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Topic: Basic Questions for New Readers

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, creator of all truth, beauty and goodness, creator of all material and spiritual reality in the Grand Universe, be with us today and guide us in our work with Monjoronson, that it may bring you glory. We thank you for the abundance you have given us and most of all we thank you for your unconditional love. We welcome Monjoronson and his staff and thank them for their help in bringing more information to our world and to us. Amen.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson; I am here.

MMc: Good morning, Monjoronson. Last time, we talked about my preparing some basic questions for you. I wondered if we might begin with that today? But before we do begin, do you have anything to talk to us about?



  • Concerning the recent cataclysms

MONJORONSON: Yes, briefly. You are now in the early phase of the cataclysms, whether it is the State of Florida receiving 24 inches of rain across the state in 24 hours, or whether it is the fires in Colorado that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres, whether it is the earthquakes in South America and around the Pacific Rim and other countries, or the social crises—social, political, military—crises that are developing in the Middle East and the continuing “dis-ease,” unsettlement and lack of political, social and economic development in most of Africa—these are all cataclysms. These cataclysms will become more and more aggravated, more meddlesome, difficult, to the point of being un-resolvable in months and years to come.

As the population of your world increases, and as the material resources decrease, the frictions between individuals, families, communities, societies and whole nations will become more and more inflamed. They will become inflamed to the point where there will actually be no “fixing” the problems that exist. Your people will be faced—at least those people who have time to think in a reasoned manner about these issues—will begin to think that the best way forward is to create new solutions, solutions to existing situations rather than to fixing old problems.

Thinking, Sustainability

  • The reason the spiritual teachers are here on our world

Our presence here is to initiate that thinking, the thinking of creating solutions for the future. The future as it stands is always a problem, always a difficulty, always an uncertainty. But, when you begin creating plans for developing a sustainable future, then you have begun to develop plans that will endure and which are rational and reasonable, and that lead to further disclosure of difficulties in rational ways that can be dealt with. Failure to engage this type of creative thinking will perpetuate the problems that exist on your world; in fact, they will exacerbate those problems because they will begin to disturb the very efforts of healing. This may seem illogical, but it is so that societies heal—eventually—when people stop trying to reinforce old, inoperable, unsustainable ideologies and methodologies and philosophies. Thank you.

MMc: If I can think of a metaphor for what you’ve just told us, at least the last part of it, the present thinking on our world, of our present paradigm, has created the wound. By trying to fix the wound by using that present paradigm or that worldview, we simply aggravate the wound so it has no chance to heal. (Monjoronson: Exactly.) What’s needed is a new paradigm, a new worldview that would allow the world to heal.

  • The new paradigm of Social Sustainability

MONJORONSON: The new worldview is the way of social sustainability, which will require a complete revision of the old worldviews and old world paradigms. [Note: The subject of developing social sustainability has been dealt with in numerous past transcripts by this transmitter/receiver.)


  • God is unchangeable

MMc: The religions of our world know God through their books—Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions—all are aware of what I will call an “Old Testament God.” I think most of the individuals of these religions perceive God as he is portrayed in the Old Testament. The God that Jesus calls “Our Father,” seems to have quite a different temperament and relationship with individuals. If God is unchangeable, why is it that we see changes in how he is perceived over time, from [the book of] Genesis through Jesus?

MONJORONSON: God is unchangeable and it is obvious that it is the observer who is changing.

MMc: So, it is man’s perception of God that has changed?

MONJORONSON: That is correct. The old documentation is reinforced by referral to it, so that those who have a changed view of God cannot go forward because the old documents support the old image of God. You must have new documents of God to allow a new vision and relationship with God to exist, a new definition and image of God. That is why revelation is ongoing and continuing. It is necessary to assist those growing souls to come into a much more intimate and personal and accurate relationship with their Creator, that God presence within them, and the First Source and Center. Without continuing revelation, religions remain stuck in the old ideologies, the old philosophies, the old God views that were initiated by the founders [of early religion]. Surely, in three thousand years, the Christian/Hebraic religion has changed, and it has changed immensely, but the constraints of indoctrination by an organization that wants to maintain its roots and traditions does not let that revelation come forward. We are striving to initiate a rational, reasonable, process of revelation into your world, one that creates a new foundation for knowing God, by individuals who seek God.

That is why we have designed the Spiritual Wings workshops to appeal to God believers, at least those who want to expand their God view and their God relationship, into a personal and intimate relationship, one that is functional, developmental, growing, and revelatory. I cannot put this more strongly to you that there are silent individuals who yearn and hunger for a personal, loving relationship with God, who have had enough of the doctrinaire organizational stance of knowing and interpreting God. There are those who are so insecure in their belief in God that they must rely upon the revelations of belief that is provided by their churches.

  • The role played by churches

Churches are simply an instrument to teach people that there is a God, and to maintain those [sacred] documents. They have forgotten that the dictate of their founder, Jesus, is to know God personally. That means to search, to seek. There are no ends to which we advise you to ask questions. If you do not ask questions, you do not get answers. We challenge you, we offer you the opportunity to ask God questions and surely those answers will be forthcoming. If you do not believe that you have the capacity, or you have the worthiness or value to God, to [be able to] speak to God directly, God has provided his messengers, his guardian angels, his midwayers, his Melchizedeks, to speak with you. He is always available to you, and when your self-worth becomes higher, and your self-esteem becomes more developed, then you realize that you are truly worthy of speaking to God, and then you will ask God questions and God will answer you directly.


  • God’s relationship with the individual

MMc: What is God’s relationship with the individual?

MONJORONSON: It is personal.

MMc: Does God actually consider all men and women equal?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely! You are all worthy of knowing God; you are all worthy of God knowing you; all worthy of having a personal relationship with God.


MMc: For those who believe that God is judging them, would it be good for them to understand that this comes from antiquity, that it is not necessarily what God is?

MONJORONSON: Definitely. God is not a judge and jury.

MMc: Where it is said that you “go to judgment,” what does that actually mean?

MONJORONSON: The realities of that judgment situation are so broad, and so wide, as to be almost incomprehensible to most of you. God’s largess to have you participate in Its universe is so big and so generous as to allow you to make that judgment yourself in the afterlife. When all knowledge, when all understanding is revealed to you, “you” will come to judge yourself. You will come to understand your guilt, your needs to grow or not.

Do you think you are less worthy than Satan or Lucifer, who had been kept in confinement [for 200,000 years] until they finally decided that they were guilty and unworthy of remaining in God’s universe, and they chose to abdicate, to become as nothing? Do you think the patience for them is less than the patience that God would give you in the afterlife? Certainly not. Just as they were given opportunities to assess their own guilt and their own position, so too will you be given that opportunity.


  • This is a “learning” universe

This is a learning universe; you learn by examining that which does not work. The behaviors you have in this lifetime are learning situations, which you get to review in the afterlife. You will see through the guidance of your guardians, where you went wrong, and you will be given opportunities to see what were the right options that you did not take. Your mind will become completely visible and open to everyone—there are no secrets in the afterlife. That is why there are honest relationships in the afterlife; that is why Lucifer and Satan and their like used sophisticated sophistries to get people to their side. They knew they would be revealed, and they had to hide their intentions.

You will learn from your mistakes. There is no need for God to dispatch you to oblivion quickly, as there is no benefit to you or to God, or to God the Supreme, or the universe in doing so. That there are trillions of sentient beings, who are inhabited by the presence of God, does not mean that your worth is only one-trillionth of everyone else’s, but that you are as valuable as all of them. So, you will be given opportunity to weigh and sort your own mistakes. You will be given knowledge and training and education in how to weigh that correctly, and how to learn from those mistakes. This is not a universe where there are those hidden “gotchas” to catch you off guard or unawares, and then sentence you to oblivion; it is simply not the case. God is universally, eternally good, and all God’s actions and God’s universe is good and has been set up to perpetuate good[ness]; only good[ness] and love are self-sustaining, and sustaining into the eternity of time. You are given all opportunities to become re-educated, to become trained and capable to be a part of that sustaining love into eternity.


  • What is the afterlife like?

MMc: What is the afterlife like?

MONJORONSON: Again, there is no comparison of this life that you live now to the afterlife. I assure you that it is peaceful, and that it is supportive and caring.

MMc: Is it the heaven of eternal bliss that we are looking forward to, or something different?

MONJORONSON: It is eternal bliss if you see it in that perspective. However, bliss is not without its challenges.

MMc: On awakening in heaven, will we then be in the presence of God?

MONJORONSON: First of all, you will not awaken in heaven, and second of all, you—even in your morontial state—you would not be sufficiently elevated in vibrational energy to withstand the presence of God in front of you. You would be vaporized, and you would become non-existent. You must grow into the capacity through your ascendant career to be able to eventually, enter into the embrace of God in Paradise, when your energy is attuned to God’s energy.

MMc: There is a feeling that God has set up hell, eternal damnation, some sort of eternal punishment. Is this correct?

MONJORONSON: That is incorrect.

Is there a hell?

MMc: There is no hell?

MONJORONSON: There is no hell; that is correct. There is non-existence. For anyone who exists, knowing that God exists and has created the universe and is all loving and beneficent and generous, non-existence is hell.


  • Regarding sacred books

MMc: Some feel these books that I spoke of are the inspired word of God, while others feel they are at best a myth. How should we regard these sacred books?

MONJORONSON: They have inspired originations, but they have become manipulated by the ecclesiastical hierarchy for political reasons and they are highly corrupt now. They are of historic reference to what was accurate at the time, but due to the progress and development of human minds and education, and the engagement of higher-minded thinking, they have become antiquarian and are in tremendous need of updating through new revelations.

Adam and Eve

  • The story of Adam and Eve

MMc: Is the story that is told in Genesis of Adam and Eve the true story?

MONJORONSON: Your language is quite obtuse today. The truth according to whom? at what time? and from what position? Truth, according to the universe, would indicate that that “truth” is a myth, but that is a truth to those who believe in it. Please assist me to help you with these topics.

MMc: Thank you. I’ve phrased the questions as someone who believes that the story told in Genesis is a true story. I might ask you that question.

MONJORONSON: I will answer it this way then: It is true that it is a “story.”

MMc: Cain came to the land of Nod, taking a wife and building a city indicates that there were other humans in addition to Adam and Eve’s small family. Adam and Eve were not the first humans?

MONJORONSON: Is that a question? (MMc: Yes.) No, they were not the first humans. Whenever you read literature, dear friends, read literature with a mind to internal consistency. Apply a discerning quality, this discerning ability, to most documents and you can validate a document as being a good story or not a good story. Even mysteries must be consistent, where all the evidence presented has a connection to an outcome. Lines of logic and lines of evidence that are forgotten by the storyteller become disconcerting to the reader. Within the book of Genesis, there is tremendous lack of consistency—it is inconsistent. Would God write a document that was inconsistent? If God is whole and unique and complete and integral—meaning having wholeness—God would not produce something which is erroneous and misleading.

Those are only the most obvious questions that one would ask of any piece of literature, so you must ask the same questions of this literature. Ask those questions of the author. Of course, when you read this carefully, you see that there were already people besides Adam and Eve in the world. Therefore, this is a metaphor; this is a story; this is a fable which is a teaching instrument. The main emphasis of the books of the Old Testament are as “teaching instruments;” they are a documentary, and they are filled with inconsistency after inconsistency. They hold back the revelation of God’s goodness to those who read them and believe them and accept them as true, and in this case, the word “true” is deemed to be consistent, whole and accurate, and of course the text of that book is neither, it has none of those qualities.

MMc: Were Adam and Eve actual individuals? And if so, who were they or who are they?

MONJORONSON: Again, your question can lead me to 50 different answers. Yes, there was an individual named Adam, and yes, there was an individual named Eve. Now, ask again, please.

MMc: I’m wondering why these two people were important enough for the writers of the Bible to come up with their names and to tell a story about them. If there were an Adam and Eve in history, what would their story really be?

MONJORONSON: Sir, I said to you only moments ago that this was a “story,” that it is not an accurate account of history, and as a story maker, an author or writer could have called them “Jane and Joe” just as accurately, and meant the same thing. Adam and Eve had no significance other than they were a beginning of that story and they were partners. Those were the words; if you look at the etiology of the word “Adam” and the word “Eve,” you’ll find revelations concerning why the authors, the writers of that fabled story in Hebrew, used those names; they were called other names by the Sumerians. There has been a Genesis story with Adam and Eve, the beginning pair, in most cultures, whether they are 5,000 years old or 500 years old. Most indigenous tribes and cultures have a beginning story and have a beginning people, as a way of understanding their global view, how this all began.

There have always been incredibly intelligent individuals in all cultures for hundreds of thousands of years who have asked those questions. “Why are we here?” “What was the beginning?” “Was there a beginning?” Certainly, “Everything begins with something, and so there must be a beginning to us.” Whether their names are Adam and Eve is only relevant to that particular culture. What is important is the relationship to God, the Creator. Adam and Eve found soon that not doing God’s Will led them into difficulty. So, the teaching method is that this pair had difficulty and for those who are reading the story, the way to avoid difficulty is to do God’s Will. Of course, doing God’s Will is an ongoing process of personal revelation. Does this help?

Origin, Creation, Evolution

  • Did man come into being by fiat of God or evolution?

MMc: Thank you. Some looking at the stories in Genesis believe that God made each species anew, by fiat. I’ve always come to believe that species developed through evolution. Would you help us understand how life came to our planet and how that life became human?

MONJORONSON: “How” is not relevant or germane at this time, but only as a point of revealing the question of God’s action. Remember, most people believe what they think. They come to conclusions and they “think” that is correct. They see that there were animals and therefore they must have been whole and complete at the time. As we have pointed out to you in social terms, the human being’s life is very brief; 80 years is very brief in the duration of a culture. Human beings with a lifespan of 80 years would have to live a thousand generations before they saw the evolutionary process of creation. The creation of species by fiat is erroneous because it assumes that the individual who came to that conclusion had the correct conclusion. The better question for individuals is to say, ”Oh, I see. I conclude that perhaps there is a creation, an instantaneous process of bringing species into existence by fiat, instantaneously whole and complete.” And then, the discerning thought is: “I wonder if my conclusion is correct or not, or accurate, and are there other alternatives to this conclusion? And if so, what would they be?” So then they would begin to generate other probable causes or processes of generation for a species.

God’s way is ancient; it is eternal; it is consistent; it is whole. It does not mean that God does not use evolution as a process to bring about perfection. Look at your own life: If God wanted perfect beings, he would have created them and not have such nasty problems as exist on your planet, but he did not. God brought you personally into existence as an evolutionary individual. Your spirituality grows. As you seek to grow and become like God, you “do” evolve, and so this is how you begin and how you grow. God created an evolutionary developmental universe in order to gain experience. Though God is perfect, God is short of one thing and that is experience. Even though God lives in eternity and knows all that has existed and will exist in eternity, he enjoys the opportunity of learning through the experience of his mortal children—you!

Therefore, when the universe is complete in the final stages, all knowledge, all experience will have been garnered, will have been gained, and God will become complete as a God of Creation and Experience. Is this not a wonderful thing? We are all excited by it, as we learn the same way. We are a part of God and God is a part of us, and we are growing together in our experience of each other. I witness that I have that experience, I enjoy it, I appreciate it, I am becoming more like God, even though I am a citizen of Havona, a Paradise Son, an Havonal Son, I am growing in experience. Wisdom that I have gathered through other lifetimes on other planets, going through similar situations as your Urantia, will assist me in developing plans for healing this world with Christ Michael and Machiventa, just as other Avonal Sons will do on the other planets of the rebellion. There is a tremendous amount of experience to be learned here, to be used, to be gathered.


  • The concept of sin

MMc: You spoke earlier of Adam and Eve going against the Will of God. The term that has been used is that they “sinned.” There is a concept of sin that, as in breaking some tribal law, or sacred law, a taboo—sinned as it is conceived by man—and error, sin and iniquity as seen by the Father. Can you differentiate the two, or is there a differentiation between the two? The concept of sin as man conceives it and the concept of sin as God conceives it?

MONJORONSON: Most certainly. Sin is making decisions that do not work, that are not in compliance or in agreement with the operation of the universe, making decisions that work against the longevity of the universe, against its sustainability. Iniquity, on the other hand, is the awareness that your decisions do not contribute to the longevity of the universe and you still make those decisions anyhow. Iniquitous sin is sin that is tremendously much more difficult to forgive and to deal with. Sin can be making the wrong decisions, and we differentiate those as “sins of ignorance” and “sins of awareness.” Sins of awareness are made at two levels, one where you know that this may not be the right way, but you make it anyhow, and the other differentiation in that category is iniquity, where you know from experience that this is not the way and you still make decisions that do not lead in the right direction.

According to humans/mortals, it is quite different than as God sees it. Many actions by individuals that have been called sins are only sins according to their religions, not sins according to God. It is a discerning mind that seeks to understand the differences and find ways to be in agreement with God, to find the way that works in the universe. If we were to adjudge your world as a society and as a civilization, then certainly all of your civilization would be damned to hell, “if” it existed, because you continue to make decisions as societies and as nations and as a civilization that are not in agreement with the way of the universe. We are here to assist you to learn how to live correctly.


  • The revelation of the three core values

That is why the three core values of social sustainability have been revealed to you. This is the way of the universe: Quality of life, equality and growth. From applying these three values to your behaviors and the designs of your societies and your civilization, this planet will eventually enter into the era of light and life. It will be in full agreement with the operation of the universe. Heretofore, these values were a fact of ignorance; they were not available to people in the wholeness of the three of them together. Now, you become aware. It is important for us to bring your societies, your communities and your families into applying these three values to your operation so that your world becomes much more productive in the wholeness of souls, the growth of souls of individuals into wholeness. In the operation of your societies is important to us that they operate in agreement with the fundamental laws and flow and harmony of the universe. Understanding and applying these three values is fundamental to that, both for individuals, for families, communities and the whole civilization of your world.

MMc: One moment, please.

Roxie: While we are waiting for Michael, may I ask a question?

MONJORONSON: Most certainly. Please do, dear.

Truth, Morontia

When, in the afterlife, do we find out the “real truth?”

Roxie: I realize that Michael is asking these basic questions for a particular reason, but my question is, “Will there be a time in the afterlife when we get a chance to straighten out all the misinformation that we’ve learned on Urantia, not just with the religious concepts that Michael is asking about, but with the scientific concepts as well?” I find that the scientific programs I watch are often full of erroneous information as compared to “The Urantia Book.” Do we get a chance to find out what the “real truth” is for all our questions?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely. The social misinformation will be corrected within—in earth terms and durations—within weeks, within two or three months after you cross over into the morontial realm, you will have a full understanding and appreciation about these social errors and the social incorrectness that occurred. You will be taught almost exclusively by the positive influence of what the morontial life is and how it is true. One of the reasons why you will be so quickly informed about the correctness of social operation on all realms is because of those who come into contact with you; you will have virtually full access to all their knowledge. Their minds will be open before you. Of course, you will ask questions and they will answer them. You will have conversations, but there will be less and less need of verbal exchanges of questions and answers as you go along in the morontial realm. As you progress, even in the first year of your progression there, you will soon move out of dialog and to these non-verbal conversations, where you are in exchange with another person, another being, and that you will be informed to the complete depth of it. Without words, you will “know” something is true, just as there are individuals who have what you call, “knowings,” that they “know” something before there is any evidence of it and they have full knowledge about that because they [simply] “know it.” You will have the same type of openness in the morontial realm between minds, and so you will become quickly informed.

The scientific issues will not be of concern to you in the beginning, as this will be held for you in your later discussion groups where this is a topic for you to examine and develop with others who are interested in this same kind of information and knowledge in the universe.

Our first concern for you when you enter the morontial realm is your social awareness, the awareness of you, who you are, where you are—and not necessarily why you are there—but what the plan is for you. What is your life going to be like? You will be able to exchange information with individuals on a free basis as you are capable and competent of accepting and integrating into yourself. No one is overwhelmed by the infinite amount of information and awareness that exists in the morontial and spiritual realms. You will be [handled] gently, carefully in your experiences so that you learn that you become durable and you become sustainable as a soul, that you strengthen your skills in understanding yourself and your journey and your relationship to others. Those aspects of arts and sciences and so on are left to your assimilation into groups, which have similar interests as areas of expertise that you can develop, all the while experiencing and expressing the social, spiritual skills that you have learned along the way already.

Roxie: Thank you very much!

MMc: I have several more questions along the same lines, but I think it might be better for us to call a halt for today’s session and revisit those questions at another time.

MONJORONSON: Let me guide you in that, please. I have caught you up short on some of your questions because the answers I provided to earlier questions have already sufficed to answers those questions that came later, or nullified the basis for asking those questions altogether. It is not that I am impatient or exasperated at all. I, in fact, have deep compassion for you and for those who ask these questions, when they have been given answers already, which do not substantiate the secondary and tertiary questions. It is a foible of the human mind to continue to refer back to the earlier basis of knowledge, which was validated by them and accepted as true.


  • Becoming aware of your own thinking

These conversations and our dialog today, what we wish to have you become aware [of] is a process for examining your own thinking, that once you have a truth that is eternally or infinitely true, that you use this as a basis for forming new information and to examine your old thoughts and the questions that would develop out of that antiquarian thinking. We are not harsh and we are not impatient. Certainly we are patient and we use this as a learning process for you to understand your own thinking. If you are unable to hold your thinking in question, then you are unable to learn and to form new truths with which to live in the future.

Discussions about new topics then become nonsensical and irrational. Please begin to observe yourself—the observing self is fundamental to growth; the observing self questions your own thinking and pulls it out for validation and verification by those who are wiser or more experienced or have gone through the same process before. As you see, we are using this today, this very situation as a learning case for your growth and examination. Just as a former and respected philosopher, who is now in the afterlife, has stated in your earthly realm, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” And so, what he truly meant was the unexamined life is not living, and therefore to grow, you must examine your life, ask questions, seek the truth or seek validation of that which is in harmony with the universe. We are here to help you in that process of validating that which is “true” and that which is not. Thank you for your time. If you have further questions, either of you, please allow yourself to do so, as we have time.


  • The concepts of original sin and atonement

MMc: I wonder if you would talk to us a little bit about Paul’s concept of “original sin” and “atonement.”

MONJORONSON: Most definitely. These are topics which former teachers, or teachers in former sessions have covered, but I would be glad to examine them again for you. There is no [such] thing that exists as “original sin;” it is a misinterpretation. A better interpretation would be that every son of every father, and every grandson of every grandfather comes into existence—and we could say this as easily for daughters and granddaughters as well for the other gender—is that your mortality obligates you to make original decisions. That is the only thing that is transferred from fathers to sons, from mothers to daughters, and so on, is that you must learn the way on your own. You are unique, you are an individual and therefore you have the capacity to make decisions which are perhaps almost identical to those made by your fathers and your mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. Whether that is two generations ago or two hundred generations ago, you have the same capacity to make mistakes.

It was easy for Paul to call this “original sin” because of that, but he was teaching lessons to those individuals in his audience in terms that they could understand. Because each generation is not perfect, you see your imperfection as a curse, where it is actually a blessing for your self-improvement, providing that you are self-observing and able to question your life and question your thinking. If you do not learn from your mistakes in your thinking, then you are doomed to repeat them over and over again, even in the same generation.

As for atonement, it was a horrible mistake! It is a horrible misconception of Christ’s life—Jesus’ life. There is no “atonement;” that is irrational. The Christian faith has set itself up to perpetuate irrational thinking concerning God’s creation. Again, the concept of atonement comes from limited thinking that the originator of that term, “atonement,” did not think through the intentions of God’s creation. Had the originators of that word, atonement—which was done many, many generations before Paul—thoroughly thought through God’s creation, they would have realized that there is no need for atonement. And in fact, God created individuals as they are, to learn from experience and that surely they will make mistakes, and oftentimes repeat those mistakes, even though they know that they are making mistakes, and that their decision is faulty.

Christ, Jesus, did not die to make you perfect. Christ did not die to wipe your sins away—only you can do that by living rightly, by acknowledging your wrong decisions and correcting your faults, and making future decisions correctly. Jesus was killed by evil men who knew what they were doing politically; they did it for political reasons. Unfortunately, religions have developed and perpetuated that as a means to empower themselves. Atonement continues to tell people that they are sinful, and that they will continue to make sinful decisions, and that they are worthless. All of those conclusions are erroneous. God loves each one of you; God has sent you an example in the life of Jesus, to live your life as he lived it, and that does not include dying on a cross.


  • The kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God

Jesus’ life was manifold in its purposes and intentions: One is to complete the progress of development of Christ Michael, the Creator Son of Nebadon, to become a Sovereign Creator of his own local universe. The second part was to provide an example for living to a world that was in darkness, where the perpetuation of wrong living and wrong decision-making had been made for many millennia, and that a new revelation needed to be made. The correction that Christ Michael as Jesus brought to you was that God is not outside of you, but that God is within you. The kingdom of God is not outside of you as a political entity, but is inside of you as a revelation for your development, for your ascension to arrive in heaven, the kingdom of God. The kingdom of heaven does not exist within you, but the kingdom of God does. If you align your citizenship with God, then there is no need for atonement. Simply correcting the way you live is atonement sufficient for your own life, without the need or requirement for the God of Love to kill his own Son.

  • The nature of God

I spoke a moment ago that this was irrational, and here is the irrationality of that logic: That God, the First Source and Center, created the universe, is an infinitely eternal fact. Further, God is perfect; God is whole; God is complete. God has no need of the universe except as it becomes an expression of Its goodness; a way of experiencing Its goodness. God created mortals as you are, perfect little organisms for making mistakes and learning to then correct those mistakes by making right decisions. Irrationality comes in where God, through Jesus, who created the world, would come down to ‘atone’ for mistakes God knew in advance you would make.

There is a missing element in the hierarchy of understanding of the Godhood of the Creator. First of all, God IS. In the Godhead, there is God the Father, God the [Eternal] Son and God the Infinite Spirit—this is the Triune God—God the Son, God the Infinite Spirit and God the Father. God the Son, [the Eternal Son], did not depart from heaven to become Jesus. Jesus said this correctly when he said, “I am a Son of God, as you are sons of God.” God—the Triune God—created many beings [that are able to] create.

Creator Sons

  • The Creator Sons of God

There are many hundreds of thousands of Creator Sons, who can create local stars and nebula on their own right, according to designs that are approved by the Godhead. Further, the Creator Sons are not God the [Eternal] Son; they are not God the Father, or God the Infinite Spirit. They are separate creative individuals who can create under their own right, just as you can create; you are creative individuals in your own right according to the capabilities of your mind and being. The confusion in the Christian Church and many churches is between God the [Eternal] Son, and God the Creator Son—Christ Michael, who became Jesus. They are not one and the same. God the Son of the Triune God in eternity and Paradise is different and is separate from the Creator Sons.

  • The Eternal Son did not become Jesus

The church has confused God the Son as being Jesus, which is not the case. When this piece of logic is put into place correctly, then the whole scheme of atonement begins to unravel. Until then, this is irrational and does not make good sense and leads people into estrangement from God the Creator, the Triune God in Paradise and the presence of God, the fragment of God that also exists within you. For some of you, this is very confusing and that it is easier to go back to the logic of the church and live that way.

Inner Life

  • Getting answers to all your questions

Now you have been exposed to the truth, as it is eternal truth, in its relationship to you. You can ask questions of your God-self within you, your “higher self,” your “higher mind,” the God presence within you, the God within you—however you title this fragment of God that lies within you, it has answers to all the questions that you ever will ask; it has answers to every question that you will ask in your lifetime, if you are patient enough to be still and ask the questions, then learn.

MMc: Thank you. I don’t have any additional questions for today.

MONJORONSON: I thank you for your time today. You will always have another day to ask questions, whether it is in this lifetime or your next lifetime. Asking questions is the beginning of wisdom and understanding, and we thank you for this time of asking questions. Good day.


Glossary for words used in this transcript:

Monjoronson: One of the Avonal Sons of God, created in perfection by the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit, but does not have creator prerogatives. Monjoronson is currently serving on our world as a Magisterial Son by special request of Christ Michael.

Transmitter/Receiver: The mortal beings who have been trained to receive and transmit information and lessons from the celestial beings, such as this lesson by Monjoronson.

The First Source and Center: Another name for God that encompasses his attributes for designing, creating and controlling the vast universe. It/He is referred to as God the Father when dealing with universe beings in a personal way.

Spiritual Wings Workshops: Three workshops created and led by Daniel Raphael to introduce many of the concepts here explained, plus learning to have an intimate relationship with God, and learning to co-create sustainable social institutions with celestial help.

Guardian Angels: They really do exist! They watch over mortals and guide them into having experiences that help them grow spiritually.

Midwayers: Beings native to this planet, called Urantia. They are semi-physical beings, invisible to mortals, but are of great assistance to the orders of angels.

Melchizedeks: The order of spiritual beings that excel as teachers. Many of them are serving on our planet to give lessons, such as this one, to mortals. They are also the teachers in the afterlife, on the mansion worlds, where mortals go after death.

Lucifer and Satan: They were once System Administrators who went into rebellion against God and Christ Michael. Their sophistries also caused a great number of angels and midwayers to fall from grace. Their crimes have since been adjudicated in celestial courts, and they chose annihilation, rather than repentance. They exist no longer.

God the Supreme: A title God the Father is working toward by experiencing the lives of all his children. Although he knows all, he is unable to leave the Isle of Paradise without the whole universe falling apart, so he gains direct experience to everything possible through mortals and the God presence within each one.

Urantia and The Urantia Book: Our planet, as it is known throughout the rest of the universe, is called “Urantia.” The Urantia Book is a 2097 page book written by celestial personalities to teach us information that we lack about the universe and how it is administered, the history of our world, and the Life and Teachings of Jesus, as recorded in detail by celestial beings during his entire life on Urantia.

Machiventa Melchizedek: An outstanding Melchizedek who once walked this planet as the “Sage of Salem,” before Jesus came. He has since been given the title of Planetary Manager, and works closely with Jesus and Monjoronson for planetary corrections.

Christ Michael/Jesus: Known as Joshua Ben Joseph, or Jesus, when he came to our world about 2000 years ago, in the universe he is known as Christ Michael. He is of the order of Michael Sons, created in perfection by God the Father and the Eternal Son. The Michael Sons have creative prerogatives and each are given a huge area of space in which to create their own local universe and all the beings that inhabit it. Christ Michael created our local universe known as Nebadon. He serves as our Sovereign, Creator Father and Brother, and knows and loves each one of us personally.

Morontial life and morontial realm: The worlds in space where mortals go after death to begin their ascension career. Here you begin your universe education, to correct your deficiencies and continue the growth of your spiritual life that was started during your mortal lifetime.


For additional information, see:

The Urantia Book, published by the URANTIA Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614, 1955. ISBN 55-10554 The Urantia Book has been published in 15 different languages by the URANTIA Foundation. Their web site is: www.urantia.org.

The Urantia Book has also been published by Uversa Press, a subsidiary of The Urantia Book Fellowship, 99 Park Avenue. #434A, New York, NY 10016, 2003. ISBN 0-9651972-2-0 (hardcover) and 0-9651972-3-9 (softcover). These editions contain a very useful index. Their web site is: www.urantiabook.org

www.tmarchives.com , an archive of thousands of transcripts from the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, with other useful information, plus the complete text of “The Urantia Book.”

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www.melchizedekschools.com is provided for the Spiritual Wings Workshops that are facilitated by Daniel Raphael. Descriptions of workshop curricula are provided, plus numerous references. Individuals who would consider becoming a co-sponsor for a workshop in their area are invited to contact Daniel for further information.