2012-04-13-Spiritual Wings II Workshop

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Topic: Spiritual Wings II Workshop

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Sondjah

TR: Daniel Raphael

Session 1

  • April 13, 2012


MACHIVENTA: Good evening, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Some of you are acquainted with me and some of you are not. Some of you know that every planet that will have life, and other planets that do have ascending life, have an administration to care for the souls that these planets bring forth for their ascendant careers. It is no different on your planet, though on your planet you have had far more difficulties than most other planets in the universe. It is remarkable, as well, because the Creator Son has been here to visit 2000 years ago.


Sustainability, Peace

My presence here today is to make the affirmation that we are present, that we are here to assist your world to grow into the days of light and life, the days of peace you know as “the days where the lamb lays down with wolves or the lions,” the days where there is peace all over the world, where there is prosperity and abundance for everyone. This takes the form of food and water—nourishment—and shelter; it also takes the form of peace, peace that you and this world have not enjoyed for centuries or millennia. It is our work to bring peace to your world, to teach you how to have peace, how to have a sustainable society, one that begets more sustainability.

Each generation learns those skills and carries them forward so that children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and generations way into the future have a life of peace, that potentially each one of you could grow to your greatest extent, so that you can find meaning and purpose and fulfill all those things within you, as the potential that you know exists, which can be expressed, demonstrated and put into action. This is what people truly yearn for. It is our turn now to teach you how to live in societies to generate peace and sustainable living. We know that this is not an easy process for you, for you have many needs, and some of you have needs for power, control and authority, for acquisition of material goods and those things that control other people’s lives. This must give way in the future to individual leaders who are living examples of sustainable lifestyles, ones who generate peace in their relationships, ones who are also at peace within themselves.

This is a remarkable generation now because you are seeking that. You are here because you yearn for peace in yourselves; you yearn for peace in your relationships with others. You want to leave the anxieties behind you, to leave them aside so that you can progress day-by-day effectively, competently, and capably. The healing of your world will not be done by miracle or fiat, in the blink of an eye or a click of the fingers, but the actual living out of the learning process. It is not easy. You all have come through great difficulty to reach the age that you are now. Many of you, even though you may come from prosperous parents, have had difficulty growing as an individual. These, my friends, are skills to be learned.

We are very pleased and excited by this type of workshop, which we hope will be replicated thousands of times over around your world, to teach people the basic fundamentals of how to find peace within themselves. Intra-personal growth is essential; it is a prerequisite for spiritual growth. The inner peace, the inner journey is a prerequisite for the journey of your ascendant career to Paradise. It begins by learning these skills, and begins principally by learning who you are, what you are, how to become acquainted with your mind and teach yourself, and you—you—make decisions about what your mind thinks. This is the primary beginning of growth, when someone is in charge [of themselves]. We want to teach you those skills this weekend, as you prepare for the rest of your life. I, as the Manager of this planet, under the great supervision of God’s hierarchy of light, have been given the challenge, this mission, to help bring your world into the era where individuals grow and prosper, automatically, to those families that teach those skills [to their] children. This is the one condition that we have for this planet and hope that you are [ready] and commissioned for the work, and the actions and the decisions that you make, to make those actions possible for this growth, and [for you] to teach your children how to grow.


This is no small challenge, is it? This planet is grossly overpopulated and the nations quarreling with other nations make it more difficult for peace to begin. So we begin with individuals. All life within the ascension plan begins with individuals. The ultimate relationship in the universe is between yourself and your Creator. All other relationships are secondary. Think of that. God’s relationship is not with the nation; it is not with society; it is not with communities. It is with you—you the individual—you have a personal relationship with the Creator, the presence within you, and we are here to teach you how to access that source easily, in conversation, in a dialog, as you would a friend or a companion.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to observing what happens here, and I recommend to you that you call upon your Guardian, who is with you now, to assist you in awakening your mind to the realizations, to the insights, to the awareness that will lead you to greatness within yourself, straight and sound. Thank you and good night.

  • Track 6

SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah Melchizedek. I thank you and welcome you to the Melchizedek School, this Spiritual Wings, I, II and III. This school was initially started approximately 5 years ago with this one, and we have been continually following its development and of the co-creative design team process. My “former employment” was as a teacher on the mansion worlds where new students arrived, and I was able to know many students, from many systems and planets in this local universe. It is a pleasure to be here with you, as this helps me extend my experience to new realms. I was chosen for this position, this work, principally because I have great acquaintanceship with many hundreds of species of sentient individuals, who have the Father presence within them. I am used to diversity; I am used to tremendous differences in the presence of students, and so I am here with you today—not that you are so different—but because you are so special.

I plan to answer any questions you may have, that we have time for.


Creativity, Reality

Student: Sondjah, very good to have you back. I had a question about the topic of creating your own reality—we’ve talked about it this morning somewhat, but I think it is real important for us to think about, and I’d like you to embellish, if you would, on how we can create our own reality, either the steps that we can take or things that we can do to help that.

SONDJAH: Through this world or the afterlife?

Student: In this world.

SONDJAH: You have been receiving the fundamentals of this training and it deals particularly with beliefs. You must examine all your beliefs and you must examine all of your assumptions. This is quite literally a ‘literal’ project, one, that you can do on your own, and should, simply by writing down what you believe in, what you have truly come to believe from your own personal experiences, and those beliefs, which were given to you, what you have accepted from someone else. You have pulled them out of a waiting space, so to speak. Suspend judgment upon that belief and examine it for whether it has validity in the larger dimensions of the universe, and then examine that belief for any assumptions that may be behind it. In order to create your own reality, you must define what that reality is that you want to create, and further, you must have an intention to create it. Further, you must make a command upon the universe to enact that design, to create by your will. It is very similar to what you know about commanding things to be. Does that make it so? And if you say, “Make it so, according to God’s will for my highest, greatest good for the fulfillment of my life plan,” then you can be assured that it will be enacted in the capacity that it contributes to your life plan. You must be able to define the reality you want to create—this is part of the design process. You must be able to define what you want, measure it, and fully know what it takes so it becomes completed. What will it look like? What are your expectations? What are your beliefs? And so, you see that the chart, the schematic that I taught this one about so few years ago, becomes a living, breathing process, a sieve, so to speak, of what is real and what is not. Does this help?

Student: Yes, it does, thank you.

Student: Sondjah? Welcome!

SONDJAH: Thank you. It is good to be in your presence once again, dear.

Ego, Motivation

Student: Well, I was wondering… how do you… you’re saying phrases like “ You have to define what you want to create and have intention”… how do you keep the ego out of that whole process?

SONDJAH: By asking this question: In what way does this add to my self-esteem, or how does this add to my life? How does this make me greater than other people? Or, how does this diminish me compared to other people? If you are doing this for ego reasons, then there is some form of return that you have received from doing this work. Is it for praise from people? Is it for emulation by people? Is it to have access to their resources for your own discretion? If there are no answers to this, which indicate that you are there for some return that comes back to you for doing this, then you are clear of those ego motivations. You must have the capacity to accept your analysis. You must have the confidence and sureness in your ability to determine that, for you are the only one who truly can, in the end, determine whether it was for some other ulterior motive or purpose. Does this help?

Student: Yeah. Thank you.

SONDJAH: Quite a good question.

Expectations, Intention

Student: Sondjah, there has been a sense of expectancy, excitement about coming to this class this year. There is a feeling, an energy about it that I know is not just me, but others in this room also feel that. What is this energy, this expectancy that we are feeling?

SONDJAH: For one, this is genuine; it is not something that we have instilled in you. We have, as you may surmise—and we hope you do surmise this—that we have an intention for this workshop, as well. And so, our intention begins, who will be here? Who could be here? Who might be open to accept the invitation to be here? And so, you, dear friends, brought with you the anticipation, the expectancy of those answers, which will help you become more effective in the days in this era ahead. Your anticipation or expectancy is to have some answers that you can use throughout your life and to assist others as the era of confusion comes into your world. Many of you know that this era of confusion has already begun, and so you want to have an anchor, a post that is driven deep into the ground that you can tie to, to be safe when the winds of change begin to blow hard. You have that sense of hope, that sense of expectancy, of anticipation, and you have the belief that you can learn this and you can participate in directing the course of a level of change, that what comes out of it can be constructive and useful.

You have self-selected yourself, though we have broadened the invitation to many people. Many people were invited, but few have chosen to come. Some, of course, could not come, but they are still interested in this. You are here because you anticipate more completion in your life—not necessarily fulfillment—but more tools to take with you to use in your life, to become more effective in your life and living. These, of course, all contribute to your soul growth, to its weight and density, and its capacity to survive the vicissitudes that are ahead in this world and the next. You need to have this ballast with you—this weight is much like ballast in a sailing ship—a sailing ship without ballast close to its keel can be tipped over very easily by the winds, and so they put extra weight in the bottom of the boat, or in the keel itself, that goes into the water to help keep it upright, and so, this is what you are doing. In some of you, we can sense this bit of ‘relish’ in you, to engage this opportunity, this adventure that you have chosen to engage, and that you want a few more answers to help you to unlock this puzzle, this adventure of your life, and so, you are here.

Student: Will you come back, during this visit?

SONDJAH: Yes, if you wish.

Student: We do! (Laughter.)

Free will

Student: Sondjah, I have a question. (Sondjah: Certainly.) I am wrestling with what the word ‘will’ means, because I have spent a lot of my life willing things to happen, and now I am [going] much more with the flow, but then I struggle with the language of the idea of ‘commanding’ things. That isn’t part of how I want the world to unfold. I don’t want to command things. I’m struggling with what does it mean to ‘will’ this new vision? Am I making sense?

SONDJAH: Most definitely you are making sense—it makes good sense.

A mother had two children and says to the children, “Clean your rooms.” We do this every week, and I have [always had] to tell you, so you need to remember after this. The next week passes and Saturday morning comes and they are watching cartoons and nothing is happening. So, she says, “I’m going to the movies this afternoon. Does anyone want to go with me?” Both of the children say, “Yes.” The mother says, “Well, have you cleaned your room?” Both of the children look at each other and say, “No.” “Well, I guess you can’t go until you clean your room. I’m not going to tell you to do this any more. So you can ask in the morning if we are going to do anything special in the afternoon, and if you want to do that ‘something special,’ then you will automatically remind yourselves to clean your room.” So the mother lets them clean on their own, with the discipline that there will be something afterwards which will perhaps be seen as reward. The mother does not say, “Well, if you clean your room, we might go to the movies—maybe.” Maybe does not work. You have to be sure in what you say.

If you want something to happen in your life, you say, “This must be done.” But here is the key to the puzzle that you ask: to know what you want and you have the intention of having it completed, and then you ‘will it to be done,’ but in the willing, we soften that arrogance, that command, that shrill voice that you might hear in your mind’s voice, to say, “According to God’s will, the highest, greatest good for my life plan,” for instance. Or, “The highest and greatest good for all concerned, in the right time, in the right order.” You are conditioning your command to have something done that is in agreement with the universe’s ability to fulfill it. Because surely, children, you do not know what is good for another, let alone yourself, and so you must have the higher mind in your consciousness and call that to be a part of it.

It is kind of like planting carrot seeds: you do not go out [immediately] and look to see how they are doing. You wait until they grow out of the ground, and then you choose which ones you do not want to keep, and which to stay in the ground when you thin them. You do not go back and worry and fret and stew about what you have commanded, but you let the universe fulfill your design, your intention. Does this help?


Student: How does that differ from being open to God’s Will?

SONDJAH: God knows what Its Will is, and you are there to discover what God’s Will is. For you to become a creator in your own right, you need to know what God’s Will is. And you learn what God’s Will is, as God reveals those opportunities for you to make decisions about. You discover God’s Will by commanding something to occur and when it does not happen, you say, “Got it! Not this way.” Release it; you do not take ownership of it, you let the universe take responsibility for fulfilling it and when it is fulfilled in a particular way, then you have your guidance.

Student: Okay. Thanks. (Sondjah: You are welcome.)

SONDJAH: I will be here at the times that you desire and the instances. I will be among you this afternoon as you go to your quiet spaces to converse with spirit. I would be most happy to engage any of you and all of you simultaneously, as I am capable of doing that.

Student: Anything else you want to tell us?


SONDJAH: Yes, and it has been mentioned a bit already, that you are designing the future that will be carried out, fulfilled for generations to come. Always the designs of the future occur with individuals at the local level. Almost never have governments or large corporations or large organizations done anything that is incredibly creative. It is always with individuals who design, engage and fulfill the future. You are the architects of the societies and the lives that will be developing in the generations to come. Consciousness, your intentions that you hold in your minds today, are those which will be fulfilled in times to come, beginning right now in your own life. You are learning to be creators in your own right; you have begun the process, and you have anticipated this and are engaging it very constructively. We applaud you and we salute you, and we respect what you are doing. Thank you.

(Students thank Sondjah.)

  • Track 8


SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. Thank you for your presence here today; thank you for inviting me into your team/group processes—I appreciate that—and as you know, I was there, you felt me; this is real. This is not a figment of your imagination. You are beginning to see the practical aspects of working with us in your personal lives, business lives and your social ones; that this is something that is eminently useful in all the affairs of your life. We cannot enter your life when you have an agenda ahead of time; when you have objectives and goals that you must complete, but when you ask for directions to find the right course, we can most definitely be involved in that. Each time your questions and your objectives and your goals actually exclude us from the process, then we are set aside because your goals are not the goals of your life plan. So eventually, there will be adjustments and difficulties, where you have a choice to reexamine your lives and reflect on the difficulties you have had and the successes that you have had and to choose which way you want to go again in the future.

This class, this workshop is simply a means to give you more tools. These tools are very basic, elementary, and they are such that you can always expand upon them, develop them, to the extent that you choose. Soon, you will discover new adjuncts, additions to this training that will be useful to you. Each individual is particular and, in many ways, quite peculiar. We appreciate that, as you are distinctly unique. The life that you lead offers experience to the Divine, which it has not had before. You offer a means of expression for the Divine through you, when there is agreement between yourself and the Divine plan to your life; it then becomes final, and we enjoy the process and we learn so much from you and with you. As you see, it is not a one-sided universe with us in charge, as you know, or you would fail all the time. But for you to learn how to work in co-creative cooperation, you truly have co-creative lives, and the lives of ascension are always successfully co-creative. When this process is not simple, it is most difficult for you, particularly if you live in a head-strong culture, or if you live in a culture where you are diminished and given no authority—so one is as bad as the other, but there must be a balance so you learn to ‘let’ at times and to ‘will’ at times, and soon you find the ‘letting of the will’ to move on. If you have success in your life you will find the successes lead from one to another—one discovery, one “ah-ha” to another. Then the lessons of failure and tragedy become less and less. Those are indicators that you are going in the wrong direction, in the wrong activities.

We admire you! We want you to know that we so much admire you for your courage to come to a venue such as this. It is off the beaten track; it is not something that is popular; it is something that is quite unique and quite different from the rest of your society. You are the vanguard of others who will follow this path before long. You are learning the way and some of you will become teachers and some of you will become tremendously effective facilitators, and some of you will become tremendously effective contributors. If there is something that needs to be done, you will participate—even if you say nothing, your presence there will hold the presence of the energy to coordinate and organize that energy for right and perfect outcomes, because your intention builds that process.


Do not point to outer successes as evidence of your inner successes, but point to the order of your life as it develops, for the ease of your life. Some of you have had great difficulties; you have had tremendous tragedies, and now you find that your life becomes organized, there is some order to it. We are here to help you. This is an active attempt to have you participate in this training, because you will learn more quickly when you have something to do, something that you will do, even if it is simply your presence to emanate the power within you in your consciousness to all the world. This is essential, my friends; you do not have to write books, you do not have to lecture now to the people, just holding the presence is immense. Your consciousness is deeply desired by us and by the universe. It offers you an opportunity to make a huge contribution to your own life and the lives of others in this generation and many to come.


Some of you are aware, but others are not aware that you are now in the bottom of an amphitheater, tremendous galleries that are watching and listening to what is occurring here, as they are seeing the excitement, the experiences that you are going through, and they are learning how to replicate this process in the consciousness of others, in other nations, in other cultures and other languages. This is a learning process for us as much as it is for you. This world has never gone through this before; this is a unique experience on this planet—this planet is unique. So, this has never been done and there are universals to be learned here and applied here, so we give thanks for your presence to be teachers to us, and therefore we say good night and thank you.

Session 2

  • Track 10, April 14, 2012


Change, Consciousness

SONDJAH: Greetings all around from myself, Sondjah, and my protégés, my team of students, and there are many other scholarly observers here today, as well. They are all quite amazed at what you have accomplished with your development. I almost said, ‘with so little resources,’ but you are doing wonderfully. It is amazing what humans can do, what mortals can do with the resources that they have. You are a tremendously spiritually diminished world, where there is little coordination and the essence and feeling and what you call the “hundredth monkey” process, going on in your world—there is very little of that going on outside of this room.

The efforts now to change and uplift consciousness of your world and engage its conscious evolution is admirable, it is wonderful, and it is given the possibility of becoming fertile ground for the seeds of change in the organizations and structures of your world and of your nations, societies and communities. You here have a community, which is most remarkable. You think you live in these flatlands by the ocean—this large lake—but this is a land that is filled with high peaks of spiritual energy. You live between two huge bodies of water; in many ways you are very wonderfully grounded in this area. You have the spiritual resources that some see in Sedona, Arizona and that area, but your spirituality is not diminished by comparing itself to that area at all; it is in fact the truth, that you have many spiritual communities here, some which would not identify them[selves] with your types of beliefs at all, but devout individuals hold the consciousness of the Creator here, which assists very well.

You have made great progress from yesterday morning, have you not? (Group responds affirmatively.) You have far exceeded our expectations for your coordination and cooperation and engenderment of your better natures within yourself, among the group. You have developed within yourselves, the best of your qualities and you are doing likewise with your associates and companions here. You have a synergism going on that you have not recognized, except in the “hundredth monkey” metaphor analogy, so that you have more going for yourselves than you believe. Realize too, that you will carry away this energy with you, wherever you go, that you now have a sort of energetic register in your being, in your aura, in your history now that you will carry with you into the future, and that you will be ‘in sync,’ as some would say, when you reorganize yourself with like-thinking people.

Do not be surprised when you go back home—or wherever you go— [that as] you reorganize yourself and you share your ideas, that you will be enthused and infused with ideas and accompanied by many individuals who will be attracted to this “something new in you.” This is an important adjunct, an integral part that now becomes an integral part of your being, as you begin to intentionally develop it and practice this on your own at home. Soon, some of you will be meeting together to practice these skills together. The wisdom that you receive will guide you in your development of your design teams, or simply in the management of your households and your communities. You will have access to wisdom which far exceeds what is available otherwise. You now can access the libraries of the local universe, if you choose to, to access that wisdom. You can begin to travel to the archives of the universe to access the wisdom that you need that will guide you. It may not be in words, but if you go to that source and open yourself to its wisdom with the intention of receiving, you will receive it. It is simply a matter of going to the “Internet of the universe,” if you want to call it that, in accessing what you need. You are learning that you are becoming inhabitants and occupants of the universe. One day you will achieve the status of citizens of the universe, and then you will have achieved tremendous growth. That growth will be preceded by what you are doing here, working in your communities, working at your home and in your families and in your states and in your nation. You are designers of the future, and we salute you.

I would be open now for questions, if you have any.



Student: Sondjah, if I could ask you a question pertaining to yesterday? (Sondjah: Certainly.) I asked you a question about creating your own reality and after hearing the transcript back on the tapes, you ask me, “In this life or the afterlife?” I kind of chuckled at that, because I meant ‘this life,’ but then I started to think, what about the afterlife. What’s the difference in creating your own reality here, as opposed to when we go up to the mansion worlds?

SONDJAH: You are beginning to understand, are you not? How do you know that this is not your reality now that you have manufactured? You do not. And in the afterlife, you will not [know] either. The universe is so wide, so generous, so benevolent, that you will create the learning environment that you want—consciously or unconsciously—after you pass from this realm. That is why it is important that you see this lifetime here as a base step of the ascendant career; that you will see this lifetime as one part of a long, long extension of ascension in other graduated lifetimes of learning. This belief, this idea will project you into that learning situation and you will progress much more rapidly.

There are many people who advance from this realm, who are not evil people, and they are not necessarily in alignment with the universe and they create their own reality when they pass from this realm. It may take them decades, centuries or millennia before they wake up and realize that nothing has changed, and they begin to wonder about that, and then the reality changes. Many of you here have been taught that when you pass from this realm and you have this belief system of continuation, that in three days you will arrive in the mansion world and you will begin the next class. This is so. And so, we want to instill in you the belief of continuation, of connectedness, of continuity in this lifetime and the lifetimes ahead for yourself that you will progress, that you will learn and become more adept and capable to engage the next step ahead. All your learning in this reality provides the base for another learning situation after you pass from this realm. It is not complicated, and it is quite simple, but it is almost beyond your belief, what the universe offers for you in your lifetimes, whether you believe in it or not.


Student: Can you comment on how our four-legged companions that come into our lives and how they play a part in our—we call them ‘pets’—how they play a part in all of this?

SONDJAH: Yes, to a limited degree, if I can answer your question. There are species on your planet that are not Homo sapiens, but are quite evolved. They have incredible mind mechanisms that are adaptable and receptive of our influence. They are also adaptive and receptive of your influence. They can help you to bring out your better qualities in yourself, that through the affections and companionship of these pets, these dedicated and committed pets, you can learn unconditional love. Almost none of you really understand and have received unconditional love in the mortal form, but you have received it repeatedly from your devoted animal friends, who love you continuously and look forward to your coming home after a day of work or going to the grocery store. They have essences and energies as well, and some have continuity past this lifetime. It is not a topic which we have been given much permission to discuss, as it is very distractive to most individuals who receive this information. You have enough concerns for your own mortality and your own infinite lifetime ahead. (Student: Thank you.)

Student: Sondjah, could you give us a personal evaluation with our group? We have Jean, Bev and myself and there was a pretty powerful communication that transpired. Could you give us any more information on that?

SONDJAH: Most definitely. For novices, for beginners, on a scale of 1-10, for your group of three, I would give you an 8.1. (Laughter.)


Student: Do you need us as much as we need you?

SONDJAH: Yes, most definitely. There is a tremendous need for the co-creative healing of this world, and as our leader, Machiventa, has said, that this world will not be healed by our help alone, but by the co-creative opportunities for growth and learning between us, for we learn experientially as you learn. We know what is ahead, so we try to prepare you for that. You add tremendous value through your experience of trying to heal this world with our assistance. We know the way, but you are the doers, and so we will guide you into the future, if you will hold our hand. You learn tremendous amounts and your world is in tremendous difficulty, therefore, your experience is incredibly valuable to the healing of your world, for what we learn here in this small enclave of spirituality, can be duplicated and used elsewhere.

There are other people, other teams, other groups who are akin to what we are doing here, and so they are receptive to these ideas. You will find, eventually, that the change of consciousness on your planet will have a tremendous resounding, multiplying effect, and that eventually, your whole world will undergo the “hundredth monkey” phenomenon, that there will become a universal awareness that you make a difference, that you have made a difference and your world is changing because you changed it. And so, it is important that you begin to emanate the presence of this order, of this consciousness of integration, where everything works together, rather than in opposition or competition. You have begun to realize the benefit of working together and extending yourselves hundreds of miles, thousands of miles through your consciousness to influence the world and universe around you, for the positive benefit of you individually, and also your family, your community and all the world.

Student: Sondjah, I’ve been asked to ask you this question. Let’s see—I don’t know how to frame this question. We are trying to create a spiritual sustainability group. I guess my question is what do you advise for these sustainability groups: Should it just be a make up of…should it be exclusionary of people who may believe in spiritual beings, but don’t understand the process?

[With apology to the student, who was too far away from the microphone to be heard clearly.]

SONDJAH: This is not exclusionary; it is not an elite group; it is not a separatist group; it is not ‘us or the highway’ or ‘go it alone’ at all. Through the attraction of people who feel and think the same way as we do and you do, we do need an increased number of individuals who see the need for celestial, divine intervention and participation with us, that they would then be willing to travel somewhere, sometime, eventually to another workshop to get the details that you know so well. Does this help? I feel another question from you.

Student: I don’t know how to form it, so thank you. (Rest unintelligible.)



Student: Is this area, this western Michigan area, as a place where such a… I mean it is already being born… but such a lofty goal could reach some fruition?

SONDJAH: Oh, most definitely! This idea of social sustainability cannot evolve out of central governments; it cannot evolve out of large organizations. It must begin at the local level, and we have deliberately and intentionally enthused and infused individuals in areas that are enthused and interested in this material, these ideas, so it is not surprising to us that you invited this one here to conduct a workshop and that you again, repeatedly, asked him to come back, and that there are greater numbers here. Yes, to answer your question, most definitely. Your community can have tremendous influence on the rest of your state and the nation. You will be an example, a developmental example that others can replicate. You are learning a great deal, as we are learning a great deal, and we hope that what we learn together will be of use so that we can replicate this work more rapidly than in the beginning. As you are seeing, this second generation is coming along magnificently and very rapidly, compared to the first time.

We look forward to this afternoon, as there will be a great change in orientation. We will begin a very linear process of examining the schematic for sustainability and what we call the “human social genome of sustainability.” You will be guided in these large concepts to understand the magnitude of this project, but we wish to also let you know that this is a finite project—designing sustainable institutions and social processes, is not something that has to go on, and on, and on. Once you design an ant colony, you have a perfect ant colony, and so it can be replicated—and will be—over and over again. Thus, the wheel, once it is discovered, does not have to be reinvented. The principles, concepts and organizing functions of sustainability are finite in number, though it has yet to be explored even superficially on your planet.

We thank you for this morning; we thank you for your attention and we congratulate you on your tremendous leap of spiritual connection and activity in your mind. Some of you have remarked how tired you feel after this mental activity, and that is simply because you are using muscles—‘brain muscles’—that you have never used before and it takes time to get used to this activity so that you can extend it into minutes and half-hours and hours at a time. We look forward to this afternoon. Now, have a good lunch. Thank you.

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MACHIVENTA: Good afternoon, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is wonderful to see a group of people move from curiosity last year, to enthusiastic participation, into that co-creative enthusiasm that wraps you with the spirit of energy, of delight and glee. You have come so far and you have achieved so much in such a short period of time. Even if you do nothing with social sustainability, what you have reached in your own personal growth, with contact with the celestial, angelic and the Divine, it will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life and your afterlife. You have opened the gate to a new realm of existence, of participation and of responsibility to your own life, and it is for your own life, your everlasting life that you have the greatest responsibility. You have taken a wonderful step on this journey of your own growth, and you have taken a wonderful step in the co-creative development of your world, to engage and eventually enter the days of light and life, those days of endurance and stability, of enduring peace, enduring oneness in the world between all people. We have been preparing for this for quite some time.

This second generation, as some call it, is a wonderful renewal of that which we started last year, here with you. This is an affirmation to us—particularly with the enjoyment and the belief and enthusiasm, ideas and wonderment in your minds—that we see here today. This is an affirmation to us that our plans are coming to fruition; they are becoming whole, and we can now begin to replicate this process, over and over again in other localities. We ask you to hold and renew your intention occasionally for this work, to hold this in your consciousness. Whether you do anything or not, it means a lot to us that you hold it in your mind and it will affect others who want to hold it in their minds and do something. You have impressive ability to make a mark on people you never meet and never see. You hold in your consciousness the pattern of oneness, wholeness and of social and spiritual sustainability. You have begun to realize the magnitude of this project, and I am very pleased to be the Planetary Manager of this world, to assist you in ways that are palpable to you. Your teachers are there for you to contact where there is wisdom available for you; or you can contact your guardian angel—or myself, or Sondjah, or anyone else of the Divine hierarchy of light.

When you recall your own personal spiritual growth, you must realize how …(almost a giggle) …at the spiritual heights and depths that you have obtained since then. You have entered into an era of your life where you are now consciously, deliberately growing. We so much appreciate these two days in this holy abode that has so much sacred energy in it, that it imbues us and you with its divinity, with its sacredness, and there is mutual respect between the energy here for you, and you for this abode of spirit. We thank our hosts who have opened their doors to us to be here, as this provides us a safe venue to teach you without limit, without boundaries, without needing to be overly protective, and we are so grateful for that. I wish you all a good day and a good life.

The days ahead may be difficult, but know that you have someone with a flashlight ahead of you to guide you down the path of your life, and your societies and families. Know that when help is needed, we are there, and that you by being here today and yesterday, have made those strides of being in contact with us on a daily basis. You will find that every day, every year, you have grown more, and so in the future you may look back and wonder, “Well, how have I grown?” and you will be amazed at the amount you have grown, so silently, so easily, so effortlessly while you are holding the intention to do so.


I wish you good day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend in your travels, that you are safe and that you will take home and share your experiences here your families, your children and your neighbors, and those who are around you. Good day.


Mothers Trust, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ganges, Michigan.

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