find it odd that it was not known, according to some documents, how many were caught in the nefarious grid. Can you explain why the exact numbers are unknown, and why their discovery seemed to be so recent?

MONJORONSON: We have known all along how many there have been, in the borderland. To assume that Christ Michael does not know his children, or how many are lost, as lost sheep from the pasture, from the fold, is quite absurd.


  • What is the ‘grid cleaning’ about?

MMc: I see. Okay. What is/was accomplished by the grid cleaning?

MONJORONSON: The ‘grid cleaning’ is an elevation of frequency of the collective human consciousness on your planet. This is no small project, and for it to become complete, it will require many more people. What has occurred, though, is that there has been a concerted, conscious effort of many people of the light around the world, to increase the vibration of the collective human consciousness, and this has been accomplished. Because of this accomplishment, your world is now moving more rapidly toward social, spiritual, mental and emotional change, and this will cause much more disruption in your world, yet it is moving towards stability. There must be much change and instability before long-term, sustainable stability can occur. As more individuals participate in the conscious cleansing of your world and the increasing of the elevation of vibration of your world, the sooner this will occur. What has occurred with those who are “cleaning the grid,” as you say (and put that in quotes,) is simply a rephrasing of what others have said in the past about improving/increasing the amount of light on this world, or increasing the vibration of this world. It is simply another iteration of the same phenomena, using different words to describe it.

Why were humans needed for the ‘grid cleaning’?

MMc: I see; thank you, thank you very much. Why are humans needed in this service? I wanted to ask you because there has been some indication of the need for humans to be involved with ‘grid cleaning,’ and [to] otherwise be involved in any of these co-creative plans that have been put forth. So, would you be willing to tell me why the humans would be needed in these co-creative endeavors?

MONJORONSON: I would be most happy to, and I will now provide that answer. It is for education. It is for the assistance of the God the Supreme, becoming more actualized, more experientially complete. The universe truly has no need for humans; there is no need for your presence in the universe, other than the expression of the experience of God, the First Source and Center, the Creator of all. Through the experience of each individual, the First Source and Center can experience Itself in the process of becoming perfect. God knows It is perfect; God knows It is All; God knows that It is One and Whole. But God does not have the experience of becoming Whole, Complete and Perfect. This process is very exciting to the Creator. God takes great joy in the co-creative, experiential participation with mortals in their conscious mind, as they engage the elements of difficulties in their world. Cleansing of the grid, the borderland, human collective consciousness on your world is an essential part of your experience.

What do you gain from this, Sir? Do you gain anything at all? Yes, surely you do, as this improves your education and your capacity to be a co-creator with God in the infinity of time as a Finaliter, who may in the eventuality of the Seventh Stage of Universe Completion, become also a Creator Son of your own local universe. Then, would this be of assistance to you? Most certainly. You agondonters of Urantia who experience this are co-creatively learning to become co-creators of divine developmental worlds and universes. This is an incredibly important part of the process. The Father of All is not so arrogant as to know that It is complete without humans, without the experience of Itself through the lives of individuals. It has broadcast Its seed to trillions of individuals, in the minds on billions upon billions of planets, throughout the universe. What you are seeing, co-creatively, is an expression of God, the First Source and Center, expressing Itself in the lives of individuals, and you should be learning a huge amount from this.

MMc: That was a wonderful answer to a question I almost didn’t ask.

MONJORONSON: I was glad that you did ask.

MMc: Was the grid corruption so great that the Universal Father decided to become involved?

MONJORONSON: (Laughing.) Even I do not know the answer to that, but I do feel his presence hereabouts.

MMc: Since Christ Michael is now a Master Son, how come he needed his Universal Father’s permission to purge the dark energy grid?

MONJORONSON: Although Christ Michael is a Sovereign Lord and Creator of Nebadon, he continues to recognize the First Source and Center as the Father of All. He, in doing so, recognizes the Sovereignty of God in all elements, to undo this, which was done by these individuals of wickedness and darkness. It is a moving ahead, with permission, not knowing that there may be some greater good that the First Source and Center desires in this development. Not knowing that, the Son does ask, though the Son does already have a 99.999999…% assurance of the right course of action, and there is no doubt in his mind, it is nonetheless wise and prudent to ask the Father for advice and concurrence.

MMc: I think that’s the same answer I came up with. Thank you, Sir. (MONJORONSON: You are welcome.) Could Michael also perform this same procedure by fiat?

MONJORONSON: Yes, he could have, but he did not, did he?


  • Was Lucifer able to create beings?

MMc: No, he didn’t. Was Lucifer able to create beings, overlords and a new type of human design to be eternalized by reincarnation?

MONJORONSON: Only through the manipulation of the work of the Life Carriers, who crossed over to his malevolent side. (MMc: I’m sorry?) Only through his influence upon Life Carriers in the laboratory of life, working on this world. He was not permitted to participate in the Life Carriers home planet laboratories, but he had his own experiments here on this planet, and was in the process of doing exactly that, which you have said.

MMc: Are these created beings, therefore soul-less?

MONJORONSON: He was in the process; these were not created; these were not completed. Soul-less individuals cannot cross over to the mansion worlds. Any beings that were created that were soul-less upon this planet have long since died.

  • Monjoronson’s incarnation

MMc: Please clarify the statement from Document I, in Monjoronson’s appearance “as a babe or as a child of Michael’s doing”? You have always stated in the past that you would come as an adult male of stature and power. Has this changed?

MONJORONSON: I have not changed my mind and my original statements hold true.

  • Urantia as an architectural sphere?

MMc: Document I, the Planetary Supreme stated that Urantia was reassigned as an architectural sphere, as of September 2011. What does this entail?

MONJORONSON: Premature statements.

MMc: Premature statements by current mortals?

MONJORONSON: Yes, mortals tend to leap to conclusions and then state them as facts. Even young, immature morontians do not make such a mistake. They can surmise, they can conjecture, they can contrive all sorts of ideas, but to state them as real is an incredible error, one of immense immaturity.

  • Speaking directly with Monjoronson

MMc: I have another question for you, Sir. At the end of Document I, it says “until this evening, it was my staff who accommodated your interviews with me.” What does this mean? Have we not talked with you directly since 2004? And is it not your energy signature that we have come to know?

MONJORONSON: Yes, you have been talking with me directly.

MMc: Your energy signature seems to come through very well, but I know that even in reading the transcripts, I can recognize that it’s you, and I think that I am supposed to be able to do that.

MONJORONSON: Yes, you have a clear mind; you have a good education; you are a very appropriate individual for the development of our work at this point, as are all of you. It has been important to establish a consistent delivery that has integrity, that there are no aberrations in the first elements, as this provides us with a referent for you to judge and estimate the content that comes in later, weeks, months and years. You are seeing the benefit of that now, as you see the influence of other mortal minds in my delivery. I am not saying that I have not been with those individuals, but their beliefs, their ideas, their wishes, their hopes, their dreams, often affects the message that comes through. We need clear minds, as yours and Roxanne’s, and the openness of the forum that this one provides for me to speak clearly. There is no need for drama or dramatics or exciting or surprising announcements from me, as you are finding that the simple questions that you ask provide quite a broadening of your awareness of my existence and your existence, and your relationship with us and with the divine. I appreciate this discerning mind that you have, and which you use and its facility to engage these topics. Thank you.

MMc: Just a few more questions for you.

MONJORONSON: Certainly, I am open for them. We could continue for years, if you wish, though I might wear ‘this one’ out.

  • Use of symbols for the incarnation

MMc: I understand your symbol of the lamb, the colors dark green and white, but ‘corkscrews’? Would you care to comment on this.

MONJORONSON: I have no comments regarding ‘corkscrews,’ or lambs, or green and white. I prefer not to engage in symbolism at this time in my career. There will be plenty of that after I incarnate on your world. It is my wish and the wish of my staff that you not objectify my presence, and that as little as possible becomes objectified about me. It is not about ‘me’; it is about Christ Michael; it is about you and it is about your Thought Adjuster and the First Source and Center. That is most important. It is far, far too early to begin designing those symbols of ritual and of ceremony, and of office, and of institution at this point in my career on Urantia. It is misleading to mortals and to approve of that would allow mortals to mislead themselves with my approval, and I do not approve!

MMc: Thank you very much. Would you like to add anything we have failed to ask that is important?

MONJORONSON: You are doing very well. I wish you to continue as you have been doing. If I have something that needs to be said, I will say so in light of your questions, similarly as I did a few moments ago when you asked about the need for human co-creative participation.

  • Using this venue effectively

MMc: As the moderator of this venue, I am charged with the way it is conducted. Would you make some suggestions of things I might do, or include to decrease the confusion of our audience? If there is anything we can do to make this venue better or more productive, would you please tell us?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to. As you know, this is a private session and you are privy to the elements of discussion. By the answers I have given, you now have many more resources in reserve, as you discuss these similar topics with those who are not privy to this conversation, and these topics. Your influence can be hugely instrumental in those venues outside of this privileged conversation we are having, as to offer others, other ways of thinking about the topics that they are discussing. I give you one example, which you can expand easily to at least a dozen or more. That is the thoughts of me coming to this world as a babe. The discerning mind would say, “Has Monjoronson changed his mind as to how he would come to this world? And have the Ancients of Days as well, changed their minds about how he will come here to this world? And if so, what advantages would that serve? Or is this simply conflicting information, a desired for wish to reincarnate a Divine individual, similarly as Christ Michael did, and create a new Savior complex in the world?” So you see, using a discerning mind with the historical references that we have established in the years heretofore, provides discerning minds with plenty to discuss in dealing with new information that is conflicting.

Your use as a moderator is important in this venue as a point of education for you. You now are a part of several venues, related to my work, and it is important that you have a solid foundation of what is and what is not, what is hoped for and what is wished for, what is desired and what is not. Your openness to receive guidance during this session by your question you just asked is very important to us and to me. We will therefore be far more open to apply changes in direction and guidance to you in this format.

We, Spirit in general, are very passive, we are neither dictatorial nor demanding of conformance to what we think is right and more effective. We wait for mortals to enter into that passive, humble, benign state where they are open for guidance and ask for it. Then we will come forward. Until then, you are on your own, using your own directions and guidance and instructions that you have devised yourself. We applaud you, Michael McCray, for asking this question, as it is one of the most important questions that you ask in every spiritual venue that you enter into in this lifetime and all future lifetimes of your infinite existence. So we salute you, Sir, and thank you for your question.

MMc: Thank you, very much!

  • Separating private versus public sections for publication

This session was to be conducted privately, off the record, but is there any part of it you would like us to make public?

MONJORONSON: There are segments of this, which are highly beneficial. Almost all the topics that are not controversial or not in conflict with prior sessions has already been stated in the past, though you are most welcome to publish those sections which are not controversial. What I mean by controversial is any statements that I make in this session, which are in conflict with supposed statements I have made in other transmissions, through other transmitters. While it is not our intent to create confusion upon confusion, we therefore withdraw from being in contention and let those mortals who raised those contentious issues, ask a similar question for guidance and clarity in their transmissions, particularly when they become aware that they are in conflict with prior statements that I have made in years past. To answer your question simply, you are welcome to publish anything that is not existent in conflict. Thank you.

MMc: Thank you, Sir. Well, thank you, Monjoronson, for your wisdom, your frankness and your patience. Know that we love you and support your mission, and my personal thanks for your appearance today and for being so frank in answering questions. These are all the questions that I have prepared for you today.

MONJORONSON: Oh, is that all? I thought you were going to offer me a real challenge! [Daniel: He says that tongue-in-cheek.]

MMc: I’m afraid the challenge is mine. The situation is that the answers to the questions that I have now are going to cause me to think of that much more that will be forthcoming.

MONJORONSON: Excellent! Excellent! I wish to state for you now that it is truly a desired development that has occurred today, by offering the future readers and listeners of this material, a consistent and accurate reflection of this work. Oftentimes there is not the opportunity to offer a more accurate version of what others have received, or think they have received, and then they are led to believe that by their own thinking, that they are accurate. There will become a time in the future, which you will recognize, where it will be necessary to reveal this transcript that we are making today. It is important that there be consistency, lack of conflict, the development of integrity in all that we do. Authenticity is hard to come by, and therefore it is important that authentic, consistent, truths which hold integrity be revealed in a timely manner. We foresee this in the future; we do not make that date available to you at this time, but it will be revealed through your Thought Adjusters with you at a time in the future when you perceive it is necessary to reveal it. Do you understand? (MMc: I understand, yes.) (R: Yes.) Thank you, both of you, for answering. Do you personally have any questions to ask of me, Michael?

MMc: No, I don’t have any personal questions. I asked the personal questions last Friday. (Pause.) No, I don’t; not at this time, Monjoronson. Thank you very much for asking.

MONJORONSON: Roxanne, this is Monjoronson. I wish you to denote Michael McCray’s initials as “MMc” in the transcripts, please. (R: All right.) Does this conclude our session today? Are we in agreement with that?

R: Yes, and I want to thank you personally because I learned sooo much today! It has greatly eased my mind about several things.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome, and I invite you, my staff invites you to call again on a 1:1, candid, closed session private session, whenever you wish. It is important that we begin to publish these special sessions, and I recommend to you that you edit this session, for the total content will be private, but you are welcome to—and I encourage you—to publish that which is useful to everyone, that is not controversial, to establish that we are back on line and that we are beginning to generate material for our readership. (R: Very good. Thank you.) We wish therefore, not to go off line, as we have for the last seven or eight months, as this creates a vacuum where others try to fill with other material. You have seen how this has led to great difficulty and not the consistency of the message that I have been providing.

Now, I end my presence to you. My personal touch upon your third eye, your mind. I am with you now, dear ones, touching you to the quick, to the core, to the heart, to the soul of you so that my embrace, my presence will remain with you, very similarly as the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Truth is with you. You know me whether you read my words, or hear me speak to you. You know who I am; you have been with me, and I have been with you. Blessings to you, dear ones, as you go about your day in the weeks ahead. God is blessing you as God blesses me—we are One in the Blessing of All. Good day.


Now, I end my presence to you with my personal touch upon your third eye, your mind. I am with you now, dear ones, touching you to the quick, to the core, to the heart, to the soul of you so that my embrace, my presence will remain with you, very similarly as the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Truth is with you. You know me whether you read my words, or hear me speak to you. You know who I am; you have been with me, and I have been with you. Blessings to you, dear ones, as you go about your day in the weeks ahead. God is blessing you as God blesses me—we are One in the Blessing of All. Good day.