2011-12-24-Christmas Message

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Topic: Christmas Message

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My beloved children, this is your Father Michael. During this Christmas season when you remember me and my life lived upon this world, also remember your humanity is a great gift. The Creator Father, in his glory and design, crafted you to be His shining works of art. It was my delight to live the human life to the fullest expression of His plans, and you too have that same destiny if you truly desire and strive.

The ways of Father are so far encompassing that your path will take you into unique situations to give you many options of expressing yourselves. And while living on this world is very challenging and rugged, you are amassing a great wealth of experience and knowledge that will serve you well throughout your long sojourn into the center of creation. You have all that you need to make this journey within your hearts, and I am here to guide your paths, offering counsel and support as you walk step by step and demonstrate to the best of your ability what Father wishes to convey. I learned to do this with the fullness of my desires and will, and I paved the way for others to follow should their hearts’ long for this level of spiritual attainment.

So, my children, celebrate with me your own centers of the Christ consciousness you have developed, for here is where you and I meet to conjoin in that joyful union of Father and child, where we bring LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, JOY, HOPE and MERCY to this beautiful world. Let us truly revel in the glory that humanity can achieve in and through our Father in Paradise. Allow yourselves to go deeper into your humanity to see what beauty you can craft from this rough human existence, and I will be there with you to escort you to bring the best of you forward for the world to see. Remember me as Jesus and how I lived, that you too may be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD in your particular corner. Be in my PEACE.