2012-03-25-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Writing Truth

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Michael, Serena, Unknown, Mother Spirit, Monjoronson

TR: Allene Vick, Cathy Morris, Henry Z.



Writing, Transmitting

Charles: [Allene] Good morning, this is Charles. It has been so wonderful to be amongst you this morning listening to your conversation. I would like to assure you that what you have been talking about, the process of writing with us, is truly an experience that you and we would greatly enjoy. It is quite a bit different from transmitting, as was mentioned, because when you are sharing your experience with our assistance, you are sharing what you mentioned before about living the words of the Urantia Book so that people can become aware of how the Urantia Book really affected you, what the words meant and how you experienced them and expressed them. It will reach so many hearts and ears to help them realize the importance of getting the words off the page, into their hearts, and into their experience to see how this plays out in their lives and how their understanding expresses itself in many different ways, in so many different areas, down to the tiniest little nooks and crannies that you are not even aware of, where it's going.

So I would encourage you and I assure you that if you would like to start this process I will be right here with you every step of the way. If the idea of starting the whole thing is a little overwhelming, why not just pick a part of your life and just sit down at your little [computer] and say I'd like to share this experience that I had and start writing and see how it goes. I think you will be quite pleased. I assure you, we will be quite pleased to see this process. This is something that everybody can do because everybody has their own unique experiences that are so precious and valuable to them.

Experience, Expression

However, while each one of you is unique, the things that you are learning are universal for all to know. I would very much encourage everyone to do this. For those of you that are well connected, the expression of what you are feeling and what you know may be more important to you than time in stillness now. Your expression of how you came to know this, to be who you are today is an extremely valuable tool that you can share with the world and I would encourage all to do this. I assure you that when each one you sets out to do this, you will be supported more than you can imagine, support is there.

It is difficult for you all to realize what precious gems you have acquired and it's nice every 'once and a while' to stop what you're doing, take out one of these gems from your jewelry box and look at it, admire it, wonder at it, and come to realize how this gem came to be. It came to be from your potential that was developed by you and how you came to develop this is a very important thing to share with the world. It doesn't matter how you came about it because you each came about it in a totally different way but the truth will resonate and reach the hearts of those who read your words.

So I encourage you all to go forward and give expression to who you are and how you became who you are. This will help others start to grow and it will also help you in growing toward your own potentials; at this point you have no idea how unlimited your potential is. This will also aid you in your own journey and your own practice to help you to see that everything unfolds perfectly and how all your past experiences were just tours along the way to help you develop your potential, the seeds of potential that Father has given each of you to help you. Nurture them and water them to help them burst forth.

I thank you and I will be right there with each one of you when you start this practice and it will be my pleasure and it will be your pleasure too. This will be a good way to help make a contribution to this Correcting Time.

Group: Thank you Charles.

Charles: You are welcome, now go do it. Each one of your seeds of potentials has so many different facets. As each one of you do this it is beyond what you can understand, the scope that can be reached by this process being done by so many. You have the equipment now with the internet and your computers, that words can go world wide in an instant. I hope that this is good food for thought for all of you, a contribution that each one of you can make. I thank you and I bid you a great week.

Michael: [Allene] Good morning, this is Michael. I too am very pleased to hear the conversation around the table this morning and I too would like to share that I very much enjoyed the words of Charles. Allene can well remember when I first used to work with her many years ago, I kept saying the phrase so many times, "feed my sheep." It comes to mind that by starting through this process of putting your experiences and your expressions of your experiences and understandings on paper and in writing is a way of feeding my sheep. I encourage each one of you to take this into your stillness and ask your teacher about your starting to write your experiences down, giving them expression in words, and follow your hearts to do as you are led.

This may not be something for each and every one of you because you are all unique. You have your own ways and your own avenues, however, this is a process that will work for many of you and will give you great personal reward as you do this because the learning experiences you will have about yourself will be even more helpful to you than any others who may read your words. So I encourage you to sit at your computer with an open mind and just express and discover the joys that will await you. I thank you very much for continuing to gather together with the intent and desire to be of service. There are many ways. This is one way that each one of you contributes your own personal experiences and understanding for the good of all in the group. Go in peace, and know that all is well, very well.

Co-creation, Stillness

Serena: [Cathy] Like a scattered field of snowflakes, each is swirling together through the energy of the Father, each is experiencing uniquely the field and the surroundings. Each has a view that is from a perspective unlike any other. In the aggregate, the many facets will come together to reflect the cohesive picture of all that has been experienced. It is a beautiful thing to behold. It is a unique co-creative process that brings to fruition a full and juicy result. Fruits of the spirit spring from the tiny moments of touching and experiencing. The moments of this world are mostly unconscious due to the activity that abounds in the natural surrounding cacophony. The neurological makeup of mortals is a fantastic system that can process many impressions at the same time. It is only in the quiet, the stillness, that the system is able to separate, to find distinctions to fully appreciate the richness and full value of what has transpired. Be encouraged to explore the process.


Unknown: [Henry] Greetings friends, it is good to be here today. Talking about experiences brings about an interesting notion that the personal experiences render some personal truth, truth in a situation, truth that you eventually live by, truth around which you make decisions. All the while these truths are personal and they work for the individual. It is also important in sharing these experiences and these truths that others get a sense of truth in the making, how truths come about, how truth is discovered. So many truths are written in words but that is all they are. They are words of truth. They are not living truths. Living truths come out in the negotiation of life, of living, of solving problems, of the complexity of situations and conditions in which you find yourself, having to deal with things, having to make life work.

Many times these truths are more valuable than the truths you read because they are usually accompanied by an explanation and a story which results in showing how the truths were discovered. A wealth of information lies in personal experience waiting to be shared with others that they may get a sense in their own lives of creating their own truths and actually believing the truths that they have come into awareness of. It is always good to share with others that they also experience the human qualities of living, the inspiration of life as it is lived by a human being brought into the level of truth and to the realm of awareness. It is kind of like creating seeds, these little gems of experience which others can use, can call upon as references in their own daily struggle.

Many times it is easy to forget that something which comes as second nature to one may become a tremendous awareness and possibility for another. Learn to see your strengths as unique features that others can also find strength in your words and your experiences, that others can build upon what you have begun. This all works in a greater sense in bringing truth to bear upon the necessary work of bringing peace to bear upon all men in all situations. This is your eventual goal as a race of people, to reach this point of trust and sharing, of awareness that the equality of all men will one day blossom forth into a complete truth and that along the way, each of you have something to contribute to this great truth. It is like everyone contributing love, contributing to a greater love and propensity for peace for all, thank you.

Mother Spirit: [Allene] I too would like to say how joyous I am to see the conversation that is taking place and the understanding that you are coming to this morning. I would like to assure you that my whole network will be at your disposal to support you as you move forward to express yourself. This is a great contribution. I just wanted to let you know that this gives me great joy. I give you my full support, thank you.


Monjoronson: [Allene] This is Monjoronson, I too am so pleased to see the direction that this conversation is going this morning and I just wish to assure you that this is very much a foundation for the Correcting Times and I encourage you, each one of you, to go forward and share your experiences and encourage others to do so. This is a most interesting network and as was expressed about seeing all the dots [snowflakes] and this is a way of connecting many of the dots out there. I thank you for your intentions, your thoughts, and your actions. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you, we all thank you. We are most pleased to have your actions and intentions as part of the Correcting Time. Go in peace.