2012-06-24-Receiving Divine Justice

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Topic: Receiving Divine Justice into our Hearts

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we gather here as one united field of heart energy with the intention to receive the presence of our Magisterial Son, and to co-create with him those living bonds of energy that will facilitate more planetary transformation. We’re so grateful for all the help you provide to us, that our labors are met with great help and encouragement and with the hope and understanding of victory triumphant; that Michael’s presence, His love and peace may fully reign upon Urantia. We are open to your WILL now that it may be done here more and more through our efforts each day. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren. This is Monjoronson. Today as we continue to spread the energies of DIVINE JUSTICE into the planetary consciousness, I invite you to spend a few moments in your own hearts to receive more of this energetic encoding. You are familiar with the concept of justice as it is threaded through the judicial system you have in your civilized countries—your developed countries—yet there is so much misaligned energy in judicial systems around the planet that are still fostering superstitious beliefs that condition the pronouncements of judgments made on brother upon brother and sister upon sister.

As you may well be aware, this will be a huge shift in consciousness when DIVINE JUSTICE is fully implanted upon the planet, moving through the epochs of tribal superstitions, rendering into the hearts a new understanding of the MERCY and LOVE of the Father, and how His creative acts are meant to purify and correct with great LOVE, COMPASSION, and UNDERSTANDING into each motivation of the human heart.

Before we begin to move these energies into the planet, spend a few moments in your own experience and ask for those energies of DIVINE JUSTICE to further encode into your being. You may appeal to your indwelling Father Fragments, and you may also focus upon the Ancients of Days, and allow these energies to grow within you, to swell within your hearts, to help you be a bigger container for these energies of DIVINE JUSTICE, and to learn how to use them when you are engaged with your brothers and sisters who are very confused and isolated. We will move in these currents that you are generating personally and augment these energies as you open your hearts. (Pause)

DIVINE JUSTICE is the hand of great GRACE delivering into the fabric of planetary consciousness a new standard of what is TRUE and RIGHT. This fabric that is now being co-created through your efforts is so vital for the continued transformation of this world. It truly is a very healing energy, and you are entering upon a time when DIVINE JUSTICE will be truly etched within the human heart, rendering peoples’ minds to open to a new living reality of which they can choose to follow or reject. It is our desire that all will choose DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail within their own hearts. You, in opening yourselves up to this and to carry more of these energies in a personal manner, will be able to help your brothers and sisters perceive this emanation from heart to heart when the time is right. The Father’s LOVE and MERCY welcomes each person into this dynamic living relationship of growth, exploration, and discovery of the creative plan and design. What a thrilling adventure you evolutionary mortals have access to, yet so many of your world do not yet understand this! So when their hearts open, they will need some perspective when the JUSTICE of the Father—pure, eternal and infinite—can render into their hearts a new understanding, and you can help them.

As we continue to flow these energies into you, take a few moments to let your hearts receive and then outwardly flow into the fabric of planetary consciousness as you envision the world in your mind’s eye before your hearts. Envision the words DIVINE JUSTICE emanating from your hearts and embracing the globe. Should you feel so moved to focus it in certain areas of the planet, we will amplify your efforts as we engage with you to build these circuits and let them form a deeper web, absorbing into this fabric of consciousness. Take a few moments and let yourselves visualize this being spread all over the world. (Pause)

It is truly a moment of occasion for a planet to be adjudicated. As you continue to share your heart energies with Urantia, feel your desire for this adjudication to continue to hold its form all over the world. We are adding great LOVE, great COMPASSION and MERCY into this circuit through your desires. The energies you share with your brothers and sisters and all the living inhabitants of this world do greatly aid in the transformative process. Even though you may not see the individual outworkings of this, it is occurring.

My LOVE and MERCY for Urantia enfolds this world as you send your heart energies into it. My mantel of MERCY embraces this beloved world of Michael. (Pause)

There are mighty Archangels in this circuit now, cutting the ties of the rebellion energy, lifting the veil of superstition and fear. Thank these mighty helpers of Michael and feel your desire for more of their presence to infiltrate more deeply into this fabric of consciousness: that Michael’s presence is well involved, His PEACE to be seeded more deeply into all Urantian hearts, that His TRUTH and GOODNESS prevail within this fabric of consciousness. (Pause)

The great I AM presence of the Father within you is more room to shower the Father’s TRUTH and GOODNESS upon your minds. As these valiant Adjusters collaborate with one another across the planet, the mighty ministry of the Father’s presence will add greatly into this consciousness fabric of Michael’s WILL and TRUTH, my dominance of MERCY.

My dear children, you need not fear this time of change and transformation. Welcome it with a glad heart. Walk proudly, courageously, into these fields where the harvest is waiting to be reaped. The seeds have been sown for what is necessary for this world to heal. We apply every effort you make, large or small, each day to build more LIGHT and LIFE and LOVE upon Urantia.

Take a moment to acknowledge the Father within you, to give thanks to the Father in Paradise, for this most wondrous and precious gift, that you may be further aligned in his WILL and enact the greatest works of service this world has ever seen. Be those transformers that the Father within you wishes to convey. Unite your efforts, heart to heart, when you are engaged with your brethren in many forms, individual personal meetings or forums such as this. Join or create prayer groups, meditation groups that your efforts to seed the Father’s LOVE and WILL into this planet can go deeper. Know that we will be there with you, augmenting your efforts in every way we can.

Let us move into worship of the Father in Paradise for a few moments. Let his love reflect deeply within your heart.

Father, we come before you as ONE. One heart-body, one soul-body, and we give thanks for the LOVE that you have created in the operation of your creative plan. Receive the LOVE of these children and let your LOVE shine brightly within them. (Pause)

As your heart is now opened in LOVE to the Father, let us now focus on the Holy Spirit and the Father’s WILL embracing Urantia. Envision in your mind’s eye the words HOLY SPIRIT holding Urantia in the glorious light radiating the Father’s WILL into this beloved world.

Father, may your WILL truly prevail on Urantia in thought, word, and deed, in every living creature. We lift this world up for your embrace, and we thank you for this Divine WILL to course through this fabric of consciousness upon Urantia. Bathe it in your GLORY and TRIUMPH that all living creatures may know you and love you as you love them. May your WILL be done. (Pause)


And now, dear children, may you go out and play in the fields of service, loving and ministering to your brethren as best you can. We are with you. We will support every sincere effort that you make to shine the Father’s LOVE wherever you may gaze. I leave you in His PEACE. Good day.