2011-10-30-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, this is your Father Michael. There is a large TRUTH living inside your beings waiting to express itself. Sometimes it may seem to you that your heart will burst. This is TRUTH wanting to LIVE, and only you can make it real by bringing this into the world. Sometimes it will feel painful if you express it, but that is only a momentary impression as you are birthing a new reality that is original and uniquely yours, and it must pass through a portal of error in order for it to truly radiate to the world.

This is your SOUL, my beloveds, and this is what your world now needs…to see awakened SOULS aligned in the WILL OF GOD alive walking on earth. This is what I did as your brother Jesus. I prepared the way for you to express CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS in all you think, feel and do, and it comes from truly living from and in your heart, where the seeds of your true self have been sewn and taken root.

However, you do not become SOUL all at once. You take steps each day to demonstrate the beauty within. You radiate your true self moment by moment, learning to subjugate the errors of thinking in states of fear or anger, intolerance and judgment to those of the LIVING TRUTH within you. Here is where I meet you and help you reach for those spiritual ideals that ennoble human life. Ask me to help you access CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, and allow me to provide you those opportunities where you get to practice, practice, practice this each day. Rejoice in what you experience as the rough edges of your animal nature are honed to reveal the beauty and majesty of YOU! Be in my peace.