2012-04-11-The Flurry 5

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Topic: Cleaning Up Remaining Problems

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Gavalia, Lanaforge

TR: Ron Besser



GAVALIA: I am Gavalia, the Brilliant Evening Star of Nebadon. I am the first-born “Brilliant Evening Star” created by Christ Michael and Nebadonia. I am here with Galantia, my associate, who is the first “Brilliant Evening star” that received this title and promotion as an ascendant spirit. I am here also with Lanaforge, your Sovereign of the Planetary System of Satania in which you live and who is resident on its capital, Jerusem.

All of us are preparing to come to Urantia with The Magisterial Son.

I come to you to talk about preparing work that remains to be done in what you call the cleaning of the "borderland" or the invisible zone around your Earth. We gave your group a vision of how Christ Michael will clean and transform this planet by Forces of LIGHT against the dark ones who led your world into rebellion. We have given this vision to someone in your group and you will receive its presentation after we have finished here. [Editor: We present the description of the vision at the end of the transmission.]

This work will soon happen. This work will create a few waves in the minds of the people of the Earth. Everything is almost ready to implement to do what you might call the "Lighting of the Melchizedek Grid”. This will be done so that every morontia creature who can only survive on morontia energy may remain conscious to make their choices. This energy zone also contains non-progressive human souls who have yet to decide their choices for the light.

Christ Michael does not want to lose any soul, or any creature of his creation. Do not forget that the Lucifer rebellion was a rebellion organized by spirit children who were personalized by the Creator Son and his spirit consort, Nebadonia. Their children turned themselves against their parents. Humanity then was far from having the present evolutionary state it finds itself in today, but even in this state, humanity remains very dark as a total population.

Christ Michael did not intend to use his power as a Creator Son and ruler of his local universe of Nebadon to destroy the rebellion. Destroying the rebellion would have also meant destroying all the Angels who followed Lucifer; all the Morontia Companions that followed Lucifer, and the Cherubim and Sanobim that followed Lucifer, and all other celestial beings that are not known to you that followed Lucifer even up to a number of the Life Carriers working on Urantia and other planets. [Editor’s note: The list of created beings falling victim to the sophistries of Lucifer is far beyond the listings found in the Personality Register of Uversa in the local universes.]

He did not intend to destroy them despite the fact that he could have done so. He sought and tried many solutions. He terminated the rebellion after 200,000 years while he was here in the flesh as a young human adult. But when he left all the work was not done.

Everything has been prepared for the last chance decisions of those in the borderland. The decision to provide one final moment of choice is at hand.

The final act of grid cleansing will involve everyone who has been trained in the Reserve Corps of Destiny to act in unison with the commands of Gabriel acting at the direction of Michael and in coordination with the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson. Their joint commands are united in this action and it falls to those on Urantia to cleanse the grids and open the door to the declaration for the fifth epochal dispensation. The Reserve Corps of Destiny have been revised to include all humans who have some degree of Thought Adjuster attunement and who are trainable to undertake actions which may seem to be trivial to some, but collectively, these actions will terminate the last of the rebellion’s adversaries still working through the grid location some 10,000 feet above your heads. You who have been forewarned of these impending actions should prepare yourselves to see great shock in the minds of your fellow human beings.

Some natural disasters may happen at the same time as they happen regularly everywhere but by the fact that they may happen coincidently at the same time in some places, that will tend to accentuate the shock in the minds of those who will witness actions not entirely ours to explain at this time. Those in the Reserve Corps of Destiny on Urantia include Midwayers, Melchizedek Receivers, Angels, and a host of other personnel not revealed to you, and it is the Reserve Corps human partners who have been trained to mitigate the shock and effects of what will happen. They will be able to use all their human capabilities and then some as they will receive all the powers necessary to remedy the situation.

We cannot describe exactly what will happen because it is something that has never been done before. In some ways it is like resetting the clock and opening a new book of time. Urantia will then be ready to receive the coming of The Magisterial Son, myself, Adam and Eve and later with their children, and with the twelve Melchizedeks will be an army of angels and others not yet named for you.

Thank you my children for having involved yourselves in this work.

We cannot give you a date for the final cleansing to begin, but it is nearby. You know even from your short experience in working with spirit that when we say that this action is approaching, it still may mean a few years of your time; however, the Father may intervene at any time at his pleasure and ask that we implement the changes at once. And it will be done at once!

Do not be afraid, there is nothing to fear. Follow your inner guidance and you will see that everything will go well for you.

Thank you my children and goodbye. We are Gavalia and Galantia.

[Editor’s note: For those who may not be familiar with the Monjoronson lectures of eight years ago, the Magisterial Son made a special point of telling his audience that his adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion would be replete with even the planet Urantia being judged as a sphere of obvious needs for replacement of many of its tectonic features. The Urantia Book makes no mention of a physical judgement as Monjoronson states he will do quite forthrightly in his statements on the subject. To the reader, I also bring to your attention that all humans on the planet at the time of the adjudication preceding the declaration of the fifth epochal dispensation, will be individually adjudged and time reset as regards the records pertaining to their ascension careers. This has never been done that I could tell you about, because most dispensations provide the Roll Call of Justice for the sleeping survivors, but here on Urantia in the near future, the Roll Call of Justice extends to living humans and implements the cleansing of Urantia simultaneously. Still living humans will be adjudicated at this time for their probationary ascension to the mansion worlds or for soul remediation within the Uversa schools of Thought and Action. It is an emptying of the bucket so-to-speak of all that dwell on Urantia onto new ground. This use of the place name of Uversa is not an error as one may read at length in The Flurry Vol. I Number 4

LANAFORGE: I am Lanaforge. I am the Sovereign of your Planetary System Satania. I replaced Lucifer some time ago. We are all ready for the complete cleansing of the "borderland" and to send all souls that must go on, to the places intended for them. You might call these places “hospitals” where they will be cleansed of their fears and horrors and then experience a transformation in their minds. Only then will they be allowed to continue their evolution on the Mansion Worlds.

When the borderland is emptied of those hiding out there and it is certified that it can be replicated by the mansion world artisans who will embellish it with the grandeur of the System worlds and even of the spirit headquarter world of Salvington, then Michael will step forward and release all workers to the Magisterial Mission efforts to reclaim Urantia’s people for God.

Christ Michael will start illuminating the entire energy grid. The grid work will be brand new. The Melchizedeks and the Power Directors will completely destroy the old structure and replace all with fresh energies to completely annihilate the Caligastia provisions for error to be eternally replicated in man on Urantia. Nothing will be left. The Michael illumination of the fresh morontia energies replacing the old will tear down all vestiges of the rebellion on Urantia. It will only be a memory in the genetics of mankind, and even in that, the Life Carriers are implementing a complete cleansing of the gene pool in future generations through judicious use of natural forces surrounding Urantia.

Paradise participates in this directly and indirectly from the Universal Father, the Eternal Mother-Son, and The Infinite Spirit, with and through Christ Michael. Michael will thus work with the power of His Father and his Coordinates and all of this will be with the full coordination of the Supreme Being in Havona and on Urantia.

Goodbye my children, this was Lanaforge speaking to as the Sovereign of the Planetary System of Satania.


  • Vision Received To Be Appended to This Session

April 07, 2012

[Editor’s Note: These sessions are held simultaneously in France, Belgium and Central America, and participants are assigned their roles by the Melchizedek in charge. The message received on April 11, 2012 had its visionary preparation in France on April 7, 2012 with the instruction that a vision would be granted that was to be sent along with the material to be delivered later. Here is that vision which is a striking example of the thoroughness of message planning in this case. The vision is appropriately given to support the illumination of the grid and the closing of the borderland to lost souls.]

L: The Cross of Christ [at the crucifixion] with the two thieves appeared to me.

Then the Cross of Christ became very large and radiant. It grew more and more and raised high above the Earth. Jesus freed his arms and took the Earth in his hands and then, always on his Cross and with the Earth, rose to THE FATHER.

THE FATHER blessed him and blessed the Earth and suddenly the Cross disappeared.

Christ replaced the Earth back in its orbit and returned home . . . .

The Earth remained black and was not moving. For a long time Christ Michael sent her energy but she remained black, without moving. Suddenly (here I understood that this was in our lifetime), she became transparent and started to turn very fast, similar to a cleaning [spin cycle] in a washing machine. She became white and looked like a cotton ball.

Human beings, also in white arose above the Earth. They were connected to her with their feet and by strings and Christ Michael sent them white strings [to hold] in their hands. These humans surrounded the Earth with [holding] these strings to . . . [fashion] a net (a grid). I understood that we were part of these beings.

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Thank you. Ron Besser