2012-02-12-Building the Net of Transformation

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Topic: Building the Net of Transformation

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we open our hearts today in gratitude and joy as we receive the presence of this great gift to our world, the bestowal of a divine son on a Magisterial Mission. While we do not understand all the implications and ramifications of his mission, we do appreciate what you offer us in terms of our transformation, and we are pledged to assist to the best of our abilities in the ways that we are being guided by our indwelling Father Fragments. Thank you for opening our hearts today to receive more of his MERCY, his LOVE, his FORGIVENESS so that we may embody this more fully with our brothers and sisters. We are ready to receive him. We unite in your mind and in your heart to allow your will to be done. Thank you.



MONJORONSON: Greetings one and all my brethren. This is Monjoronson. Many groups on Urantia are now being prepared for the Magisterial Mission. I have made my presence known to those who are working on behalf of the Correcting Time and functioning within the plans and guidelines that Michael has set forth for planetary transformation. Many of these groups are not familiar with the Urantia revelation, nevertheless they work closely with many celestial presences in their own ways to augment planetary consciousness being aligned in the will of the Father.

Today we will be threading many of the energies that they have generated from their hearts’ desires to conjoin with yours. There is a weaving process that is now being undertaken to create what you might call a mesh or net of like-hearted individuals to form a tighter grid over Urantian consciousness. It is time for this to occur now, and in today’s session, we will invite you to have a deeper sense of appreciation and love for the construction of this net. Truly feel your desire for this net to engage and embrace the entire world, impressing deeply upon the current Urantian consciousness with energies of change, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, peace.


There is a multiplicity of information that is being down-stepped into many levels of Urantian consciousness. Soon, you will begin to see a more apparent change, or as some people have said, the Great Shift. Do not anticipate any particular time frame on it, for much of this is predicated by your own hearts and the willingness that you have to let go of your habits of contention, defensiveness, striving for position or dominance over one another. The more you seek to release these and to cooperate more fully with the will of Spirit, will you see this net drawing tighter around Urantian consciousness.

Let these words settle into your minds and hearts and allow me to imprint more of myself into you that you may more fully participate and cooperate with what is now coming into this world: the will of the Father in Paradise helping this world return to its rightful place in the universe of Nebadon. Invite your mother to expand you, gently, that I may imprint more of my being into you. Let us begin. (Pause)

Magisterial Mission

Soon you will see evidence of change. We ask you to stay in that awareness of Michael’s peace. Let yourselves grow familiar with what it is to be in a state of peace as change occurs around you. Let my MERCY and FORGIVENESS reach new depths of your understanding that you may flow more easily in Mother’s WILL and GRACE. All things are becoming new, and in this newness there is uncertainty. This is a time of reorientation for some people. It may seem to be quite troubling, so we ask you to continue to feed upon those qualities of divinity that will anchor you in a serenity that defies human comprehension that speaks to the heart and feeds the hearts of those around you who are in distress or despair. As my energy signature impresses upon you in deeper places, welcome it. Savor it. Let the bonding that you and I are experiencing touch you in places that will bring you new circuits of information. Your Father Fragments will help you ingest this and come into a deeper understanding. Allow this understanding to anchor you more fully in Michael’s peace.

Light, Unity

And now, my brethren, let us focus on this net of light that you are participating in and co-creating with your brothers and sisters around the world. As you envision Urantia in your mind’s eye, feel your desire, in your heart, for this interlacing of energies between like-hearted groups to fill the world. We, on the other side of the veil, as you say, are here to construct these interlacings, to become more connected to those who are with you in spirit and heart to create the new planetary culture aligned in the will of the Father. We ask you to generate your heart energy now for this to occur by simply focusing there and do your best to feel your desire for this, and we will do the rest. (Pause)

Light, as a spiritual commodity or energy as you may understand it, reveals and integrates as it pours its illumination over the world. It is truly a time of great unfolding of understanding between individuals, racial and cultural groups. It has a unifying factor for it is a medium in which love is disclosed. Continue to generate these heart energies. Hold the dual focus of more light to come into your mind and it will impinge upon your third eye chakra as it intersects with your heart energies and radiates out into the world. Allow the illumination to do what it wants to do in terms of feeding the Father’s will into planetary consciousness. Hold your focus as best you can as we take these energies and weave the world together in the spiritual attributes of ONENESS.

There have been many wonderful conceptual renderings of ONENESS threaded through Urantian consciousness. Now it is time to allow these energies to permeate into levels of your being so you will actually be in that state of ONENESS with all life. Not only planetary life, but universe life. Allow your heart and your body, your entire being to open to this celebration of life—of ONENESS—the language that it carries within it. Allow this to come in and allow it to flow out. Simply breathe. Know that you are receiving and sharing this with the world.

Feel your desire for this oneness consciousness to embrace the world as we continue to weave heart energies together with all of those individuals and groups who have awakened and are participating in the grand transformation of Urantia.

Loving sons and daughters of the Father, take your rightful place on this sphere, in your home and in the entire universe. In the coming days, allow these energies that have been seeded into you to deepen into your physical selves. I encourage you to listen to this recording and read the transcript during the week so you may further fully incorporate what we have generated to return to you and to be expanding you into new energies of oneness.


The world is preparing for her ascension. What a joyful time it is to witness what is happening here on this world! While there are some very, very difficult growth pains that are now occurring, we ask you to send the light—the love of ONENESS—to those places on your globe where people are being oppressed and brutalized that a change of heart may occur there. We ask you to focus on the Middle East in particular. In your mind’s eye, envision the word ONENESS covering the entire region that has been a hotbed of strife. Feel your love for your brothers and sisters in this region.

Pray for a change of heart in the leaders of this region, for those who are out of alignment with the Father’s LOVE. Have their hearts open to receive MERCY. Let this energy expand to other places on the globe: Asia and Africa. Let this ONENESS energy seep deeply into those places where a change of heart is necessary and we will add ourselves into what you are generating now.


My dear children, thank you so much for what you have generated today. Thank you for generously giving of your heart energy, that your brothers and sisters in need may truly benefit in ways unbeknownst to you. Between this call and our next time together I invite you to listen and read, participate in this experience as often as you can, for in doing so, you will be adding more emphasis to the oneness energies to go deep into the planetary consciousness, to bring the waves of TRUTH and GOODNESS, LOVE and MERCY to become the operating spiritual energies of the heart and the intellect.

I thank you on behalf of all who have participated with you today from around the globe and around the universe. May the Father’s will prevail upon Urantia and may all hearts know peace and joy and love in him. Good day.