2012-08-01-On Prayer

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Topic: On Prayer

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Felix Caro



Since times long before your recorded history, mortals with a higher sense of spirituality had sought connection to whatever they considered divine through different forms of prayer. Men of pre-recorded times here on Urantia, and after the appearance of Andon and Fonta, formulated their prayers based on gratefulness for what they can or have obtained for sustenance, gratefulness for the unity of their communities, or just to secure protection from perceived threats.

In the case of those not seeking to pray spontaneously, they were typically driven to do so out of fear of a threat or when they find themselves in times of overwhelming trouble. Although it is true that all prayers are always listened to, even and specially by the Universal Father, only those that were made which response involve obtaining answers of spiritual benefit are normally “worked-on” with some immediacy, unless said divine response requires a level of spiritual understanding warranting the issuance of said response once the mortal has left the mortal plane of existence.

Very unfortunately, many in their ignorance pray for things such as monetary abundance, better social position or even for God to take sides in the struggles of men. I have to remind you that prayers of that nature are listened to but will never be acted upon as the sought answers are totally devoid of any spiritual value. To be in this world but not to be of it involves ignoring that which has no spiritual value, “loving thy neighbor” as our Lord has and continues to love us all and, whenever possible, commune with the Universal Father through prayer, so that in that basic form of communication mortals can initiate their spiritual evolution towards spiritual perfection.

Pray for material benefit and the prayer will simply “fall by the wayside”, completely ignored; pray for the health of a very sick person and such a prayer will contribute to your spiritual evolution and will at least help provide its recipient the inner fortitude necessary to accept his/her condition, or even prepare him/her for the transition to the Mansion worlds after a much needed temporary rest in the sleep of death. Faith indeed can “move mountains”, figuratively speaking, when present at the time of engaging in prayer.

Wonderful things can happen as the result of prayer as indeed “you shall find if you sincerely seek” through that elevated effort. Use prayer as a most important tool for your spiritual benefit, as well as a way to bestowing love and mercy on your brethren on behalf of the Universal Father. In the indestructible spiritual bastion that prayer is capable of constructing in the hearts of men, many will soon be seeking refuge once everything else that was used as a refuge for many comes crashing down in the very near future. Continue to pray with great faith so that you continue to build your own spiritual inner bastion, and so that you may continue evolving in spirit and love in the name of our loving Universal Father.