2012-06-25-That Father Within

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Topic: That Father Within

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Michael

TR: Paul Conklin



Michael: My dear child it is always a pleasure to speak with you. You are dearer to my heart than you can know right now. Part of self-realization is believing that very thing. That you are that. That you are more than you can ever know while you inhabit your body of flesh. Oh, the joys and wonders that will greet your eyes when you cross the veil and are transferred to the worlds on high. You will be astonished in a way that you have never been astonished before. But that is just the beginning my child. That is the beginning of a long adventure of joy and discovery that awaits you and the rest of my many children.

What is the secret you may ask? It is so simple that even a child can understand it. How can that be possible? Well, it is possible my child. You have the answers to all that you seek. You have always had those answers. Is that not ironic my child? You have ALWAYS had the answers. Those answers have been right within your very own heart. Can there be anything more beautiful than that my son? For so many years you looked over hill and dale. You looked in every nook and in every cranny; you looked in every crevice. Yet, you found the answers that you sought when you became still. When you decided to become quiet you entered a most holy space, a most sacred space. That most holy, that most sacred space is your very own heart. Did you know that it is your very own sacred space that the Father comes to live? The Eternal Father sends a piece of Himself to live in your holy temple. Within that holy temple are all the things that you seek and all the things that you will ever seek. You needn’t ever look outside of yourself again. There within your heart the Father is within you. The Father is within you to give His limitlessness, his eternity to you. Will you accept that gift freely in the guise of a little child? Will you bend your knee in gratitude and gratefulness to the One, to the One that dwells inside of you? When you look inside of your heart there is everything that you could ever imagine awaiting your discovery. Oh, the depths of God’s riches and wisdom! Oh, the depth of God’s love! Who can know it? Who can discover it? You can discover it my child. All of my children can discover it. But such a process of discovery will take an eternity. It will take an eternity my son.

It is true that when you look into the hearts of others that you can see the presence of the Almighty God within your brethren as well. It is true that they too possess much wisdom and knowledge and love. They possess discernment and intuition. They possess these things my son, but only you have the answers that you seek. And only your brethren have the answers that they seek inside of them. The Eternal Father has given you a tailor made program that takes into account your unique personality and skills. That is the beauty of it all. The beauty of it all is that you are unique in all creation and the Eternal Father treats you with the dignity and the honor that you should be accorded. There are times my children when I am in communion with our Father that I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed with His beauty, with His goodness and with His grace. I am overwhelmed with His love. As your father, the father of my own local universe, I am pleased to share with you all what I know about the One that gave me life. Do you think that my wonder has somehow ceased my children? Do you think that I have reached a certain level of development and that it is so ho hum? Never! Never, my children. I can tell you that with each passing moment my own wonder increases. Yet, I have been given so much as your Creator Father. How is this possible? It is possible my children because my Father and your Father is infinitely deep. No matter how deep you go you can never get to the center. You can never say that you have reached so far and you can go no further. Wow! Don’t you all feel the wonder in your hearts building up? Don’t you feel the majesty, the dignity, the beauty, the glory of such a One as our Father?

Yet, the Father of us all is everywhere. He is nowhere at once. There is no place that you need to go. You could go to any sacred place on your planet, if that is what you so desire. But your heart is the most precious, the most sacred place in all of existence. Your heart is the most sacred and most holy place because your Father has chosen to dwell there. With His presence in your heart you become a most holy place. You become the presence of God in your heart. You become the presence of God on your beautiful little world on the fringes of Orvonton. Why do you think that the Holy angels bow before you? Are they bowing before you or to the light that dwells within you? But here is the beauty of it all my children. If you would just believe, if you would just remember you would recall that you are that. That you are not separate. That You ARE the I-AM presence within your heart. You are the I-AM presence within your heart. Will you pause for just a moment and consider that? Will you become silent and contemplate the beauty of that. You are the presence of God in the flesh. The Eternal Father loves you so much that He is willing to dwell with you in your houses of flesh as you ascend to Him. He is the One, He is the One, that will lead you home to where you belong. He will lead you home to His very presence on Paradise. The intervening steps before that great and wondrous day will leave you constantly breathless and in awe. Can you imagine my children what it will feel like to stand in His presence? It will feel like you have finally returned home. You have heard about Paradise yes. But no words could ever do such a place justice. You need to experience it for yourself. You need to dig your feet into the sand and feel the earth beneath your feet, so to speak.

My dear, dear children this is what stands before you. What stands before you is the wonder of the ages. What stands before you is an opportunity. The opportunity of eternity. The Father within you reaches out His hand. He says: “I have you my child. There is nothing that can ever do you any harm. Trust me.” At first you tentatively reach out your hand. But then you muster up the boldness to take the hand of your Father. When you do there is no turning back. You are headed for eternity. You are headed for wonders and glories and awes that no words could ever describe. You just have to see it for yourself. I have seen it my children, yet there is so much more to see. I will be with you when your mouths are agape in astonishment and wonder. I will discover what you discover anew. It will be like I have discovered the Eternal Father anew through your eyes. Through your eyes I will see the Father within like I have never seen Him before. Let us go on this adventure together. Let us travel to distant worlds yet undiscovered. Let us walk down the paths of eternity together. Tonight when you close your eyes dream of the days to come. In the days to come ever know that the Father and you are one. You are one. In that oneness is a beauty indescribable. In that oneness is peace and glory and love. In that oneness you will be led to eternity. You will say: “The Father and I are one. The Father and I are one.” My dear, dear children know that when I look into your hearts I see the presence of the Paradise Father. I no longer can tell where you begin and my beloved Father ends. Let me pause in the silence. Let me be quiet for another child, another child has discovered the Father within.