2012-07-27-It Will Not Be Long Now

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Topic: It Will Not Be Long Now

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Michael

TR: Felix Caro



Michael: With your heart and eyes wide open, you will see God’s glory become manifest on this world! Be patient now my dear children, for it will not be long now. The lands as well as the sky, the mountains, the rivers and the sea, everything shall be made new. Urantia will soon be transformed into a place of stunning beauty, where only love grows everywhere and expands, enough love to envelope the whole universe. This world will be pristine again, perfect, just like Father wishes it to be. Then it will be crowned with a place of incredible, unimaginable beauty, His house, His temple, for all to visit and there to worship Him who grants his love and mercy lavishly, for He who loves like no one else can love.

My brother from Paradise will very soon now precede me to prepare the way for my long awaited return for all to see me, for all to know that I AM indeed as my Father IS, pure love. In me you will see the Father, and you will remember and cherish the moment that you do see me for all eternity. It will help you strive to be more and more perfect, so that one very distant day, when you arrive in the shores of Paradise, you behold HIM who I originated from, HIM who is the source of everything that is beautiful and good, HIM from whom love will continue to flow forever.

Let the Father raise you from your earthly worries and suffering, let HIM take you in HIS loving arms and safely carry you through all the difficulties that you are about to experience. Let HIM carry you on HIS divine wings through, first the skies of mortal struggle, and later through the skies of spiritual achievement. Praise the Father every day of your life, and while you do so, build up an incredibly amount of love, so you can in HIS name give it to those that will be in so much need for it. When you go about Father’s business, when you step out to do HIS will and fulfill your spiritual destiny, do so knowing that you will have nothing to fear, and that HE already has empowered you to be successful in that glorious enterprise of helping rescue this world from the spiritual darkness that for so long it has been in. This world, NOVA URANTIA, will be a new world, for you and your brethren, for me and for the Father.