2012-06-10-Building the Circuits of Divine Justice

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Topic: Building the Circuits of Divine Justice On Urantia

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are grateful to be able to participate in this forum with our Magisterial Son. We open ourselves to be guided, to focus where we are directed, that the Father’s will may continue to grow upon Urantia and lead all hearts back to Michael. You know what our world needs now during this time of Correction, and we are so grateful that you have this plan well in place and that we can participate in it to the best of our abilities. We open our hearts and we welcome Monjoronson, and we always seek that your will may be done.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my dear brethren. This is Monjoronson. Today’s format will be very similar to what we have embarked upon in the past. We will be focusing on bringing in those energies of DIVINE JUSTICE through the planetary circuits. But before we do this, let us engage for a few moments and worship the Father in Paradise.

Creator Father at the center of all life, we conjoin our heart energies as we turn our attention toward you. We give you praise and thanks for your LOVE. We open ourselves to the outpouring of that which you shower upon us, each and every moment; that your children of Urantia here receive what they need to assist my efforts in this time of correction upon Urantia. (Pause)

Let our hearts be unified in you, Father. Let us reverberate in the LOVE of the presence that you are. (Pause)

May these hearts and minds of your children today be focalized in the development of divine MERCY upon Urantia. May your son Michael’s LOVE penetrate deep into each and every heart here on this world. May all of your indwelling Fragments within the hearts of your children help their awareness to open to a deeper experience of your LOVE. May your children lay down their defenses of fear, confusion and doubt, and open to JOY and LOVE we desire for them to experience. May Urantia grow in LIGHT and LIFE through the efforts of these mighty children focused today on behalf of their world. (Pause)

Now let us bring our gaze down upon this world, as you visualize Urantia in your mind’s eye before you. You have been assisting us in building these circuits for DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail within the hearts and minds of this fabric of planetary consciousness, and today as we ask you to continue hold this focus, we will take these energies you create and further seed them into those arenas where this will be a vital catalyst for the corrective time to deepen and manifest. So feel your love for your world and your desire for Michael’s Correcting Time to become more deeply etched upon the fabric of planetary consciousness and your desire for DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail. Let your hearts open as wide and as deep to these feelings of what we wish to see of the Father’s WILL to prevail here. We will minister in these fields you are generating and put them to good use. Let us begin. (Pause)

Feel your desire for the energetic presence of the Ancients of Days to prevail in the hearts of humanity. The DIVINE JUSTICE system, you may call it, is vastly different from the system that you know on your world of the judicial process. While it is not necessarily fruitful for me to expound on what these differences are at this time, it is most helpful in this forum if you simply focus on your desire for the presence of the Ancients of Days to prevail here on this world. Some of you may ask “What does this mean?” And I ask you to trust, and simply generate that desire. DIVINE JUSTICE has never been procreated here upon Urantia. Now it is time for this to take deep root, and you are providing that environment for these tethers to reach down into the fabric of planetary consciousness, to take root in the hearts of men and women, for their presence to soak in, for DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail. Simply focus on this desire. Feel how you wish it to penetrate into the planet, fertilizing many areas of the planetary fabric of consciousness, seeding itself into its deepest recesses. (Pause)

This world is so loved. Beyond human comprehension is this measure of LOVE. As these circuits of DIVINE JUSTICE penetrate into the fabric of your world’s consciousness, the LOVE that this world is surrounded in will be able to make a more indelible impression into the inhabitants’ energy system. So much of what we ask you to focus on is truly beyond your intellectual comprehension, yet you attend these forums because your heart is drawing you here. You know the validity of what you experience as you collaborate with us to heal this world, to bring these energies of transformation to bear upon the fabric of planetary consciousness, to render it clean, pure, whole, vibrant, and alive.

In your mind’s eye now, continue to focus on DIVINE JUSTICE. Take a few moments to journey around the globe to those places where you know that DIVINE JUSTICE has not yet deeply penetrated. As you do this, we will seed more into those places. There are many places you have heard about and many others that are unknown to you. Do your best to traverse the globe and ask for DIVINE JUSTICE to be planted here and there—wherever you feel your heart is drawing you. Enjoy this journey and know that you are doing something very hopeful to serve the world. (Pause)

IT IS TIME FOR THIS PLANET TO MANIFEST WHAT THE FATHER WILLS. Let yourselves focus on this phrase for a few moments and feel your desire for this to blanket the world: IT IS TIME FOR THIS PLANET TO MANIFEST WHAT THE FATHER WILLS. IT IS TIME FOR THIS PLANET TO MANIFEST WHAT THE FATHER WILLS. (Pause)

And now, let yourselves focus on Michael’s PEACE flowing down upon Urantia—gentle golden rain washing away the tears of sorrow, washing away the effects of rebellion. His hands embrace the world; He radiates His LOVE and PEACE into the fabric of planetary consciousness; that hearts of his children may open to Him and RIGHTMINDEDNESS, MERCY, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, GOODNESS, COMPASSION, and TRUTH. Feel your need for your Father’s presence to fully embrace Urantia. (Pause)

The great change is upon you and the planet. Be patient as you observe over time the passing of one age into the next. This is a monumental undertaking and a great time of transformation upon this world. Secure your place in the annals of planetary history as agents of change for Michael by doing your best each day to demonstrate love, tolerance, patience and kindness in all that you do and all that you think and speak. Let the mind that lived within your Master Michael live in you, and may the Father within you gain greater range to lead you into ONENESS with him.


We thank you for your efforts today. We so appreciate your trust as you join in this forum to focus your heart energies so we may use them to heal this world. I encourage you to spend some time each day feeling your desires for what we seed here to continue to grow. Do your best each day to love yourselves and others a little bit more. I leave you in our Father’s PEACE and LOVE. I wish His ample blessings upon each one of you. Good day.