2012-04-20-Conversations with Monjoronson 48

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Topic: Future of Urantia

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator-Michael McCray


Prayer: Heavenly Father, Father Creator, thank you for your ever presence around us and in us. We pray that you will help awaken us in our efforts to become more attuned to you, that you would help us through the daily activities to pay attention, stay present, stay in contact and follow through. Thank you for your revelations to us; we would be lost without you. Amen.

MMc: Good morning, Monjoronson!

MONJORONSON: Good morning. It is good to be here with you once again.

MMc: You are always welcome here with us.

MONJORONSON: Quite a glorious world you live on. But for the people, it is one of Christ Michael’s pristine jewels in the panoply of his planets and universe, and because of the people on the planet, we are present and we are bringing extra effort to bring about the healing of your planet with you.

MMc: We thank you for that. I have a few questions for you today, but before we get started, is there something that you would like to say to us?

Belief, Integration

  • Your beliefs have resonance

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would. In these forty days from the time that Christ is risen and celebrated this year, and the time of Pentecost this year, is a time of broad, energized awakening on your world to bring like-believing individuals and groups together. It is not your thinking that brings you together, but your believing, as your beliefs have a resonance, a frequency, an ingrained investment in your mind and in your psyche. And so, those of you who are strong believers in the oneness of all, and that there will be unity and harmony in the eventual future of your world, you are being attracted, and we are making special, extended efforts much more directly to bring you together.

This is a time when separateness does not work, but the coming together into a powerful unit to rewrite your history, and to—not right the wrongs—but to create a new future. The wrongs will fall away as the new created realities of your world come into being. There are millions upon millions of concerned individuals about your world and you will find soon that a vast, large majority of them simply want a peaceful evolution of their societies and their social institutions, rather than violence and anarchy.


  • The evolution of your societies to be done peacefully

It is important that the evolution of your societies be done so in a peaceful manner. We do not wish to have destruction of your societies or the social institutions, as they have evolved themselves, and now it is simply time to give all of them a common mission, a common objective and goal, that of working toward social sustainability. The fractured nature of your social reality on the world will come together once everyone realizes that you have a common goal that transcends all cultures, in all ethnic groups, in all nationalities and that you do not need to believe in the oneness of humanity, but if you work toward social sustainability so that it becomes more profitable to everyone, then you are working towards that same end.

It is time now to bring the powerful union of individuals together as groups and give them a new way of making themselves felt. Again, it will not be by fixing the old systems, but more so by creating new systems. We speak specifically of systems, as the linearity of organizations is terminal, closed ended and does not work. It does not contribute to the sustainability of itself or other processes. Where you see all of society as a whole, and in this whole-ism, it must work together—all pieces must work together—not in competition or in isolation, but together. And simply by making decisions that contribute to the social sustainability of themselves, they will also be making decisions that contribute to the social sustainability of everyone.

MMc: So you say, “You—the larger you—are working with those that are willing to work with you to further the end of social sustainability, or at least the beginnings of a more peaceful world.”


  • Many millions are working toward the same ends

MONJORONSON: Yes, and there are millions upon millions of people who do not even know about myself or the Correcting Time, but nonetheless, they are working towards the same ends that we are working towards consciously with you and deliberately engaging the development and evolution of your social institutions. These people who are ignorant of our work are making major contributions, and this is the influence of our spiritual friends among you and by the Most Highs in the organizations and groups of your world, whether they are military or whether they are religious, commercial, or governmental. The Most Highs are influential in all those organizations and they are having a much more powerful, direct effect upon your world. We are working with individuals; they work with organizations. We are working in concert towards bending the decision-making process towards social sustainability, and of course, “social” engages all institutions and organizations, even if they are commercial in nature.

MMc: Last time, you spoke about the life of Jesus, and a portion of his three instructions to us: To love the Father with all our might; to love our brothers and sisters as ourselves; and to love ourselves. Jesus was able to find a balance between all of these, but you pointed out that most of us have not found the balance of loving our God, ourselves and our brothers and sisters, which is a challenge to us, is it not?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is correct.

MMc: Would you like to expand upon that?

MONJORONSON: Lead me into it, please.

MMc: “All you need is love.”


  • A lesson on love

MONJORONSON: My friend, there is far more needed than love. Love is the panacea, but it takes practicing all the skills of love to make love real and make it visible. You must practice all the virtues of love that support love: patience, tolerance, forgiveness, forbearance—are just a few. When you think of faithfulness, loyalty and diligence, then you have another aspect of it. Love is not the simple four-lettered word you think it is. It is far more than that, and it is far more than “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Love would proactively urge you forward to do that which makes a contribution to others, even above doing unto yourself.

You truly do not love yourselves with the capacity that Jesus loved himself as a Creator Son; to do so, you would be so empowered by the love and energy of the Father that you would be almost akin to Jesus himself. You are striving to learn those skills. You do so in the practice of your social engagements with others. This is the “big school,” kids! This is the world. Your social practices of love are engaged moment-by-moment in every relationship, and first of all in that relationship with yourself. What do you do for yourself that is not selfish? What do you do for yourself that assists you to grow, to become more perfect? And what is, “more perfect?” And what is your intention for yourself? What is your intention for loving yourself? What does that look like? How do you demonstrate it? What are your actions?

It is not selflessness that forgets yourself—certainly not. Religious orders have practiced that and it proves that the order keeps to itself. You are gregarious social individuals who have a wide field to work in, to learn about yourself. You observe others, but do you observe yourself? Are you loving? Do your words speak of lovingness? Do your thoughts speak of lovingness? Do your actions speak of lovingness? You cannot project love to others unless you truly believe in yourself as a loveable person. This is primary: You are to learn to love yourselves as God loves you. You are a child; you are a child of God; you are very immature in the spiritual realm of things, and you need to be tolerant with yourself, but ever striving to grow.

Challenge, Growth

  • The challenges of growth are all around you

The challenges of growth are all around you. How do you react to them? When you see a selfish, mean individual, who do you see? Do you see a powerful person, beating you down, or do you see a spiritually immature person who reacts emotionally in the same immaturity? It could be the floor sweeper who is incredibly elevated spiritually and [who] reacts accordingly. Your job does not reflect who you are or your worth or your mastership of the principles of being a master, as Jesus was a master. Learned love is far more than that four-lettered word, my friends. It is a course in humanity becoming Christ-like.

MMc: I certainly agree. Our last several sessions have been on the topic of social sustainability and we will return to that topic at a later time, but for now, I am reminded by our readers of some lighter topics that I hope will be just as interesting. A reader asks, “Working in design teams can be serious work. What are your suggestions on how to bring humor into a design team, a way to have fun in the group?”


  • Bringing humor to the design teams

MONJORONSON: Humor is all around you, my friends. (Monjoronson laughing.) The foibles of human nature to shoot yourselves in the foot is certainly laughable. When you come to the design teams, you must do so as masters of life, yet you are students of life at the same time. The irony of the work before you is grand and huge. It is almost laughable that individuals with your capacities would be designing a new sustainable world, yet you are totally capable of doing that. It is humorous in one way to engage such topics of huge magnitude and dimension, yet by working away at it, little bit by little bit, you can.

You will soon find in the design process much humor in how your social organizations and public policies, service policies and social policies have been enacted. As you begin to unravel the expectations, beliefs and the assumptions that underlie those beliefs, you will begin to see how easily you have misled yourselves into thinking that all is well, when you begin to examine the unrevealed assumptions of your thinking and the thinking of many social institutions. You do not need to bite off the whole social genome of human social sustainability, or the continuum—as another word for genome—but you can begin at one part.

You will begin to be humbled and laugh at that revelation that you discover in the process, that is humbling and yet ironic and humorous to see how your social organizations and individuals have behaved for centuries, and now you will see it in a new light with greater wisdom. Yes, there is humor here. It is not heavy work; you keep a light heart, engage the process and fulfill your roles.

Assumptions, Groups

  • Playing the team roles

If I may take [you] aside a moment, in the team process do not necessarily think of yourselves as a team, like building a house and living in it, but rather doing your work on the patio, without walls and ceilings, where everybody has a role to play and that by your playing the roles, then you have a team. You do not build a team and then play the roles, but vice versa. You will need individuals who are capable in those roles to help build the team. People who understand the role functions are not capable in them without bias. Yes, there may be people who accept roles and they do have biases, but those will become very evident very, very quickly as they will have an agenda for their role-playing and this will become revealed.

You must become very transparent, authentic and genuine in your work there, and doing so, then your biases will become revealed as well and you will see that you have assumptions in those biases and that you will see them for what they are and you will learn how to behave without those unreasonable biased assumptions. The teams are an educational system. They are the process by which you learn how to design a sustainable organization. You learn how to become a much more capable individual working with others. When you throw out your opinions, your assumptions, your biases and your prejudices, then you become highly effective as an authentic participant. Then you can play your roles genuinely and most effectively.

MMc: You will forgive me if I take advantage of my position here as moderator and ask a few questions of you that have sparked my imagination.

MONJORONSON: It is because of your role, my friend, that you can do so. And in doing so, you help others learn as well. Though your advantage is well taken, I hope you do exercise your advantage.

MMc: Thank you. I have a chance to ask a Paradise Son, what is Paradise like?


  • What is Paradise like?

MONJORONSON: Heavenly. (Laughter.)

MMc: I would expect as much.

MONJORONSON: Your language simply is not only inconvenient to express, to answer the depth of your question effectively, so that you understand. You must remember that your language is culturally based on a material world, and that you are asking a question about an eternal entity, Paradise, and there is no language to explain to you that reality. It is—no pun intended—quite above you. I sympathize with your desire to know this, as it is very remarkable. You would be more profitable in your question if you were to ask, “What is it like to be in Salvington or to be on the sea of glass and approach the buildings that are there?” There have been some of you who have visited those in your meditative times and they are more capable of explaining in your human language what that is like than I am. To say it is “other worldly” is to state the obvious, and those words alone are inadequate to express the grandeur and the awe in which visitors find themselves when they do visit that place.

MMc: Thank you. Well, perhaps you would be so kind to tell us what Salvington is like?

MONJORONSON: I have tried, in my comments just a moment ago, to allude to that, and I believe that is sufficient.

MMc: Your parents are the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. I was born and grew up as a child. Is there anything analogous to that for a Paradise Son?

Avonal Sons, Urantia

  • What is it like being a Paradise Son of Infinite Spirits?

MONJORONSON: No. The thing that I lack is the kind of authority of the Eternal Son and vast eternal experience of the Eternal son and Infinite Spirit as part of the three-in-one Godhead. I am a contributor to that experiential base, making contributions to God the Supreme, as everyone else does, in that my knowledge of the universe is almost complete, except for the experience of being a part of the God-head. The Paradise Sons have functions that contribute to the Godhead, to Paradise, to Havona and the dimensional universe. My work with you has no parallel in my eternal existence, except to have worked on other planets in difficulty. The history of Urantia is most unique and we would even say, “strange.” But out of this will grow immense, immense contributions to the Godhead, Christ Michael, God the Supreme, myself and to each individual who is involved in this work, from midwayers to myself and the Melchizedeks. It is not evolutionary, but it is developmental in a unique way that will become an evolution of darkness into light.

MMc: Sounds like I’ve got you working in trying to find the words that will explain it best to me and to our readers.

  • Monjoronson is not as direct as Charles

MONJORONSON: Yes, I have been busy—even in mortal terms—busy. Even with the capabilities of my being, it still occupies a good deal of “time” of my existence. As you note, I was away from the Conversation series for a couple of weeks and I was occupied with other activities. I best deferred that to Charles, who has done a very remarkable job of standing in. His work is deeply appreciated. I strive not to be quite as direct as Charles, and so together we provide an important combined function in revelation to you.

MMc: The Urantia Book mentions that Creator Sons go through a tremendous amount of training. Does this apply to Avonals as well?

  • The training of Avonal Sons

MONJORONSON: Yes, most definitely. Because we do not have the experience base, we must gain that through our training, and we work through the living chronicles of rebellion, of creation, of development, evolution, of significant local universe history, to gain this experience. It is very much akin to your simulations that you have on computers to learn through actual experience, but it is far more developed than a computer simulation—it is multi-dimensional and more.

MMc: Have you worked and trained in all seven superuniverses?


MMc: Are you now limited in some way to working in Orvonton, or have you become limited to working for Michael here in Nebadon?

MONJORONSON: The word “limited” does not function here in this conversation.

MMc: Currently, are you working only in this super universe, or are you working only with Michael?

Correcting Time, Nebadon

  • Assignment to Nebadon, Christ Michael and Urantia

MONJORONSON: Yes. I am working in Orvonton and my time is principally dedicated to Nebadon, to Michael and the fulfillment of his Correcting Plan. His Correcting Plan was written by himself; it was reviewed by authorities in Uversa and approved by the Creator Son and the Infinite spirit. His plans need assistance of the greatest order. The intention of Christ Michael and of the Correcting Time is to maximize the contribution to God the Supreme, to the soul development and fulfillment of individual mortal souls and to the development of an immense cadre of eventual Finaliters, who will have experiences in ways which are most unusual and even peculiar in all the universe. He wishes not to make any abridgement or abrupt changes in the developmental progress of this area that was in rebellion, but to slowly, diligently, carefully maximize the learning quotient or product that is available to the universe. It may be agonizingly slow to you, but he is incredibly effective, patient, compassionate and forgiving. It is also incredibly empowering for a consummate leader of the best moral attributes of spiritually infused and enthused individuals in all Nebadon. He is a most remarkable Creator Son and has few peers with his courage.

MMc: In asking the question, I was trying to ascertain if you have done all your work that is as an Avonal Son here in Nebadon, or if you have done it in other local universes as well?

MONJORONSON: Please be more clear.

Experience, Procedure

  • Previous assignments and how they are given

MMc: Have you experienced additional missions, Magisterial Missions and bestowals in other local universes besides Nebadon?


MMc: Interesting. How do your assignments happen? Are you assigned; are you picked; do you volunteer to work in a particular local universe?

MONJORONSON: Let me make this simple for you. Imagine that you live in a dormitory, and at the entrance of the main dormitory, just inside of the entrance to the building is a large bulletin board, posting opportunities for growth—“Please sign up and submit your resume and your proposals for your volunteer-ship and the expectations that you have for the outcomes.” This, in a very extremely simplified manner, is how I applied for this and was selected. It is a matter of matching experience, skills, history, intentions and the proposals that match the work that needs to be done. It is reviewed in Paradise and the approval comes from there. That is where the assignments come from for Paradise Sons.

MMc: That clears it up quite a bit. Can you tell me how many bestowals you have had as a babe?

MONJORONSON: As a babe? (MMc: As a babe.) Let us not get into details, as I do not want to go in that direction. It has been more than one and less than one thousand.

MMc: They talk in The Urantia Book about those having done it several times—I think the number is seven. It has been many more than seven, I would think. Am I correct?

MONJORONSON: You are speculating, sir. Let us move on.


  • Awakening in consciousness that Jesus experienced

MMc: In Michael’s seventh bestowal here on Urantia, he was first unaware that he was a Paradise Son and actually grew into this understanding. When you were bestowed as a babe, did something similar occur to you?

MONJORONSON: Yes. It is an awakening consciousness and the growing realization of one’s origins, one’s capacities and one’s responsibilities. The options to abuse those are always present, but they are never exercised. This allows us to appreciate the conundrum and quandary of human consciousness, growth and evolution and empowerment. By doings so in the species of bestowal, we become able to grasp the signature of that species more completely and to be of more effective complete service to that world.

  • How did you first meet Michael?

MMc: How did you first meet Michael?

MONJORONSON: How? (MMc: Yes. What was the occasion?) There truly is no “how” in English language, or any language of Urantia. When one is a Paradise Son, one is already aware of all others, so the “how” is not a factor—one is already connected; one is already aware. When you have the capacity to know all of your brothers through the vast seven universes, then there is no “how.” There is only “is.”

MMc: Will you tell us the type of assignments that you have had that have taken place prior to your taking on your current assignment?

  • Previous experience for current assignment

MONJORONSON: Those are well documented in the spectrum of The Urantia Book. Just let it be noted that I have an immense amount of experience in these activities, and that I am fully qualified to assist Christ Michael in his work in Nebadon, and that this particular and peculiar assignment requires all that experience and more. I have access to the chronicles of all prior rebellions in all local universes throughout all seven superuniverses to draw on. I wish you to note that I differentiate “chronicles” from “archives.” Archives are much like a document, but chronicles are what you might call, “altered dimensional holographic realities,” that I can experience any part of which I need for my own training.

MMc: How long have you been preparing for this assignment?

MONJORONSON: In preparing for this assignment in earth years, approximately 30,000 years.

MMc: A good, long time! (Monjoronson: Yes.)

I imagine that there will be all kinds of advantages to your mission when you have “boots on the ground,” but it is much more complex than that, isn’t it?

  • Advantages or disadvantages to having “boots on the ground”

MONJORONSON: Actually, I will have fewer advantages by having “boots on the ground,” as you say. I will be confined to the imprisonment of a physical body and that will have many gross limitations beyond what I have now. These will only be engaged when there is a necessity to do so, when the service that is needed by my presence is paramount and ultimately necessary at that time. Until then, I will remain apart from a physical body, demonstrating the most capable positions and functions that I can, as I am. The necessity of being absent for two weeks required that I have consultation in Edentia and Jerusem and on Uversa, and to then engage the physical necessities of your world, to be of influence here in an appropriate way. Thus, there will be little advantage in being a physical being. The advantage, however, is yours, not mine.

MMc: Yes. I have some awareness of that. It is going to be very difficult to be a material human being, isn’t it? What is the scuttlebutt on Salvington like? What does the average personality there say about events here

Courage, Correcting Time

  • What is the scuttlebutt on Salvington?

MONJORONSON: They are in awe at Christ Michael’s—I would not say “audacity—but his courage, his forbearance, his immense tolerance for variation, which seems to violate almost every tenet of the days of light and life on a planet. They are eagerly watching, much as the spectators at a ballgame with the windup and pitch, and to see where the ball goes after it is struck by the bat. It is all up in the air right now, so to speak, and they are waiting to see where the arc of all his work lands, and how it is fulfilled. They are in awe because they are witness to one of the most grand, spectacular, profound, developmental experiences that any morontial being could have in the first row of any opera, or any spectator event. And, when that is not sufficient, they can go to the sea of glass for a much closer view of the personalities and the actions and the thoughts and intentions behind individuals, let alone groups. So you see, that they are very much like a dramatic, operatic, creator of symphonies and lyrics, plots and storylines. To be witness to this is probably one of the grandest experiences that morontial beings and visitors of Nebadon will ever have in their ascendant careers. Everyone is quite amazed at the undertaking, for they are learning what a consummate Creator Son is doing.

[Daniel: A lot of fun. I get to witness a lot of things that I have speculated about, and some things that I have seen, but to have him put it in words is like your, “How is it that you met Christ Michael? That was stunning! And his explanation had to necessarily be incomplete, but the story behind the words was pretty amazing. I’ll be glad to share that with you, later.]


Roxie: Monjoronson, I have a couple of questions for you also. Over the Easter week, I was re-reading The Urantia Book about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Michael. I wondered, do any of the Creator Sons or Avonal Sons choose not to go through the mortal death experience, when they are on their seventh bestowal?

Do all bestowal Sons go through the process of mortal death?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that has occurred. When the work of a Creator Son is completed, it is completely their choice, without bias and prejudice from the Primary Source, how they conduct the rest of their life as a mortal, whether they leave at that time, continue on to natural death, or to their murder, is their choice and it becomes a part of their experience. It is not necessary to die on a planet, but it is always productive that the life until death is complete for themselves and for their mortal children. There is much to be learned in the greatness and character of one who approaches that time. The event of death is just that. What is more inspiring is the passing of that individual. Christ Michael’s death as ignominious as it was, perpetrated by those in ignorance and darkness, was not as significant as the grandeur of his character that he expressed in his passing. To relay that, again, he recognized that this was an act of ignorance, malevolent ignorance, but ignorance nonetheless, that had they truly known with an open mind who they were hanging on the cross to die, they would not have done so, but would have worshiped him and would have been privileged to wash his feet instead.


Roxie: Has any Paradise Son ever had to endure such a cruel and painful death as Christ Michael?

MONJORONSON: Yes. It is not as amazing as you think when you take into account the tremendous ignorance of evolutionary worlds, and particularly decimal experimental worlds, as yours. What is really quite grossly evident is the cruelty that exists on your world, not only to leaders, but to ordinary individuals and this cruelty is perpetrated and perpetuated many times—in fact every day—on your world, and it is Christ Michael’s desire, and my desire, and all of the universe administrations’ desire to bring this inglorious end to a glorious end, and to completion of rightness, where there is greater contribution from this evolution out of darkness for everyone.

Roxie: Thank you very much! I appreciate your answers.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome. Thank you for your curious mind.

MMc: I have a few more questions, but they are not too, too serious. When you finally do arrive here in the flesh, there is going to be work, lots of work, but besides the work, what are you looking forward to?

Incarnation, Senses

MONJORONSON: Well, I have been in thought connection with Machiventa, who lived upon your world, and I look forward to the fragrance of water—fresh, clean water—to trees, to the presence of children and adults, to walk upon your world—this water world that has so much water—and to wade in the surf, and to enjoy things that you enjoy. I will be experiencing everything that you experience and consider the best of human experience.

MMc: I once bit into an apple and the sweet-tart taste flooded my senses. I wondered if you had ever tasted anything so exquisite.

MONJORONSON: Yes, and even more so. Apples are delightful, as I sense from yourself and others, but mangoes are a wonderful second, are they not? (MMc: Yes, they are.) Think of the wonderful juxtaposition of papaya and lime! One would not expect such a delightful peachy taste as that from that combination, would you?

MMc: Beautiful! What is your favorite food?

MONJORONSON: My favorite food is something that is from another world, and it involves a combination of what you would think of as fruits and vegetables, those delightful ambrosias where there is nothing like it except in the combination thereof.

MMc: Wonderful, wonderful. For my last question, how old are you?


  • How old is Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: In terms of being born in Paradise, I am eternal in that sense, but I do have a beginning. It is far distant from the beginning of the Infinite Spirit in Eternity, but in earth years, I am billions of years old and can remember every aspect about that in great detail.

MMc: That was not supposed to be a difficult question; the expectation is that you were billions of years old, and that you have a tremendous, long experience. I am in awe each time that I talk to you.

MONJORONSON: It is not the age that is important, but the experience. You could be billions of years old and have done nothing, and so your value to the universe would not have increased. So, it is with all beings, all Paradise beings, that they continue to grow. It is remarkable for us to engage that, and it is profound to think of that as your capability too, that you are far more fresh at this than we are, you have so much more to learn in your ascendant career, which can be almost quite as exciting as what I have had myself. The traditional, historic perspective of heaven, of playing a harp and eating grapes and looking at the stars, is profoundly boring and inaccurate, and incapable of expressing the deepest dimension of what you will enact in your future ascendant career and afterwards in finality.

MMc: We have a lot to look forward to.

MONJORONSON: Even in this lifetime, my friend.

MMc: Even in this lifetime, yes.


  • Vision of the future

MONJORONSON: Envision a future that is absent of revolution or change; there may be sporadic social disruptions, but there will not be national or global revolution. Seek to engage a peaceful evolution of your world without losing the content of its history, its progress of its societies, and the benefit that individuals have contributed to your world already. We, co-creatively, are simply going to reformat what is being done, to reformat this with you to create a new peaceful, evolutionary world that is actively, consciously, evolutionary and intentional.


With that, I will say good day.

MMc: Thank you very much!