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Topic: Celestial Update

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator: Michael McCray


Prayer: Dear Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, Urantia, we come to you today in earnest quest for the truth. We ask that we may interview the Magisterial Son. Thank you very much for your indulgence.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson.

Group greets him warmly and welcomes him.

Magisterial Mission, Change

  • Celestial update on our world

MONJORONSON: Thank you. Many of you are aware of the changes that are occurring in your world and how that world development affects your personal lives. It is important that you be able to grasp the larger perspective and see how it applies to your life and to your family and to where you live, your locale. This will give you a much more even and steady perspective of our work, and how your world is changing. It is changing from our influence. If, however, you see your personal situation and project that to the world, then you have a much different perspective, one that only reflects your life. We, however, would urge you to take the larger perspective of your world and its development, to give your life relevance and importance where you are, and to adjudge and estimate your situation more accurately.

We have been very steady in our application. When we began this concerted effort over 25 years ago, we came here to establish the long-term foundations that would last — those immovable, unshakable qualities of life and living in personal behavior in the followers that would assure [in the] future a steady and steadfast, persevering following. This is essential to our work. It is to your credit that this core group, now of several million, has created a major improvement in the planetary consciousness, the racial consciousness of your world. There are some of you who are so persevering that there is no going back, there is no wavering, there is no deliberation about what you are doing. You are fully dedicated, yet every day you make that decision and you know it is the right decision, and you renew that decision between yourself, your Thought Adjuster, God and Christ Michael. You are making a difference!

We now have plotted the developments in the years ahead. We feel fairly confident of our projections to approximately 14 years into the future based on the developments that are at hand. There are some pivotal events, which will occur in the next 2-6 years that will make a huge difference upon that longer projection. It could be 14 years, it could be 18 years, but these changes will take place simply because there is a universal need among all people to become who they are supposed to be, who they are meant to be, and to unlock and develop the God potential in themselves, in co-creative unison with their Thought Adjuster and their Guardian Angel and their Celestial Teacher. You are living in a world on the brink of tremendous social change, not only in this nation, but around the world. This is an era of immense precipitation, a condensing, a re-unification of the bonds of social existence that lasts forever that will give longevity to our efforts.

What you do now is of tremendous importance: how you think, how you judge, how you estimate, how you opinionate, how you treat yourself and how you think about yourself—these are important factors, which influence the course of your world. You—each one of you—has a tremendous amount of leverage to change the consciousness of your world. Some of you are practicing this every day quite powerfully, and you are being effective. Some of you, not so much, and we urge you to reframe your efforts in importance as though you were the only person in the world who could influence the rest of humanity. I appreciate your efforts; there are so much more—many more of you working in unison and harmony than there were before—you see your efforts as disparate and separate, even quite different, yet we see them as working towards similar ends, and we thank you.

MMc: Thank you. How encouraging!

MONJORONSON: I am ready for questions if you have any.



  • When Monjoronson comes, look busy?

MMc: Yes, we have a few questions from our audience. A friend asks, “A practical point of view, what should we do differently if a Magisterial Son is coming?”

MONJORONSON: The answer is quite simple: Begin living your life now as though this individual had come into your house and was staying with you. How would you conduct yourself? Would you be superficial? Would you be false? Would you be putting on a pretense, or would you be genuine, authentic and real? Remember, the Magisterial Son will be able to see through you completely, even before you open your mouth to say hello. The authenticity of your life and living in parallel to the wishes and desire and Will of God is of foremost importance. Prepare for that day, by making wise decisions now.


  • Celestial help after the Adamic default

MMc: The Urantia Book says that the Adamic default was disastrous in that it deprived the races of a superior type of physical nature, which would have been more consonant with spiritual aspirations. Do you think that we will ever get some celestial help in this department?

MONJORONSON: It has already begun.

MMc: Can you be more specific?

MONJORONSON: Yes. There has begun an effort to uplift the generations of humanity through the bringing together of those individuals, those not only of superior intelligence, but superior moral character, those whose heredity is conducive to the generation of a more evolved next generation. These are arranged through influence of the mind of young people and those who are of procreative qualities, who are urged to change locations in their life, perhaps, and to meet others and to see within others an affinity that they might have the option of raising children with this person. Always there is the freedom to make completely free and open choices, as the individuals wish. There is no coercion; there is no manipulation on our part other than giving these individuals choices for who they are attracted to. This is an important factor in improving the racial qualities of humanity, in all countries around the world.

You are seeing, however, that where children are born and raised in environments, which are conducive to growth, maturity and moral fortitude and spiritual development, are engaging those fields positively and even aggressively. You have seen children less than 5 years old, who seem to have a predilection to that which is of higher mind. They are even advising their parents at an early age of 3 and 4. This is part of our intentional work to improve the genetics of humanity based on the vast resources within the gene pool of your world. That gene pool does not have that same capacity for development and evolution without more of the Adamic blood stream in it, but we are progressing quite well. There are other efforts, which we are applying to your sciences to assist, eventually, in the improvement of the gene code of individuals who have high capacity for growth in these areas, but who are debilitated physically. There is much that we have begun and are doing now, and will do in the future.


  • What is meant by “consciousness of existence?”

MMc: When you stated that these beings in the borderland have never been conscious of their existence, what did you mean exactly?

MONJORONSON: It meant that these individuals were not conscious of their existence enough to see that they had a choice in the course of their life. Many people of your world are born in coercive, obligatory caste societies and those who are obligated from parental obligations and so on, to put their head down and do what they are told. They never developed the awareness within themselves that they had the God-given capacity to make a decision and say, “No, I am not doing that. I am choosing my own route.” These individuals who did not have the awareness to make that choice are many of the individuals in the borderland.

MMc: I see. So this has happened because most non-believers believed that when the body dies, they die, and therefore, they no longer exist as a living being, so that when they die, they find themselves alive, but they don’t know what to do, and they don’t have the mental facilities at that time to figure it out?

MONJORONSON: Yes, you have grasped this completely.


  • The souls of those in the borderland

MMc: Are they in possession of their souls, or would their souls be in the safe-keeping of their guardian angels?

MONJORONSON: Their souls are in the safe-keeping of their guardians. You must realize, however, that an individual who has not the awareness or consciousness of self-direction and choice in life, and who also does not have the awareness that God is real and that there is a real afterlife, would oftentimes, not have made those moral and ethical decisions and decisions of service that would contribute to the filling of their soul. To make those decisions requires a mind that is aware of higher purpose, higher mind, that there is a relationship between individuals morally, and that there is a relationship between themselves, others and God. To make moral and ethical decisions with those considerations means that they are self-aware, that they understand that they are making decisions that contribute to the afterlife. In the case you just mentioned, this does not occur.

MMc: I see. Thank you.


  • The effect of higher vibrational energies on the individual

Another of our audience asks, “Do individuals ascending into higher vibrational energies or dimensions sometimes experience changes in their sleeping patterns, stress, aches and pains, feelings of isolation and even bouts of depression?

MONJORONSON: The question is so broad in its expanse, as not to allow me to render an intelligible answer. Let me answer it this way: That spiritual growth does create a change in the physiology of an individual. They become more receptive to the energies and vibrations that are around them, particularly if they live close to or in conscious contact with a merkabah. What is important for these individuals is that they recognize this and then make a choice to direct those energies for the improvement of their body functions, not to stand by listlessly as victims. This is not a victim-oriented process; this is an empowering process where you become aware of your circumstances and then direct the energies of the universe to behave in the way which would contribute to your physical, social, emotional, psychological and intellectual growth and development. There is no need to suffer with the shakes and shivers, aches and pains in bed, getting sleepless nights, but to release your body’s tensions to spirit, to your guardian, for safe-keeping and for the infilling of energy, which brings all your energy systems in your body and mind mechanism into alignment. Does this help?

MMc: I hope so, yes. I’ll think now about my own aches and pains and see if I can do something about them by giving them away to spirit. Thank you.


  • Visibly seeing celestial beings

A young lady asks, “In the last few days, a TR in Central America received information about Monjoronson and staff being willing to make themselves visible in the future to groups and individuals that are spiritually prepared to see them, for the purpose of providing information straight from the source. Will Monjoronson or his staff be making themselves visible for this purpose?”

MONJORONSON: Yes. As I said earlier, these events will occur over approximately the next 50 years. It could be 49 years and 6 months from now that one of us would appear, but all great events of arrivals of spiritual beings of high station in the universe are always preceded by a “front group,” or an “advance group” who prepares the way. Remember how the angels spoke to Mary and spoke to her cousin, Elizabeth? These are advance preparations for the arrival of someone of importance. This will be done in time and in circumstances and situations where it is needed and appropriate.

This is not for entertainment; it is not in response to people’s rituals or ceremonies, or penance or any such behaviors. It is simply the work that we need to do in preparation for my arrival. My staff will be making appearances in time and in circumstances and in locations in preparation for my arrival in physical form. Much care will be given to this, and it will be done with great discernment and evaluation of the circumstances before any arrival of even one of my higher staff. You can count on us preparing the way, to ensure that my arrival is accepted and is not objectionable, and also does not cause tremendous awe and immobilization of the minds and hearts of the individuals to whom we present ourselves. This is not a situation of being worthy or deserving, but of being in alignment with our thinking.

Mary was very sincere, honest, authentic and genuine and a student and servant of God, as was Elizabeth. Our members have made themselves known to humanity in their presence, so that the mortal individuals could see them and converse with them, for thousands and thousands of years. This is simply a place where we come to be of service, to the upliftment of humanity. There is virtually nothing you can do to prepare for our appearance. However, you can do much preparation by who you are and who you “be,” so to speak. It is not a matter of “doing” but of “being.” The closer you approximate authentically and genuinely the “I AM” of the God-presence within you, the more surely you will be an acceptable individual to receive us without being overly influenced in awe and petrified or catatonic. This would be of no use to us, if that were the case.


  • The role of sustainability in the U.S. Educational system

MMc: Our educational system is broken. We are in dire need of change and cities are sharply divided between the expectations of the populace in general and what parents, educators and employers see as what is needed. Some of the celestial teachers have talked about advanced worlds where education is the responsibility of the parents. On at least some of these worlds, children are educated in home schooling. At present, only a small percentage of children here are home schooled. Our populace in general is not educated enough to teach all subjects that need to be taught. Additionally, children are raised in single-parent homes, or where both parents work, having no access to home-schooling. What do you see for Urantia’s progressive future in education?

MONJORONSON: The one missing element in all realms of your education, particularly in commercialized, developed nations is that there is not one unifying purpose or goal for education, either for the individual, for the family, society or for your nation or civilization. If there is no focalizing element or goal to strive toward, then the energies are diverted into extraneous and unimportant areas. It is important that your educational system and all social service organizations—governmental or private—have a focalizing goal to bring their energies upon. Without this, your world will continue to be fractured, unproductive and even decline in its capacity and capability to become sustainable. The heart of the focus that we are striving to give to your world now is to bring a long-term goal of social sustainability to all social organizations, to the policy development of any social organization, small or large. This can be done within a family, within a community, a school district, or any other body of people. It is a matter of becoming aware of that and making that choice. In the end, there will be no rationality for not choosing sustainability. For not choosing that means that you are living a life that will come into termination early and without productivity. It is not a life or death situation, but it is a situation where the decline of a nation and civilization can be forestalled, and eventually could be turned around, but that would require the focused energies of all parties and positions and interests to look towards one goal and align themselves and make the necessary compromises to move in that direction.

MMc: Would a reasonable goal be producing a functional member of society?

MONJORONSON: Yes, but that is only one part. The individual is also a social being; you must have sustainable social processes that contribute to and support the sustainable individual.

  • The endemic “me-ism” is highly detrimental to social structure

MMc: So, we need to think of a goal in larger terms of the sustainability of the individual within society?

MONJORONSON: Yes. You do have sustainable individuals now, but they are in the main very selfish. This “me-ism” that is endemic to western cultures is highly detrimental to the social structure of your societies and to its maintenance and to its sustainability, and is actually evidence of the decline of social sustainability.


  • The responsibilities of parents

MMc: I see. Another problem with our schools is that children are not taught how to behave in school, how to sit quietly and pay attention, how to treat teachers and other students respect and so forth. The parents have trouble with discipline at home as well, with these same students. Home schooling will not work if the parents have lost control. Do you have any suggestions for these parents and teachers?

MONJORONSON: Yes. This follows along with social sustainability efforts which begin before procreation. Procreation will become an honor; it will become a privilege; it will become an honor-award of individuals who are seen as contributing to the sustainability of their society. Choosing to have children in a responsible society that has chosen social sustainability requires those parents-to-be to become responsible parents and responsible to teach and train their child to become socially malleable, to become socially amenable to group settings and to respect their place in groups where there is an authority figure—not just an authority figure, but a parental figure for a group. Parents will need to be trained how to do this. This will be most difficult in the first generations when a society chooses to move toward social sustainability because of the tremendous selfishness of individuals in your societies to have their own way, as they choose, when they choose. Creating a cultural initiative to change this is no small project, as you can imagine, and this is what we have begun to set the foundations for this and we will bring this into being, co-creatively with you, and with your communities.

MMc: Sitting quietly and paying attention seems to be the antithesis of young children. Perhaps some of the problems we have with discipline in the very young are caused by our not structuring the school space and activities so they blend with the developmental level of the child. Would you like to comment on this?

MONJORONSON: Again, it begins at the home. When the child is not prepared at home for the social environment of the school, then the efforts of the school will not be sufficient to bring the child to attention, even in a more compliant social environment. We fully acknowledge and appreciate the activity of small children and of older children to be busy and to bounce around. There are ways to lessen this by having them focus their energies upon a task, with their hands and their minds, to accomplish something that is in agreement with their capacities at that time and that developmental stage. Paying attention is something that is learned early at home. Parents need to have these skills in mind before hand, and before the child goes to school, and to teach that child those skills and to instill in them the capacity to carry that forward into social settings of the classroom.


  • Passing children in grade level based on chronological age

MMc: Certainly children are passed along to the next grade level with their classmates of the same chronological age, regardless of whether they have mastered the material or not. They say this lessens the psychological pain of being kept back. Is this a wise plan?

MONJORONSON: Passing everyone along at the same age is illogical and irrational in most cases. I will give you a parallel, which in some cases you can appreciate, or perhaps not. Coffee country’s hand-picked coffees are the most cherished and provide premium qualities of coffee, whereas in other mass-produced pickings they use machines to shake all the berries from the tree, whether they are mature or immature and received and processed together. The young berries are bitter and the older ones are robust in their flavor, after they are processed. To process human beings, children, in the same way as you mass-produce coffee beans is ludicrous, it devalues the individual for who they are. It simply quantifies the individuals as just another object within the same parameters, which are very, very broad, and oftentimes children have exceptional cases of intelligence—or lack thereof—to be developed appropriately.

It is a huge waste of human resources, both in spirit, emotions, social qualities and intellect, to move children en masse from one grade to another. It does a huge disservice to the individual, creates great emotional damage to many children and rewards those who should not be rewarded so highly in comparison to the children with lesser capabilities. Only the children of a far extreme capacity, those who are brilliant, or those who are so incapacitated they cannot participate, are given special attention. In the future, and already in some cases children are progressed in their academic pursuits according to their abilities and capacities to demonstrate worthiness of progressing to the next stage, and this is how it will be in the future and must be. The educational system you have now is grossly unsustainable, and in fact, produces inferior individuals to such a large extent that they become a drain upon the capabilities of a growing society to become more productive and grow.

MMc: Some fault our educational system because all students are created the same by age, rather than as individuals of varied talents. Parents want better opportunities for their children, such as are offered in charter schools, magnet schools or the International Baccalaureate programs. The populace will not fund them without a big fight. It seems that individual equality is the issue here. Would you like to comment?

  • Lack of focus on meeting children’s highest potentials

MONJORONSON: Yes. Again, there is a lack of focus in your educational system to develop excellence and to assist those brilliant individuals who are in school but not visible, and who are not moved along with those who are of excellent or superior intelligence and capability. Your system is broken as is evidenced by these other programs, which provide quality education environments. The public educational system is mediocre at best, and inferior in most cases, for the development of capable individuals of average intelligence, who will become the workers and builders of your societies. The issue of money is a focus, but it is the wrong focus.

The important focus is that of sustainability, that the development of a small percentage of your population become excellent citizens and contributors to your society is being outweighed by a far, far larger percentage of individuals, who are not of that caliber of training, or are unprepared to participate selflessly, altruistically, morally and ethically in the larger society. You are seeing a faltering in your society as a whole because of this. This is not a simple one-issue problem—it is manifold and is extensive throughout your society. It would be the best to identify children of average and superior intelligence and capability early in their lives, and to mainstream them to higher quality training that can unlock and develop their skills.

For those who do not have that capability or capacity, they too, nonetheless, must have their potential expressed and fulfilled, if possible. Everyone is worthy of developing the potential that is within them, in a society that is moving toward sustainability. As you know, we are having a difficult time moving your societies in this direction, simply because the populations are so large as to be intractable in their positions, and so selfish and self-centered in their orientations, as to not see the larger picture and to focus on that, and to the long perspective of social sustainability.

  • Preparation of teachers

MMc: Recently, there was a documentary on TV comparing our educational system to that of Finland and South Korea. We fail miserably in comparison. For example, the teachers in Finland must have a master’s degree in order to teach at any level, including preschool and kindergarten. American teachers often graduate in the lower 1/3 of their college classes, and very few have advanced degrees, unless they aspire to administrative positions. Would you care to comment on this?

MONJORONSON: The evidence speaks for itself and I need not comment on it.

MMc: In Finland, the teachers have more autonomy, as there are no standardized tests. They have general guidelines of what to teach, but are free to deviate and concentrate on how learning is done with each student, such as using creativity to pique the interest of their students, using learning techniques that work best for each student. Are American teachers and schools ready for this kind of freedom?

MONJORONSON: No, they are not. They are not prepared and they have not been trained to accept this responsibility. What you are seeing are the vast differences between a “quality, value based” educational system and the American “quantity, object based” system of education. The student and the teachers are still seen as objects to be pushed through the same die, so to speak, to be made similarly as others, and there is no appreciation for adding value and quality to the minds of the teachers or the children. The creative environment offers the greatest amount of responsibility on the part of the teacher, to engage the minds of the students. The students have the freedom to express themselves within this environment. You are not talking about two different varieties of apples, you are talking about carrots and apples—they are vastly different. It is not a matter of what is in the child or in the teachers, but how they have been addressed to develop their innate capacities. The system of education is not “broken” in America, it is simply not functional.

MMc: I agree. It needs to be looked at in a completely different way.


  • The role of learning foreign languages in educational system

Do you see it as a fault of our schools that our children are not taught foreign languages in elementary school when their minds are most open to learning language? Is the world becoming bilingual with enough speakers that in our near future being bilingual or trilingual will not be necessary for our Americans?

MONJORONSON: You are working on two different questions, Michael.

MMc: Yes, I understand. Let me ask the first one. Do you see it as a fault of our schools that our children are not taught foreign languages in elementary school when their minds are most open to learning language?

MONJORONSON: To answer that would say that the schools are responsible. It would be a very narrow-minded way of estimating and viewing education in a larger society. Society reflects itself in its schools and the schools in the image of society. Americans tend to be dominant and narrow-minded as far as languages are concerned in the main, and do not see other languages as necessary. Yet in a more integrated society, one is more expansive and recognizes the value of other cultures and languages. These are taught side-by-side during those eras of development in children, when they are most amenable to learn a new language. It is not one or the other, it is both. The answer to your question is [that] society and education are both responsible for this lack and this deficit.

MMc: Our schools in this country are not teaching students much on how to use creative thinking skills to solve problems, which leaves them lacking in essential skills for careers such as engineering and medicine, and far behind countries like Germany and Japan—even India. How do we make up for this deficiency for those in high school or college?

Short-term and long-term fixes for education

MONJORONSON: There is no making up for that now. We are talking about a culture changing initiative that is necessary to change all aspects of your culture, including your educational system. The emphasis upon survival, existence and sustainability is necessary in the viewpoint of your societies and education. The importance of improving all skill sets with the children and the potential of your society must be emphasized. This is not a make-up project; this is a complete change of circumstance for your societies and educational systems.

MMc: Monjoronson, basically the list of questions that I’ve given you is a litany of the problems we’re experiencing here in the United States with our educational system. I appreciate you trying to answer these questions one at a time, but basically, what I’m trying to do is to highlight how broken the system is, and I hope that you will be willing to tell us what we can do over the short-term, and over the long-term in trying to correct the situation.


  • The focus for education by the co-creative design teams

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to answer your question. First of all, this forum is not to be a venue for raising problems, as we and your audience and yourselves, understand thoroughly that your society is ridden and riddled with numerous society-wide problems, of which education is one. This forum is better suited towards creating solutions or devising understandings for creating solutions co-creatively with you and the audience. In this regard, I have this to offer for your educational system, and that is that you begin—and I mean you, meaning the audience and every community of the United States, South America and all developed democracies—begin to start local community co-creative design teams, social sustainability design teams, to begin working on these problems—not working on the problems by fixing them, but creating solutions that remove them.

You are advised to begin your query with the procreative couple, which may be as young as 18 years old. We would prefer that couples age 22 would be better, and 28 would be better still, and age 30 would be even more superbly oriented towards individuals having children. These sustainable designs must include the education and training for these couples who plan to have children, and do that in a holistic manner. You are not interested solely in just raising the child as an intellectual being, you are concerned about the genetic code of the individual, such that the parents-to-be would begin having a good diet 3 months to 6 months before the conception occurs, and that their training occur during this same time for how the child will be raised, how the child will be carried in utero, what social, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual environment will the mother appreciate, enjoy and experience. This environment is preparatory for the birth of the child. This fetus is a person, and it is learning even as it is in utero. It must be prepared for it’s entry into the social realm of interacting with parents and parents interacting with the child. The development of trust is engendered within the infant before birth as an emotional, spiritual, social, energetic environment around the mother, and also within her own thinking. Even though there may be wonderful environments around the mother, if the mental-emotional environment of the mother is not conducive to the development of a peaceful and trusting child, then the mother is not suitable.

Having children is an all-encompassing environment. By reshaping the first year before birth, and for the next 10 years, and specifically 18 years, until the child leaves home, you can completely restructure your society and how and who become the leaders, and who becomes the effective followers and developers of your societies. You can completely re-invent your societies within two generations: the first generation of infants, and they who raise their own children for the next generation. This has a huge effect. You—meaning you in all communities of the world—must begin thinking in these terms, must begin thinking of having children as a choice, not an obligation cast upon you by your religions, or by your family structures, or the requirements of your mothers or fathers or grandparents, who tell you to have children because they want them.

You bring children into the world because you want them, you will love them and you will care for them diligently, with forbearance, patience and tolerance, forgiveness and generosity. It is important to the development and sustainability of your family, yourself, your children, your community and your world. You—meaning you who are coming into the world and will have children—you are responsible for the world that is to be. It is no more, nor less than that. You have so many unwanted children in your world, and this one has counseled and coached many individuals who were born to families of mothers and fathers who absolutely detested the presence of them when they came into this world. This must end; it must surely end, for you have individuals who are damaged, hurt and who are reluctant to be alive, yet who do not understand even how they think and why they think and feel about themselves as they do. This is difficult, most difficult.

To begin to reform your world into a world of loving individuals, it begins by bringing children into the world who are wanted and will be loved and accepted—not by just one parent, but by two parents. I cannot speak more strongly about this topic. I will assist you in beginning your local design teams—you have only to ask. We have provided instructions. You must begin working on simple problems and then working from there, to take on the global restructuring problem of education in a local design team. It is not impossible, my friends. You must begin with how to design the practices of child-rearing, beginning with the first year before conception, and then continue from there. We call this the “continuum of human existence for social sustainability.” It begins one year before conception and continues on through the elder years and death. The most meaningful contributions you can make to your world are for the first 20 years of an individual’s life, 19 of which are after birth.

MMc: Thank you! I can certainly see what you are saying. I’m trying to decide how to address it at this point, with education.

Monjoronson, I wish to thank you for your being here today and for helping us see that I need to look at this in somewhat of a different way than I’ve looked at it before. Thank you, I appreciate the insight that you’ve given us today. Do you have anything else to say in closing?

Planetary Government, Co-creation

  • The long-term plan of Celestial Planetary Management

MONJORONSON: Yes, thank you. Many of you that are reading these transcripts and hearing them are feeling a bit desperate about your situation. We have trained you to appreciate what is going on around you immediately, and at a distance, both in the short-term and the long-term, and you are feeling the need to instill and invoke measures which can change and turn around your national situation in a rapid manner. We have told you—not this year, but years ago—that this Correcting Time is a long-term development, to save your world, to reorient it, to bring it into the days of light and life. The co-creative design team process, to begin developing designs for social sustainability is not a suicide mission, as has been said, and it is not a stop-gap measure, but it is a long-term measure to bring your world into the days of light and life by creating these designs, which can begin to be used now, but which will be more available and widely applicable after the cataclysms have occurred.

The problems that you have in your national educational system will continue to exist for many years. These will not be turned around until the designs that you have built at the local level, begin to be instilled in the strategic planning of your national and international educational systems. Social sustainability will eventually become a real item on the lips and in the minds of millions of people, throughout the world. It will not happen overnight and saving your educational system will not occur in the next year or two, or even five years. It is our hope that we can begin having the designs available and applicable to your educational system soon, but it will take a long time to change the whole orientation of your educational process in this nation.

Our hope for you is that you would not lose hope. Our hope for you is that you would be patient and tolerant and filled with forbearance and perseverance, that you would persevere through these times, to begin developing a legacy for your children and grandchildren in the generations to come, by beginning the discovery of the principles and axioms and corollaries of social sustainability. You already have the three core irreducible values of social sustainability, life, the quality of your life, equality and growth, and from there you would build the other operational definitions of a sustainable society, from the family level to the community and then to a larger society. This is not an infinite project, but finite in its existence. You—meaning you, the larger element of your society—which is thoughtful enough to begin the discovery and design process will find that the project is finite, that all of the fundamental elements of building a sustainable society can be discovered easily within 20 years, and the vast majority of it before 10 years, if there is a considered and considerable effort that coordinates the findings being brought together for collation, publication and distribution to all of your societies in every language. This is a finite project which will make the largest contribution to the future of your world. It will surpass the significance of sending a man to the moon; it will surpass the significance of penicillin and all of the bio-mechanical/chemical industries to help the longevity of humans as individual organisms. This will be the most meaningful contribution to sustainability of your society as a social organism, as a civilization on a finite, material world. It is an effort that you can build and give to future generations, which will never stop giving.

We urge you to begin this process. We know that some of you have begun in the medical and educational areas and we support that and urge you to continue. Do not be overawed by the dimensions of the project, but begin at the most miniscule level, at the most finite and measurable levels that you can encompass in your design teams. Be patient with one another, knowing that each of you has a God-presence within you that can make major contributions to that individual and to your design team. Know that we are with you as you continue this process. It has begun, it will continue and will continue into the generations into the future until all of those principles of sustainability have been discovered, published and distributed, and with educational programs instilled at the local level. This should be done in this language and all other languages in the world. It will then be the responsibility of future generations to maintain the credibility of this process, setting standards for teachers, for parents and for families and for communities. This will be the foundation, which will be permanent and unchanging to the days of light and life, and will forever more become a part of your society and your world and its history. Thank you.

MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson.