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Topic: Assembling the Mortal Staff

Group: Reflectivator Network


Teacher: Gabriel, Aya, Maltucia

TR: Ron Besser

Session 1


Gabriel, The Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon wishes a word with all of you reading The Flurry.

Scribe, commence transcribing what is required from you for the glory of the Universal Father and in His name!

Faithfully and dutifully record the extraordinary events that you will witness for the benefit of the future generations of mortals that will inhabit the future sphere of perfection that this world will become, in beautiful harmony with the countless celestials that will come here to serve as well as to learn, for schools like the one will become are extremely rare in the entire grand universe.

Record the hard but glorious spiritual lessons that will be imparted and learned in this world, so thirsty for them. The sovereign of this universe and my Lord sends me again to announce his physical reappearance on Urantia, for all mankind to see, to fulfill a rare and unique promise that he made 20 centuries ago to those that served and followed him then.

What a great experience it will be to serve your Sovereign as he walks again in the flesh! His presence will be his gift and that of the Paradise Father to you all, for all the faith and valor that you have exhibited even in the total absence of the physical and spiritual guidance available in worlds not affected by rebellion. However, before the sovereign of Nebadon graces you with his physical presence on Urantia, many and profound changes will take place, so that those that will be alive to witness the greatest event in the history of this world, can truly comprehend its real significance.

As commanded by the Paradise Father Himself, the Magisterial Son of assignment will be arriving shortly to prepare the way for the return of Jesus of Nazareth, our sovereign Michael of Nebadon.

In order for the required preparations for Michael's return to be made as quickly and efficiently as possible, all those that are aware of the 5th revelation, especially those that can transmit and receive messages from the realms of spirit, are being invited by Monjoronson to assist him is such important preparation tasks.

Again, important and extraordinary events that will forever change the spiritual and physical aspects of life on Urantia are now very close at hand. Prepare yourselves to serve the Universal Father in unimaginable ways, and to help rewrite the history of this world.

I am Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon.

Section I

  • Magisterial Staff Makeup & The Coming of the Order of Melchizedek

The arrival of the Magisterial Son, when completed, will have with him, a staff of thirty-two different celestial Orders represented. Each of these Orders contain many versions of the same types, but they will be dispersed all over the globe, and comparisons with each other will be difficult to do by the human population. Most are unrevealed to you in the Urantia Book including certain Sons of God who will not incarnate with Monjoronson now. Their work will be to prepare the return of Michael to Urantia when they do arrive.

In particular, those who have followed the narratives of the ABC Summaries know of the name Serena and Juliana. These two, along with about fifteen others who did not speak with transmitters, are Uversa-origin Sons of God and incarnate in the likeness of woman. Their presence was essential to establish good communications between Urantia, Jerusem, Salvington, and Uversa. The fiat of the Father to establish reflectivity directly on Urantia in May of 2011, effectively removed their role for the coming Magisterial Mission. Serena and Juliana and their associates will now be used to command the public appearances of Monjoronson. We await their incarnation when that time comes.

Of these thirty-two different Orders to appear with Monjoronson, one will be of the Melchizedek Order represented by individuals you know such as Machiventa Melchizedek. There is a distinction based on service that operates within the Order of Melchizedeks. We have indicated a certain status within the Melchizedek Order which we wish to further explain to the reader.

Melchizedeks vary by certain prerogatives of personality abilities. Those with the highest order of experience and acquisition of these personality prerogatives are in a class by themselves, sometimes designated as primary. For example, Machiventa Melchizedek had incarnated in the flesh during the time of Abraham. This is an unusual thing for Melchizedeks to do, and of the seven times it has happened in the history of Nebadon, such is now being recognized for the heroic work it symbolizes. Machiventa Melchizedek, as one who did incarnate on Urantia, has been given the award of the Order of The Cross by Christ Michael.

The Order of the Cross is an award given to all Orders of Local Universe Sonship all over Nebadon who have forthrightly and with compassion dealt with the human population on an evolutionary sphere to reduce the suffering caused by rebellion or by other factors not revealed to humans on Urantia. This award classification is rarely given and it is a great distinction to even be nominated to receive the “medal.”

Among these personality enhancements is the ability to withstand the harsh reality as the world one serves on stands still without spiritual progression, or it fails to acclimate to a new world order. No other Melchizedeks have been awarded the Order of the Cross. These awards are given only when the selected Melchizedek has done such extraordinary work that he must be set aside temporarily to achieve the personalty abilities granted by Michael. The required rest following receipt of the Order of The Cross is short, but when these Melchizedek personalities emerge, they are resplendent in wisdom and hail as high as any order can, even to being received on Paradise for the acclamation of what they have achieved.

The Order of the Cross is sometimes considered for those who serve on the staff of bestowal Sons or other divine missions of extraordinary length and breadth. The award may become available to those who serve on the Magisterial Mission and/or Michael return staff because these individuals, as outline by Master Sprit Seven below, become verified ascendens no longer on mansion world probation. No one may serve without the decision to ascend and signals that it is a decision that is not revokable as ascertained by the indwelling Thought Adjuster. As new citizens of Nebadon, the mortal staff are morontia sons of God and become eligible for nomination to receive the Order of the Cross.

The Nebadon Order of The Cross is available to angels, man, the Melchizedeks, and all other Orders which can and do ascribe in the belief of Michael that all worlds shall become his regardless of their relationship to Lucifer or to other rebellious Sons who have created mayhem in his universe. The Order of The Cross endowment to personality bears no resemblance to the personality enhancements in human fusion with the Adjuster, but both do expand the unification of personality to the point it approaches the higher morontial levels of expression in man, and Melchizedek personality expression on the Paradise worlds of the Spirit. Mortal staff work on Urantia establishes the criteria upon which all staff members in the future will be modeled from, and the Melchizedek Receivers who serve on Urantia will disclose much of the work of Machiventa to be placed on high as examples of the divine interventions that occur when the last best hope for mankind is a Melchizedek emergency Son.

Section II

  • Master Spirit Seven Confirms Appearance of Incarnated Melchizedeks And The Role of Mortal Staff on Urantia

AYA : I am AYA, Master Spirit N°7 of Superuniverse N°7 Orvonton. I come to you to announce extraordinary news.

We have managed to establish a connection between Uversa, the capital of your Superuniverse of Orvonton, and Salvington, the capital of your local universe Nebadon and Jerusem, the capital of your system of Satania and your planet Urantia. It is a system that works under the control of the tertiary Seconaphim Paper 28, Section 6. We can thus in time send you messages and images that your Thought Adjuster will receive and place into your super-conscious mind. Then it will be possible to see by the internal eyes of the person to whom these images and these words will be sent.

The Melchizedek brothers have worked very hard these last weeks to connect everything to the people who will start the Reflectivity communication system adapted to the morontia grid created by the Melchizedeks. [Editor’s Note: The Melchizedeks redid the grid and took it upon themselves to install and/or repair grid section with the help of the superuniverse Omniaphim. Paper 28, Section II details who the Omniaphim are. They also installed the reflectivity system on Urantia with the aid of the Omniaphim.]

This Morontia Energy grid, which has replaced the former (Caligastian) Morontia Energy grid that was damaged by rebels and their companions, will soon be functioning anew.

The time is up and those people, personalities and angels who continue to follow their former leaders will thus be destroyed. All circuits, all energy systems, including the Morontia support system within the grid will be replaced. This will be done at once and without notice– in the same way that a sudden rainstorm can make you run for cover in the Spring.

This will allow the Life Carriers which are now waiting to act, to prepare the transformations of life support systems needed to achieve certain indispensable changes that will enable individuals on Urantia to experience “genetic jumps” in themselves and in their future offspring. No one will be terminated for having been brought before the Council of 24 at this stage of the adjudication, but there will be changes made to those who remain to work for the Magisterial Son and Christ Michael when he returns. [Editor’s Note: Aya is referring to the adjudication of all living humans on Urantia when Michael and Monjoronson jointly call the roll call of justice. [[See a Justice description in

The ABC Summaries, Doc “J”. Section IV, ff.]] Mortal staff humans will have already been through the process of adjudication clearing the way for them to remain and for future consideration of Adjuster fusion on Urantia.]

The God Fragments who came here to support this highly specialized program are also the eyes and the voices of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son so that this operation happens exactly according to the wishes of the Eternal Mother-Son and the plans of the Universal Father. This Reflectivity communication system will also allow The Ancient of Days, the Melchizedeks, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, to monitor the operations of the Life Carriers to the millimeter.

The modified reflectivity system now installed will enable, and speed up, the arrival of the Magisterial Son and his Mission on Urantia. This will also allow all human beings who have achieved the 3rd psychic circle and for those who are now very close or already in the first psychic circle, to be screened to see if their soul is infected with the latent Lucifer ideas of freedom. This will allow and confirm, in a very easy way, for the Ancient of Days, the Council of 24 and The Eternal Son, that if these souls are not infected, each may continue in their path for fusion with their Thought Adjuster. [Editor’s Note: See The FLURRY Number 4 and announcement of Spirit Directive Number 55 for a detailed account of these operations; pp 3 ff.]

This “special fusion” which is permitted for persons who will be chosen to work and stay longer on Earth with the "mortal corps" chosen by Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son, Machiventa Melchizedek and Christ Michael, will become available the moment the Adjuster signals he is prepared to undertake the specialized fusion technique with the person he indwells. [Editor’s Note: This fusion is not mansion world fusion but Supreme fusion as it uses energies of the Supreme and not of the Paradise Sons or Daughters or of the primal Paradise pre-personal energies of the Father. It still constitutes fusion but is not replete. Candidates for fusion as mortal staff will terminate their work on Urantia when signaled by their Adjusters to do so, and then be prepared to obtain Mansonia 1 and then on to the correct status sphere as of their spiritual growth at the time of the termination of spiritual service on Urantia. Aya or other Master Spirits will address this type of fusion in greater detail as the Magisterial Mission approaches.]

Once this "mortal corps" who remains on Urantia to details the work of the Magisterial Son and Christ Michael is examined and fount to be 100% pure, this corp will begin to do very important preparatory work for the Magisterial Son. It is in this manner that the "Breath of The Universal Father" actualizes on Urantia which will transform the potential of God to become personality resident on Urantia. It can be said that the current mortal mind of human beings who undergo the fusion will feel and understand the presence of God in them.

[Editor’s Note: The Father will be personality resident in human form in these plans while he will also be resident on Urantia in the Planetary Prince, the Melchizedek Receivers, the unidentified Sons of God attending Monjoronson, and in many others as the prepare to incarnate on Urantia.]

Once this is done, those who will stay and who will be trained to be part of the "mortal Staff" of the Magisterial Son, this group will also receive more instructions concerning their preparatory work to prepare for his coming. When the mortal corp completes the projects outlined to them for the arrival of the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson will come in the flesh with his twelve (12) incarnated Melchizedeks to Urantia.

Meanwhile it was decided that several Melchizedeks, twenty-four (24) in total, will come some time before the twelve (12) Melchizedeks arriving with Monjoronson. These twenty-four Melchizedeks who will incarnate early will help the "mortal corps" that has been chosen and accepted to prepare for the arrival of Monjoronson and before the arrival of the "Breath of The Universal Father" in the minds of everyone on your planet.

These Melchizedeks will be known by name later. It is too early to give their names and tell you if they are already there or when they will come. They will be there with you, close to you, before the arrival of the Magisterial Son. These twenty-four (24)It will be other Melchizedeks who currently work in regions on your world and will manifest themselves as humans. The reflectivity communication system is available and the incarnations are achievable now.

[Editor: Now enters the transmission, in reflective reception, the Melchizedek Maltucia. Maltucia explained that he is the Melchizedek who appears [i.e. who will incarnate] with others to work the east coast region of the United States. He is also a chief investigator of the events which led up to the carnage of 100,000 Mayans in the early part of the 20th century, and as such has located his headquarters in the Central American nation of Belize. In the transmission allowed to be seen for the first time below, Maltucia indicates that he has acquired a physical home in the countryside, and that his incarnation will be very close by the network reflectivator doing the work of transmitting AYA above.]

MALTUCIA: This is Maltucia here my little one. Soon I will be working more closely with you and your group and with the others who work remotely [Editor: i.e. simultaneous meditation with others elsewhere and the reception of visions and information from around the world] with you. It has been a long time I spoke to you. One day we will discover together that cave behind this Maya village that you all called "the House of Maltucia". I will give you a signal when you can enter and discover this well hidden "House". Goodbye my little one, goodbye.

Section III

  • Some Additional Melchizedek Details & The Changing Role of Universe Government on Urantia

On May 15 and 16 if 2012, your Editor was introduced to a discussion concerning the incarnation of the twenty-four (24) Melchizedeks by the Supreme Seraphim Manotia and Loyalatia, and with the midwayer aide, DEF 14, who calls herself Andrea, which developed into the following narrative for release.

Regarding the Melchizedek proposal to incarnate: Mantutia Melchizedek speaks with some authority on this question of appearance. He tells that they will appear in human form and represent all the races found on Urantia. In other words, they would be virtually impossible to tell apart from the normal appearance and variations of the current racial groups on Urantia.

While I do not know the significance of the number given of 24, it is these 24 who have been given the charge to set up the conditions on Urantia that will make the appearance of the Magisterial Son easier to comprehend on Urantia. They are also mindful of the exposition required to prepare Urantia for the return of Michael. These preparations really go hand in hand with each other, and will be directed by these 24 Melchizedeks within the already-discussed mortal staff by the Master Spirit, Aya, above.

They do not require assistance in housing and other sustainment for being the flesh. They have already acquired housing and are establishing themselves within the communities they will operate from. It has been said that already there exists several houses in close proximity to some of you where the Melchizedek households are established and operating. Since this subject of location and operations is yet confidential I am not able to tell anyone more, and that is not to imply I know more than what I have said.

The big picture begins with the introduction of the Melchizedeks who have volunteered to undergo this exercise. Those volunteers are 24 in number initially.

There then follows an additional 12 Melchizedeks on the Magisterial staff who will be incarnated upon the arrival of Monjoronson on Urantia. The 12 Melchizedeks on staff serve a different function than the initial 24. The 12 on staff Melchizedeks are actually "retainers". Retainers play the role of overseeing the affairs of Urantia during the Magisterial Mission and act as a collective Planetary Prince.

Machiventa Melchizedek has been retained as the acting Planetary Prince for Urantia. However, he is also one of the 12 on-staff Melchizedeks who will incarnate with Monjoronson and will be the chief "retainer" for the duration of the mission. The 12 Melchizedek retainers who appear with Monjoronson will incarnate in the likeness of mortal flesh and will be indistinguishable from the normal human appearance of our population just as the other 24 Melchizedeks shall appear.

There will be additional Melchizedeks appearing on Urantia aside from the group of 36 described above. Do not forget that Urantia will be divided into districts for the Magisterial Mission. No one has finally determined the number of these geographical districts, but they will number from about 50 to 100. Whatever the final number will be, each district will have a Melchizedek governor, with but a few anticipated exceptions. Each district will contain a physical headquarters out of which will operate the various concerns having to do with the Magisterial Mission and the return of Michael. Humans will be on staff with the Melchizedeks in each of these districts.

At the very least we will have on Urantia 50 Melchizedek district governors plus the 36 spoken to earlier making a total of 86 visible Melchizedek representatives serving at one time. I would expect that the actual number may approach or be 100 incarnations of Melchizedeks when all is said and done, but the 100 number is a guess and not yet supported by any statements from the Melchizedeks themselves.

The Planetary government organization will change dramatically. It already has in places. The appearance of Monjoronson will signal the revisions designed into the system to actually operate in the new procedures.

The Planetary Prince as an administrative office will be revised. Sovereignty is always vested in Christ Michael as Prince, but direct representatives as done on other planets will be suspended in favor of a administrative regime devoted to the 12 receivers spoken to in other documents.

Because Christ Michael is the Planetary Prince of Urantia, his appearance on Urantia will signal his assumption of that office until he returns to Salvington.

To accommodate his assumption of the office of the Planetary Prince when he arrives on Urantia, the acting Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, will be transferring his authority to acting as Chief of the Melchizedek Order of Twelve, the body of retainers acting on behalf of Monjoronson in the governance of Urantia aside from the duties Christ Michael will assume as the Planetary Prince. The Council of 24 governorships will continue as they are the personal representatives of Michael on Urantia, and with Michael himself on 606, the Council of 24 will have additional duties to perform.

No information has yet become available of the final disposition of the various personnel in the Urantia spiritual government after Michael returns to Salvington and after Monjoronson finishes his work on Urantia. I think we need to understand we are speaking to the passage of at least 1,000 years before these future questions can be addressed on our level. I think all readers have to keep in mind that the spiritual governance of Urantia will not go back to the Planetary Prince idea envisioned in the Urantia Book, but will become a version of how architectural worlds are administered, and with the morontia temple in place after Monjoronson leaves the planet established in the first phases of Light and Life. We can only question when Michael leaves after his second return whether the Melchizedek 12 who arrive with Monjoronson in the flesh will retain their administrative duties and stay on Urantia as Receivers. There will be the Magisterial Mission, the second return of Michael, and then an interim period before a Trinity Teacher Son appears. Is it possible that when Michael returns once more to be installed as the bestowal Son of Urantia in the Temple, that he will share with the Acting Chief of Finaliters some significant other Order of universe Son to assume the chair of what is normally the Planetary Sovereign? [See Paper 55 Section I] The answer seems to be as mysterious as the personality who will fill the role of the Consummator of Universe Destiny for the grand universe. [See Paper 106 section 5].

The Urantia Book itself warns the readers of the revelation that what is outlined in the Urantia Book may not actually be what will be put into place on Urantia.

From Paper 56

56:7.5 " Each new evolutionary attainment within a sector of creation, as well as every new invasion of space by divinity manifestations, is attended by simultaneous expansions of Deity functional-revelation within the then existing and previously organized units of all creation. This new invasion of the administrative work of the universes and their component units may not always appear to be executed exactly in accordance with the technique herewith outlined because it is the practice to send forth advance groups of administrators to prepare the way for the subsequent and successive eras of new administrative overcontrol. Even God the Ultimate foreshadows his transcendental overcontrol of the

universes during the later stages of a local universe settled in light and life."

Urantia's disdain-ment is to be turned into its attain-ment through a simultaneous injection of evolutionary change with an attendant change in its destiny-status. The Master Spirits underlined Michael's announcement several years ago by sustaining Michael on his announced intention to use Urantia as part of the Salvington educational worlds for the work of ascension and the study of the Lucifer rebellion. When Michael appears on Urantia, regardless of what else he appears to do, he will assume the duties of Chief Director of the School for the Study of Rebellion. This school now existing on Edentia is being moved to Urantia with Christ Michael becoming the head of the school.

The appearance of about 100 Melchizedeks in the flesh spoken to above represent the invasion of space by divinity manifestations not predictable at the time of the original Urantia Book disclosures. At best it can be said the book understood the presence of the 12 Melchizedek functions on the Magisterial Staff, but the addition of more than that was not seen at that 20th century stage of revelatory discussions. Nor were the divinity manifestations of the Master Spirits seen in the early Urantia Book to be remotely concerned with the outworking of the rebellion consequences on Urantia and in Satania. And perhaps the greatest divinity manifestation to unfold on Urantia which was completely under reported by the Urantia Book, is the unique position of Michael and the Father in the unfolding affairs of Urantia. These relationships are worthy of several new chapters in the second volume of the text to be offered sometime probably in the next century.

The quote cited from Paper 56 reminds us that when the revelators first establish a narrative for us to understand, that the narrative itself may no longer be entirely true or will events unfold as the text outlines as the Urantia process that will be followed. That is what has happened here. The Father acts as chairman of the board of universe affairs and his fiduciary responsibilities include acting for the greatest good for the greatest number of creatures, which always determines whether a decision as to what to do follows normal procedures or if the decisions must be tailored made for the situation. Urantia is having tailor made operations to achieve the greatest good.

What is essential to grasp for the reader in the various programs meant to support and disseminate the revelation is that the vision of a Urantia outlined in the first Urantia Book is no longer entirely valid. Now I am talking about the planet Urantia and not speaking to each individuals relationship to Jesus and the Father - those are separate considerations which shall remain eternally true regardless of further disclosures. But I am speaking to the entire system of revelation given to us over 70 years ago as being outdated enough that it sends to the mind of readers those expectations of changes that will not be entirely realized in the mode they were expected to appear in. Urantia will experience an alternative reality to the one outlined in the first Urantia Book, and that has to be addressed further by Michael and Monjoronson when they appear on Urantia.

While The Book is the best reference volume on the planet for definitions and relationship discussions, its cosmology of what Urantia is to become can not be said to be true in every respect anymore either. I foresee this mismatch of print and actual accomplishment to cause a great deal of angst among readers when the divine missions actually come to Urantia to begin the Father’s business of reclamation. Unhappiness with what happens can be reduced when communications such as these begin under the detailed watch care of the celestial staff overseeing unofficial disclosures that are not yet part of the publication of the Urantia Book.

This change from what the reference text is stating and what is to become, causes more people to doubt the whole thing then it should, but that is the case right now especially among the young who see it as dated even before they understand or read it. I do not know what Monjoronson or Michael or even the Master Spirits will do about the disconnect with the present generation of readers concerning what they read and then what they are being told through other venues. There may be a period of broken connections for a while between what is printed and what is being established on Urantia in almost every city on the globe. However this problem is to be addressed, I am sure they will find a way and be successful in reconciling these differences.

Section IV

  • Learning To Accept What We Can Not Know

The secret of incarnation is to be found on Sonarington and it is in a sector of that sacred sphere we are never allowed to visit. What that means consequentially is that the appearance of flesh and blood in an incarnated divinity appears just like that regardless of the nature of that flesh and blood. Vicegerington holds the secrets about how divinity may incarnate and actually represent the Deities on Paradise. Again, unless we are trinitized for specific service which requires our incarnation or some representation of some one of the functions of Paradise Deity, that sector too is withheld from our experience. The Urantia Book makes no excuses for keeping manifestation secrets about the personnel assembled from the spiritual hierarchy who gather on Urantia to reclaim her. As in any mystery then, there are plenty of questions but almost no explanation to all that can be seen.

And the changes Urantia is to undergo very soon will never be understood by everyone even in spirit.

Manotia (Seraphim) writes: "The world of Urantia begins its trek toward being well again through the manifestation of thought brought forward through myriads of spiritual persons who understand as much about the spiritual administration on Urantia as I do. However, there are elements of the proposed changes to Urantia that even we, Completion Seraphim, can not persuade ourselves is entirely possible, much less operable within the confines of Nebadon."

We now close this session of the narrative to ask Father and Mother Spirit to endow everyone of us with the ability to become better citizens of our countries and of our universe. We pray for the success of Michael’s plans and for the Magisterial Mission to successfully reclaim our wounded sphere. We beseech our Father in heaven to place all resources that can be made available in accordance with His will for Urantia.

Thank you dear readers for participating with these disclosures and staying the course during these increasingly turbulent times. Our next FLURRY as will the next release of The ABC SUMMARIES, appear when the powers-to-be decide more should be announced. Your editor thanks you for waiting through delays not entirely determined to be scheduled by human hands.


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Thank you. Ron Besser

Session 2

  • May 31, 2012 - ADDENDUM TO The FLURRY


CHRIST MICHAEL here: I come to you my children to explain what the announcement of my “second coming” Means exactly. I know that my coming in Christianity has been expected for 2,000 years. Only, from our point of view. things such as this do not move so fast.

Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son, Machiventa Melchizedek, and Myself. we all will come to this planet, but not all at the same moment; however, there will be a period in time where we all will walk together here on this Earth.

When you talk about the "coming back in the flesh", the term is not appropriate.

I will not be born again, and I will not have a body of flesh as I had in those days when I walked here 2,000 years ago. I will be able to make myself visible to every human being, or to a group of humans, or to a large gathering of humans, when I wish to do so.

It is a technique that will be used by Machiventa Melchizedek, by Maltucia Melchizedek and the other regional Melchizedeks. They will be able to make themselves visible to work with groups or individuals to prepare the coming of your Magisterial Son, My coming, and that of Machiventa. I will therefore speak of the coming of "we three" to simplify.

I will not appear as I did after my resurrection to My Apostles where I was acclimating in my new morontia form, low enough at first, to materialize it with the help of the Physical Controllers. The Physical Controllers are not necessary when we appear to others on other planets, but they are necessary when morontia forms have to be materialized to human eyes. This time my work is in spirit, and I arrive as spirit, and I arrive with Gabriel, and a host of omniaphim who help Me become acclimatized to the human eye perception of form.

  • Technique To Be Used for Our Visibility to Your Material Eyes

This technique by which we can become dense enough, long enough, to show us to you as if we were like you, is a technique that you can somewhat compare, although this is not exactly the same thing, to the technique used by the Midwayers to materialize and dematerialize themselves.

You will see the Melchizedeks when they will appear in your group; you will see Me when I will show Myself to your group. You will see Monjoronson. Here I am not speaking only to this small group, but also to all others, and to certain individuals, and various other individuals working in groups.

The Light Anchors [Merkabahs] facilitate this passage to a greater density. Not all the Light Anchors are able to facilitate My needs, but some can facilitate this in the very early days to allow you to see the Melchizedeks. Until the Light Anchors are fortified more, the Melchizedeks will appropriate these Anchors for their appearances. Until the Merkabahs are further adjudicated, only then will I appear in a group of at least two people who meditate or put themselves into silence around a Merkabah or a Light Anchor. Later, when the energy systems are in place, I will use them to make appearances with all individuals I need to speak to or with.

These techniques are still in development and can according to your evolution be more and more refined. We told you here (to the reflectivator), from the beginning of our discussions with you, that one day you would see the Melchizedeks, and it is true.

At the beginning they will show themselves in circumstances where several of you will gather in My name and where other people cannot see us. I mean here” in secured areas”, as we must be circumspect at first to prevent wholesale mobbing of homes and persons who are inadequately guided to see to their own resources to protect themselves from a public that will be wild with enthusiasm. Secrecy and confidentiality will be observed to protect you. And the same will be true when you meet with the Melchizedeks of your area so that you may gain more confidence in the appearance of the Melchizedeks without the distractions of crowds and people wishing to join in such meetings.

  • Materializing Midwayer Appearances

Your Midwayers may also appear in these same circumstances. They will appear with what will seem to be a body of flesh. It is a promise that they will do so, and it will happen in a few years at the latest; perhaps the soonest will be in a few months for people who are ready for this.

  • Michael’s Appearances Reserved for After Monjoronson Becomes Visible

As time goes by more people will have the capacity in their hearts and be sufficiently balanced in their minds to see us. We certainly don’t wish to create fear or paranoia among people that serve us, and cause misgivings over the possibility of being harmed by the notoriety of your guests. Therefore, please observe the protocols we ask of you when you are informed of a midwayer visit, a Melchizedek visit, or perchance a materialized vision of Myself in your presence. We ask all of you reading this that to prepare for a vision of Michael at this time is not relevant to the cause of the Magisterial Mission. We will hold in reserve our appearances until Monjoronson appears before you in full visible form.

  • We Work With The Aide of Omniaphim To Help Prepare for My Second Return

The Omniaphim, the great Celestial Angels [Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverse - Paper 28] who serve in the superuniverse, provide the liaison service, communication, and other factors available between myself and the Ancient of Days. They help in our communications and thus play a particular role in this "system of communication by Reflectivity" which has been put in place on Urantia. This reflectivity service is for humans and celestials providing they need it for better contact with their supervisors or their Adjusters. It will used for you human beings to have better communications for our messages to you that will be more accurate and safer to direct you in your actions. All this is very new and Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star, my First Born, administers this very well.

  • A Brief Word on My Physical Appearance

I confirm to you that I am already very close to you and many of you will be able to see Me when that time comes. I warn you that my skin color will not be white. It was not white during my life 2,000 years ago. You will certainly recognize Me. I say no more for now. I am Christ Michael bidding you good day for now.

  • The Morontia Network of The Melchizedeks

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON : I am Gabriel of Salvington, the first born of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. I am the Head of all the Angels of this Local Universe Nebadon. I have my representatives, Gavalia and Galantia all the time near you during these communications. You who are now affiliated with the revelation, and who are among the few who receive these messages confirming the appearance of Michael on Urantia within a few years of this announcement, you are among the pioneers who shall make this happen with us. Later, when the "Morontia Network of the Melchizedeks " is well established, it will allow all other T /R’s [Transmitter/Receivers], who work now with another communication-type encircuitment will remain doing so for awhile, because they are doing an excellent job. Later, in perhaps five years or less, all T/R’s will be automatically re-encircuited onto the Morontia Network of The Melchizedeks. The Morontia Network of the Melchizedeks will be using reflectivity, and you have been advised of what improvements it brings to each. Those who use reflectivity now are a “test” group that we will be expand to the maximum level of power until the "new morontia grid” is installed.

  • Stay Secure in Michael During These Times of Preparation

Stay as you are my children. Live your daily life. Live your life simply; be honest with each other, and you will see that within a few years many things will have changed for you as well as for others.

This is why I come to thank you, for that trust that you always had in our communications, in the work that we asked you to do and that we still ask you to do. You have received your evidence by your experiences and you understood that we cannot always explain everything with great fanfare and with many details.

Nevertheless, you have kept your trust and what you did not understand today we will try to explain later. Keep it like that my children and never give up; we are pleased to work hand in hand with you. We look forward to the time that this “Morontia Network of the Melchizedeks" is fully installed and powered by Michael in order to work more fully with all those on Earth who are willing to receive us and hear us. Even if those messages may be different in name and religious concepts found in other places on the planet in other religions and philosophies, and who call us by different names.

Thank you children, I say goodbye and I wish to confirm that you have a lot of friends on many planets and among a lot of celestials orders who love you.. Goodbye my children.

I am Gabriel of Salvington.


Rather than call back the latest Flurry released a few days ago to add this addition to Michael’s remarks about his return to Urantia, we thought it best to send out this Addendum to Vol I, No. 6 so that you may add it to the back of the earlier release. For now, this will remain a separate file for referencing. Link URL (download or preview): https://www.box.com/s/f6d241721928b034ac4f

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Christ Michael informs us in the ADDENDUM to FLURRY Vol I No. 6, that he would not appear as white in his visible form when he comes to Urantia. I think the angel's remarks below would be of great interest to all of you.

Page 4 of the Addendum "I confirm to you that I am already very close to you and many of you will be able to see Me when that time comes. I warn you that my skin color will not be white. It was not white during my life 2,000 years ago. You will certainly recognize Me. I say no more for now."

June 01, 2012 from the Supreme Seraphim, Second in Command of Seraphic Services on Urantia, who commented on what Michael meant making this statement:

MANOTIA: "He indicated that his skin color was not white because his skin resembled the dark color of a typical Syrian or Palestinian male, as you would see them today, and add to that the eternal tan that he got while he was out and about. He got his color skin after his father, Joseph. His appearance will be the same one that he had just before the time of his crucifixion. There will be no imaging representation flaws whatsoever. As far as the morontia power grid is concerned, it will perform all of its functions flawlessly as well; it is Father's will, and when He commands it simply IS."