2012-02-15-Manifesting, part 4

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Topic: Manifesting

Group: Andover TeaM


Teacher: Mantutia, Monjoronson

TR: Leoma Sparer



Mantutia: Good morning my friends. This is Mantutia. I am here today to address your further inquiries into the process of manifesting more effectively, especially in these times on your decimal planet Urantia.


Circuits, Manifestation

In these Times of Correcting and the augmentation of the material manifestation of the Magisterial Mission, the doorways have opened further now for accessing the abundance that is available to everyone. Not everyone knows of this abundance or of their connections to the Father’s Will that can be forged anew within the parameters of human will. So it is this connection into the Father’s Will that I will address for you now.

As you have experienced to some degree in your intentional spiritual upliftments and exercises, the Father’s Will circuitry has been opened unto you. You have begun to send tentative energy connections into that circuitry; this is a good beginning. A master such as your brother Jesus in his material life on Urantia had the functioning ability to remain within the Father’s Will circuitry, as you have come to call it, on a continual basis – never being disconnected from it. You call it ‘being in the flow’, and yet you have experienced it only intermittently until now. With a greater focus of daily intention you can bring yourselves into the fullness of this circuitry on that continual basis, just as the masters on this planet have been able to achieve.

Intention, Attention

It is not miracle working. It is not such a far-off distant achievement. With the additional openings of transformative energies and circuitries now in place and growing on Urantia, and within the collective consciousness stream for all of Urantian humanity, there is now greater opportunity in ease in entry into this flow – this consciousness of the Father’s Will circuitry. It is, to be put simply, only a matter of your intention and your daily attention. As in all spiritual matters it is to the degree which you practice and give of your energies, and according to your spiritual condition, how this plays out in your daily life. You may rest assured that at this point in your spiritual progress, this is now much more achievable for you on a personal basis.

I will take your questions at this point.


Q: So from the previous lessons we have received on manifesting (note: June – August, 2011), it sounds like none of those instructions have changed. But what I am hearing today is that the attitude that one has towards connecting with the Father, and more diligently placing our attention on that connection, will bring more effectiveness to this process of manifesting. Is that correct?

Mantutia: That is correct.


I would add that since your initial lessons of a few months ago, there have been some changes within the energetic etheric plane for your planet – some of which you are aware and others of which you are not so aware. These occurrences have taken place as a part of a natural out-working and preparation for the Magisterial Mission to enter upon the material plane for Urantia. Some have taken place as a natural progression of your planetary shifting that has affected everyone on the planet, so that all are, in fact, up-raised to a degree.

For those such as yourselves who are on a very active course of spiritual attainment, the progress’ steps are incrementally larger and take you more quickly into higher planes of consciousness. You speak of this in terms of dimensionality – so that you are 4th and 5th dimension beings now, while others on your planet remain at 3rd and 4th dimensionalities, energetically speaking, within the consciousness stream. All have the experience of being raised together. Yet not all are at the same stage of attainment.

As you have recently realized, it is a part of the natural human progression towards Light and Life. It is a natural out-working that will occur eventually on its own. You Urantians are being infused and gifted with many, many advantages to quicken the process. So we encourage you to step forward and be willing to take the leaps of faith to take full advantage of these gifts and infusions to up-step you as quickly and yet gently as possible – to bring you up to speed, you might say, where you are meant to be from the moment of creation.

Correcting Time

This world has many deficits for which to be made up. Every possible measure is being taken now to overcome these many deficits, including opening the doors to avenues, some of them quite experimental, that are not usually implemented. These are extraordinary circumstances, unique circumstances, which call for unique and never-before tried avenues of assistance on all levels: physical, emotional, and etheric.

So now we will continue in more detail in discussing connecting with the Father’s Will. This is not magical terminology. It is a correcting and re-engagement of a spiritual tool, a connection that was always meant to be in place. Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the rebellion and the Adamic default and the ensuing cascade of entanglements, you have not even been aware that this connection can exist.

So now as it comes into your awareness it moves from potentiality into actuality within your mind concepts. That is where it begins. Through the mind circuits of your Mother Spirit Nebadonia you have the capacity through her endowments to be opened to be received within the Father’s Will circuitry. As you may have surmised, it is a two-way circuitry. It is not merely a gift the Father gives, but one that you must first give of your will to the Father. Does this resonate?

Q: Yes – that we need to open the door to the Father in order to begin the activation of the circuit within us.

Mother Spirit, Attunement

Mantutia: Yes indeed. It is through the endowments of Nebadonia that you have the ability to discover this doorway. It is through her circuitry that the concept is opened and the capacity within your own will – your living will of mind, heart and soul – are given the space to expand within you. With the further connection and guidance of your Thought Adjuster, your indwelling Father Fragment, hand-in-hand you may more forcefully or effectively project your will into the Father’s Will circuitry.

What this requires on your part is, as in all spiritual matters, to feel your desire, to feel the desire of the mind concept within your heart center and in conjunction with your Thought Adjuster. What gives you the direct line into the righteousness – the right-use-ness – of manifestation powers within the Father’s Will circuitry is that you have spiritually risen to a height where your will has been given over as fully as you can into the Father’s Will. It is your deep, sincere and abiding desire for your will to be the same as the Father’s. So every action, every thought, every desire you have is closely matched and aligned with the Father’s Will for your own Divine Life Plan – as well as how that meshes and fits in with the collective consciousness and with the collective plan for Urantians on a broader scale.

For all is connected. How you project your will to be manifested in the world has an effect on all others on your planet, not just those in your family or in your immediate proximity. This circuitry is connected for everyone who wishes to project their will into this circuitry. This is a network, if you want to call it that, very closely related to that network of the collective consciousness. They are inter-related, yet not quite the same.

Mind, Morontia

Q: Does this circuitry capability require the use of morontial mind?

Mantutia: It is approaching that, yes. However it is not outside of what we could consider normal parameters of human mind, of human consciousness. However, due to your planet’s deficits in consciousness connectivity you do not see this yet as normal for you. It has appeared to be outside of your parameters of ability. Yet is has merely been hidden from your sight. The veils are being lifted now so that all may realize this is a very real possibility for all to grasp.

As you have discussed, you already are manifesters. Otherwise there would be nothing material in your life. There would be nothing happening in your life because all is manifested as a co-creation between your will and the Father’s Will. We are simply opening your eyes to see what has always been there, yet now is much more easily attainable.

Q: I can see where those people that are truly connected to our Divine Parents and desire along the Will of the Father, that now they may actually see their wishes fulfilled and therefore gain more faith-trust in the Father. If more of the population actually receives this gracious gift – this upliftment of their faith-trust – that is a very powerful spiritual reality which will exponentially progress.

Mantutia: That is correct. As more people experience manifesting more effectively and others observe, their faith-trust rises. In this way those who have attained higher levels lift those just below them up along with them – and yes, the effect becomes exponential. It is certainly not a selfish desire to attain this manifestation ability more effectively. It will lift all of your brothers and sisters in time.

The times and energies are indeed very ripe now for this to happen at a quickened rate. It is our desire to assist in any way that we can to see this unfold now in your lives and in the lives of all Urantians. It is an important step toward Light and Life – toward morontial thinking and living – that is highly upheld by the Infinite Spirit, the Paradise Father and the Eternal Son together. One moment please. (Pause)

It is also true, in response to the query of the TR here, that as altruism arises in the hearts and minds of Urantians, so too rises the effectiveness and the awareness for manifestation. The existence of self-centeredness that has prevailed for so long in your planetary consciousness has delayed the ability for Urantians to manifest quickly. It has rightfully been a slow process with manifesting. For as you have seen, even though it comes slowly it has been quite prolific in producing material goods that have contributed to the bogging down of consciousness.

So now as altruism is gaining ground in the planetary consciousness and within the outward actions of Urantian citizens, it is commensurate with the rise in abilities to manifest more effectively – for Urantians will be manifesting more righteously for others. Manifesting material goods – yes, but for higher purposes. This raises the level of what you are able to manifest. Yet if your desires for manifesting are not in alignment with the Father’s Will, things can go awry and become quite unbalanced, as has been demonstrated in the last 50 years or so in this country. (Pause)

Monjoronson: Dear friends, this is Monjoronson.

Mother Spirit

I encourage your hearts to expand into Mother Nebadonia’s Love and into the Mother’s Mind, in part so that you may enter the Father’s Will circuitry on a more continuing basis – to have a more direct mind into Father’s Will for your higher alignment. Your expansion into the Mother Spirit and with what she may augment you is paramount for receptivity in preparation on a higher level to serve for teaching and guiding Urantians along their paths of transformation. It is not only a noble cause; it is one that is required now for those desiring to move towards Light and Life on this planet while still in the flesh.

I also encourage you to continue in your personal spiritual attainment pathways. Follow your natural desires, which now you are noticing have been up-stepped. Your desires are growing and this is consuming more of your energies and time as your material lives fades in importance, in comparison to your spiritual beingness and your willingness to engage yourselves more fully in the transformation taking place on Urantia. We are most heartened by this growth in your desires and the out-working of that desire as you express it on the physical plane and in your inner growth.

What I would add for you at this time is to take an intentional walk with me in your daily meditation. Project your will into the Father’s Will circuitry. Connect with your Thought Adjuster. Then take my hand and I will guide you. I will lead you into the ways that you may follow according to your personal will. It is an opportunity to forge a closer relationship with your Thought Adjuster and with me as your Magisterial Son. This too may be strengthened as a two-way circuitry relationship.

It is in this way that I desire to work with you. Many of your doubts and confusions about how to proceed into this alignment with the Father’s Will and how it unfolds in your personal lives will be dissolved, answered, resolved and transformed into a clear path of actions from which you may choose. You will find greater ease in giving these offerings out of your willingness and the love of your heart to guide you in the details of your daily life, as well as your larger vision and desires for fulfilling your Divine Life Plan.

Magisterial Mission

This is the way into finding the holiness and the wholeness that is resident within living this way of Light, of Truth, of Abundance and of Infinite Love. This is my desire for all children on Urantia. This is the reason for my mission: for all to realize the holiness that is within the wholeness of their beings. Let us forge this relationship now in silence for a few moments. (Pause)

As you realign your priorities, you will find yourself stepping into a greater flow of abundance, of the synchronicities and of Love that is tangible in your beings. This is the gift of walking in Michael’s ways – the gift of walking hand-in-hand with your Mother Nebadonia and of dwelling with your Father Fragment as much as possible during your day. It is a natural progression of your spiritual inheritance that you may claim more fully now, with open hearts and open arms. There are many, many who assist you – who over-watch, who guide you and who are ever-ready to answer your call.

Join with all of us in our mission to transform Urantians into the beings of Light they are meant and created to be. The rewards are far beyond your imagining. Recall that what the aligned son or daughter and the Father wills… IS. You have only to open to it and claim it.


Good day, dear ones.

Q: Good day, and thank you.