2011-12-02-Ascension and Manifestation

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Topic: Ascension and Manifestation

Group: Universal Service of Light


Teacher: Monlucia

TR: Michael Xavier



Michael Xavier: Thank you Mother and Father and great Paradise Father for encircuiting us tonight with your spirit with all of our celestial helpers and guides as we look intrinsically to you for that great truth to come through to illuminate our hearts and souls as we go about the business of the Paradise Father in whatever way we can to bring about a greater revelation of you in our lives.

As we get encircuited here - I hand this over to spirit – Thank you

The Magisterial Son – Good evening all of you, this is your Magisterial Son. Most of you know me by the name of Monjoronson.


Ascension, Inner Life

I welcome you all tonight to this platform of information. There are a few things that we will be touching on as encircuit with your heart and your minds – a greater imprinting of ASCENSION AWARENESS and just what I am here to do, and my staff is here to do, to bring about a greater revelation of not only Christ Michael of Nebadon but also of the Paradise Father that dwells within each one of you.

Each one of you may experience me in a different way – but the beautiful thing about experiencing any spiritual moment or spiritual being is that you remain open and receptive to the direction of spirit leading and guidance to lead you to a greater revelation of truth.

Truth will always rein SUPREME amidst error and illusion and delusion.

So many on this sphere are looking outwardly for a great incarnation or a savior to manifest in their third dimensional realities – but I ask you… Where is the kingdom of God?

Is it in your third dimensional reality?

I ask you to look outside of yourself and tell me what you see.

If you do not embody the kingdom of heaven within yourself… how can you see it outwardly?

So what am I here to do, and what is my job as far as being the celestial in charge of a dispensation?

I come to those who cannot hold the Christ consciousness within themselves.

There is no judgment in Christ Consciousness, so when you can embody a greater level and realization that God is intrinsically within you – and hold this great supernal truth within yourself without judgment – without fear – without condemnation of yourself of another personality – without all of the things that have manifested so prevalently in the collective consciousness – then and only then can you realize that the kingdom of God is within you.


In previous calls that have been brought forth on this particular circuit that has been built – many of you have had the information in regards to the grid cleansing brought into your awareness.

We will expand on this a bit to explain to exactly what this is now.

Each one of you experience God in a different way.

He is no respecter of persons, but He will give give you all that you ask for and more, without judgment, illusion or delusion.

So as you hold the greater light vibration within yourself, you become a clear conduit channel, then you are able to cleanse your own grid (Your own consciousness) from all judgment and all of those things not in line with Christ – that cannot exist in Christ.

That cannot exist because they are an illusion – they are not real.

So as the grid or consciousness has been cleansed on this circuit great awareness’s have been brought into being, through not only METATRON, but the system circuits of Orvonton – but essentially where it led to in the end was to the chief adjuster of Nebadon Sananda.

Incarnation, Manifestation

Outwardly you were able to see a circuit being built through an ASCENSION PROCESS not only on a global and universal scale, but this can be reflective of your own self.

So listen to my voice when I say to you –

Not until many many children come in line with the Christ consciousness and a higher God consciousness will you see me manifest in a third dimensional reality.

The liaison force directors and spiritual directors on high, especially from Paradise, descend and meet you “halfway” much as your adjuster meets you halfway.

You reach up to that in which you want: greater understanding and truth of supernal – beautiful and divine goodness – yet you must come to an eventual realization that you cannot reach and attain these things if you have judgment or if you have fear in your consciousness.

So we help you remove these things along with the many celestial guides and helpers that you have.

As you reach further and further up to the divine light of the Paradise Father, we reach down to you.

This call implemented has been an exercise outwardly through a personality to bring a greater awareness of the ASCENSION PROCESS that you all experience differently.

Each one of you will experience this differently, but no one is right and no one is wrong, it simply just is.

I thank you for receiving me tonight and being on this circuit and for being a part of the Universal Service of Light.

From now on any of the calls that we have implemented this on this circuit, now that it has been built and the pathways has been paved to the adjuster of the universe will no longer be necessary.

This was an experiential process and an outward manifestation of spiritual energies to show a pathway to an ascension process.


We thank you for all being involved with this process and bid you a goodnight.