2012-05-13-Appreciation for Eve

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Topic: Appreciation of Eve, Planetary Adjudication, Divine Justice

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re so grateful to gather together as a unified intention to co-create with our Magisterial Son on what needs to be conducted for this planet as part of our upliftment effort. We thank you for joining us together in those circuits of oneness—one unified intention, one mind, one heart—helping us to become more encircuited in you that our Adjusters may all work together under the direction of the magnificent Adjuster that Jesus used when he was on this planet. We invite our Magisterial Son now to come forth and conduct our energies of mind and heart that they will do the most good on the planet. May your will be done. Thank you.



MONJORONSON: Greetings, my dear brethren. This is Monjoronson. Today is a special day of recognition for those of you who have had the experience of being mothers: creating new life, cradling that life within your body, nurturing that to fruition, the birthing process and then the raising of the child to be a healthy and happy individual. On this world, the role of motherhood is somewhat more significantly appreciated, for as you well know, you have no true role models to guide you in this sacred responsibility of nurturing a child and bringing it into maturity.

Today, before we continue to build the energies of JUSTICE upon Urantia, I invite you all to take a few moments to acknowledge the contributions that your mother Eve provided to this world. Her contributions are shrouded in mystery, mythology, fable and, of course, great misunderstanding. Irrespective of that, you do have a connection to her. It is the energy pattern that she left on the planet as a superior form of motherhood that is important now to allow to be rebirthed as the power of woman (you might say) that echoes deep within your body—both genders, men and women—begins to rise to the forefront of your consciousness and of your operation, that the ways of spirit, that the ways of the MOTHER may more fully operate on this world. Let us take a few moments in recognizing Eve and thank her for her contribution to Urantia. We will direct the energies and use them where they will do the most good on this planet. Take a few moments to do this before we begin the other portion of today’s call. (Pause)

As we have done on similar calls in the past, focus in your hearts and allow our energies to imprint upon your being. Today, invite the presence of your mother Eve to imprint more directly upon your energy systems as I continue to imprint my energy signature into you. Seek these energies that we desire to share with you, my brethren. Drink deeply of what it is you are about to receive. (Pause)


Imprinting upon your heart now are the energies of PLANETARY ADJUDICATION. I know that some of you will seek to understand what this truly means, for your intellects seek to satisfy as your curiosity stimulates your imagination. In time, you will understand. In time, you will know. I do invite you to focus on the desire for this world to be adjudicated, for it is in this adjudication that the world will receive its liberation. We ask that you hold this desire in your hearts as deeply as you can fathom that so we may continue to build the energies of DIVINE JUSTICE here upon Urantia. In your mind’s eye, simply focus on the words PLANETARY ADJUDICATION, drawing a line of energy from your hearts to those words. Feel your desire for this to bathe the planet now. We will do the rest. (Pause)

Every living being on this world is deeply loved. This is not simply a bond of affection, but it is a deep, living connection to LIFE itself, the sanctity of life, the reverence for life. Love thrives in this environment. It is a co-creative experiential awareness. This time of PLANETARY ADJUDICATION is a mere stepping stone in the process of the co-creative energies coming from the Father to be shared with you to build a more glorious and spiritually-aligned planetary culture. So maintain this attitude of desiring this PLANETARY ADJUDICATION and we will pave the way to imparting those changes that your world seeks to implement, to build this noble and glorious civilization. As we build these—what you might call circuits of adjudication—around the world, know that it is part of the superstructure that is necessary for Michael’s WILL to fully pervade the planet and touch the souls of his children, opening the hearts to stimulate that spiritual creative endowment within. (Pause)

And now, dear children of this world, it is time to focus on the desire for DIVINE JUSTICE to permeate into planetary consciousness. These are the mandates and workings of the Ancients of Days. As you hold the focus for PLANETARY ADJUDICATION to come into Urantia, also please superimpose into those words, DIVINE JUSTICE. Let your inner vision radiate in those words: PLANETARY ADJUDICATION and DIVINE JUSTICE. Feel your desire for this as we continue to build these circuits through your efforts and desires. (Pause)


The hosts of the heavens converge and touch loving compassion upon Urantia now. Truly these energies are penetrating into layers and levels of “air,” helping the human mind open to a new reality and let the true light now has more room to grow within the human heart. Michael’s correcting plan will prevail upon Urantia. Have no doubt. Yet we ask you, the children of this world, to cooperatively, collaboratively, and consistently to co-create with us in what this world needs. You provide the energies of the heart that the combined energies of all hearts can be awakened and begin to blossom on this world. It is a time of immense change and growth and yet there still is a period of struggle as humanity begins to emerge from many, many generations of error and misjudgments. We, who are here to help you implement a new era of truth, do so with great love and compassion for your struggles and efforts. You truly do not see all the good that you do when you collaborate with us in these manners, through these calls, through your prayers, through your meditations when you can join heart to heart with others who endeavor to build a new consciousness upon this world.

You may expand this visualization, if you are now able, to encompass the Ancients of Days to descend into the circuit. Feel your desire for their divine decrees to ring deeply into Urantian consciousness. (Pause)

My beloved brethren, your efforts are registered on high. One day, when you have ascended further into the mystery of creation with the Father, you will be more appreciative of the efforts you undertook while living this life in the flesh. Now, I ask you to be content with your abilities to always seek to do the Father’s Will, to turn your minds to that sacred place where the Father within you conjoins with your mind to bring you into a new awareness of who you are and what you are participating in. As we have asked you in the past to continue to turn your prayers and your thoughts to these circuits: RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, and MERCY, that DIVINE JUSTICE may enjoin here and be spread around the planet in a comforting blanket, soothing the human heart and urging it to open to the light of the Father within.

Let us take a few moments to worship the Father in Paradise. Love Him with the intensity of a pure child’s heart. Thank Him for your life, for your mind, for your body, for your Father Fragment, and let Him return that love to you many times over, to support you during these times of great change. (Pause)

It is time to descend back to Urantia. Feel your love for this world and know that the love you feel, that you have, is amplified many, many times over. When you focus on loving, healing, and transforming yourself and Urantia, those helpers who are around you are also doing the same. Be mindful of the thoughts that you generate throughout the day, those of healing, forgiveness, restoration, reclamation, redemption, salvation. Love this world and your brothers and sisters that through your mighty hearts they can continue to gain strength.


I will leave you now and I ask you to continue to seed into your planetary consciousness the desire for ADJUDICATION and DIVINE JUSTICE to infiltrate the planetary consciousness, deeper and deeper. We thank you for your efforts today. We love you and we minister to you in ways that you do not yet understand or perceive. Know that when you need help, call on us and we will respond. We leave you in the Father’s glory, my children. Good day.