2012-07-01-Message for the Heart

From Nordan Symposia
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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, this is Michael. Attaining new spiritual insights and ideas is such a joy for you to achieve. Your efforts that are born from the inner perception and actualized through experience are truly great accomplishments of your soul. Indeed, living on this planet you have many more opportunities than some of your universe brothers and sisters, who live on more developed planets, to demonstrate the ways of the Father. Everywhere you look is a place of need…someone around you needs a loving touch or word.

Therefore, I invite you to see this world as the greatest canvas for you, as a spiritual artist, to create beauty and spiritual grandeur. Each day you get to practice, practice, practice, experience and actualize until one day you are truly a master of your craft. What will you do to bring this beauty into the world? What gifts of your Father bestowed personality will you share with your brothers and sisters? What new ideas can be truly made real into physical reality? How will you translate your inner beauty into outer reality? You have so much to offer your world and its people, and I ask you to see yourselves as my artisans of spirit—preparing yourselves to be ready to demonstrate how beautiful life IS and can become.

Allow the life plans contained within your Father Fragments to rise to the surface of your consciousness. Allow me to help you learn how to express that throughout your daily lives. You have much to share, and now is the TIME when I need all of my spiritually-activated children to co-create with their indwelling Spirits what is necessary for Urantia to transform. Go out and enjoy this time of change, my children, and make the world a little more beautiful for your striving each day. PLAY IN MY PEACE!